Introducing the Euro Internet Pass.

Going on your holidays any time soon? Worried that you might need to keep your phone switched off to avoid running up a big data bill? Well, worry no more. From today, just in time for summer, all our Pay Monthly Phone customers will be able to enjoy the best of the internet on their smartphones while in the EU, without the fear of running up a massive bill.

Introducing our brand new Euro Internet Pass, designed to let you browse, tweet, update and upload for just a fiver a day. No more hunting for internet cafés, no more searching for WiFi hotspots. The Euro Internet Pass gives you the benefits of the internet, without any of the hassle.

We’ve made the pass really simple to get. Before you go, check that international roaming is activated on your account with us. When you arrive at your holiday destination, we’ll text you a link that takes you directly to a mobile page for the Euro Internet Pass.

Then all you need to do is check the settings on your phone and switch data roaming to ‘on’, turn off your push notifications (they’re the alerts that tell you things like when you’ve got an email, when it’s your turn in a game or when someone’s tagged a pic of you) so that you’re not using data before the pass is activated, and click the link in the text. Just follow the instructions, and you’re away. Internet on your phone until midnight that day (UK time).

You can also check in advance that your holiday destination is definitely covered here.

As always we’re keen to get your feedback, so please share any comments, questions or thoughts below and happy holidays!


486 Responses to Introducing the Euro Internet Pass.
  1. Riche

    Valuable info. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance,
    and I aam surprised why this accident did not took place earlier!

    I bookmarked it.

  2. Moderator: Susan

    @Sumit – Hi there, thanks for posting. We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t able to use the Euro Internet Pass before it expired. We understand this isn’t ideal and we’d like to help. Please chat to us here and we’ll have a look at what we can do for you 🙂 >Suzi

  3. Sumit

    Hi there, i bought three Europass before leaving the UK. I bought it around 2302 hours yesterday. It expired before i could use it.

    Can i get a refund please?

  4. Moderator: Danielle

    @Carl – Sorry to hear you’ve got an add on for a Euro Internet pass on your account. Our Euro Internet Passes only cost £5 per day, so we’d like to look into this to see what has gone on. Can you join us here so we can do this. >Danielle

  5. Carl

    Hi, could you tell me why I have a euro internet pass add on enabled? I haven’t asked for one nor have I gone looking for one yet it’s added and extra £16 onto my bill as an extra!!

  6. Moderator: Claire

    @David – Hi, you can use this link – There’s more info here. Thanks.

  7. David

    Why oh why can’t you provide a simple click through link in this article or elsewhere on this website to buy the europass in advance. You say it’s possible – tell me how?

  8. Moderator: Danielle

    @Donna – Hi Donna, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your data speed when in a non Feel At Home destination. We can understand how frustrating this would be for you especially when you spent some time on the phone to try and get this sorted. I’m afraid we’re unable to guarantee the service abroad as it’s another network that you’re connected to however we try our best to ensure that customers do get the best service possible when roaming.
    If you’d like to log a complaint about this, please chat with us here so we can do this. >Danielle

  9. Donna

    Waste of money. Feel at home is brilliant, but as soon as I cross into a country that requires a euro pass my internet slows to unusable speeds. Cant load a webpage and google maps etc. are unable to connect to Internet. This has happened multiple times on multiple holidays. Spent ages on the phone the Three whilst in Germany getting it sorted this time (God knows how much that cost), browsing worked for about half and hour then back to square one.
    Don’t waste your money.

  10. Moderator: Susan

    @Jessica Wang Hi there, if you’ve bought a Euro Internet Pass before realising you were in a Feel At Home country, we may refund this as a one off 🙂 So we can take a look at it for you while you’re abroad, please call us on +447782 333 330, or chat to us here: and we’ll be happy to have a look at your account.

  11. Jessica wang

    I bought the euro pass without realising I was in a feel at home destination is there anyways I can cancel or refund this transaction?

  12. Moderator: Danielle

    @GJ – Yeah, you should be able to turn these back on as they’ll use the data on your phone to know when to push the notification. Just remember that you’ll need to turn your data off before your pass runs out at midnight UK time. >Danielle

  13. GJ

    Can I confirm that once you’ve bought a pass it’s then OK to reactivate push notifications? Are push notifications included in the £5 fee?It’s not clear on the site.

