The future of our network.

A while back we gave you an overview of everything 4G; we touched on High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) as well as, LG and LTE. As we continue to roll out our HSPA+ network we’re seeing more and more questions from you guys so we thought we’d let you know exactly what it means for you and where we’re currently at with the roll out.

As many of you may know, HSPA+ is the next evolution of 3G technology; it’s designed to carry large amounts of information at higher speeds, so in a nutshell, it means faster access to the mobile internet for our customers. By the end of the year we aim to have rolled HSPA+ out on the majority of our 3G network, we aim to fully complete the roll out early next year. Those of you that are using one of our latest Mobile Broadband products or a Samsung Galaxy SII may have already experienced HSPA+, these devices come fitted with a chipset that allows them to use HSPA+ technologies.

Once you’re online, HSPA+ makes browsing, uploading and downloading smoother and faster too. You’ll find huge improvements in viewing photos, downloading attachments and watching online videos.

When it’s fully rolled out on our network we’ll be able to let you know more details. We’re the UK’s fastest growing mobile network and we were designed for the internet, so we’re really excited to be embarking on this journey. Next stop: LTE trials! I’ll give you an update on that one as soon as I can.

442 Responses to The future of our network.
  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Sam – Hi, I’ve checked the area and there’s congestion with a large number of customers accessing the network at peak times. We can look into this further if you click on our webchat link here. Thanks.

  2. Moderator: Claire

    @Ema – Hi, we use TrafficSense to allow all our customers a fair network experience and you can see more on this here. Thanks.

  3. Sam

    I come home from work at 5pm is weak Internet, tell me what I can do to have speed Internet? My post code is [removed by mod]! I really need internet afternoon … thank you!

  4. Ema

    there are so many complaints and we do not understand a thing? every day after 15:00 on the Internet is not working well until 12:00? people complain always the same: speed !!! you are paid to do something !!! changing traffic sense !!!!!

  5. kab242

    My only initial concern was that the 4g signal would drop off indoors as it seems to be weaker than 3G nearer the mast.
    I haven’t found this to be the case.
    All working well and I would imagine things will improve as more 4G upgrades follow.
    Keep it coming!

  6. Moderator: David

    Hi @kab242, thanks for providing postcodes for the areas you’re having difficulty in. In the initial 2 postcodes you’ve provided our 4G signal should be working to its full potential. I know you’ve mentioned you only get 2-3 bars, however have you found that this has a negative impact on your service? For example, are you having difficulty making calls or with call quality? Or do you find your internet speeds aren’t great?

    In regards to the third postcode you’ve provided, we do have 4G service in this area however it is limited, especially indoors. Have you found that signal in this area has deteriorated recently or have you always experienced issues? Thanks, David

  7. kab242

    (removed by mod) and (removed by mod) are 2 examples where 3G signal was 5 bars but 4G only 2-3 bars.
    Not really a problem as there is a signal, but seems to be the case everywhere that the 4G signal is weaker near the mast than 3G but holds signal the same as 3G further from the mast.

    Also was at postcode (removed by mod), a major airport, and not a hint of 4G even outdoors. Signal dropped indoors even with a supervoice iPhone.

  8. Moderator: Madeline

    @kab242 I’m really sorry to hear you’re still experiencing signal issues 🙁 Can you please provide the full postcodes again? As my colleague removed these postcodes from the page, can you please provide the full postcode again? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure this isn’t published on the page. Thanks

  9. kab242

    Thanks Claire.

    Signal in those areas still the same. 4G always weaker than 3G everywhere I go.

  10. Moderator: Claire

    @kab242 – Hi, I’ve checked both areas and we’re updating each local mast which is affecting 4G services. This should be complete later today and you’ll notice a difference in signal. Thanks.

  11. kab242

    One Aberdeen postcode is [removed by mod].
    4G gives 2-3 bars. Switch off 4G and 3G signal is 5 bars.
    Don’t think 5 AM would be congestion.

    Also I now get a 4G signal at [removed by mod] although coverage checker not updated yet.
    Again, you have to be within 100 metres of the mast to get a full 4G signal. It does hold signal strength same as 3G further from the mast though.
    You can publish postcodes.

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @kab242 – Hi, can you confirm a full postcode of an area on your journey and we’ll check the local mast? It can be congestion at peak times in city centres as lots of customers access the network at the same time affecting service.

  13. kab242

    Aberdeen has been upgraded to 4G which is great.
    However, driving through the City centre on the main route A90, the signal shown on the car bluetooth used to be 5 bars maximum of 3G quite often, but now is mostly 2 bars of 1800 MHz 4G, maximum 3 bars for a short while.
    Why is this please?

  14. Moderator: Susan

    @kab242 – If you had a Three phone compatible with 4G Super-Voice, it wouldn’t matter whether or not normal 4G was in your area 🙂 If there’s 4G Super-Voice and you don’t get 3G, you’ll join onto Super-Voice.

  15. kab242

    Does that mean if I had a 3 phone compatible with 4G super voice, I would get 4G SV now at KY13 9JJ, even though the coverage checker says no 1800 MHz 4G?

  16. Moderator: Susan

    @kab242 – Hi there, we’re sorry to hear you’re not getting 4G in your area where there’s meant to be 4G Super-Voice. We’ve run your postcode (KY13 9JJ) and we can see that there is indeed no 4G in your area yet. The reason that our Coverage Checker says that the area’s been super-pumped, is because 4G Super-Voice is on a completely different wavelength to normal 4G. Super-Voice is 800MHz and normal 4G is 1800MHz. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still in the process of rolling it out and the Super-Voice coverage is still limited indoors, but when it’s fully in place, it’ll step in when you’ve no normal 4G or 3G. This mean you will now be able to access the internet, make calls and send texts in places you’ve never been able to before. More information can be found here: Hope this helps answer your question 🙂

  17. kab242

    You describe 4G Super-Voice as ‘super-pumped’.
    When I look at postcode KY13 9JJ, the coverage checker says this area has been ‘super-pumped’, yet there is no 4G signal.
    Why is this?

  18. Moderator: Chris

    @Ian – Hi there. It would be correct that we no longer sell the Home Signal Box, but they are still available under some circumstances. Have you tried our Three inTouch app at all? As long as you have a compatible phone, this would provide a similar experience but has the added benefit of working on any WiFi network. There’s more information on that over here –

  19. Ian

    I’m getting confused – when I spoke to tech support they told me that the home signal box had been discontinued and was no longer available – is that not correct ?

  20. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jimbob, sorry to hear you haven’t received a response after contacting the application development team. If you’d like to submit your feedback using our support form, I’ll see if there’s any beneficial information I can get from our Technical Team – At this point in time, no decisions have been made as to how a merger would affect our plans, if at all. If there are any changes we’ll certainly let our customers know however it’s business as usual in the meantime. Thanks, David

  21. Jimbob

    @Moderator: Chris
    What are the chances of a 12 month contract remaining the same if Three merge with O2?

  22. Jimbob

    @Moderator: Chris
    I contacted the application development team a few weeks ago and have yet to receive a response. I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

  23. Moderator: Chris

    @Jimbob – Unfortunately a decision was made as a business that means we can’t offer Home Signal Boxes to customers unless they are on a long term contract (12 – 24 months) and we don’t expect this to change any time soon. I can understand the frustration but in the meantime our Three inTouch app would be the best option. I see you’ve been having issues with this but have been in touch with our tech team and the app developers so hopefully you’ll see the improvements you’re looking for in future.

  24. Jimbob

    @Moderator: Danielle
    I’m not on a 12 month contract, but have been with Three for nearly 3 years.
    Why is it more expensive to tie yourself to Three?

  25. Moderator: Danielle

    @Jimbob – Sorry about that. Can you let us know what happens when you try to use Three inTouch? It shouldn’t cost you £6 extra per month for a Home Signal Box if you’re on a contract. If you fill in our support form, we’ll certainly be able to investigate this further from there. >Danielle

  26. Jimbob

    Hello @Moderator: David
    Three in touch does not work, hence my question about ANY coverage in CB8 8YW.
    Home signal is apparently not an option as I don’t want to pay £6 per month extra, for a 12 month contract.

  27. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jhon, sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with internet service 🙁 I appreciate how frustrating this will be. Could you send me a postcode for the affected area and I’ll take a look into our coverage? Don’t worry about your postcode being shared publicly, I’ll have this removed before your comment is posted. Is it only your internet service that’s affected or are you having any difficulty with calls or texts? Thanks, David

  28. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jimbob, from the information I have available I wouldn’t be able to say when we’ll have coverage in this postcode I’m afraid. If you submit our support form, I’ll get in touch with our Network Team and see if they have any further information – In the meantime, have you tried our Three inTouch app? With this you can continue to call and text using a WiFi connection even when you’re without signal. You do need signal to activate the app initially however from then on it will run on WiFi alone. More information on Three inTouch can be found here; Please let me know if you’ve got any further questions. Thanks, David

  29. JHON

    after 15:00 internet works poorly !!!! no change from those of 3 !!! thank you !!!!!!!!!

  30. Jimbob

    When will there be any coverage in CB8 8YW?

  31. Moderator: Rory

    @Marcus – Hi Marcus, I’m sorry that you’re unhappy about the lack of Visual Voicemail support on our network. Although the service may be available on Three in other countries, we’ve made the decision not to support the service for the time being. This may be something that we’ll look at in the future, so I’ll make sure that your feedback is passed on to our team. I can confirm that Hullomail isn’t affiliated with Three in any way, this is a third party service provider. >Rory

  32. Marcus

    Visual Voicemail.
    Now before you say “we have no information about supporting this in the future” (or such like) Three DOES support it in the following European countries: (
    3 Austria
    3 Denmark
    3 Sweden
    So why the heck not the UK? We all use the SAME GSM standard – nothing technical stopping you here…

    While we’re about it, how about these from the rest of the world?
    3 Hong Kong (of course)
    3 Macau

    Why are we fobbed off by using ‘Hullomail’ which is painful and horrid to use and doesn’t really work properly when outside the UK. Also, if you block a number, Hullomail will sometimes still pick it up – like just now. So I now have to burn data to delete a message that I blocked months ago.
    Is Hullomail made by Three? Is it affiliated with Three in some way?
    If you can support it elsewhere then support it here and stop messing about.
    If you want to be the future of mobile then catch up first.

  33. Moderator: Rory

    @Sean – Hi Sean, we’ve no news to share about 4G being enabled in Stewarton or Galston for the time being, but we regularly update our website with any changes – We’re rolling out 4G and 4G Super-Voice across the UK, so hopefully you won’t have much longer to wait. >Rory

  34. sean

    when will there be 4g coverage in stewarton and galston, ayshire.

  35. Moderator: Danielle

    Hi @Richard, sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your 4G signal today. I’ve had a look and there’s an issue nearby that’s affecting 4G, however we’re aiming to have this resolved shortly. Sorry for any hassle. >Danielle

  36. Richard Adams

    Can you tell me what has happened to the 4G signal at KA3 1TU? I have been receiving 4G on my iPad for the past 4 days, but this has now fallen back to 3G. I have checked network status and it shows no problems. Can you explain to a frustrated customer?

  37. Moderator: Rory

    @Angus D – Hi, we ask for the full postcode, as it helps us to find the masts that you’re connecting to. In an area the size of Southampton, there are multiple masts in use to provide coverage across the city, so we need to narrow down the search a little. We’re glad to hear that everything is working for you now. 🙂 Thanks

  38. Angus D

    Any chance you could add a jump to bottom link? 403 posts are hard to scroll through.

  39. Angus D

    Full postcode? Southampton isnt exactly a small village. Credit where its due because all seems to be fine now. Thanks. 🙂

  40. Moderator: Rory

    @Angus D – Hi, if possible can you please send us the full postcode for the affected area? We’ll make sure that your postcode isn’t visible to anyone, we can edit this out of your post before it’s published. Thanks

  41. Angus D

    Southampton. Make it go rubbish while people are at work so relaxing in the evening is better.

  42. Moderator: Claire

    @Angus D – Hi, we can check your area for you if you confirm your full postcode? We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  43. Angus D

    People say our network sucks…500k users and 28 likes on fb agrees. I just cant get my head around the fact that for 15 hours of the day its fine but at 3pm til midnight Iit does suck. Kids dont get out of school at 3pm, I dont finish work til 5pm and there cant be that many benefit scroungers zapping the coverage. I watch the news every morning with out a problem and then get home to constant buffering. Birmingham is my nearest mast, anyone near there getting the same problem?

  44. Moderator: David

    Hi @James, sorry to hear you’re not receiving 4G coverage as you expected just yet 🙁 There are a lot of factors which can impact our 4G upgrade plans, some of which out with our control, and these can prevent us from being able to roll out 4G as we’d have hoped. We will be looking to add more locations as our 4G upgrade continues so hopefully you’ll have coverage sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I’d recommend keeping an eye on our 4G page for further updates, Thanks, David

  45. James F

    Inverness is the same as Kirkcaldy. I was promised 4G here by the end of 2014 when I signed up in October. It’snow been removed off the website and EE, O2 and Vodafone all have switched 4G on here. The staff in the shop can’t tell you anything. Surely we can be told the reason for the push back/cancellation of the 4G service in my area?

  46. Moderator: Lauren

    @Graham – We’re really sorry you’ve been told various dates. Our 4G plans are subject to change and can be pushed back due to a variety of reasons 🙁 You can keep track of our 4G plans here. We hope to have 98% of the UK population covered by the end of the year, so it shouldn’t be too long until you receive it.

  47. Graham McLaren

    Three talk a load of [removed by mod] said 4g was going to be in kirkcaldy by end of 2014
    Only upgraded in January after they said it would definitely come soon
    7 months later still no sign even worse it disappeared from the list to be upgraded
    Wished I’d never upgraded with 3
    Every other network has 4g coverage in kirkcaldy
    What a shambles 3

  48. Moderator: Lauren

    @kab242 – thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate planned works can be annoying, especially if they’re ongoing or disrupt service. They are required for mast upgrades and essential maintenance. We don’t have any specific information on what is going on in your area in August, only that we’re working there. We’re sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

  49. kab242

    Noticed on coverage checker that you are doing work again at postcode [removed by mod] (please hide) for 3 days 04/05/06 August.
    You are always working here- perhaps more than 10 occasions in the last 18 months.
    Nothing changes- same poor indoor coverage and it’s not on your 4G list.
    Any info welcome. Thanks.

  50. Moderator: Chris

    @Kab242 – Hi there. Thanks for letting me know that 4G isn’t quite where it should in your area. I’ve checked the postcode you have me and I see that we’re working on a fault which has been going on longer than we expected. This is likely what’s causing the discrepancy here. The coverage checker on our site is a guide only and doesn’t reflect faults, so I’m sorry for any confusion this has caused. If you can fill in our support form, I’ll make sure we escalate the network issue in your area and hopefully we can get things back to normal quickly.

  51. kab242

    Your coverage checker says indoor and outdoor 4G at postcode [Removed by Mod].
    Not a hint of outdoor 4G anywhere in Perth town centre, although good signal H+.
    My phone is set to receive 4G.

  52. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid there’s no news on this at the moment, @Nick. It is going to be a very long process so for now it’s business as usual and we remain focussed on making mobile better for customers in the UK. >Rich

  53. Nick

    Does the merger with O2 mean that customers of both will have access to each other’s network? If so, when?

  54. Moderator: Claire

    @Tom – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area for you?

  55. Tom

    Last summer 2014 I went with Three because i got a decent signal in Postcode NR27 now since around October 2014 there is little or NO signal at all, whats going on, you are going backwards, you can do better than this in the 21st century surely

  56. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry the coverage at your home address is so poor. I’ve checked your postcode and I can see that a new mast is due to go live near you at some point in the near future. We don’t have a date for this at the moment though, it will be at least three months.

