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Personal Hotspot on our new SIM Only Plans.

We’ve noticed that some of you are concerned about All You Can Eat data and tethering on our new SIM Only price plans. But there’s no need to worry, All You Can Eat data isn’t going anywhere. We’re still offering SIM Only plans with AYCE data, as we always have. What we’ve done is made some changes to the Personal Hotspot allowance on those plans.

Using your phone as a Personal Hotspot (also known as tethering) is when you link it up to other devices in order to connect them to the internet.

All our SIM Only plans now allow you to use your phone as a Personal Hotspot, which wasn’t previously the case. You can use as much of your data allowance as you like for this activity, but if you’ve got AYCE data you can use up to 4GB for it.

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We’re sorry.

Recently, you may have noticed a dramatic rise in sunsets appearing in your social media feed.

We’re sorry.

Responsibility for this holiday spam rests entirely on our shoulders.

We thought allowing our customers to use their phones in 16 destinations worldwide, like they would at home, was a good thing.

No extra cost for calling and texting back home. No extra cost for data.

But we failed to consider the consequences.

We’re sorry.

Sorry for all the sunsets, the fancy cocktails, for plane wing after plane wing after plane wing.

Sorry for the mini monuments, the beach feet, the street food, the #nofilters, the hot dog legs.

We deeply regret the frustration this has caused.

We urge all Three customers, when abroad, please brag responsibly.

Thank you.

Visit the Holiday Spam Crisis Centre


Meet the #HolidayBraggie winners

As our #HolidayBraggie competition comes to a close, we reflect on all the jealousy-inducing holiday pics submitted in a bid to win one helluva a prize: a £5k ‘bragging’ budget to hot foot it to one of our 16 fabulous Feel At Home destinations.

Over 5,000 awe-inspiring entries were received and we clearly had our braggie-assessing work cut out for us. Luckily, we had the help of a few key travel bloggers to select the winners.

Three of these golden prizes were dished out (because we like to do things in threes, of course) and a host of other great prizes to boot. Runners-up received their very own ‘excess braggage’ as modelled by notorious holiday bragger, Kelly Brook. What’s more, three lucky winners picked at random got to take home the HTC One mini 2, the perfect device for taking wide-angle, picturesque holiday braggies.

We want to say a big thanks to all of those who participated in making us well jel with your holiday braggies. Never before have we needed a holiday more than we do now…

Without further ado, please meet our #HolidayBraggie winners: Read More.


LG G Watch – Sneak Peek.

We’ve taken a quick look at the LG G Watch in our Sneak Peek. Running on Android Wear, here are our first impressions of this sexy little number which you can get for an amazing £99 when you buy the equally sexy LG G3.


Dear Vodafone,

Breaking up can be hard to do. We’ve all been there and saying the right thing can often seem an insurmountable obstacle, with emotions and adrenaline running high, it’s all too easy to keep it bottled up and remain in a loveless relationship. But it doesn’t always have to be so hard…

When Vodafone announced that it was to allow some customers to break their contracts free of charge on the back of price hikes – as long as they wrote to Vodafone by June 28th – we were incredibly concerned: what if those customers missed the deadline?

With so much to say and so little time, we’re doing the legwork for Vodafone customers across the UK by employing comedian and part-time politician Rufus Hound to pen the ultimate break-up letter.

Vodafone customers can download Rufus’ template for the perfect break-up letter and send it to their soon to be ex – making for a quick and painless separation. Upon receipt of the letter Vodafone will call to confirm cancellation. Breaking up has never been so easy!

Download your Vodafone breakup letter.

Sorry Vodafone but #HelloThree.

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