  14. Moderator: Claire

    @Steve – Hi, sorry the Europass link hasn’t worked. Can you try this link from your mobile? Thanks.

  15. Steve

    I’m travelling in the Netherlands. Three messaged me the link to buy a Europass, which I’ve used successfully before (easy!). But when I clicked on it this time, I got a page telling me to buy the Three App. Seemed like I had no way past it, so I got the app, figuring that it might facilitate buying the Europass — though using up expensive data! But I still can’t see how to buy the EP in the app; nor can I find a way to get past the app whenever I click the link in the message. Flummoxed in Groningen.

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Alisa – Hi, you can buy a Europass if you’re using a contract account but not a pay as you go SIM. You can check pay as you go charges here.

  17. Ailsa

    I am in Germany, trying to use the Europass but it just keeps saying it’s cant do it and to try again later, I have enough credit so should be able to! Any tips? Cheers

  18. Doug

    Sorry, posted this on the Feel at Home blog first in error…

    I used the Euro Internet Pass whilst in Germany, all good. However you need to update your website. The partner in Germany is listed as T Mobile, but T Mobile in Germany is now known as Deutsche Telecom and it may be confusing for people wondering who to connect to.

  19. Moderator: Rory

    @Zascha – Hi Zascha, I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling to find out more information on the Euro Internet Pass. When you purchase the pass, the cost is added to your next bill. You can see more information on how to add a pass to your account, on our website. >Rory

  20. Zascha


    How do you pay for this pass? Do you take the £5 from the debit/credit card connected to the account or do you add the £5 to the next phone bill? Can’t find any info anywhere!

  21. Moderator: Claire

    @Rebecca – Hi, can you confirm the error page when trying to buy the europass? It is possible your daughter has reached her credit limit and we can check if you fill in our support form here. Thanks.

  22. Rebecca

    Hi we’re in Cyprus and my daughter has used a euro pass successfully for 6 day – today It won’t let her buy one

    Could you please advise what I need to do to enable her Internet for this last day of our holiday and save me from the teen with no internet blues !!!

    Thank you

  23. Moderator: Claire

    @Keith – Hi, we will be able to check this if you fill in our support form here. Thanks.

  24. Keith


    Landed in Portugal yesterday. Tried to purchase a Europass and got stuck on a load screen with no Internet connection for the day.
    Got a message today (the next day) saying my Europass runs out…??

    How can I claim back the money I will be charged for not receiving any service?

  25. Moderator: Rory

    @Liz – I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having since arriving in Portugal, I know how frustrating this must be for you. For security reasons I can’t access your account, however if you can fill our support form, we’ll be able to discuss your account over email. When you complete the form, please select “using a device or service abroad” option to ensure that your form gets to us as quickly as possible. Thanks

  26. Liz

    Landed in Portugal yesterday paid for a euro pass – got nothing, no signal, no Internet, no calls, no Google maps- which was the whole point, changed all settings on my z3 no luck, pretty disappointed – as my account has been charged but no service please help before I spend whole week getting lost like I did yesterday!

  27. Steff E

    @Liz K – Hi Liz, I hope you have a good time in Amsterdam 🙂 As long as you’re connected to the internet then you should be able to use Facetime and iMessage. For more info on our Euro Internet Pass service and how to buy it check out these pages &

  28. Liz K

    Hi, I am traveling to Amsterdam and thinking about purchasing the Euro Pass, can you confirm I will be able to use Facetime and iMessage using the Euro Pass?? thanks

  29. Moderator: Claire

    @Christian Lewis – Hi, the data speeds can depend on the strength of the foreign network you are using. We can look into this further for you if you fill in this form. Thanks.

  30. Christian Lewis

    I am currently in Portugal and have used the EU Internet pass a few times now, but have been very disappointed with the speed of the connection. my signal states I have 3G signal but simple things like email and iMessages take forever to send and receive if it works at all. Is this service heavily throttled?? are there any setting I should change to allow it to work as expected (like being at home??) I’m using an iPhone 6 plus.