  57. Peter Nunney

    Hello I have been a thre customer for nearly 2 years now and I am approaching my renewal dates for all 4 phones and I still don’t have any indoor coverage in my house I do have a signal booster this however relies on internet access which can be a problem in my house so my question is when if ever am I going to get a decent signal in my house my post code is [removed by mod],
    or shall I just leave three and take my custom elsewhere? as the shops seem to be clueless in helping me with information I believe all they want is sales and not interested in customer service!!

  58. Moderator: Lauren

    Sorry to hear you’re still having issues with service @Adam 🙁 I appreciate how frustrating this can be. Could you provide me with the second part of the postcode and I’ll look into it? Have you been using our Three inTouch app in the meantime?

  59. Adam Snaith

    When will the mast be repaired in the TF1 area of Telford, I am sick to death of reporting it?

  60. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @A. Reid – Hey there. Sorry if this has left you feeling confused. Glenrothes is still part of our plan as part of the 4G roll out however, for a variety of reasons, many of which were outside our control, we were unable to roll-out 4G to this site in that timeframe as anticipated. I’m sorry for the delay regarding this. Unfortunately I don’t have any exact dates at the moment for when this will be rolled out. You can keep an eye on our progress RW”>here.

  61. A. Reid

    Several towns (including mine, Glenrothes) were listed on 3’s website for gaining 4G before end of 2014, but it never happened and the towns have mysteriously disappeared from the list with absolutely no explanation or apology. How can anyone believe commitments 3 make with regard to 4G roll-out when such things happen?

  62. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Danny H – Some stellar feedback there Danny! Thanks. We appreciate that at times people have every right to make their feelings known but it’s nice when those feelings are also warm and positive like yours 🙂 Long may it continue.

  63. Danny H

    Words can’t explain your 3G coverage! It’s outstanding and I want people to read this and know it!!! There’s so much positive things I could say about Three! I would be here for years, even decades! Keep on challenging that mobile industry and tackling it down Three UK and keep your innovation and capacity to the strongest of everything you succeed in!!!

    Best, and warmest wishes,
    Danny xox

  64. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, we are rolling this out but don’t have a date for this yet. Thanks.

  65. Danny H

    Hi Three. Will you be rolling out 1800Mhz and 800Mhz for 4G all around the UK by the end of 2015? Good Luck on the rollout and the more masts. 😉

  66. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny – thanks for your lovely feedback, have a nice day! 🙂

  67. Danny H

    It’s fantastic to hear you’re going to be putting VoLTE on 4G during 2015! 😀 Fantastic work! Keep up all your commitments and I look forward to even more improved coverage and reliability! 😀 By far the best Network out there for coverage!!!!

  68. Moderator: Richard

    Hi, @Kab242 – I’ve taken a look for you and can see that area appears to have strong indoor and outdoor 4G coverage. I used our more advanced coverage checker to double check against the one on the website. It would appear the ‘No 4G coverage’ message on there is an error as it’s still showing as fully pink, indoor/outdoor coverage. I’ve passed this feedback to our online team to take a look. Please let me know if you’ve any further questions. Thanks. >Rich

  69. kab242

    Your coverage map says no 4G at postcode (postcode removed by mod) where I work but map shows pink 4G colour in that area. Zooming out shows same colour in the areas where 4G should be.
    I might upgrade to a 4G phone if 4G is actually available there.

  70. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sarah – Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing issues with signal recently 🙁 Having looked at the areas you’ve detailed, I see they’re all using the same mast which we are currently working on with the work due to be complete by the 15th. I fully understand how this would be frustrating, especially considering you have just joined us. If you don’t see an improvement by this date please pop your detail sinto our support form and I can investigate it further with our Network Support team, Thanks

  71. Sarah

    Hi there,

    I live and work at the following postcodes – (removed by mod) – I made the switch to last week and had good signal indoors and out, since Friday 6th my signal has been rubbish, only 1 bar outdoors and no service indoors. This is not good as i spent most of my time at work which is indoors.

    I use the inTouch app at home but my work place doesn’t have wifi or broadband as it is a hospital. So when i do 12 hour shifts, i am disconnected the entire time. Whats the point in paying for a plan when i can’t even use it??

    I called customer service and they told me that they are doing upgrades to the masts in my area however when i called on Friday the said the work will be finished today. I then called on Saturday and i was told the work will be finished today, i also called today and was told the same thing.

    I feel that there is a trend going on and i am just being told that the work on the masts will be finished today just to shut me up.

    Please can you tell me more about this work going on in my area and when it will be finished. Right now i have no service at all and since being a new customer i feel that i am not off to a good start.


  72. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Danny H – Hi Danny, we’re always working hard to improve the network and the service we provide for our customers, so fingers crossed you’ll benefit from those improvements. If your having issues with indoor coverage currently we have an app available that allows you to use calls and texts over your wifi connection. This can improve your experience with indoor coverage if it’s something your affected by. Are you living in an area that struggles with coverage, Danny? >Bernie

  73. Danny H

    Hi Three.

    I have a question for you. Will you be increasing rural coverage during 4G? I read about it. Really hope you do. Most of all if you improve indoor coverage like your out door coverage (like in valleys and on and up hills) it’d be fantastic! I also read you’re going to be using some better indoor bandwidth soon. Hope this is completed by end of 2015 if it’s true! I hope so!!


  74. Danny H

    Great to see 4G coverage in CO12 4TH area well just outside it showing as outside coverage only! It’d start being fantastic if we could really use it and hold on to that strong signal! Keep up the great work Three. Now looking forward to having it inside my home. No bars 1 or full would be perfect for me if it’s 4G RIGHT NOW. Let’s do this mission Three !!! Good Luck for your future of 4G and don’t leave 3G in the dark. ;’) NO 1 Network for best 3G coverage ever in the UK !!! and the first 3G Network! <3

  75. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny Hi Danny, we’ve recently had to make some adjustments to the information available on our 4G upgrade. Unfortunately there are a number of factors, many of which out with our control, that have had an impact on this. I don’t have any specific news for Newbury I’m afraid however we are still continuing our roll out throughout this year so hopefully you’ll have 4G sooner rather than later. We’re still on track to achieve coverage for 98% of the UK population by the end of this year.

  76. Danny Thomas

    Any news on when Newbury (specifically [removed by mod]) will get 4G? We were on the list of 50 towns last year, didn’t get it and are not on the list anymore… can someone please help?

  77. Danny H

    @Richard Thanks so, so much! It’d make call coverage great, not that it isn’t already! Just them black spots. 😉 Get those signals all going up and in Three 3! 🙂 Good Luck with your network 3G and 4G for the future and carry on the way you are! X

  78. Moderator: Richard

    Thanks for the feedback, @Danny. I’m afraid there’s no news on this at the moment however I’ll pass the suggestion on for you 🙂 >Rich

  79. Danny H

    Hey there guys. I’m just wondering when will you be interested in doing VoIP, voice on the 4G network and texts? Soon as possible better! I hope you’re looking in to it as well rolling out 4G right now. It’d help a lot just than just having 1 network 3G. I think it’d be a vast improvement as well as customers can piggy back on to 3G Advanced speeds and use it while those on 4G are using it for calls as well. Hopefully you’ll be the first to bring it to the UK like you did with 3G :D!! Many Thanks! Warmest Regards, Danny

  80. Moderator: Madeline

    @Kab242 We aimed to have 4G in all of the locations on our 2014 list but we’ve been unable to reach them all so far. There are various reasons for that & a number of them have been outwith our control. For more detailed coverage information in your area and to see if 4G is coming to you within the next 3 months, please see our coverage checker There is currently an issue with the 3G network in your area. We are working to increase the capacity in your area in the near future, which should improve your signal.

  81. kab242

    4G was to come to Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline and Glenrothes by the end of 2014 but now not even on your list for 2015. What’s happened?
    I’d prefer if you could up the power of your masts so I could get a signal indoors. Why can EE give me full indoor signal when their mast is right next to yours?
    Their 1800 MHz mast power is 29.8 dBW against your 2100 MHz mast at 17.89 dBW.
    Postcode- [removed by Mod]

  82. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny – we are going for it and new sites are being turned on all the time. We’re still aiming for 98% of the UK population by the end of the year so watch this space. 🙂

  83. Danny H

    Hi. Just read you have 48% coverage of 4G. That is more than O2 it said and the same as Vodafone. Come on Three more progression in to 4G! EE has up to 80% coverage! It’d be perfect to sitting behind them. You have done before for plenty of things. People hope you’ll have 98% coverage of 4G by the end of 2015. You promised it ! Go for it now !! X

  84. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny H – we hope so too! Our dates are subject to change though as a number of factors can affect our roll-out. We aim to have 98% of the UK population covered by the end of 2015 so it hopefully won’t be too long for you.

  85. Danny H

    Hi Three! I hope you’re doing all you can to get 4G in the Harwich area by the beginning of 2015. Danny

  86. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrew – Hi, we are adding more 4G sites next year. Have you tried our inTouch app for indoor coverage if you have wifi? This works the same way as a Home Signal box and there is more information here. Thanks.

  87. Andrew

    When is 4G in Danger of coming to Cornwall? And my 3 coverage at my home address is rubbish, its always been rubbish, i have complained about it several times and NOT once has any online/phone “SUPPORT” person mentioned the Home Signal Box. WHY???

  88. Danny H

    Such a shame, really! 🙁 You promised 4G in Harwich at the end of 2014. I don’t mind waiting but please not half way through 2015 ;). I only keep bugging about it is because I’m worried about calls dropping and I even have a Home Signal box. I think I should get it replaced. I’ll have to contact them. Really looking forward to improved calling more than the internet. You shine for me for the internet. First 3G network and fastest rollout. Don’t stop there, 3. It’s 4G time around the UK now, and a lot better, than EE!:)x

  89. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid we’ve no exact dates for this at the moment, @Danny H. Sorry about that. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates. >Rich

  90. Danny H

    Hi. So Harwich is expected to get 4G anytime soon then? I keep checking it all the time and there’s been a lot of maintenance recently but I think it’s just fine tuning

  91. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, we have updated the page and will change this next year when new areas are added. You can also check for updates on the coverage checker by entering your postcode. Thanks.

  92. Danny H

    How come you took Harwich off your 4G Rollout plans?

  93. Moderator: Claire

    @Shaun- Hi, I’ve checked the area and no known faults. Can you fill in this form and we’ll check your area? Thanks.

  94. Shaun

    I live in Arbroath [removed by mod] and my download speed varies dramatically even before your so called traffic management kicks in. From about 3pm the speed drops to 300kb per second and stays that way until after midnight. Prior to 3pm my speed can be as high as 6mb per second. Clearly you can’t expect people to put up with speeds that take almost 2 minutes to load a web page at “peak times”. Why not sort out 3G before rolling out 4G and will 4G be throttled to unusable speeds too?

  95. Moderator: Claire

    @Ricky adams – Hi, I’ve checked the area and we are working on fixing the mast by the 18th December. There is no date at present to show if 4G is available. Thanks.

  96. Ricky adams

    Can you tell me if there is a problem with your masts serving [removed by mod}. The signal on my iPad is weaker and the speed is much reduced. My wife’s sometimes has no signal at all. Can you also tell me when I can expect 4G in this area.

  97. Moderator: Claire

    @danny Owens – Hi, we don’t have any plans at present but will be adding more 4G sites next year. Thanks.

  98. danny Owens

    When is 4g coming to [removed by mod] . its available in the town center but not here

  99. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dan – We are working hard to have 98% of the population 4G ready by the end of 2015. We don’t have a specific time-frame as to when certain cities/towns will revceive 4G at the moment. You can check for updates here

  100. Dan

    Hi – will you be making the 4G roll out plan for 2015 public?

  101. Danny H

    Amazing Phone. Amazing Network. That’s Three UK! Most reliable 3G and no need for that 2G nonsense in the way! Keep it up! I love you Three! I’m a big fan of you!

  102. colin

    Thanks for the update Lauren.

    It seems I cannot use it on my phone.

    “it won’t work with the C2-01, sorry about this.”

    Just a comment I used to use my mobile a lot when I had a signal because it was cheaper than a land line, now I have to use the landline because Three has no signal.

    Three is losing out on getting money from me.

  103. Moderator: Lauren

    @Colin – there’s no planned improvements for the area at the moment, sorry about this. If you have access to a wifi connection, you can use our inTouch app to make and receive calls. More information on this can be found here.

  104. colin

    Hi Lauren

    Postcode is [removed by mod]



  105. Moderator: Lauren

    @Colin – if you let me know a full postcode (we won’t publish this!), I can check this out for you.

  106. colin


    Any chance the 3g service will be improved in the North Norfolk area.



  107. Moderator: Lauren

    Danny – we don’t have a date as to when 4G is being launched in your area at the moment, sorry. We’re aiming to have 98% of the population upgraded by the end of next year so if it’s not upgraded this year, it hopefully shouldn’t be too far away.

  108. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aaron – we don’t have a date as to when 4G is being launched in your area at the moment, sorry. We’re aiming to have 98% of the population upgraded by the end of next year so if it’s not upgraded this year, it hopefully shouldn’t be too far away.

  109. Danny Thomas

    Ho Ho Ho – December’s here…any News on 4G in Newbury? Specifically [removed by mod]? I have been good all year, hopefully I made it on to Santa 3’s Nice list?

  110. Aaron

    Back in June my local post code [removed by mod] was saying “coming soon” for 4G (next 3 months) then it went and came back in August saying”Coming soon” So basically just wondering if you know when it’s happening? Your team have said that there is congestion in my local area and would seem like a good upgrade *wink wink*, apart from that happy with my service overall! 🙂

  111. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, we are looking into this for the future but no news at present. Thanks.

  112. Danny H

    Hi Three. Will you be putting VOICE over call on your 4G Network? I hope you really do! I get dropped calls on and off even in rural areas. I understand it’s something to do with 2G which you have got rid of the roaming with other providers? It’d be excellent and a great advantage to us if you do such thing!! Apart from that excellent and amazing network, all round keep up the good work!

  113. Danny H

    It would be a fantastic Christmas present! 😀

  114. Moderator: Richard

    We’re still aiming to have the Harwich area 4G ready by the end of the year, @Danny H. Would certainly be a nice Christmas present 😉 >Rich

  115. Danny H

    Hi Three! Do you know when 4G is coming to CO12 4TH, CO12 3AG and Harwich Areas? I’ve seen on the coverage checker under maintenance that they’re has been maintenance on the 19th this month and the 20th but you promised before the end of 2014 and I hope you’re keeping to that promise, before Christmas as well as the others on the roll-out before then. I’m really worried and concerned and I bet probably others are too! I hope you get to your promise!
    Warmest Regards, Danny H

  116. David heard

    Done david

  117. Moderator: Richard

    That’s not good to hear, @David =/ I’ve taken a look into the C034 area but can’t see any immediate issues showing. Can you fill in our support tab so I can take a closer look for you? Thanks. >Rich

  118. David heard

    Hi I used to get 15mb most of the time with hspa 3g on my nexus 5 lucky to get 1 mb at the moment buffers everything youtube and twitch TV it’s getting bad some of my town Colchester has 4g yet to have that get 20mb there but my area is woeful my postcode is Co34hr please contact me asap and I’ve not changed sim card it’s not that cause got 4g 15 mins away from me david

  119. Moderator: Claire

    @Jordan – Hi, have you tried your SIM in another handset? Can you confirm the full postcode of your area and we’ll check to see what is happening? We won’t publish your postcode. Thanks.

  120. Jordan

    When I was receiving HSPA on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, my average speed was an acceptable 2-3Mb/s, going up to 5Mb/s. Now I have a Motorola Moto G 2013, and the radio on it recieves HSPA+, which is supposed to he faster. I now average 500Kb/s, going up to 1Mb/s rarely.
    What’s going on?!

  121. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny – hopefully it will however our 4G roll out is subject to change so we can’t guarantee this.

