It ain’t over til it’s over….

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup final this weekend, we got in touch with our friend Cai Griffiths, a prop for the Ospreys (@Ospreys) rugby team in Wales. He gave us some top tips on how to make the most of the last weekend of what’s been an incredible and unforgettable six weeks of international rugby.

So it’s here, the Rugby World Cup final! Hope you’re as ready as me and the rest of the world… I’ve been waiting a long time for this great event. Being a Welsh man I’m obviously disappointed that we didn’t make the final, but I think this is the final that World Rugby supporters ultimately wanted; New Zealand v Australia!

These two teams have been on top of their game throughout the competition – from the All Blacks destroying France 62 –13 in the quarter finals to Australia showing their class in their pool A game against the host nation England, and then again versus Argentina in the semi-finals. This is truly going to be a MASSIVE match between two giants of the game.

As a player and a fan I thought I’d give you my (and Three’s) three essential tips for Rugby World Cup final enjoyment;

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We’ve all seen those grainy photos of beautifully carved pumpkins in the lead up to Halloween. You have to take a picture in the dark in order to show your beloved creation off in all it’s candle-lit glory. Then, naturally, you want to share your efforts with all of your family and friends online. But we all know that some smartphone cameras aren’t up to the job of taking decent low light photos, hence the plethora of grainy pumpkin shots in newsfeeds all over the land as Halloween approaches.

That’s where the LG G4‘s camera comes to the rescue; with it’s wide aperture (f/1.8) which basically means it lets in tons of light,  your pumpkins will look as amazing as you intended.

If you fancy getting your hands on an LG G4, all you have to do is carve an amazing, competition winning pumpkin (easy, right?), take a pic of it, and yes we will accept grainy entries, then tweet it with #LGPumpkin and wait for the judges to decide which they think is the bees knees! You’ve got until Friday afternoon to submit your entry.

And no cheating folks, we won’t be accepting photos of pumpkins that you’ve found on the interwebs!

Good luck and happy carving!

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New spectrum will boost speed and reliability.

We recently told you about the roll out of 4G Super-Voice on our network, when we became the first UK Operator to use 4G for voice calls. We also rolled out our low frequency 800MHz spectrum, meaning you guys are able to make calls, send texts and get online in more places than ever before.

As part of our programme to further improve reliability on our data network, we’re really pleased to announce that speeds on our network will now increase by up to 50% with the roll out of additional spectrum, namely 5MHz, within the 1800MHz spectrum.

This extra spectrum will help to increase the performance, speed and capacity of our 4G network, and will also help to further improve reliability by adding some much needed capacity in congested areas.

We use the 1800MHz to carry 4G on our network, and the extra 5MHz within this is already live across Northern England, the West Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The rest of the UK, including London, will receive access to this additional spectrum when the roll out is complete.

This will definitely come in handy as we’ve recently learned that we carried 42% of UK mobile data traffic in the year-ending March 2015. With average data use per customer reaching 4.65GB per month in June 2015. Wowsers.

To get a better idea of the amazing ways people are using our network every day, just take a look at the other impressive stats, below. For example; 215 million Whats App messages are sent by our customers, every day. That’s 215 MILLION.

We process a huge amount of data on our network for customers every day and that’s why they’ve rated us as the UK’s most reliable for each of the past five quarters, according to YouGov research.

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Sony Xperia Z5 & Z5 Compact available now. Also, competition!

The Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact are out now and available to buy on Three. And they’re quite something, particularly when it comes to the camera specs.

Sony have kept the design of these phones simplistic yet elegant, with the back of the phone being made entirely from frosted glass. They certainly look pretty smart. Despite their elegant design, Sony have managed to pack a powerful processor into both phones (Qualcomm Snapdragon 810), so together with our 4G network, you’ll be able to reach new levels of performance for video, photography and gaming with the speed you need 🙂

S0 on to the camera. Ahh yes, the camera. Enjoy a mobile camera experience unlike any other with the very latest 23MP sensor – it delivers auto focus speeds faster than the blink of a human eye. We like good facts like this!

Both phones feature fingerprint sensors, a first for Sony. It’s interesting to note that the Z5 Compact features most of the same key specs as the Z5, the main compromise being size and display.

And to top these impressive new phones off, the new ‘remote play’ feature gives gamers the ability to transfer their PS4 gaming action from their TV screens to their mobile phones,  allowing them to continue where they left off in the game. A-MAZ-ING.

Speaking of which, when you choose to buy a Z5 or a Z5 Compact with us, you’ll get a cool £120 knocked off the price of a PS4*. *Amazing offer Klaxon*

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Downton Cabby

Fancy being ferried around London like Lady Mary or Lord Grantham? Well, now you can…

On Friday 18th September workers, shoppers and tourists alike will witness a blast from the past when the vintage Beaford hits the streets of the capital on Friday, delivering Downton lovers from A to B entirely for free.

Passengers will be welcomed by a chauffeur dressed head-to-toe in authentic 1920’s attire and whisked away to their desired destination in a vehicle that’s actually been occupied by some of the show’s top stars over the years.

For a chance to hail a ride in the vintage cab all you have to do is tweet @ThreeUK using #DowntonCabby, with your request for a lift and details of your central London location.

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4G Super-Voice is here.

Back in April we told you about our network plans this autumn. We’re really pleased to be able to tell you that the roll-out of our latest network enhancement is well underway; named 4G Super-Voice. This is a roll-out of low frequency 800MHz spectrum that allows mobile signal to travel much further into buildings and rural areas, removing many current coverage ‘blackspots’ across the country.

It’ll allow customers to make calls, send texts and go online in places they may have previously had poor or no signal.

This addition of the low frequency spectrum to our network, will enable our 4G network to carry voice calls, using VoLTE technology, as well as texts and data. We’re proud to be the first UK operator to launch VoLTE technology 🙂

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Three customers save £1.3 billion in roaming charges



We love a good stat here at Three towers. Especially when it involves over a billion pounds. Millions are good, but BILLIONS? Well billions simply cannot be ignored.

We’ve today announced that since the launch of our Feel at Home service in 2013, we’ve saved Three customers more than £1.3 billion in roaming charges. Imagine getting that bill?! 😉

Feel at Home was launched to protect customers from unfairly high roaming charges. Since then, we’ve saved customers on average £330 every year. Which is enough to get you return flights to Dubai. Or a 2-night stay in a 4 star hotel in Vegas. Or designer luggage. You get the idea.

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makeitright PARTY - 180x180

#makeitright Fridays – Red Bull Air Race

After a short one-week hiatus, #makeitright Fridays are back! This time we’re giving you the chance to win two tickets to the Red Bull Air Race!

Find out more about #makeitright Fridays here.

All you need to do to win tickets is answer the question on our Twitter profile, @ThreeUK, using the hashtag #makeitright.

A winner will be selected on Monday 10th August at 12pm from all correct answers.

Good luck!

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