    Cheers, Christian

  31. Moderator: Allan

    @Tim – Hi there Tim, have you had any luck since this error message this morning? I’m hoping this was just a temporary fault. Thanks

  32. Tim

    In Germany and unable to get a Europass this morning (been working fine since arriving here 2 days ago). Message says ‘unable to complete your transaction’. It’s a Pay Monthly contract.

  33. Steff E

    @Damo – Hi Damo, yes you are correct. If you turn off push notifications you will avoid data charges before the pass is activated. Once it is activated you can turn it back on again if you wish but remember the pass will last until midnight UK time. You can view more information about the Euro Internet Pass here As long as you are on a contract, no matter what the minimum term is, you will be able to use the Euro Internet Pass 🙂 You’ll need to make sure that it’s available in the country you are visiting. Please check this page to make sure it is Thanks

  34. Damo

    Is the advice to turn off Push Notifications solely to avoid charges before the Euro Pass is purchased? I presume I can turn them back on again once the transaction is complete.
    Also, is the pass available to me as I believe I’m on a rolling monthly contract?

  35. Moderator: Madeline

    I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing signal issues @Maryam Can you send me the postcode of the affected area? Also, can you try pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the home key at the same time for at least 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears. During this time a red “power off” slider may appear and the screen may go black. Do not release the keys you are holding down until the Apple logo appears. Thanks

  36. Maryam


    I have been having issues with my signal. In my flat there is no service , unless i put my iphone near the window. Can you please help me?!


  37. Moderator: Claire

    @Robert – Hi, we are adding Spain to Feel at Home tomorrow which means you can call or text each other in Spain using your normal UK credit 🙂 We advise to top up before going and convert this to either £10 or £15 addon to get minutes and texts included, there is more information here. Any calls between yourself and your wife will come off the normal allowance as will any calls back to the UK. Enjoy!

  38. robert

    my wife and I have PAY-Go and are going to Spain soon and as I am disabled and use my phone to contact her if I need her. As we have free calls from 3 to 3 will this still be the same there, or do we have to pay extra for this service. If we need to phone out side Spain we use the hotel Phone as it is cheaper. We only send text and speak to each other but not the internet. So are my freebies still in use for us…Thanks for your info.

  39. Steff E

    @bear grulls knife – Hi there, we’re glad we could help 🙂 Let us know if you have any queries or comments!

  40. bear grylls knife

    I am in fact grateful to the owner of this site who has shared this wonderfuul article aat att this place.

  41. Moderator: Chris

    @Rachel – Hey Rachel, sorry but our Euro Internet Pass isn’t available in Turkey at the moment “/ You can find out where you can use this over here – At the minute, standard roaming rates apply in Turkey which you can view over here – Hope this helps.

  42. Rachel

    I’m just wondering will I be able to use IMESSAGE when I’m aboard in Turkey for no extra cost if I apply for the EuroPass. I got it last year when I went to Turkey and it was great, however I had a Samsung so I didn’t have to worry about IMESSAGE. Thanks!

  43. Steff E

    @Stan – I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t get the EuroPass. We can look into this to find out why it didn’t work for you if you fill in our support form Thanks.

  44. Stan

    Hi. Thanks for just deleting my post because it critisised three. You lot are really unbelievable!

  45. stan

    Europass is a nightmare. Just got back from Madrid, Iphone 5 couldn’t find the server most of the time when out and about. Worked fine on the hotel wifi. Tried calling three and got an indian call centre who said I WILL be charged for this call. Don’t bother it’s rubbish!

  46. Moderator: Claire

    @Nick – Hi, can you restart the phone and try again? Let us know how you get on. We were aware of some of our customer’s not being able to buy the Europass earlier today and now this should work. Thanks.

  47. Nick

    is there anyone else that is having issues with trying to purchase a europass last few days have been fine then this morning all i keep getting is unable to buy no cap on my account ect ect and when used before no issue but this morning issues have come up and friends are all having the same issue???

  48. Moderator: Lauren

    @Brad – yes you can buy the Euro Pass. It means if you have a pay monthly sim that can be used in a phone, rather than a pay monthly sim that’s to be used in a dongle. Sorry for any confusion! Enjoy your trip 🙂

  49. Brad Hughes

    I’m off to Germany for a few days. On your help video it says the Euopass is available to pay monthly PHONE users. I am a pay monthly SIM ONLY user (not phone user), on the one plan. Am I eligible to buy a pass? Thanks.