  122. Danny Thomas

    There is only about 7 weeks of 2014 left! Is it still possible that Newbury will get 4G this year? I work in Hemel Hempstead and the Coverage Checker says ‘Coming Soon’ – But for Newbury it just says ‘No Availability’ – Any news?

  123. Moderator: Allan

    @Danny H – I can see Harwich is due to have 4G before the end of the year Danny. I don’t have any further info regarding exactly when this will be right now though. Thanks

  124. Danny H

    Guys! do you have any idea when 4G is coming to CO124TH or HARWICH, ESSEX? I have seen on Three Site Coverage Check that there is some planned maintenance? Any idea what this could be? If so who should I call to find out?

  125. Moderator: Lauren

    @Julio – sorry about this! Your comment has been approved now. The only change I made was taking out your postcode. 🙂

  126. Moderator: Lauren

    @Julio – really sorry to read you’ve been having issues there. I’ve had a look at your coverage and can see a fault has been raised at the local mast. Our engineers are aware and are working to get this fixed as quickly as they can. Sorry for any disruption during this time.

  127. Julio

    I posted a message to this blog yesterday regarding some issue with the masts around postcode [removed by mod]. The message appeared in the blog saying it was waiting for moderation. It then disappeared (I was told in a previous occasion that this is normal while the moderator deals with it) but almost 24 hours later not only the message has not reappeared (perhaps censorrship)? but I still haven’t got a reply to the issue I reported. In the mean time, the network is still very weak and I barely can get any signal while indoors.

  128. Julio

    Once more, something is gone wrong to one of your masts covering [removed by mod]. And once more, another business opportunity I have just lost because of a missing call. Why does it happen so often? It is difficult really to understand why do you allow this to happen in the hart Covent Garden.

  129. Danny H

    Hi Three! I have found out by ringing up that my phone (LG G3) is compatible with the H+ Signal, but it just doesn’t show it. Only 3G, H and 4G and LTE. I think the LTE too. Thanks for the big help! Although I was confused because in an area I visit a lot, the town has 4G well it says it on the coverage map online, but it’s still showing 3G in some areas NOT H Signal. Is this normal for now if 4G is being rolled out? I got 4G on the end of the road in town though!!! It’s awesomely fast and quick such as pictures downloading! Woohooo!!!! Well Done and I hope you keep that innovation up!! :’) Hopefully the 4G Signal will cover more towns and wide areas soon, as it’s planned to on your website! Keep it up!


  130. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darren – I can’t see any faults in the area at the moment. The 3G signal should be good but the 4G signal in the area is still quite sparse. If you fill out your details here we can take a closer look at your local masts and see what’s going on with them.

  131. Darren

    I’ve reported a problem at my work address (removed by mod) several times since June last year. If i remember correctly there was a data outage across the country in June last year which is when my problems began.

    Before the data outage i used to get 5 bars of signal and 3G on my iPhone 5 without any issues and the internet speeds used to be perfect for general browsing, emails and streaming radio.

    However once the national data outage was fixed the signal has deteriorated to 3 bars at best and very slow internet speeds which cause constant buffering or no internet service at all.

    I have also experienced several dropped calls since then. On the numerous occasions of calling three technical support i have been told that no problems with the mast, but engineers will take a look at it and had discounts applied to my account for the inconvenience.

    However i called again a few weeks back as it has gotten even worse for data browsing and was told that there is congestion in the area, in other words masts over subscribed.

    So can someone explain to me why, after i have told your technical support teams several times that problems started once the national data outage was repaired why nothing appears to have been done to rectify that issue?

    Can you advise whether the masts in the area are due to be upgraded to support the amount of customers who are attempting to use the services? Also can you advise does this include 4G and when if possible?


  132. Moderator: Chris

    @Danny Thomas – Hi Danny – We’re aware of a fault in the area that’s been going on longer than we’d expected. Sorry for this 🙁 We’re looking to get this sorted as soon as possible but can you fill in the support form over here – so that I can escalate this for you? We’re expecting Newbury to be 4G ready by the end of this year but there’s no fixed date at the moment. Fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later 🙂

  133. Danny Thomas

    2 things – Firstly, 3G speeds get very slow (around 1Mb/s) in the evening [Removed by Mod] is there a problem? Speed in the morning and early afternoon is fine. Secondly, any news on 4G for the Newbury area?


  134. Moderator: Chris

    @Danny H – That’s strange… I’d suggest giving our tech team a call on 333 from your Three handset or 0333 300 3333 from any other line and they’ll be able to do some more in depth troubleshooting with you.

  135. Danny H

    @Allan I don’t think that is the problem though. I went into my local 3 shop being 30 minutes away. I checked out the phone before I went and bought it online from and in store the phoned showed up H+ signal. This wasn’t recent though. I went in on my second visit and it only showed it on my second visit. Before it was showing H in store. I don’t even know if the phone has the chip for it as well like Samsung and Sony do. I only went for the LG G3 for it’s amazing screen that you probably know it’s QHD.

  136. Moderator: Allan

    @Danny H – Is the phone definitely capable of displaying H+ Danny, some phones don’t, not sure about the G3. You may be using H+ just the phone not displaying it. Thanks

  137. Danny H

    Hi @Chris

    Well the phone is LG G3 and I don’t know how to check for mobile updates. I did software updates and it’s all up to date! I have looked in the mobile settings but maybe I need some more to connect to H+? Not too sure. I can tell you that the frequencies it works with are
    (2G) 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
    (3G) 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
    (4G) 700 / 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100/ 2300/ 2600 MHz
    (3G) 42,2 Mb/s
    (4G) 150 Mb/s
    This is from the LG French site

  138. Moderator: Chris

    @Danny H – Hey Danny, have you checked for any software updated recently? Because your phone wasn’t purchased in the UK, you may have to be pushed our carrier settings in order to access some services. You would also need to check that your phone is compatible with the spectrum frequency that we use over here. Can you let me know the make and model of your phone? Cheers.

  139. Danny H

    Claire, all my settings are on which are GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto but I do have GSM / WCDMA auto and WCDMA only. I’ve picked and changed them all and it still shows up H. I have no idea why it’s doing this! The phone was from France, as far as I am aware. The box was in French and the IMEI sticker. I find it bizarre to not being working on H+ when it’s a 4G ready phone! Thanks 🙁

  140. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, I’ve checked the area and it shows strong signal there. Have you got 4G/LTE settings on the phone? What country did you buy the phone in? Thanks.

  141. Danny H

    Hi Claire. My postcode it [removed by mod]. I know I get H+ I got in on my S3 Mini, but ever since I bought the LG G3 it’s only showing H speeds. I bought it as a European phone. Thanks, Danny

  142. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area? We won’t publish the postcode. Thanks.

  143. Danny H

    How come my phone is showing only H signal speeds? I have the LG G3, and it doesn’t show me H+ signal speeds? Am I getting them speeds? I feel like I am though! It used to show on my S3 Mini. Also considering this is a brand new phone on the market I shouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work with every signal on your network

  144. Moderator: Claire

    @Helen – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area? We won’t publish this postcode. Thanks.

  145. Helen

    Hello, I am having major problems with 3 signal in the evenings. From 8/9pm onwards it is very slow and often losing connection completely. Basically the internet is unusable in the evenings and it seems to be getting progressively worse. Please could you advise – I have already rang up a couple of times but I am sure it’s not a technical issue with my ipad as it works much better during the day at home and when I am out and about it is generally ok. Many thanks, Helen

  146. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Tim – Hi Tim. I’ve had a look and can see that there is some planned maintenance going on in your area. We hope to complete it within the next 24-48hrs. Given that a mast can take up to 72hrs before reaching it’s peak, if you see no marked improvement by 05/10, let me know and I’ll look into it further for you. Thanks.

  147. Tim

    Hi Mods
    I joined 3 earlier this year but the coverage has always been poor at my home address, I am lucky to get 1 bar on my mobile.
    Are there any plans to add masts in my area? Postcode is [postcode removed by mod]

  148. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny H – Hi, there is a list of the areas we are rolling out 4G by the end of 2014 here. Thanks.

  149. Danny H

    Any news on more coverage/areas on 4G roll by the end of 2014?

  150. Moderator: Claire

    @Danny Thomas – Hi, we don’t have a date for this yet but we are adding more 4G sites this year. Thanks.

  151. Moderator: Pamela

    @Danny The roll out is on going and Newbury is still planned for this year Danny. We don’t have any dates at all I’m afraid but. Thanks, Pamela

  152. Danny Thomas

    Any news on 4G in Newbury? We are 2/3 of the way through the year and the coverage checker doesn’t seem to change very much.

    I am specifically interested in 4G for [removed by mod] (Winterbourne, just outside Newbury).


  153. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Mark – Hi Mark, is it all services (data, calling and text) or is it one specifically? Can you send us over a postcode so we can take a closer look. Has this always been the case or has it happened to decrease recently?

  154. Danny Thomas

    Hi, 50 towns and cities are scheduled to get 4G this year including Newbury, 2/3 of the year has gone, yet the coverage checker doesn’t seem to look much different and there seems to be no indication when Newbury will be upgraded.

    Are you still on plan ? and any indication when I can expect 4G in Newbury? – Thanks

  155. Mark

    When can we expect better coverage in the CITY of Wakefield, WF1 you sales man talked me into joining you but your coverage is diabolical. I could really do with some indication when we are going to get a better or even a signal in this area

  156. Moderator: Nicki

    @Martyn – Sorry, this has been updated now.

  157. Martyn

    Hi I’ve just noticed that the postcodes i sent were not blanked out – could you delete these from my post please

  158. Moderator: Claire

    @Martyn – Hi, we have sent you an email to fill in and return. Thanks.

  159. Martyn

    my email is [removed by mod]

  160. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Martyn – If the issue is purely with data then can you please send me an email address ( this will be removed ) I can then send you out a template to fill in so we can investigate further into the issue for you. >Bernie

  161. Martyn

    @ Pamela

    The postcodes where i normally get erratic connections are [removed by Mod].

    the indoor data rate i get for the last two postcodes drop to at best 60kbps

  162. Moderator: Pamela

    @Martyn Do you find there are locations where you get strong speeds Martyn or is it like this everywhere? Can you share full postcodes with us as well please – don’t worry, we won’t publish them. Thanks, Pamela

  163. Martyn

    yet again data speeds are shocking for Peterborough – it’s getting ridiculous i’m getting all of 50kbps atm.

    despite Peterborough being a 4g city, there seems to be such a small area covered by this service – and outside of this area i can be lucky to get 3 meg. Even when not on 4g this area is meant to be “superfast” – but this is nowhere close to being superfast.

    I would be fine with this if the service was stable but it seems to be a lottery at the moment

  164. Moderator: Richard

    @Darsh – I can see a couple of newly activated masts on the outskirts of your postcode but unfortunately there’s no exact dates for other work to be done in the area. One of the closest masts has been flagged showing issues though which may be causing your slower speeds? Has it always been like that or more recently? As for our 4G speeds; we have more info on that here. Thanks.

  165. Darsh

    I wanted to know when would my local or closest mast get upgraded to DC-HSDPA. i live in crawley and the closest mast for me is the mast on college road i.e. the mast located on the Crawley College building. this mast is never upgraded or probably is one of the last in the whole of the network to be upgraded. i don even get a HSPA + network on it, my internet speeds never go above 2 or 3 mbps… It gets very annoying as i think this mast being on the colleges should be upgraded first as college students may need it. I would really like to know when would this mast be upgraded to DC HSDPA, and also what ineternet speeds are being launched on LTE when it is launched

  166. Moderator: Allan

    @Andy – You can view our 4G roll out plans for 2013 and 2014 on our website here

  167. Andy

    I live near Trowbridge on the wilts/somerset border.
    Heard a lot about 3,some good some bad.
    When is 4G being planned in this area?
    Can not wait to get on and do away with landline and the blame-game that goes on between landline isp’s and non-contactable openreach.

  168. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan – you can get in touch here.

  169. Dan

    Thanks Nicki.
    Is there an address I can write to instead please as I really dislike calling the 333 number?

  170. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – I’m afraid we don’t have any date specifics. If this is an ongoing issue it may be worthwhile raising this directly with our network team on 333.

  171. Dan

    Thanks for your reply Nicki.

    This isn’t an “at the moment” issue though, it’s been this way for almost 2 years. I understand that congestion in big cities will always be an issue, but I’ve been asking about this since I moved here, why is it only being looked into now?
    If you look back through this blog you’ll see how many times I’ve been told things about faulty masts, capacity upgrades etc. If these upgrades / repairs did indeed take place then why has there been no improvement in service?

    I have little faith that a fix of any kind is coming any time soon so I will be forced to take my custom elsewhere,as I’ve already said I don’t really want to do this as I find Three to be the best provider out there in terms of great value to the customer, but if the service doesn’t work where I live then there’s no way I can renew.

    Are there any specifics you can tell me at all about what action is being considered and roughly when this is scheduled to take place?


  172. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Looking at your postcode the area’s suffering from congestion at the moment. We’re aware of it and looking at capacity increase for the area although I don’t have a confirmed date for you as yet. Sorry.

  173. Dan

    Mods, please look back through this blog and see how long I’ve been complaining about this with absolutely no improvement whatsoever!…

    [Removed by Mod], please can anyone give me some good news? The 3G speed is absolutely terrible! It’s been terrible since I moved to my new address and hasn’t improved a bit in the near 2 year years I’ve been here.

    I’ve been told many times that upgrades are planned but have never seen an improvement. My contract will be finished soon, and as much as I like 3’s pricing, I cannot renew a contract for an unusable service.

    Throw me a bone, please!!!

  174. Moderator: Megan

    @Dennis – We don’t have any Netgear products for this in the UK, however, information on our mobile broadband products, provided by Huawei, can be found here. Hope this helps 🙂

  175. Dennis

    I read about 3 offering a Netgear mobile broadband router for remote areas in Sweden

    Is anything like this available or planned for the UK?

  176. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, we don’t have any dates or roadmap as yet for our LTE rollout. We’re well under way with the rollout of Ultrafast and you can check if that’s available in your area here.

    The rollout of LTE will be from October onwards and we hope to have more details to share then. We have info available on the rollout of Ultrafast here and will ensure our blog is kept up to date too.

  177. Dave

    Hi Mods,

    Would it be possible for 3 to publish a roadmap on the rollout of 4G.

    I know you cannot use the spectrum purchased from Orange until September and hence you will probably want to wait until then at least before you unleash the 800mhz spectrum you purchased in the auction. As a former customer of 3 I would be more than happy to join you again when my contract expires in September but before doing so I would like to see some transparency from you on when you will rollout 4g, will be universaly available, and what kind of speeds can be expected.

    The reason for leaving 3 was mostly to do with you not stocking my chosed handset but also the lack of info surrounding the rollout of HSPA. I realise you need to keep certain things under wraps to maintain a competitive edge over the rest of the field but in my view keeping your customers informed is equally important. 3 are very good in a lot of respects and have come on leaps and bounds but your dogged silence on network upgrades is quite frustrating if not annoying.

    Please take this in the spirit is intended, I want to see you do do well against the the very expensive competition, not to mention any names they know who they are.

  178. Moderator: Allan

    @Scott – Should help improve the signal for you, although I can’t offer any guarantees till the mast is up and working. Sorry!

  179. Scott Bryan

    @Lauren. Ok that’s good to know, do you know if it will cover my area? I am in contract with a sim only deal but am unable to use 3 as i get no service all the time unless i go outside into the garden? Thanks

  180. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scott – there’s still plans for a new mast but I’m afraid we don’t have an activation date for this yet. 🙁

  181. Scott Bryan

    Hey three. I hope you can help. In Wakefield West Yorks [removed by mod], you only have variable outdoor coverage and for the city centre I think this is quite poor as i live in the centre of town. I have a sim only deal which I struggle to use due to this. Does three have any plans to fill in this gap with a new mast. I was told about 8 months to a year ago that a new mast was planned but still i dont see any improvement hope you can help 🙂

  182. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tom Paul – I’ve had a look and can see an upgrade is planned but I can’t see any timings I’m afraid. Have you spoken to the team on 333 about Home Signal?

  183. Tom Paul

    The coverage South of Harrogate is very poor. I spend a lot of time in Pannal (HG3 removed by mod) and get an outdoor only signal which makes life extremely difficult. Although I’m a big fan of Three and a customer from your very beginning the UK (a lot of years now!) this is making me wonder whether I can stay with you guys.
    Any plans for a mast in this area?

  184. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan – there’s work due to start tomorrow, there’s also mast upgrades booked for the end of the month. This is subject to change though.

  185. Dan


    Can you confirm that work on a new mast at [removed by mod] has started please?

    I was told by Ellie that work was supposed to commence on the 6th Jan 2013 but Three’s coverage checker it says there is no planned maintenance for my area.


  186. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joe – is it a particular area you’re having issues or all over?

  187. joe

    I have fast speeds at home but when I go out I lose signal in a lot of places. Very annoying

  188. Ellie

    @Dan – We are currently rolling out Ultrafast (DC-HSPDA) internet across our network. This is the next development from H+ so if you have a DC-HSDPA enabled device you can get faster speeds.

    I’m afraid it isn’t possible to tell the status of the new mast, if the upgrade is to Ultrafast in your area then the new mast should also be Ultrafast. Do keep an eye on your speeds and let us know if things don’t improve for you.

  189. Dan

    Hi Ellie

    Thanks very much for your fast response.

    That’s very good news to hear, but please appreciate that I’ve been hearing this every couple of weeks since June and so far haven’t seen any improvement. If this work actually goes ahead I will be very happy!

    Can you please tell me what a DC-HSDPA upgrade is? Is this the next development from H+ with a theoretical max of 21 Meg connections or am I mistaking it with something else?

    Regarding the new mast close to my house, if it’s a new mast will this likely be a DC-HSDPA capable mast? Can you give me a rough idea of how long a mast usually takes to go live from the date it is installed?


  190. Ellie

    @Dan – Sorry to hear you have been experiencing slow download speeds. I have checked the masts in your area and several are due for upgrade on or around 19th January 2013, this could be scheduled maintenance or this could be a DC-HSDPA upgrade. Unfortunately I’m unable to tell which type of upgrade it will be, hopefully the latter! Just to let you know there is also a new mast planned near to your house, work is due to start on 6th January 2013 but there is no completion date listed as of yet. Once the upgrade work is complete and the new mast is live you should see an improvement in coverage and download speeds.

  191. Dan


    Is the mast upgrade ever going to actually take place at [removed by mod]??

    I’ve had this problem since May / June 2012 and all I ever get in response is “next month”, then when the next month rolls around and nothing improves I get told “next month”…

    The 3G/H+ is slow to point of being unusable! How has it taken the “Network that was built for the internet” 8 months to upgrade a mast in my area? I’m still waiting for any kind of improvement in service and have now lost any kind of hope that it’ll ever actually happen!

    Mods, please, is there an email address or anyone I can contact to make my complaint other than the call centres? I’m sorry but the operators just don’t know anything!

  192. Moderator: Nicki

    @Glen Forde – Hi there, had a look and can see that there’s works taking place at the moment on your local mast. These are due to run from 5th November until 9th November.

    Looking at the area though, we only provide a very limited indoor coverage, no faults as such just a limitation of coverage within that area.

  193. Glen Forde

    I have awful reception in doors at [removed by mod]. customer services keep telling me they are working on it but its been going on for 3 weeks. My orange phone works fine so I dont think they can blame it on the house wall thickness. I’m a new customer who is just about to chuck the towel in and stay with orange.

  194. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bladesman1889 – There’s congestion at your local mast, we’re looking to upgrade it next month at some point to resolve this and improve speeds.

  195. BLADESMAN1889

    Hi Mods,

    Can you check my local masts as my speed has dramatically crawled to a halt recently.

    I have had both my dongle and phone on contract for 2yrs now so am familiar with what speeds usually are.

    Here’s my postcode [removed by mod]

    Many Thanks

  196. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mr.x – if you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it) we can check for any issues in the area which may be causing slow speeds.

  197. Mr.x

    … not above >>> below 1Mb/s .

  198. Mr.x

    hi all

    I’m so disappointed not just about UK3 costumer service ( talking non-sense all time )
    but also disappointed mobil network speed too.
    I use mifi device every day so I signed 2 years contract . first few months was everything normal but now ….
    Most of the time download speed above 1Mb/s , ( avg 0.67Mb/s )

    my mobil phone does better at same place and same time !!!!!! 3x faster than mifi device . ofc they can’t give to costumer acceptable answer why this happening …..
    I’m going to cancel this contract because I do not get what I pay for every months .

  199. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi there, sorry can’t seem to find any previous posts from your – sorry that these were missed.

    Just checked your postcode and can see the capacity upgrades are planned for works commencing 26th October.

  200. Dan

    Hi, why are my comments from the 21st still “awaiting moderation”?

    Is there any update you can give me about the mast capacity upgrades at [removed by Mod] please?

    I was told it should’ve been done this month but there is still no improvement in internet speed.


  201. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan – Sorry to hear you’ve had issues. I’ve just checked your postcode and a few mast have capacity upgrades next month, this suggests congestion on the mast. Hopefully once this work has been carried out then it should increase network capacity in your area.

  202. Dan

    I’m really disappointed with Three Please look back through this blog and see how long I’ve been complaining about this issue with no fix! My AYCE internet is infuriatingly slow to the point of being unusable. It’s a slap in the face every time I hear 3 advertise on the radio that they’re the network built for the internet. Really? I don’t think so! I’m so annoyed with myself for taking a 3 contract.

    [removed by mod], Calls, fine. Texts, fine. Internet? Forget about it! It’s slow and unusable, and I’m not out in the countryside, I’m in London! I know London is a very busy area, I fully understand that there are so many more people using the service, but if you’re going to sell contracts to people and do business in populated areas you need the infrastructure to support it! If there’s a lot of people connecting to 1 mast, build more! We pay you enough don’t we?! I’ve been complaining about this for months but all I’m ever told is “there’s a faulty mast in your area”. It seems to me that “faulty mast” is an easy excuse to hide behind. Over-subscribed is more like it, because if the masts had already been repaired, which I’ve been told should’ve already happened several times back through this blog, then shouldn’t I be experiencing an improvement in service? Or is 3 internet this bad even with fully functional masts?

    The call centre is a joke. The operators have no idea what I’m talking about, and to attempt to explain to them that I’m asking for information / updates etc about the ongoing masts faults or terrible internet service is more annoying than having no internet at all!

    New customers, do not pay any attention to Three’s coverage checker and don’t fall for their “network built for the internet” advertising. You will be disappointed. 3 have just signed a contract with Samsung to build their 4G network, why not try to sort out the current 3G, H+ network for the customers that are already paying for it first?

  203. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dan – I can confirm work is underway on a couple of local masts this week. I can’t confirm when this will finish but it should be complete by the end of the week. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  204. Dan

    Can you confirm that the work taking place at (REMOVED) has been completed please?
    I still haven’t noticed any kind of improvement in my internet speed at all.


  205. Ros

    @Rob M – Yes you’re right, there is no work going on in your area, but speeds can vary. It sounds like you’ve been through all the options available already. We have put in measures to help with large amounts of people on the network so it really shouldn’t be an issue.

  206. Rob M


    there is no planned work at all, post code is [removed by mod], ive been through this with your tech people, its simply that too many people are using 3 thus reducing download speeds to below 300kbs and at time below 100kbs.

    Symptom of your unlimited internet.

    Try and watch Iplayer – just get buffering all the time, no problems at all using my other mobile SIM on a diff network in the MIFI.

  207. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob M – Hi there, sorry that you’re having speed issues. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues, or planned works.

  208. Rob M

    Sadly it seems your Unlimted all you can eat data has been so successfull that in dense populated areas the network cannot cope, today Im getting av 56kbs which for a city centre postcode near a mast is very poor, and looking at other recent reviews it seems other users have had the same problems around the country.
    I was going to switch my mobile contract, but have now decided not too as a resutl of these data speed issues, so sadly you have lost both a Mobile BB customer and a future One plan customer.

  209. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob M – Hi there, we have removed your phone number as we would strongly advise against you having your personal details published in a public forum.

    I’m afraid that our Directors are not there to handle customer calls – they’re their to direct our company. It sounds like our technical team have gone through our coverage policy with you and suggested that you leave. I imagine this is due to them determining that we cannot provide you with the service you require. While we don’t want to see any customers leave, in some cases if coverage is lacking we’d suggest this to enable you to find a provider that can give you the service you need.

  210. Ros

    @Dan – I can see one of the masts nearest you is experiencing issues currently. Work is due to commence there on 30th July and be completed on 5th August. You’ll need to call 333 to discuss your options in terms of cancelling, unfortunately we don’t have access to your details.

  211. Rob M

    Just agian spoken to your customner services, who sya there is nothing they can do except cancel my contract if am am not happy, for the poor speeds I am getting etc (this is not even your stated peek times of between 3pm and midnight). I have asked to speak to a senior manager/director and they have refused to pass on my details, so can some one from the UK head office call me – I am sorry I am having to post this here but I am left with no option, my moble which i am sure you will remove from the post is [removed by mod].

    A very disgruntaled customer paying for sub 300kbs speads on my HSPA+mifi !!

  212. Dan

    Can I have an update on the situation at [Removed by Mod] please? I was told weeks ago that a mast upgrade was taking place on 22nd July, so far I can’t see any improvement at all.

    I’m getting really fed up with this, my internet is terrible, yet I hear adverts on the radio about how the 3 network are built for the internet! Streaming tv shows?.. Give me a break! At what point can I cancel my contract as you are not providing me the service I signed up for?

    Beware new customers of 3, do not believe the rubbish in their advertising. You will be very disappointed.

  213. Rob M

    Have been dealing with your network/tech people in India, they now say it is due to peak usage, etc, and there is nothing to be done, 80% of my speedtests/connections are below 200kbs and 90% below 400 kbs however as 5 of them have been 2mb+ this throws my average up tp 700kbs which they sday is acceptable !!

  214. Ros

    @Rob M Ok. If this continues you might need to give the Network Services team a call on 08433733333, they’ll be able to look in to it more closely for you.

  215. Ros

    @Rob M Hi, can you send your full postcode so I can check? Don’t worry, we won’t publish it.

  216. Rob M

    Its my work postcode, and speeds are always poor at the moment during office hours, just git 116kbs download speed !!, Upload is fine.

  217. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rob – is that area your home or work postcode? There’s no reported issues in that area just now. Have the speeds always been poor there?

  218. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scotty – there was a new mast due to be active on the 15th of July, I can’t see if this has been actioned or not.

  219. Rob M

    I am at the end of my tether with your call centres and my mobile BB speeds via MIFI, after numerous calls over the past moth, I keep going round in circles, I goet good HSPDA+ speeds off peek but monday to friday from 9.00 am forget it ! Im lucky if I get 0.1mb. Your call centre seem to be obsessed with my my tablet etc , despite that the fact it is not the problem as my mobile BB via my MIFI is fine at other other places I have used it and off peak. So where I use MBB th 90% of the time I am paying for a servcie where I get crap speeds!! [removed by mod] postcode. I get better speeds Via O2 at the same location.

    So much for the network made for data

  220. Scotty

    hello there i was just wondering about the new land mask in [removed by mod] and that i get poor singal around and im paying alot of money for something i cant even use my phone :(. one min someone tells me it will be turned on this month but guess not 🙁 its really winding me up someone needs to sort it out :@

  221. Moderator: Kaz

    @Phil lee – I’m afraid we can’t comment on this roll-out at the moment. As soon as we have more information, we’ll let everyone know.

  222. Phil lee

    Hi do you know when we will get 42mbs hsdpa+ in the pe9 area?

  223. Neil

    Ah – The Future of our Network
    Increase prices for existing customers
    Remove their blog posts, twitter posts and ban them from adding comments on Facebook
    Refuse to answer emails sent from a solicitor
    The future is bright the future is not Three

  224. Moderator: Johanna

    @Wee Jimmy – I’m afraid we can’t provide any more detail, but please let us know if and what improvement you notice.

  225. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dan – I can see that a few of your nearby masts have issues raised, so the team are aware and looking into it. There is a mast update due on July 22. We’d advise you chat to our customer service team who should be able to provide more detail.

  226. Wee Jimmy

    I have received a text saying:- “We are improving the network in your area next week, which may affect some services. Thanks for your patience.” Can you tell me what improvements I can expect. Post code KA3

  227. Dan


    Can I ask for an update please on the masts and very poor internet speeds at N22[removed by Mod]?

  228. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ian G – There is still an issue with a local mast, afraid I can’t give any timescale on a fix. If you would like to discuss this issue in more detail, it’s best to call 333. Sorry I can’t help anymore.

  229. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dan – Just checked for any issues in your area and a local mast is currently faulty. This will fixed as a matter of urgency, but can not give you an exact timescale just yet. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  230. Dan

    Okay, for the third time…

    Can someone please answer my questions above regarding (REMOVED)

    This is my 3rd post so please can someone tell me, am I having my internet speed throttled by TrafficSense, or am I in a signal black hole? Three’s coverage checker says I’m in a very good area but my internet is so slow its unusable.

    If this is a busy area when do Three plan to install new masts?
    I signed up for All you can eat data

  231. Ian G

    I lost my signal on 30th June at postcode (REMOVED) Lordswood Kent area, i called customer services and after a lengthy conversation, three finally admitted there was an issue with my local mast, i was given £5.00 credit for my inconvenience (thanks, would rather have a network that works), was told it would be fixed in THREE days, TWO WEEKS later – still no signal, i have called and called and been told the network team will be in touch with me within TEN DAYS, so basically i could be without a signal for three and a half weeks before someone lets me know what is going on, i use my phone for work, so thanks to three i have to drive 4 miles to collect text, voicemail and emails. WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!!!!

  232. Moderator: Kaz

    @William Katalay – Just checked for any network issues in your area and everything looks fine. You should have strong indoor and outdoor coverage. I’m unsure what else to suggest, it could be an issue with your phone maybe. Try popping into a local Three store for them to take a look, or give us a call on 333 to discuss your options.

  233. William Katalay

    I’m having difficult to make call because of the network as you can see since i got my contract i don’t make alot of call due to this problem i will be much appreciate if someone could help. It is difficult to have a signal also you cannot call i really don’t know what to do please.

  234. Moderator: Johanna

    @IA – I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that there’s a bit of maintenance taking place. One mast due for completion on June 8 and the other June 15th. I’m afraid I don’t have any more detail, but get in touch if your service doesn’t improve after these dates.

  235. IA


    I have been having connection difficulties recently (for over 2 weeks now). I live in this postcode W2 {removed by Mod] (London). I have a premium dongle and I put it outside the window and I am getting speeds around 0.5mb of download. I went outside my home and I got around the same download speed. Please check my post code for any problems regarding the local masts also please check for any improvements as not only does it have slow speeds but I also keep getting disconnected. Also, it’s not the dongle problem as I used it in my friends house and I got 5.6mb of download without any disconnection in 2hours of usage.

    Please sort my area (W2 Removed by Mod) out.


  236. Dan

    My question from a week ago is still awaiting moderation and the 333 number cuts me off. Can someone please tell me whats going on with my internet?

    Am I having my speed throttled or am I in a terrible reception area despite Three’s coverage checker saying I’m in a very good area? At 9am I can get 4 – 6 MB download speed, when I check later in the day / evening I’m lucky to get 0.5 MB. This is unusable. I took a contract with AYCE data so I can watch football on my SGS2 at work or wherever without worrying about going over a data limit. This is the sole reason I left Orange who couldn’t offer me more than 500 MB and 2MB speeds on a good day.