  50. Moderator: Nicki

    @Keith Riley – Italy is a Feel at Home country. Calls, texts & data will come out of your normal allowance the same as in the UK 🙂

  51. Keith Riley

    Hey am in Italy and can’t purchase europass. Says to activate wifi, then says you cant access page when logged on wifi. Then when turn off wifi I can’t access the page.

  52. Moderator: Nicki

    @Thomas Mortimer – Hi Thomas, if you’ve filled out the form Bernadette sent you over one of our team will be in touch with you directly by email. Thanks.

  53. Thomas Mortimer


    Thanks for your reply. I have not received any data spend messages to my phone. Could you please look into this?


  54. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Thomas Mortimer – Have you been getting data spend alert messages sent to you in a text message at all? If you would like us to check if you have been getting charged for this then please fill out our support tab. >Bernie

  55. Thomas Mortimer

    Hi, I’ve been in Portugal since Saturday 13/09/14. I’ve been purchasing the pass each day at £5.00 however I’ve just noticed that my data HASN’T been automatically switched off when my last pass expired which would seem as though I will have now been charged excessive amounts for data usage. Could you please look into this for me and rectify the issue, I shouldn’t have to pay for a mistake with the network.

  56. Moderator: Claire

    @V – Hi, if you have a spending cap in place you won’t be able to buy the Europass. We can remove this for you if you fill in this form Thanks.

  57. V

    Hi, if I am on a pay monthly contract but have a spending cap, am I not able to buy the Euro pass? I have been trying all day. Thanks!

  58. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon Le Geyt – Hi, yes you can use this on your phone 🙂

  59. Simon Le Geyt

    Can I use the Euro Internet Pass for my sat nav app (Apple Maps)?

  60. Moderator: Claire

    @Ross Tinning – Hi, yes as long as data is working in Portugal. Enjoy 🙂

  61. Ross Tinning

    I am currently using the euro pass in Portugal, am I able to listen to the tune in radio app as part of this?

  62. Moderator: Claire

    @Devs – Hi, we can’t guarantee the tethering will work abroad as we don’t have agreements with other networks over this. You can buy the pass and use the data on your phone only. Thanks.

  63. Devs

    Hi Im traveling to Spain and wondered if I could use the Europass as a hotspot via my iPhone 5s to use the internet? I have all you can eat data on my contract.

    If not do you have something else that you could offer?

    Many thanks!

  64. Moderator: Claire

    @Jay – Hi, have you tried to rebuy the pass Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  65. Jay


    I am in Berlin and have been using the Euro Internet Pass for 2 days but today I receive a message to say that my transaction couldn’t be completed. I need this urgently – could someone please look into this?

  66. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jasmine – Hi there, the Europass is only available on contract phone price plans.

  67. Jasmine

    if my sim is pay as you go, can i still get the euro pass? when i tried to buy it, it said i werent able to buy it, please try agian later.

  68. Moderator: Kris

    @Lee That’s odd, particularly if you’ve not been abroad. Are your charges definitely showing as Euro Pass purchases? If you’d like us to look in to this for you here, message us back and we’ll email you on the address that you registered to the blog. Thanks.

  69. Lee

    Hi. I am on a galaxy s4 in the uk with all you can eat date yet I have just checked my allowance and found I have a euro pass on my recent spends. Could you tell me why? I haven’t travelled abroad.

  70. Moderator: Madeline

    @Gerry – Hi there, personal hotspots are not included on the Euro Internet Pass. You can find out more about the Euro Pass here

  71. Gerry

    Can I use the wi fi hotspot facility on my Iphone 5 on the Euro Internet pass, or are there additional data charges. I am in Portugal

  72. Moderator: Bernadette

    @satheeskumar – Have you been able to view your bills via My3? Your bills would show you what you are getting charged for out of your allowance each month. Alternatively you can send me over an email address and I can look into this for you. Your email address will not be published on the blog. >Bernie

  73. satheeskumar

    Am using contract phone s4. I am not using data outside my allowance. I dont call abroad or sms abroad. But I get bills more than my contract amount. What’s happening. Every month this happens. How to solve this?