    Youtube or online radio etc is unusable I’m at N22 [removed by Mod], there aren’t any tall buildings here so there shouldn’t be a signal problem unless there is a fault with my local mast/s or Three have oversubscribed, in which case Three should invest in new masts or improve the masts they have in very busy areas.

    Can someone please get back to me and explain whats going on with the service?

  237. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – There was an issue with one of the local masts in the first postcode which may have been affecting your speeds. They may be working again now, can you confirm if your speeds have improved?

  238. Moderator: Lauren

    @Arty – In terms of high data use, TrafficSense™ will only ever identify up to the top 5% of highest data users. This means that there is no set amount of data to go over, because it is relative to how everyone else uses the network. TrafficSense™, our intelligent approach to our network still exists, but one element of it which was being run as a trial has ended for the time being. We’re now evaluating the results to develop how we implement the highest data user element of TrafficSense™ in the future. We’ve been trialling a number of different types of high data use management. This particular trial ran from Friday 25 May until Saturday 2 June. We’re now evaluating the results from all of these trials.

  239. Moderator: Lauren

    @Arty – I’m afraid there’s currently no planned improvements for that area for now.

  240. Mark

    Hello, I have just moved back to Three on the One Plan and wondered if you could tell me if my local three mast has yet to be upgraded. Reason I ask is I am based in Lightmoor, Telford [removed by mod] and your speed here today 2nd June DOWN 0.92Mbps, UP 1.60Mbps, PING 69ms. Whereas elsewhere in Telford for example within 40 mins of that result I tested in near Asda in Donnington, Telford [removed by mod] and received DOWN 6.15Mbps, UP 2.67, PING 69ms.

    I moved from O2 network this week and here in Lightmoor I tested their speed on 29th May DOWN 3.03Mbps UP 1.55Mbps PING 98ms. If O2 can deliver these speeds here & Three can supply twice that speed elsewhere in Telford why can’t Three deliver faster speeds here in Lightmoor, Telford TF4 3.

    All tests from same iPhone 4 using speed iPhone app.

    So I’d like to know what do Three need to do so that customers in Lightmoor & Horsehay Telford receive the same high speed seen in Donnington, Telford, Shropshire.

    I need to understand if your mast that Lightmoor is using has these low speeds as it hasn’t been upgraded?
    If yes, is it due an upgrade?
    If yes when will it be upgraded & would I expect to see the speeds I saw in Donnington, Telford?

    Thanks in advance. We have a growing community here in in Lightmoor and are keen to benefit from the high speeds we know mobile network providers can deliver. Happy for you too email me.

    (I’ve given you our community website address purely for info, we have campaigned in the past for better services so if you have any other Three and/or regulatory contacts we coud petition I’d appreciate them – Happy for you too email me. You don’t have to publish this paragraph – I don’t mind)

    Best regards,


  241. Arty Smith

    Also, with this trafficsense thing, approximately how high is a “disproportionately large amount of data”?

  242. Arty Smith

    I noticed that earlier you were able to tell someone whether there were any planned improvements for their area, could you please check this post code for me, NE67 5EG, cheers, Arty.

  243. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – TrafficSense isn’t about punishing anybody – it’s about giving all of our users the best possible experience. Even if you do live or work in a busy part of our network, you won’t have your traffic managed unless you’re using a disproportionately large amount of data. Most of our customers won’t be affected.

    If you’re one of the very small number of people whose traffic is being managed, try to move some of your data usage outside of the peak hours of 3pm-12am. You should see a speed improvement after seven days.

  244. Dave

    I took my UNLIMITED DATA contract out in October 2011 liking the unlimited usage.

    However, it appears Three NOW THROTTLE my connection to an unusable speed of 20k/sec.

    Three are thereby breaking the terms & conditions I signed up to. THREE ARE MIS-SELLING THIS “ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA PLAN” when it is blatantly anything but that.

    I am cancelling my direct as you are not providing the service I signed up for.


  245. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rachel – I’ve replied to your post in another thread.

  246. Rachel

    I live in Manchester [removed by mod]. I received a text over a month ago saying the network was being upgraded and since no longer receive HSPA+. My phone also drops its data connection with engaging flight mode then disengaging being the only method I have found to get it back. Is there anything I can do to fix this and when will I receive a faster connection such as I had before the improvements?

  247. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dean – Sorry to read that you are not happy. I have sent you an email requesting some account details so one of our social media care team can contact you and discuss this in more detail. We do have a traffic management policy which you can read here, this policy isn’t about punishing anybody – it’s about giving all of our users the best possible experience. Even if you do live or work in a busy part of our network, you won’t have your traffic managed unless you’re using a disproportionately large amount of data. Most of our customers won’t be affected.

  248. Dean

    DO NOT TAKE OUT THE ONE PLAN!!! I AM PERSONALLY ON THE ONE PLAN AND I AM BEING THROTTLED!!!! unlimited data yet they have introduced throttling as of 12 may 2012 for top 5% of users. pathetic, illegal, ive emailed ceo david dyson and am looking elsewhere PS 3UK-YOU CANT SELL ‘UNLIMITED WITH NO THROTTLING CONTRACTS AND THEN THROTTLE PEOPLE-ITS ILLEGAL!!! I am now looking for alternative contracts

  249. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve – wow that’s pretty impressive 🙂 I’m afraid we’ve no plans to increase our MBB data limits at the mo as we think it’s pretty competitive, but we’re always looking at our plans, so never say never.

  250. Steve

    We’ve recently been enjoying your new HSPA service here in rural Gloucestershire – consistently getting download speeds as high as 13 Megabits and always more than 5 Mbits. Much faster than conventional land line broadband! Do you have any plans to offer data plans above 15Gbytes per month. That’s been your maximum for a long time, and now you’re offering services that are many times faster than they used to be, perhaps there needs to be the option for bigger data plans?

  251. Moderator

    @Danny – I’m afraid we don’t have a map or coverage checker available yet showing what areas you’re able to get HSPA+ in although this is something we’re looking at for the future. The average speed at the moment is anything from 1 – 4Mbps, with a lot of customers reporting much higher speeds.

  252. danny

    hi, just wondering if my area has been upgraded to hspa+ live in w7 london. Mobile broadband speeds are pretty slow, 2-3 mb tops

    If my area hasn’t been upgraded yet, wondering when it will be? and is there anything i can do like add an external antenna to boost the broadband speed, have solid walls.

  253. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nigel Barker – I’ve sent you an email to get your account info…

  254. Nigel Barker

    I understand that Three is rolling out a femtocell solution called Home Signal & as per Johanna’s suggestion I called 333 to inquire if I could get one as we live in rural Norfolk in n old farmhouse with thick walls so Three signal is non-existent once you move more than a few feet away from a window. We do have pretty decent broadband speeds however (6+Mbps down & 0.8Mbps up).

    Sadly when I called I got a terrible runaround from everyone I spoke to.

    First I called 333 explained that I have a new contract that reception is awful except right by a window & that I wanted to have a Home Signal box. After taking all my details & putting me on hold several times he gave me an 0800 number to call which I did.

    I called 0800 number & the guy who answered assured me that it was toll free which I am still dubious about as I thought that 0800 numbers cost 15.3p/min. However the guy couldn’t help me as this was apparently the support number for people who already have a Home Signal box. He therefore put me through to yet another person who after taking all my details & putting me on hold several times gave me an 0844 number to call for the Options Team. I asked why this was a paid call & why he couldn’t just put me through but he said it was impossible.

    I called the 0844 3380330 number but discovered that I was in fact talking to regular Three telephone support but paying for the privilege. After taking all my details & putting me on hold several times the lady said that she would put me through to the correct person to get a Home Signal box. After a couple of minutes on hold listening to music the line dropped & I was cut off.

    Please can one of the moderators arrange for someone who can help to give me a call?

  255. Moderator: Kaz

    @Scott Bryan – I’ve checked for any upgrades in your area and there are not planned upgrades in your area at the moment. We are constantly improving our network so hopefully there will be upgrades soon.

  256. Scott Bryan

    Hello and good day, I hope you can provide a little information. I am enquiring into further improvements with the 3G signal in Wakefield city centre, I have a flat in the centre and at best I get a maximum of 1 bar depending on where I am in the flat. On the three coverage map there is a black spot right on my location, so basically do you have any plans to roll out more masts to cover these black spots. My post code is (REMOVED)

    Many thanks for your time and support.


  257. Moderator: Johanna

    @TK – I’ve dropped you an email to get some more info from you and to hopefully get this resolved once and for all.

  258. TK

    Can a mod from here please contact me regarding the internet filter. I asked for it to be removed and for some reason it is back on and the Customer Service rep told me it was off. I keep getting mixed responses from everyone at three. I would like to talk to someone as soon as possible.


  259. Moderator: Sedge

    @ TK – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you’re in an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage, there’s work being carried out in your area at the moment which is why you may be experiencing coverage issues. Once that works complete you should start to see an improvement 🙂

  260. TK

    W5 [Removed by mod]


  261. Moderator: Sedge

    @TK – So we can look into this for you could you please provide us with your full postcode 🙂

  262. TK

    Having painfully slow speeds and constant disconnections on The One Plan on my Samsung GS2. The customer service lady told me there is apparent upgrade work on postcode W5. But there is no record of this on the coverage checker on the three website. Any info please?


  263. Moderator: Johanna

    @James Phethean – Indeed it is… If you call the team on 333 they should be able to give you some more info.

  264. James Phethean

    What is the situation regarding Femtocell introduction? I live in Cornwall and reception in my cottage is very poor.
    Is it coming anytime soon??

  265. Moderator: Kaz

    @M.Smith – I don’t have any additional info you at the moment.

  266. M.Smith

    Any additional info regarding this planned mast would be appreciated, just wanted to confirm reasonable coverage at the (removed) postcode in the near future please.

  267. M.Smith

    Thank you @Kaz, I do not need to know the location, just that it will cover the village in question. I have been informed of new masts before in the area, none of them yet reaching the village at all. Many thanks for confirming.

  268. Moderator: Kaz

    @M.Smith – For security reasons we are not able to give out mast locations I’m afraid.

  269. M.Smith

    Many thanks for the ultra quick response @Johanna with regards to the postcode yo22 5an. Is it possible to identify the planned location for this new mast and as to whether it will indeed cover the whole village, as is currently possible via Orange 2G? Loving the speed and performance of the network in most other places! Many thanks.

  270. Moderator: Johanna

    @M.Smith – I’ve had a look at your postcode and there’s some maintenance taking place on your nearest mast – due for completion on the 17th Feb. There’s a new mast planned but no date yet I’m afraid.

  271. M.Smith


    Just another quick check on the postcode YO22 [removed by Mod], still hopefully awaiting news of a mast which will cover the village with 3G?



  272. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Akram – Thanks for getting in touch with us, sorry for the confusion on the call. The Galaxy Nexus does have HSPA+ technologies so when it’s rolled out in your area you’ll be able to experience faster speeds. Unfortunately until the roll out is complete we can’t confirm the areas that have HSPA+, we’ll update you on this as soon as we can.

  273. Akram

    I rang the Three technical support team to ask about HSPA+ earlier today. I wanted to know if HSPA+ was available in sheffield yet as I have a Galaxy Nexus and have not noticed it.
    The person that I spoke to didnt have a clue what HSPA+ was never mind when it would be rolled out. I was really shocked at the lack of knowledge to say she was in tech support.
    After putting me on hold twice she finally came back to me and said it was coming in September but it would ONLY be available via a MiFi dongle.
    I have been told on the Three UK Twitter page that the Nexus would benefit from HSPA+.. any chance you could clear this up for me?
    Ta chuck 🙂

  274. Moderator: Sedge

    @Ribeiro – We’re still rolling out HSPA+ on our network, until the roll out in complete we can’t confirm where HSPA+ is at the moment. Glad to hear you’re enjoying being part of our network 🙂

  275. Ribeiro


    I would like to now if is there any mast planned for Yeovil with HSPA+, in the town centre?

    Thanks, I’ve been loving your network, but it would be wonderful if I had a faster connection 🙂

  276. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave – Great to hear you’re happy with the service that we provide 🙂 Unfortunately we cannot confirm any work that’s been carried out on our masts until the upgrade is complete. We’ll let you know more when we can.

  277. dave

    Hi Mods,

    I know you cannot provide info on the masts that have not been given the HSPA + treatment however is it possible that you can confirm the mast at my locality, AB12 4TP has been upgraded.

    I saw some men with a van working on the mast some 2 weeks ago and wonder if this was the upgrade to HS being implemented.


    Lately I have seen an awful lot of negative posts on the service and coverage provided by 3. I have been with all four of the mainstream networks and in my 5 years with 3 I have not had any serious issues so keep up the good work!!. At present I use a 3 Iphone and non HSPA+ dongle and owing to being close to the mast I get data speeds of some 4-6 MBPS pretty much all of the time and at the end of my MBB contact will definitely look to upgrade to the premium HS dongle.

  278. Moderator: Kaz

    @Al – Just checked your area and I’m afraid there are no planned new masts at the moment. Sorry I can’t give you more positive news, however we are always improving our network and hopefully there will be improvements in your area soon.

  279. Al

    Hi, are there any new masts planned in my area? (removed) Currently getting no existent coverage indoors, have been putting up with it for a few years, but losing patience! Thanks

  280. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rich – we passed your feedback on, but if you want to chat to the network team we can arrange a call for you. I’m emailing you now…

  281. Rich

    Hi Johanna/Kaz,

    Just wondering if you had contacted the network team and had any reply? I don’t want to sound like some guy whinging about not getting X-amount of speeds but after running several speed tests near the mast (not just my home!) I do think the service should be better imho. The problem as I see it is (at least on my HSPA+ enabled SGS2 – could be verified by engineers on their testing equipment) is that the signal can all too easily lose HSPA+ signal (dropping to HSPA or 3G with immediately vastly inferior speeds generally under 1 Mbps) as you go away from the mast. This is to be expected of course, but the troubling results I have experienced show you regularly lose HSPA+ connection as near as around approx 30 meters from the mast! This is in particular the case when going uphill from the mast… maybe the result of nearby building/trees right next to the mast in that direction? In practical use this all means that the mast has at least in one direction, got the efficient range of about say 50 meters! If engineers could visit the site and run some tests and if required boost the mast signal it would be much appreciated! Thanks again for your help! 🙂

  282. Moderator: Johanna

    @IA – I’ve checked your postcode and there is a new mast planned for your area, no date confirmed yet though. We don’t offer unlimited browsing but our deals are pretty competitive! Does your friend live in the same postcode as you?

  283. IA


    Really happy with the Three Network before but I still have a few problems.
    My Postcode is W2 [removed by Mod]. In my house, the signal is full bars but the download speed is 12.8kb/s(average) but when I go outside in a open field but right next to my house, the download speed increases to 40.3kb/s(average). Is there any upgrades taking place in my area as I have been experiencing this for 1 year now but I was happy but now I’m getting a bit fustrated as I am now using HSPA+ Dongle and I am still getting the same speeds even though the dongle says I am getting HSPA+ signal. I have been researching other Mobile Broadband companies and T-Mobile sticks out the best as my friend said the signal is absolutley perfect and the download speed is 3 times better that than Three’s download speed. Also, apparently T-Mobile has unlimited browsing usage, why can’t Three do this? Please can you fix the range of my nearest transmitter or upgrade them or build more transmitters near my area as I am really disappointed now. Please fix this as soon as you can. Also, Please email me your reply as well as posting a comment on this blog. Thanks!

  284. dave fyfe

    @lee jarrett

    None of the networks are getting LTE anytime soon. The spectrum required for this will not be auctioned until the end of this year. commercial Deployment is at least a year away and this will only then happen at a speed dictated by the networks. Some experts are predicting that it will not be widely available until 2015.