  74. Moderator: Claire

    @Ronnie – Hi, glad its all working 🙂

  75. Ronnie

    Hi Claire – yes I got it working! I use Google Chrome as my browser and the problem seems to have been that. I switched browser to the standard one built into my Galaxy S4 and I was then able to buy the Euro Pass. If anyone else gets the ‘disable wifi’ message even though they aren’t connected to wifi, then try a different browser. Worked for me.

  76. Moderator: Claire

    @Ronnie Murray – Hi Ronnie, did you manage to get this working? If not can you try and see if it allows you to buy the pass. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  77. Moderator: Claire

    @Ilse Van Aken – Hi, are you having push notifications for a certain app? If so you will need to check the app settings individually on the Sony Xperia.

  78. Ronnie Murray

    I can’t purchase the Euro Pass. It keeps saying i need to disable wifi but wifi is disabled and i only have 3g connected. I don’t have any data saving apps running. What do i do? I urgently need to buy the Euro Pass.

  79. Ilse Van Aken

    Hello, I was wondering how I can switch off these push notifications as I can’t seem to find anything under settings. I have a Sony Xperia T Black.

  80. RobC

    I had a problem with the pass when abroad in France. Bought the pass for 5 days, but after first day didn’t get a text to say that it had been renewed, however I did get a screen to say purchase was successful. As it turned out, the purchase was not activated and I racked up quite a bill before I reached my data limit rendering my phone useless away from WiFi.

    3 did refund the money after I showed a screen grab of the confirmation of purchase. I advise anyone who has the same problem to do a screen grab just in case.

    I hear other networks are offering a similar pass for £2…why is 3 so expensive?

  81. Moderator: Madeline

    @claire mulgrue – Sorry you were having trouble accessing the Europass. Did you try resetting your phone’s internet settings?

  82. claire mulgrue

    I Don’t know what a “data saving app” is. I haven’t downloaded anything like the one you mentioned.

  83. Moderator: Nicki

    @claire mulgrue – Hi there, If you’ve downloaded a data saving app like Onavo Extend, you may not be able to access the page to buy the Euro Internet Pass. If you want to use the Euro Internet Pass, you should delete any data saving apps and reset your phone’s internet settings.

  84. claire mulgrue

    I’m in Spain and using Sony Xperia Z1 and I cannot buy the europass. Each time I click the link to the site I get a message telling me to disable wifi but I have. I just don’t get it. Any ideas please?

  85. steven

    I don’t understand why we have to pay for this, I am only doing 600k into the EU mainland and its costs me an extra £5.

    We should be able to use all our allowance at home and in any EU nation.

  86. Paul Alexander

    The Euro Internet pass works effortlessly. Just remember it’s valid from midnight to midnight UK time! Used it in Gran Canaria at the end of Oct 2014 for the whole week.
    I hope one day Three make Spain a Feel At Home country!!!!!!! For £5 a day it’s the best value you will get out of using data abroad. I think I was using about 130Mb to 250mb a day while on hols, it’s great to know you can not worry about paying silly money for every Mb being used, when one £5 covers it. Just make sure you have the internet link for the Three euro pass as an internet favourite, and try to buy the pass in the UK first, then go go go

  87. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Gary Honey – Hi Gary all you need to do is click to purchase Euro Internet Pass.

  88. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Greg – Hi there, Yes it’s available to you as long as you have a pay monthly contract that you are using with a mobile device. This link will give you full instructions of how to purchase and set up Euro Internet Pass:

  89. Gary Honey

    Hi, off to Spain in 2 weeks with my IPad 2 and Pay Monthly 1 GB 3 Sim. Can I purchase a Europass? Thanks

  90. Greg

    Is this Euro Internet Pass available to those people on 1 month rolling contract?

    Also how does it work on terms of activating? Do I need to do anything I’m advance? I’ve turned it off before now as I kept getting texts saying how much I had spent on data and it didn’t seem capped at £5 per day.


  91. Moderator: Nicki

    @Isaac – Hi there, with our Feel at Home offering you’ll be able to use all your UK allowances as normal in Ireland.

  92. Isaac

    I like to know if there would be charges on data usage while connected to wifi in Ireland. I know of the voice call charges but unsure of the data.
    Thank for your assistance.

  93. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – have you tried rebooting and are you able to purchase now?

  94. Andy

    Europass not working. Same issue as some above – I have credit on account and all settings are fine and it won’t let me renew. Says that it was unable to complete my transaction. Called 3 and they tried everything… couldn’t help so I am without internet now and without help. Any idea how to get this to work??

  95. Moderator: Megan

    @Irvine – Thanks for your comment. Sorry we were not able to reply in time. Hopefully you discovered that yes, you are able to use the pass. It won’t expire until midnight UK time, regardless of movement between countries.

  96. Moderator: Megan

    @Chris – There are ways you can make sure you’re not charged for data prior to purchase. Before you arrive in Europe, we’d advise turning off automatic software downloads, emails, push notifications etc. The link to buy the Euro Pass is zero-rated which means you won’t be charged for data when accessing it.

    The Euro pass works in time with GMT/BST (whichever one is relevant at the time).

    It is not backdated so we’d advise buying it straight after midnight or first thing in the morning to get the maximum usage out of it.

    I hope this helps and you feel like the Euro pass could be of benefit to you. Thanks, Megan

  97. Irvine

    Hi. I purchased 3 europass in france morning and im travelling towards amsterdam. Am still able to use that europass?

  98. Chris H

    Hi Lauren,

    Unfortunately push notifications are only half the issue. There’s plenty of other stuff like the app store automatically downloading updates, which can clock up megabytes of data in seconds.

    I love three’s service, and I love the idea of this Euro pass, but despite having been to Europe 4 times since you introduced it, I’ve not yet made use of it, because I wasn’t confident I wouldn’t get charged a large amount of money for a small amount of data used BEFORE activating the Euro pass for that day, and your response has pretty much confirmed that my concerns were valid.

    I also wasn’t sure how time differences would affect things. Is it midnight-to-midnight UK (and is that GMT or BST depending on the time of year), or does it go to midnight whatever timezone you’re in? Perhaps a rolling 24 hours from purchase time would be better?

    The Euro pass is a good idea, but needs some work before it’s really going to be of use to me.

    Why not change the way it works so that any data you’ve clocked up from 00:01 the day you bought the pass then gets included in the pass, even if you buy the pass at 3pm that day, or at the very least make it possible to activate it via a WiFi connection.

    And as others have said, not being able to pre-purchase it so it rolls over while you’re asleep and you don’t start getting charged for things your phone is doing overnight is also quite limiting.

    After the freedom your 3G coverage gives in the UK, it feels incredibly restrictive having to live off WiFi in Europe, but I can’t justify the unknown (and potentially very costly) out-of-pass charges that exist using the Euro pass as it stands, so I really hope things improve in future.



  99. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – we recommend you turn off push notifications before you activate the pass to prevent charges.

  100. Chris H


    Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but I’d read a lot of posts and couldn’t see it.

    I tried the Euro pass in Germany some months ago. Main problem with it was, I couldn’t get to the activation site via WiFi, and was worried that as soon as I switched data on, my phone would start downloading loads of stuff BEFORE I’d had the chance to activate the Euro pass.

    Can you please confirm if purchasing a Euro pass backdates it’s cover of your usage to the start of that day, and if not, how you expect people to access the site and pay up BEFORE their phone downloads anything?



  101. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kim – Hi there, I’m afraid this is a consumer account addon and isn’t available on business accounts.

  102. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ben – Hi there, the Europass is an addon for contract voice accounts, not broadband.

  103. Ben

    Hi guys,

    I have a Three Mobile Broadband Dongle- can I purchase a EuroPass to use with this when I travel?

  104. Kim

    Is it possible to buy the europass if you’re a business customer? Thanks

  105. Moderator: Daniela

    @Aruff – Hi there, tethering is not permitted with the Europass. While there won’t be an additional charge for what you’ve used you’ll find that our detection systems will soon catch on to it and stop you from tethering as per the terms of the addon.

  106. Aruff

    hi.. I have just purchased euro pass in France.. I tethered via Bluetooth to my tablet … it worked perfectly fine.. however it said it wouldn’t work.. would I be charged extra for that..?