    I think you are referring to a trial of LTE which is being done by three O2 and EE under a temporary allocation of spectrum being given to the operators but they need to give this back at the end of the trial period.

    Trust me I am as disappointed as anyone at this delay and in the meantime we will need to put up with what we have at present. Three to their credit are launching HSPA+ which will provide 21mbps at launch hopefully doubling in the near future. Note these are theoretical maximum speeds but 7-10 Mbps should be widely attainable but you will need a compatible handset or dongle to get this.

  285. Moderator: Johanna

    @Harrowing – I’m dropping you an email now to get some account information from you, as I’m afraid we’re not a technical team.

  286. Harrowing

    @Kaz, you ignored the DNS Error Hijacking (BTW, if HTTPS gets forced on the link I provided, change it to HTTP as new browsers won’t send Referrer Information between domains on HTTPS)

    I thought your dongle blocking system was top-notch? Seems to be with every SIM I try except the SIM you can’t block without change of T&C. You get a error page when you try and visit a site saying that Dongle usage is not allowed.

    As for the Traffic Management, any type of slowdown of traffic intentionally is Throttling which below states you do not, nor will do when I signed up.
    | Moderator on December 15, 2010
    | @Stew – No throttling, just enjoy the good deal

    I’m sure you remember calling me a lair when AYCE was first introduced in regards to the Throttling issue?!(0.3Mbps after 1GB usage per month)
    Do you remember that Kaz? Back in January 2011 when a flood of other people started reporting the same thing and you kept insisting this was not the case and it eventually hit most mobile network news sites and was pretty much fixed over night. (Yes, I used to have the username LoneThread, which Kaz knows)

    |Vincent Mia on December 30, 2010
    |Hi mods. I would like to confirm the findings LoneThread has posted with almost identical statistics. Definitely throttled after 1gb of usage at around 300kb. I have run many tests in several locations.
    |Moderator: Kaz on December 31, 2010
    |@LoneThread – I can ensure you there is no throttling in place for The One Plan. We are looking into your issue and will get back you asap. It’s going to be after the new year now.
    |Moderator: Kaz on December 29, 2010
    |@LoneThread – This does not sound right, The One Plan has All you can data on both contract an PAYG. It does not matter how much data you use. Are you still having problems?

    | Dilber on December 19, 2010
    | Hi, I have 1plan. Can i use my phone sim in 3 dongle to use internet???
    | Moderator on December 20, 2010
    | @Dilber – yes you can, so long as you adhere to the Ts&Cs

    All above comments from which I’ve archived on several 3rd party sites in-case you decide to change/remove the comments. Anyone right now can find further comments about Dongles being allowed if they wish on those pages.

    Now would you please mind not making me look like a liar to save your own face and dealing with the current problems.

  287. Moderator: Kaz

    @Harrowing – Thanks for your comments, we believe everyone should have access to the internet and to make sure you receive a good service we do from time to time have to manage the traffic on our network. To read more about this, please read our traffic management policies here If you would like me to arrange a call to discuss these comments with our Technical Support team, please let me know. Regarding the use of dongles with a Phone SIM, it has never been in the Terms that you can use a phone SIM in a dongle on The One Plan, we just didn’t have a way of enforcing this. Lastly, there has only been 1 The One Plan, it’s still the same today. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this in more detail. Thanks

  288. Harrowing

    Just a extra bit of information, your DNS Hijacking of invalid URL’s also grabs the Referrer (Aka the site that sent the person to the invalid URL)

    I’ve put a test page up at which confirms this information is in the information sent to This could be considered spying. You may wish to look into the legality of this.

    As of 8PM, speeds have improved back to their normal state. Is this a 5PM-8PM throttle? Please explain this network changes. Especially the DNS Error Hijacking as alot of people could be angered by this.

  289. Harrowing

    I don’t know what you’ve done but I’m seeing reports of awful performance across your network today. It also seems you just made changes and introduced DNS Error Catching as proven by now being the result for a incorrect URL. (I’d prefer my browser to send me to Google and I think forced -with no opt-out- DNS Hijacking is illegal for a ISP but will need to check into this – Especially considering the amount of details in the Error URL!)

    It looks like a throttling system to 512Kbps has been introduced. Is this after so much data has been used in the day? Or is it just a network issue to go along with the other changes you’ve made today? It still allows burst’s so of course says 6Mbps (Yesterday it said 9.8Mbps!) but it becomes very apparent when trying to stream a video or doing a file download. APN is 3Internet

    I’d appreciate being able to Stream YouTube, not even HQ on phone works and as I said other people in other area’s have said they are having the same issue. I expect their posts haven’t passed Moderation yet?

    Of course as I’m using a Dongle in HSPA+ which you out right deny is impossible and against T&C when its not for me (One Plan 2010, remember that Plan? The one where you said outright that dongles were allowed and then made a U-Turn a few months later!) I’m more than happy for you to terminate the contract with no charge to me if you are going to carry on with your new DNS Interception and Throttling system. Same as you blocking me from using a Dongle, that breaches the T&C that I have with you, hence the 2 versions of the One Plan. I really liked being called a liar on a previous comment someone made when you know as well as I do that dongles where allowed and STILL ARE for the early customers of the One Plan.

    Can we please get a explanation?
    P.S. I’ve recorded a video showing all these issues, I’m sure it’ll help by my posting it on YouTube tomorrow? Let me know if this is what you wish me to do so it can help you “diagnose” the issues 🙂

  290. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam – I can confirm the Nexus does support HSPA+. However we have not yet announced where HSPA+ has been rolled out, so your area may not benefit yet. We will be announcing our HSPA+ roll out soon.

  291. Adam

    I have a galaxy nexus and a hspa+ dongle both on 3, the dongle is consistently faster than the nexus, is there a way to check the nexus uses the hspa+, it never shows H+ at the top but the dongle always shows hspa+.

  292. Moderator: Sedge

    R Adams – Great to hear you have an interest in our One Plan. I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you appear to be in an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage, there appears to be no maintenance work underway – as you guessed, you’re in the middle of two masts so you could be switching between the two.

  293. R Adams

    I am interested in taking out the One Plan with Three as this looks like an excellent option, however i have reservations regarding the coverage I will obtain. I have obtained aPAYG SIM to test the reception and my phone seems to flip between UMTS and HSDPA. I believe I may be equidistant between masts but the signal is not as good as the coverage map shows. My postcode is KA3 [Removed by Mod], can you tell me if there are maintenance issues, plans for upgrade or Iam I stuck with this poor signal. The speed of download is also lower than Vodafone.

  294. pete


    why is it that smartphone like mine get all you can eat data but it;s still very expensive to use a dongle or mifi? “19 a month for 15GB on a mifi but i casnuse 60GB on my phone and no one seems bothered?

    are data prices for stand aslone bb products going to chane?

  295. Moderator: Kaz

    @KG – No problem. Ref the Galaxy Note, afraid we have no plans to range this phone.

  296. KG

    Thanks Kaz. I have another question – do you know if you’ll be carrying the Samsung Note? That one looks pretty exciting…

  297. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rich – I will pass your comments into our network team.

  298. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris – No plans to upgrade your local masts, however there is an issue with your nearest mast which will probably be causing coverage problems. This will be fixed within the week.

  299. Moderator: Kaz

    @KG – The Samsung GS II is a great phone to upgrade to. Unfortunately we can’t confirm any more details about LTE at the present time, but will keep everyone updated with our progress.

  300. Chris

    Are they any plans to update the mast near me? (removed)

    Thanks Chris 😀 😀

  301. Dave


    Firstly I would just like to say how much I love the Three Network compaired to all other Networks (and trust me I’ve tried them all) you are definetly the best for 3G coverage and speed!! But I travel around at work every day and I spend a lot of time in the LA11 7 postcode area which does’nt have any 3G coverage, is there any plans to install any new masts in that area?

    Also my best friend was on Vodafone for the last 5 years and I kept telling him how much better the Three network is for coverage and speed. He took my advice and bought an iphone 4S on Three with a 2 year contract only to find he can not get any signal at all anywhere in his house, and only 1 bar 2G signal when outside. His postcode is LA12 9, is there any plans to install any news masts in that area?

    Many thanks in advance!!


  302. Rich

    Hi again Johanna,

    I’ve been continuing to monitor my speeds, and whilst I would say I’m satisfied with my speeds at work (0.2 miles downhill from nearest mast) of roughly 2Mbps, the speeds at my home (also 0.2 Miles but uphill, and yes with some trees in the way etc but nothing unusual for a rural location!) are disappointing and roughly average around 0.8Mbps. I think the problem being that despite being pretty close to the nearest mast, my phone is more often only on regular HSPA or 3G, rather than showing H+. To give you an example, I actually did a couple of tests right by the mast and got just over 6Mbps download speeds, then walked up the hill home to do a test by my window and only got 0.6Mbps.

    If there is any chance you could arrange a call with your network team and ask them if it would be possible/beneficial to boost the transmitter power to a range more like the Orange and o2 masts next to them, I would genuinely appreciate it very much, because I would hope there wouldn’t be such a degradation of quality/speeds over such a short distance.

    Many thanks!

  303. KG

    Sounds great! I’m on the One Plan and my data speeds have really improved recently.

    I am thinking of upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S2 – which I understand will work on HSPA+, but will it also work with the LTE or LTE Advanced? Cos if I’m on a 2 year contract and half way through LTE comes in but I couldn’t access it I’d be a bit miffed!


  304. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alex – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and can see that you can indeed roam, there’s also some network improvements planned to, two nearby masts, completion dates 24th Jan and 25. If you’re happy with the service you’re getting now, it should only get better 🙂

  305. Moderator: Johanna

    @Robert Philpot – Thanks for your feedback and you’re right, if there’s a hill between you and the nearest mast that will impact the coverage. I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that there’s some work being carried out on 2 nearby masts, completion dates January 19 and 27th. This may have a positive impact but without a clearer idea of the landscape it’s tricky to tell. There are no new masts planned at the mo, but we’re always investing in our network so this may well change.

  306. Alex

    @Moderator Sedge. Hi, thx for getting back on my query, I have my old blackberry with a Payg three sim happily still roaming on orange so I must be in one of the areas u allow it. SY2[removed by Mod] is my postcode. Please do let me know as im coming up to end of my current contract.

  307. Robert Philpot

    The signal in my area has recently slightly improved (RH17 removed by mod, I use the transmitter in Lindfield) but service is to be honest dreadful which is not surprising as this site is 3 miles away on the other side of a hill. I use Three as a back up broadband service and have installed an external aerial. Incidentally I used to get best signal using vertical polarisation but have now found that slant is better – most odd. Is there anywhere on line that I can check to see if any new sites are planned nearer to me as we live in an area that is effectively unserved by Three despite living just 8 miles from Gatwick airport! I know we are in the country but to the north of us is a great big service void which needs filling. Remember there may be few houses near us but the Bluebell Railway has a quarter million visitors a year and they can’t use their phones at present!

  308. Stephen

    Many thanks Mod’s and Johanna; you’ve cleared up a few points nicely. It was fortunate that I belatedly tested my “3” iPad SIMM in “3” HSPA and HSPA+ dongles, ..with successful outcomes. The snail-pace of my iPad was seriously affecting “3”s reputation for MBB speeds and your sales teams/shops should be aware of that. Because in the main I pick-up good “3” signals I’ll be back to “3” for all voice and BB services via a OnePlan. After a trial I may say goodbye to my O2 home Landline+BB – that’s living dangerously! The future has arrive at last.

  309. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – Sorry to hear that Luke, that may be due to the building you’re in. Coverage checker is being updated this year to reflect more detail.

  310. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stephen – It will say H+ on the top corner of your SII if you’re connected to HSPA+. You can use MBB SIMs across different MBB devices, so iPads and MiFis are all ok, but voice SIMs must stay in phones.

  311. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jon Jarrett – Right… let me try and answer your questions: First of all we only use 2G fall back in a few areas, we are a 3G network, so there are no guarentees that your phone will roam. The type of building and the landscape can effect signal, which looks to be the case as you should have good coverage in the SK postcode. We have no plans to reinstate 2G and there is no maintenance planned for this area. We are however always investing in our network, so although there are no plans at the mo, we may well upgrade masts at a later date and keep an eye on the spectrum auction for improved indoor signal. At the CB postcode you should have perfect 3G coverage, again no maintenance planned. HSPA+ is still being rolled out, so if you aren’t accessing it yet you may well be able to in the next couple of weeks. In the 3rd postcode there are no new masts planned but we also have no plans to switch off the 2G fallback. I hope this info is helpful.

  312. Luke Stevens

    You might want to get someone to update your maps for NR7 [removed by Mod] then. Not really indoor and outdoor coverage. More Outdoors and Window standing on a stool coverage,

  313. Stephen

    Thank you Sedge, it would be helpful if you can let me know how to verify HSPA+ signal reception on a Samsung Galaxy SII. By the way, I put my iPad1 sim into both HSPA and HSPA+ dongles and then into my laptop Win7 and was amazed at the speed of both compared with my disgracefully slow iPad. As expected the HSPA+ dongle was fastest. Is using an iPad sim (mobile BB data only contract) in a dongle allowed by “3”? The local “3”store informed me that it is prohibited by “3” to put PHONE contract sims into a dongle for mobile BB.

  314. Jon Jarrett

    Hi… could you possible answer a couple of questions to help me decide whether to stay with 3 or not?

    Most importantly, I’ve taken out a SIM only One Plan (30 day) contract, using it in my own Galaxy S2. Over Christmas, when staying with family at SK8 removed by mod) it wouldn’t roam onto 2g and there was very limited 3g indoor coverage, so my mobile was unusable most of the time. At my own home (CB2removed by Mod) 3g reception is better upstairs but 2g roaming doesn’t happen and my phone is not usable downstairs. Are you likely to reinstate 2g roaming in these areas or should I go back to Vodafone or T-mobile which I’ve used in these areas before without problems?

    Secondly, I have an iPad contract with you and a separate mobile broadband contract. Are there any plans to upgrade the CB2(removed by mod) area to HSPA as I’m using the latest MiFi and neither it nor my Galaxy S2 seems to have found a HSPA signal yet.

    Thirdly, at my family’s holiday home (LL22 removed by mod) roaming is allowed, there is no 3g coverage at all. Are you likely to have any 3g coverage there? Will roaming be allowed to continue there if not?

    Your help would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  315. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stephen – For sure, I’ll do that now. Just to let you know the SII is HSPA+ enabled, I’m just checking with the devices team to see if there’s a way to check it on your phone. It’s in the spec of the handset though if you do want further confirmation, you can find that here.

  316. Stephen

    Hello Moderator: Sedge, please can you delete my duplicate entries of yesterday 3rd, the oldest (bottom) two entries, and maybe give a reply to the question about ensuring connection to HSPA+ with a Galaxy SII. Thank you.

  317. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – We can’t confirm where our HSPA+ network has been rolled out I’m afraid. As soon as we can say more, we will.

  318. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Stevens – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and there’s currently no new masts or improvements coming to your area I’m afraid. As you know, you’re in the middle of three different masts and it looks as though you should receive indoor and outdoor coverage. Hopefully we’ll get to you soon 🙂

  319. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alex – We’re constantly growing and strengthening our 3G network so hopefully we’ll get to your area soon. As it stands, we do allow for occasional roaming onto Orange’s 2G network in places that we haven’t got to just yet. Could you send through your full postcode so I can check to see whether you’re in an area where you can roam, I’ll also check to see whether there’s any improvements coming to your area in the near future so you’ll be able to get the most out of our 3G network.

  320. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David Fyfe – Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a good Christmas. Currently the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Galaxy Nexus are the two HSPA+ enabled devices that we range.