  107. Moderator: Allan

    @Deborah – Hi Deborah. I would advise you to turn off your data roaming as you could incur additional charges. You should be able to do this through your phone settings.

  108. Deborah

    Hi there do you need to turn your 3G off after the Europass expires?? I haven’t done so. I’m worried how many charges I will incurr???

  109. Moderator: Lauren

    @Grant – sorry to read this! Did customer services explain what the charges were for?

  110. Grant swietonowski

    Hello, I just recently got my new phone today, along with the new upgrade contract. I’ am on all you can eat data and yet I spent £5.34, when I haven’t even called anyone beside Three to complain why I have a recent spent of that bill.

  111. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rachael – you’ll need to call 333 to remove the cap before you go.

  112. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – thanks for your feedback, it’s something we’re looking in to but no set plans yet.

  113. Rachael

    My contract is capped – therefore I am unable to go over my bill in the UK. Let alone abroad.
    When away in Portugal last year I tried to activate the europass but as my phones capped, it wouldn’t let me. How can I get the europass, as I’m away tomorrow? Many thanks Rachael

  114. Tom

    Have used the Europass in Italy and it has been fantastic for days out. It is one click of a button to renew the pass the following day. I don’t understand why it is so important to people that they cannot pre-pay for multiple days. It’s not hard work to press a single link each morning, and I think it gives users more choice as to whether they want to roam or pre-pay for the day.

  115. Moderator: Allan

    @jeff bulson – Sorry Jeff this isn’t compatible with the Euro Pass

  116. jeff bulson

    if I get a internet pass can I use my phone as a hotspot so my kids can log onto the internet through my phone, I have an S3???

  117. Tracy

    I have a pay monthly mobile broadband, as I am leaving the UK for 12 months I asked Three to close my account and I was told I would have to pay £60 which I agreed to and my account would then be closed. I have checked my account and it shows ‘Euro Internet Pass £60.59’. Please could you confirm what this means as I am under the impression my account will be closed.

  118. Paul

    Thanks for your reply to the question about the cap – it now makes sense although that’s only because since I originally asked I can see that you have more information on your website and there is more information generally about what the legislation actually requires (I tried and failed to find a link to the legislation itself, I’m sure it’s “out there” somewhere).

  119. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, the Europass is an addon so it will not come out of your EU roaming limit. The EU roaming limit will only affect any browsing that you use without having the Europass.

    You’ll be able to buy as many passes as your actual account credit limit, not the EU roaming limit, will permit.

  120. Paul

    How does the €50 cap affect the pass – if I buy one each day for 15 straight days is my bill capped at €50 or do you just refuse to sell me one after about day 8?

    Have tried asking CS but can’t get any sense out of them on this!

  121. Moderator: Nicki

    @reena – Hi there, that sounds really strange. I’d give our billing team a call on 333 and they’ll be able to double check everything for you.

  122. reena

    Hello three ive had a bill of 103.99 for internet and euro pass but im not abroad and i havent been using the phone so why is the bill so high.

  123. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jamie Benson – Hi there, it depends what your credit limit is. It could be the £5 charges for your Europass and other charges. The way your credit limit works is say it’s set at £50 and you’ve had a bill been produced for £35 that’s due to come off by Direct Debit next week then you’ll only have £15 left available on your credit limit. When your Direct Debit then comes off then it frees up that £35 as available spend again until your next bill is produced. So while a customer may think their credit limit is quite high they’d need to keep in mind that any bill produced that’s not been paid yet will be coming off this credit limit.

  124. Jamie Benson

    I bought this every day I was abroad only to then have my phone blocked as I had reached my credit limit? This was all down to data been charged? Does the pass actually work? 4 days later same happened again!

  125. Moderator: Nicki

    @Capri – Hi there, the availability of international roaming depends on your credit check results so there may be cases where we’d look to offering this to customers straight away, after a certain length of time or never at all. The ability to roam isn’t included within any of our price plans and may be given to customers at our discretion I’m afraid. Sorry if you weren’t advised of this in store. What’s included within your price plan is listed on your welcome letter.