  321. stew

    i mod I’ve bought a Samsung galaxy s2 which is hspa+ enabled do you have a rough idea of when the mast at W WF2 [Removed by mod] will be upgraded,I realise you can’t choice exact dates but how about which quarter, thanks

  322. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Terry Bloomfield – Great to see you’re getting brilliant speeds in Edinburgh. So I can look into your area could you please send through your full postcode, don’t worry – I won’t publish it.

  323. Terry Bloomfield

    Hi Guys, live in ML post code Scotland and receive 1- 2 meg down load, use mobile broadband in the house as we cannot get a land line. Wondered if my area is due to be upgraded. Have used my new Myfi in Edinbrugh and get 8 meg down load WOW. Thank you again 3 wonderfull service

  324. Dave Fyfe

    Happy new year to the Mods!!.

    I am due for an upgrade soon and I would like to know the which phones which are HSPA + enabled.

  325. alex

    Hi.. slightly off topic, but can anyone confirm that three can roam on orange? i have a payg three that is happily using three, but everything i’ve read says it shouldn’t be possible.

    im thinking of getting a three contract but three is proper flaky where i live. but if i can roam on orange then it’s not a problem.

  326. Luke Stevens

    Now its the new year are there any plans for any new masts or upgrades near NR7 [Removed by mod], which might improve coverage? The problem is with me is I have 3 Three masts all around me but I’m sort of in the middle. If I leave my area of about 25 houses (That have terrible coverage on 3 and T-Mobile(T-Mobile customers now roam onto Orange) The signal is fine. I just wish you hadn’t turned off the Orange fallback as there is an Orange mast right outside my house.

  327. Stephen

    Hello Phil Sheppard & Mod’s, I’m pleased to see “3”s transparency and clarity when talking about the release of new technology and its impact on consumers.

    “3”s OnePlan combined with an HSPA+ device now makes opting out of a home landline+broadband a money saving possibility for many and is likely to be the next Big Thing. By the way, landline suppliers, no doubt wary of homes going totally wireless, are now offering LL+BB for just £11.75 per month on retention deals!

    To achieve reasonable wireless BB speeds we need to know which handsets are HSPA+ enabled; after painful research it appears the Galaxy SII and Nexus are HSPA+ enabled. Today in a nearby “3” store my USB dongle UI clearly showed an HSPA+ connection (also at home) but the Galaxy SII when set-up as a wireless hub just showed “HSDPA” in one of the settings menus. Can you enlighten me as to how to be sure (via phone menus, settings, icons etc.) a Galaxy SII is picking up HSPA+ before I enter a two year contract with “3” and say goodbye to O2 and my landline? Thanks, and best wishes for 2012.

  328. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lloyd – just checked these postcodes and can confirm there is one new mast planned in sa10 7 due to go live within the next few weeks. Other than that, everything else seems to be working OK.

  329. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – We can confirm that we are investigating bringing femtocells to Three. At the moment we can’t commit to a timescale but our intention is to make it available for our customers in the future.

  330. Sam Albrow

    Threes major downfall since the turn off of Orange roaming about a year ago has got to be in building coverage. Are there any plans to offer picocell options or perhaps even put in some 900MHZ or 1800MHZ cell sites in busy locations with thick walls to help this so that voice and text works better. I realise this is a tough one for 3 as you only have 3g spectrum at 2.1 to play with.

    Credit where it’s due though I was working at Beach break live festival inWales, and board masters in newquay in the summer and signal very much improved with plenty of network capacity on MBB and for phones.

  331. Lloyd

    Any upgrades/maintenance at (removed)? Thanks 😀

  332. Luke Stevens

    Are there any actual plans to bring femtocells to 3 anytime soon?

  333. Luke Stevens

    Are Three working on Femtocells at all right now? It’s a shame really because I get great coverage on Three everywhere but at home lol

  334. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – I’ve had a look and there’s no planned maintenance in your postcode. All the nearby masts are in perfect working order and there’s strong 3G all around, but I can see the coverage isn’t quite as good where you are, which is potentially due to high buildings blocking signal, if city centre location. HSPA+ is still being rolled out, so if you’re using an enabled device this may improve signal.

  335. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rich – Wow you’ve done your research! I’m afraid I can’t confirm your points, but give us a shout after the 2nd and let us know how it’s going. If necessary we can arrange a call with our network team.

  336. John

    Still quite slow in Scotland’s capital city, my postcode EH[removed by Mod] – when are we getting the upgrade?

  337. Rich

    Thanks again Johanna. I wonder if part of the reason may be due to the transmitter power, which I notice is only18.4dBW compared to the Orange UMTS masts 28.4 dBW, and the o2 mast at 27 dBW? I see the 3 masts maximum licensed power is 35 dBW. Maybe it is also due to the nature of the 2.1Ghz frequency spectrum range? Hopefully the upgraded on the 2nd nearest mast may help a little anyway.

  338. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rich – Well I’ve had a look and can see that your nearest mast is indeed very close, all in perfect working order. The next nearest masts are both due upgrades early March, which may ease the strain on your nearest mast if it gets congested at peak times. We are always improving our network to increase capacity for new customers. Traffic is only managed on peer-to-peer sites during peak times, so this shouldn’t be affecting your service.

  339. Moderator: Johanna

    @rusden9 – haha! Just taken a peek for you and see you have a newly activated mast nearby and in March your closest mast is due an upgrade, which may well improve coverage at your home.

  340. Moderator: Johanna

    @rushden9 – Good spot! 🙂

  341. Rich

    Thanks Johanna! My home postcode is LA[removed by Mod] (please remove!). According to the sitefinder site the nearest 3 mast is only 0.2 miles away, as is my work address (in the other direction). my work address receives better speeds but still pretty disappointing. I realise other factors can come into play such as the landscape etc but if you can check that I’d appreciate it greatly! 🙂

  342. Moderator: Johanna

    @DML – I’ve had a look and I’m afraid I can’t see any planned maintenance/upgrades. But we are still rolling out HSPA+ at the mo and we don’t have access to info to let you know if it’s coming to your area. So, sorry I can’t be more helpful but we’re always investing in our network, so it’s likely to improve in the future.

  343. rushden9

    Hi again mods could you please check postcode hu[removed by Mod] (please remove) 😉 hehehe because I find that in the house signal is not too good.

  344. rushden9

    @mods you have left Karl Hobson’s post code posted on the comment on the 23 rd of december I know you car’nt see everything thats why I’m here hehehe :).

  345. DML

    I’m in the Highlands of Scotland at IV7 [removed by mod]. I am too far from exchange to get any broadband on landline and so I rely on three mobile. I have direct line of site to the nearest mast at about 4 miles away. I have the Three premium dongle and get 5 bars showing – although I currently only get up to 2.5 mb connection speeds.

    Please could you tell me if I can look forward to this improving any time soon?

  346. Moderator: Johanna

    @Oli – We’ll always be looking at ways in which we can improve our network, so yes expect it to get even better and we’ll try and keep you posted on developments here 🙂

  347. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rich – If you post a full postcode I can check the network for you and see if anything is preventing you from getting faster speeds.

  348. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – No it will only improve HSPA+ enabled devices.

  349. oli

    Does Three intend to go beyond 21Mbps HSPA+ (28/42/84Mbps etc.)?

  350. Rich

    Like Michael and Andy (comments down below) I have now been receiving HSPA+ through 3 (on my SGS2) for months now but I too am somewhat underwhelmed with the download speeds. According to this site: my nearest 3 mast is less than a mile from my home and work addresses yet the speeds I get are generally between around 0.8Mbps and 4Mbps and more often at the lower end. Whilst I realise real-world speeds aren’t likely to get near the theoretical 21Mbps I would hope for at least speeds of over 6 Mbps, and indeed if anything these speeds are slightly lower than what I was getting before it got ‘upgraded’ to HSPA+!
    Is there anything 3 could be doing to improve these speeds (IE: reduce throttling of speeds etc)?

  351. Abid

    I really do hope Three brings Femtocell tech to customers in 2012, my signal indoors at home is patchy at best and no signal at the worst of times. Having a femtocell station in the house would make all the difference!

    Great news to hear Three is testing this out and I hope a commercial roll out is not to far away!

  352. Luke Stevens

    Is it true that upgrading a mast to HSPA+ helps none HSPA+ devices as well?

  353. Moderator: Kaz

    @stew – Can’t give you any exact dates just yet, but it will be in the first couple of months of 2012.

  354. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – When HSPA+ rolls out on our network the iPhone 4S will go up to it’s max 14.4mb/s. We will keep everyone updated on this roll out.

  355. Moderator: Kaz

    @Karl Hobson – We are currently investigating bringing femtocell technology to Three and will update everyone with any news as soon as possible.

  356. stew

    Hi mod, thanks for answering the question about the coverage at (removed), you say the new mast is coming in the new year, do you a rough date/week when the work will commence?

  357. R Douglas-Jones

    Please explain how THE ONE PLAN will impact customers not living directly under a transmitter, I live 236 meters from a transmitter in a residential district no properties over 3 stories, massive student population adjoining my postcode NO SIGNAL IN OR OUTSIDE MY HOME since 2010,
    Been with “3” for 16 years now moving from Hong Kong 14 years ago. Mumbai call centre was a big mistake, not building more transmitters was another, best of luck with that one ! Must be some reason why “3” is the only service provider doing unlimited internet plans, what do the other companies know that the majority of”3″ mobile phone users are about to find out !! Could it be you can only push out a limited amount of data from a transmitter at any given time, or that someone streaming video to a handset is equivalent to everyone in Newcastle sending a text message at the same time on the same transmitter, yes I could not believe it and that’s only 1 person streaming video.

  358. Luke Stevens

    Even though the iPhone 4S is not HSPA+ can it still go upto the max 14.4mb/s on your network?

  359. John M

    I don’t think 3 should be in any run to jump to LTE. The current 3 network is great for mobile phones, and I don’t see how for the majority of mobile users the cost of implementation can be justified.

  360. Jame

    @Kaz or Johanna

    Thanks for explaining this, it appears HSPA+ starts at 14.4Mbps (According to Qualcomm) but this isn’t the 64QAM modulation that allows higher bit-rate’s (21Mbps)

    This is the Desire HD’s chipset. HSPA+: DL 14.4 Mbps / UL 5.76 Mbps (Referenced from

    I’m assuming it’s able to pickup that a mast is HSPA+ somehow even though it doesn’t use it at 21Mbps in the area’s its deployed. I’ve also noticed the HSPA+ area’s have a weird delay in the Android App. For the Ping Test the phone sits in 3G, then switches to + for the actually down/up tests.

    Anyway I appreciate the explanation of this, really proves you guys know your stuff and goes to further prove you don’t mis-advertise (The US call anything faster than 7.2Mbps 4G lol – 4G is LTE Evolution at over 100Mbps real world throughput, please do not confuse this with normal LTE which is still a 3.9G Transition Technology)

  361. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. Oops, my postcode is (removed), if you get this before you go then let me know either way, otherwise I’ll ring 333 to find out.

  362. Karl Hobson

    Hello 3 Moderators, and a Merry Christmas to one and all, I believe this question may have been posted before but i noticed a thread that mentioned a possible merger with Vodaphone….cut the chase…I would be very interested in the purchase of a femtocell and wondered if 3 had any intentions of going down this route as it was rumored to be the next big thing in mobile phone technology freeing up your bandwidth and back haul data, and giving me a full signal around my home. My post code is WF4 [removed by Mod] and i get decent coverage at the back of the house, and poor at the front…all in all i am very pleased with the service i receive from 3 mobile, but very interested in the future technology of mobile network and the next generation of phones and network upgrades. Also i wonder which company installs and maintains your masts it would be interesting to see there job vacancies.

  363. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ibrahim Gucukoglu – Sorry we don’t store postcodes here, so if you post it we’ll take a look for you… We’re going to be off for a couple of days, back in on the 28th but you can call 333 in the meantime. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  364. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – Looking at our tool, I would say 3 but this figure could be impacted by tall buildings and other obstacles. I can tell you that a nearby mast is having some work done next week – finished Jan 4.

  365. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. Firstly, I’d like to wish you and all at Three a very merry Christmas, I should have done so in my first comment but I wanted to raise the issue at hand. Unfortunately I’m still not getting very good coverage on either my IPhone 4S or Nokia E5 despite the new mast you now say is live in my area. On your coverage checker, could you confirm that I should be getting better coverage? I’m currently getting 1-2 bars in the house and about 3 in the back garden. My home is of modern construction with plasterboard walls and a timber frame so I doubt whether there is an issue with the signal getting through my property.

  366. Luke Stevens

    Out of interest then…How many masts am I likely to get any coverage from at NR7 [removed by Mod]?

  367. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Marc – I’ve taken a look at your postcode, you’re in an area with good outdoor coverage and some indoor coverage. Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no plans for your area. We’re always working on ways to strengthen and grow our network so hopefully we’ll get to you soon.

  368. Sunjay Bhogal

    @adam hughes The Three and Vodafone merger happened in Australia, I presume you think it going to happen here in the UK. You never know !!

  369. Marc

    Any idea if there are any improvements due in the CF41 [Removed by mod] area?
    I have noticed quite an improvement on my travels elsewhere, but coverage in this area is still pretty poor (barely get 3G outside, and can just about get 1 bar of 3G indoors if I am by a window, otherwise it falls to 2G).

  370. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – At the moment it’s just the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Galaxy Nexus.

  371. stew

    Thanks for the reply. Which mobiles are hsdpa + enabled ?

  372. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – The HTC Sensation XE isn’t HSPA+ enabled.

  373. Moderator: Sedge

    Luke Stevens – I’ve taken a look at your area, you appear to have indoor and outdoor coverage. As it stands, there’s no improvements scheduled for your area. We’re constantly strengthening and growing our network so hopefully we’ll work on your area in the new year.

  374. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – Sorry, we must have missed your comment from a couple of days ago – I’ll try and find it now. As for your postcode, there’s a new mast coming to your area in the new year so you should see an improvement in coverage then 🙂

  375. stew

    Hi can a mod tell me if the HTC Sensation XE supports HSDPA+ as i have the opportunity to buy one today but I need to know before i buy, hope you can provide a speedy answer

  376. Luke Stevens

    Any new masts going up near NR7 [Removed by mod]? Coverage is awful all around that area

  377. stew

    Hi can someone tell me if 3 plan to fix the mast here. WF7 [Removed by mod], Coverage has been awful for the last 3 years.
    Also can someone publish my comment from a couple of days ago, thanks

  378. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ibrahim Gucukoglu – Just checked your area and that is correct, there is a mast that recently went live and another to go live early next year.

  379. Moderator: Kaz

    @Keith Newton – Really sorry that you’ve experienced issues with roaming. Regarding your charges I would have to ask one of our colleagues in customer services to call you discuss this in more detail. Please let me know. Also, if you ever want a quicker reply you can always ask a question on our Three Facebook page, or we have a dedicated support twitter team using @threeuksupport

  380. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mods. Just checking on the mast improvement program you told me about in another thread of this blog, and just wanted to see whether there has been any improvement to my area’s coverage, postcode (removed). If memory serves me correctly, you told me that a new mast would be going live on the 20th of this month, followed by another on the 18th of January. Could you update me on this?

  381. Keith Newton

    Hi Three,

    Before worrying about 4G networks, can we get some the good old fashioned basics sorted out. Like the fact that on your website it says their is a 10 day window that your aiming to reply to help emails, what use is that? I’m roaming on holiday in New Zealand visiting family and on my 3rd day here I lost the ability to send text messages. They are now being rejected by the network for some reason. If I am to call three customer services for help I’ll have to pay through the nose for the privilege, surely you should be able to offer short codes to call 333 from abroad like other networks do? The 10 day email turn around option is just as unappealing. This is the second trip in a row away from the UK in the last few months when something about your roaming has failed for me. In addition according to the my account page I’ve incurred a bill of £6.46 for 1.075 Mb of roaming data which is just a tad higher than your advertised roaming rate in New Zealand of £1.28 / MB. So please, can we get the basics working before you worry about the wonders of 4G?

    Kind regards, Keith

  382. Andy

    Here we go again, 3 promoting something it can’t or won’t actually provide. My Galaxy S II does indeed support HSPA+, however rather than being at the “up to 21Mbps” that 3 keeps on about, it is more like at speeds that would embarrass a dial-up modem. Email me and I can send you the Speedtest reports. “Give me your post code I will check the mast in your area” It is a a mobile device, which one of 20 different post codes do you want? “Maybe there is is a fault with your device”. Maybe. But have you ever actually had to deal with the incomprehensible incompetents on the other end of a support call to 3?

  383. Michael

    I’ve been a little underwhelmed by HSPA+ so far. My MiFi’s dashboard (3.home) shows the network type as HSPA+, though the MiFi’s display still only shows an ‘H’ (I’m going by the dashboard as to whether I’ve been using HSPA+). I’ve only managed to get speeds of 8-10 Mbps a few times when in fairly close proximity to a mast. Otherwise, I have only had similar speeds as with my iPhone 4, which have been around 6 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. Latency with my MiFi does seem lower, but only by 10ms or so. It would be nice to get slightly nearer to the theoretical HSPA+ speed than what I have got so far, I might be more inclined to top up my account then!

  384. Moderator: Johanna

    @Brian – Dropping you an email now, so we can get some more info from you an try and resolve this.

  385. Brian

    im currently abroad and phoned your customer services helpline yesterday to enable roaming, set a cap and turn on my blackberry internet services. On my 3 account this has come through but i am still unable to connect to a network and therfore recieve any texts which would allow me to activate my bbm. I am extremely upset as i have found your call centres very unhelpful and downright cheeky towards me. They insisted i set a cap of 0 or the maximum, telling me i could change it at a later date. After calling today i was told i now cant change it therfore cant connect to a network abroad. This advice completely contradicted what i had been advised previously. I still cant connect to a network here which is majorly limiting the contact i have with the Uk. Hoping for some useful advice,

  386. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jame – I think there may be some confusion arising from certain US operators using HS+ to describe 14.4M. As far as standards are concerned, HS+ begins at 21M, and this is the nomenclature 3UK (and most of the rest of the world) use. The Qualcomm 8255 doesn’t support HS+, and hence neither does the Desire HD. A custom ROM won’t make any difference to support – the chipset physically isn’t capable of decoding 64QAM modulation. A custom ROM could easily add a “+” to the display though – especially if it originated in the US. It’s quite possible to get the same speeds out of 21M (HS+) and 14.4M (standard HS) capable devices: You only get the full benefit of HS+ speed in good radio conditions, so depending where you are, and how many other 3 subscribers are active near you, the maximum possible might be 14.4M.

  387. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alan Tomkinson – That does sound a little bit odd… But I’m afraid we haven’t come across it before and it doesn’t sound like a fault with the mast. I’m afraid the advice is to do a factory reset.

  388. Jame

    @Kaz I’m very confused then, as my dongle reports HSPA+ in 3Connect and gets the same speeds as the Desire HD which also shows a + icon. It is running a newer Radio ROM, could this be why? (Along with a Sense 3.5 ROM, Overclocked CPU @ 1.5Ghz, GPU Tweaks, and all the other great stuff you can get over at XDA-Developers)

    As for the support being in the phone, you only need to look at the Inspire 4G. It is the exact same phone basically yet HTC state its HSPA+ support. Both phones have the same Chipset inside, and Qualcomm confirm this chipset was the first to support HSPA+ @ 21Mbps

    The chipset used that handles the Radio is the Qualcomm MSM8255 (Specifications confirm HSPA+ at )

    I’d appreciate any comments you can make on this, and if you can get ahold of a Desire HD please try out a new custom ROM on it in a HSPA+ area so you can see for yourself that this happens. I’m very confused about all of this, did HTC disable HSPA+ on purpose? Why does a custom ROM unlock it?

  389. Alan Tomkinson

    Both our phones indicate the correct location for weather when in other areas. I have just discovered that even when in parts of the Looe area they are both correct. It seems the problem is occuring in just my home part of the area. Therefore, it seems unlikely that a factory reset will make any difference since the glitch happened on both phones at the same time after your planned maintenance. Could there be a fault on one of the antennas at your base station?

  390. Moderator: Kaz

    @Matt – I have just sent you an email requesting some account details so we can arrange a call.

  391. Moderator: Kaz

    @Harrowing – Thanks for supplying your postcode, I’ve just checked for any issues in your area with the local masts and can’t see any reported faults. All are working fine. I’m unsure how to progress now, can only suggest it could be an issue with your phone.

  392. Matt

    @Sedge. Thanks and yes please. I find it difficult to believe there are no timescales set ?

  393. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jame – I would just like to confirm that your HTC Desire HD does not support HSPA+ You can click here to HTC’s website for confirmation.

  394. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jonny_MK – Just to confirm iPhone4s is not a HSPA+ handset and does not support any HSPA+ features. The features you have listed “always on, better battery life, lower latency” can be achieved without HSPS+.

  395. Harrowing

    PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH, as requested (removed)

  396. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Jonny_MK – The iPhone 4S doesn’t support HSPA+, it has a theoretical speed of up to 14.4Mbps whereas other HSPA+ devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SII have a theoretical speed of 21.1Mbps. The masts that have currently been rolled out with HSPA+ do, but the roll out is still under way so our network currently doesn’t 100% support HSPA+ technologies – we aim to have completed the roll out in the early stages of 2012.

  397. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Barry and Davie P – The iPhone 4S isn’t HSPA+ enabled, it has a theoretical speed of 14.4Mbps whereas HSPA+ enabled devices have a theoretical speed of 21.1Mbps.

  398. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Paul – I’ve taken a look at your area, you’re in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage. Currently there’s no plans for improvement in your area but we’re always working on growing and strengthening our network so hopefully we’ll get to you soon.

  399. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Emma Hamilton – I’ve dropped you an email.

  400. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tomas – I’m sorry, I’m not fully sure what you’re asking here.

  401. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Raymond – The works still being carried out I’m afraid. I can’t confirm the timings here but if you’d like to know more details 333 will be able to help, or you can tweet @ThreeUKSupport.

  402. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – I’ve taken a look at your postcode, two of your local masts are being under going service improvements. We’ve not taken down either mast, once the work is complete your signal should improve again. Unfortunately I cannot confirm timings here but if you wish, I’d be able to make a call for you to discuss the coverage in your area.

  403. Moderator: Sedge

    @ James – I’ve taken a look at your postcode, there’s work going on in your area at the moment which is why you may be experiencing slower speeds than usual. Once this works complete you should start to see an improvement 🙂

  404. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ian – You’re in an area that should have outdoor 3G coverage, I understand this isn’t the best experience. We’re constantly trying to strengthen and grow out network so hopefully we’ll get to that area soon.

  405. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alan Tomkinson – Could you try a factory reset on your phone and let me know if that changes it back to Looe?

  406. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Adam Hughes – That’s news to us 😉 We don’t have any plans to merge with Vodafone.

  407. Moderator: Sedge

    @ LLoyd – It won’t be fully rolled out until the early parts of 2012, we can’t confirm the date just yet I’m afraid. We’ll let you know more when we can 🙂

  408. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alex – You’ll need to get your brother, the original owner of the HTC Wildfire to call +44 7782 333 333 (that’s our abroad number!), he’ll be able to get the phone unlocked for you for £15. Alternatively, you can tweet @ThreeUKSupport – they’ll also be able to help you.

  409. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Harrowing – Could you send through your full postcode so we can look into the issue that you’re experiencing with your local mast.

  410. Matt


    I normally get a full 5 bars of signal on my phone at home postcode area (FY3 [Removed by mod]), but since last week the signal is practically non existant. On calling 3CS I was told it was maintanence work up to Sat 17th. Sunday/today came with no improvement. 3CS now say wait another 72 hrs and someone from network support will call within 7 (?) days. Could you check to see what is happening on your system please ? Is this simply maintaince work and when is it due to complete or have you taken down my local mast…note I noticed one of two masts (one is a 3 mast, one is a vodafone mast) but cant work out which mast has been removed. If its the latter, Im concerned as in a contract which I cannot now used. Note my decision to go with 3 was based upon receiving a good signal which I tested prior to signing my 12mth Sim only deal.


  411. adam hughes

    i heard a rumour that three and vodaphone were going to join networks lik orange n t mob ??? Is this true please email back wiv answer please

  412. Jonny_MK

    The iPhone 4S does not support the 64QAM modulation feature on HSPA+ and therefore can not attain data rates of 21.1Mbps. However, people are saying it is still a HSPA+ handset and benefits from other great features of HSPA+ (true always-on connection, better handset battery life AND lower latency). Are you able to confirm ?

    Also, do your regular HSDPA masts support the 14Mbps data rate? I ask because I can only seem to achieve data rates near 7.2Mbps which *could* suggest only 10, and not 15, multiplexed codes are supported.

  413. Raymond

    Hello, is my postcode been upgraded yet or is there a timeline? ML10 [Removed by mod] thanks.

  414. Alan Tomkinson

    A few days ago you carried out planned maintenance in my area (Looe, Cornwall). When in the area, before the maintenance, the weather on my HTC Sensation and my wife’s HTC Desire S was for Looe. Afterwards it only shows for the United Kingdom which is inacurate. Why the change and what can I do to correct this?

  415. Tomáš

    I ask to send the network code (NCK Code) for you purchased GSM phone Samsung S5570 Galaxy.
    Reason for application: Phone will be used in another state in European Union.
    Phone Imei: 358048/04/027341/6

    Thank you for the positive settlement of my application

  416. Lloyd

    How long until HSPA+ is fully rolled out? When will we know when it has been fully rolled out?

  417. Jame

    didn’t have HSPA+ last time I was outside) Got 13Mbps a mile away from Three HQ though and phone clearly showed + instead of normal H (I’m running Stock HTC ROM, not the Three Customized Desire HD ROM in case that makes a difference? I.e. Radio ROM)

  418. Jame

    @Kaz, My HTC Desire HD calls you a liar in regards to HSPA+, it was the first HTC phone to support HSPA+ (The Second Gen Qualcom Snapdragon Chipset)

    I am shocked despite me telling you (In the past) and Google telling you that it suppors HSPA+ that you would continue to say it does not.

    Anyway, I can meet you outside Three HQ and show you HSPA+ on my Desire HD next week if you still refuse to believe the FACT (Although Three HQ

  419. Ian

    While I welcome these improvements, it would be nice if the black spot at EX31 [Removed by Mod] could be addressed (no 3G, no 2G, and it’s in the middle of town!). Also, I noticed today the town of Croyde has no 3G reception at all, which seems strange. Thanks!

  420. KG

    Sounds great! I’m on the One Plan and my data speeds have really improved recently.

    I am thinking of upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S2 – which I understand will work on HSPA+, but will it also work with the LTE or LTE Advanced? Cos if I’m on a 2 year contract and half way through LTE comes in but I couldn’t access it I’d be a bit miffed!


  421. James

    Why am I getting speeds of between 1-3 meg on HSPA+? Both my iPhone 4s and my three “premium” dongle are only getting this speed despite the connection saying “HSPA+”

    My postcode is CF32 [Removed by mod] can you check what the problem is please? I’d expect around 10meg down on HSPA+ with these devices, although the speeds quoted on the Three website for the dongle are:
    Upload Speed: 5.76 Mbps
    Download Speed: 21 Mbps

  422. alex

    please help, in the beginning of the year Brother worked for you in the country and bought in 3store ,HTC Wildfire, I live in Ukraine , recently returned home and brought this phone,but it does not work with our sim cards, (UNLOCK) kit is complete there is a check on the purchase, and the declaration of import in Ukraine, today tried to contact but not found a mail where to write with your problem, Then contact our support centre on 0844 338 weighing 4 Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm.
    Outside of these hours, please call 333 for support. very expensive in Ukraine Help make Network Unlock Procedure, I can send a photo of the receipt for the purchase and the entire set of phone HTC Wildfire help unlock or tell me what to do
    vat number 01865 [Removed by mod]
    icc-id: [Removed by Mod]
    imei; [Removed by Mod]
    if there is an opportunity to help then please write me [Removed by Mod]
    Please forgive me for my poor translation writing with the assistance of an interpreter
    Thank you in advance for any help

  423. Dan C

    I am getting 11mb/s download and 4mb/s upload on my MiFi using HSPA+. I am really excited to see LTE on Three considering i use loads of data. I was the person who did the AYCE Test and used 46GB in 2 weeks for the Three Blog so would love to see what LTE can offer!.

    Well done Three, already the biggest HSPA+ network with crazy speeds and with 800/2600Mhz for LTE giving better coverage and quicker speeds I CANT WAIT!

  424. Emma Hamilton

    Would you tell me ,how I write a blog for this site.I’m a freelancer writer.This is my own mail ID :[Removed by mod]

  425. Paul

    I too think you need to sort out the many black spots you have in coverage. Inn my postcode, B30 [Removed by mod], I get5 bars at the top of the road and just 1 bar at my house. The distance of a3minute averagewalking speed away.

  426. daz

    Here’s a video on some of the 4G tests going on in Cornwall, can’t wait 🙂

  427. Harrowing

    The second closest mast to me has HSPA+ but the one closest to me does not have it. I know this because occasionally the nearest mast goes down for 5-10 mins (Can you please e-mail me regarding this) and I connect to the second nearest with Poor Signal Strength.

    Amazingly connected to the mast that’s 2-3? miles away with Poor Strength results in faster speeds and better pings than the mast closest to me.

  428. Barry

    Is the iPhone 4S HSPA+ capable. I’m consistently getting speeds of around 8mb

  429. Davie P

    Iphone 4S is HSDPA+ enabled too?

  430. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andrew Crosher – When it’s fully rolled out on our network we’ll be able to let you know more details.

  431. Andrew Crosher

    Any way to check HSPA+ roll out at postcode level? Think i have experienced oouple of times bit cant be sure…

  432. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jonny_MK – Just checked your postcode and can’t see any updates in your area at the moment, however we are constantly upgrading and expending our network so hopefully there will some upgrades in your area soon.

  433. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ross – Yes you’re correct, the Galaxy Nexus is HSPA+ enabled.

  434. Moderator: Kaz

    @Richard – When it’s fully rolled out on our network we’ll be able to let you know more details.

  435. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave C – I’m afraid the HTC Desire HD does not have hspa+ capabilities and you will need to upgrade. Sorry.

  436. Jonny_MK

    I think it would be more valuable if three were focus there efforts in filling black spots in the network, such as (removed), before making the network faster. This is all marketing.

  437. Ross

    The Galaxy Nexus uses HSPA+ too am I correct?

  438. Lee Jarratt

    Excellent! Now you need to stop cutting me off so soon! Apparently Vodaphone will be getting 4G soon so I think I’ll be switching to them when I’m out of Three’s clutches! After all the personal recommendations I gave to my friends and family about your network too and you still treat a genuine customer like crap. Thanks!

  439. Dave C

    I am using a desire HD and it’s noted as having hspa + capability. When the roll out is complete will I, as an existing customer, be able to use the faster speeds available or is it only for those who upgrade?

  440. Sunjay Bhogal

    I notice that my work location in London SE1 has been upgrade to HSPA+ during the last few weeks and I am now getting average speed of 7 mb which I think is excellent during the day. Just waiting for the upgrade to take place at my home in Croydon.

  441. Gary Moncrieff

    Guys please cover Co. Fermanagh soon with 3G

  442. Richard

    Have you got any information on where you’ve already upgraded to support HSPA+ or a rollout plan to see when I’ll get it? I’ve just got a HSPA+ MiFi!

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