  126. Capri

    I’m in Spain now and I found it completely useless. I signed a Three contract a week before I leave the UK because I thought the Euro Internet Pass would be perfect for my trip. The staff from the Three store didn’t tell me the international roaming cannot be activated on a new contract, instead she told me I can use it abroad whenever I want.

    So my phone is completely useless here and I had to spend €20 to call Three customer service to cancel the contract on top of the monthly bill.

    Thank you Three for the GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!

  127. Moderator: Allan

    @Nigel – The Euro Internet Pass is an optional extra that has to be bought and activated on the phone by the customer. If you’ve not been abroad then you shouldn’t have received any text offering to buy this pass. It cost’s £5 per day so I’m a bit confused here.

  128. Moderator: Allan

    @Sarah – Nope, you won’t be charged no matter how much you use while the pass is valid.

  129. nigel smith

    Your answer was dissapointing,I have never asked for nor bought the euro internet plan,I pay monthly on a contract,and have not been abroad,also I am on an all you can eat data plan,so should not be charged for this service that I don’t want or need.

  130. Sarah

    Hi. I am in Spain and purchased the euro pass. Is there a limit on the amount of data I can download in a day?

  131. Moderator: Nicki

    @KevinC – Hi there, it’s something you’d need to sign up to every day I’m afraid. Remember the Europass will be valid until midnight UK time.

  132. Moderator: Nicki

    @Xuecai Jin – Hi there, when you purchased the Europass did you remember to turn off your push notifications to avoid any charges while purchasing?

  133. Xuecai Jin

    I got extra internet data charged when I have already started the Euro Internet Pass!

  134. KevinC

    I’m going to Europe.
    For 4 days.
    I want to use the Euro Internet Pass every day.
    Can I sign up for 4 days or do I need to renew every day?

  135. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Nigel Smith – Hi Nigel, the all you can eat data cannot be used abroad. Did you purchase the Euro internet plan separately? Also, the euro internet plan needs to be purchased everyday you wish to use it.

  136. nigel smith

    Stop charging me for the euro internet pass,I’m on an all you can eat data plan,if this continues I will go to another company.

  137. nigel smith

    I have an all you can eat data plan,but the eurointernet plan is charging me for what,it creeps up a few pence every day and I want it to stop,this is the third time I’ve complained and you havnt done anything about this. I want my money back.

  138. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel we’re here until 5:30, if I have your details soon I can check it tonight 🙂

  139. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel We have two roaming partners in Spain, Orange and Telefonica Movistar – you could try doing a manual network selection and see what happens if you switch. If you send me your details (phone number, full name, postcode and date of birth), I’ll check if there’s anything I can see.

    As mentioned before, even if you don’t have the Euro Pass you should still have internet access – can you confirm whether you do or not.

  140. Daniel

    Just spoke to a man on the phone having called the number you suggested. He checked and said my credit was fine and would resend me the europass link which should work. I tried the link he sent and I still get the same error screen:’We couldn’t complete your transaction, Sorry you weren’t able to buy a Euro Internet Pass.’ I’m completely lost with what else to do or why this is happening, and being stuck in a foreign country makes it terrifying! Could there be a problem with the Orange network three seems to use in Spain?

  141. Daniel

    Just spoke to a man on the phone having called the number you suggested. He checked and said my credit was fine and would resend me the europass link which should work. I tried the link he sent and I still get the same error screen. I’m completely lost with what else to do or why this is happening, and being stuck in a foreign country makes it terrifying! Could there be a problem with the Orange network three seems to use in Spain?

  142. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel Can you send us your phone number, full name, postcode and date of birth please (don’t worry we won’t publish it) and we’ll have this checked.

  143. Daniel

    Hi Lauren, thanks for your reply. I was on the phone for about 15 minutes earlier to one of your colleagues who was… not very helpful. I’m really stuck as I’m hiking in a foreign country and was relying on the mobile maps etc. I can’;t even find an email address to send someone links of the error message. I cant seem to do anything, and i’m getting so frustrated. anything you can suggest would help.

    I don’t think I have a credit limit, and shouldn’t, how can i find out???

  144. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel I’m sorry to read this. Are you still able to make calls and send texts? If you’re not, you may have reached your credit limit. The Euro Pass is only valid until midnight which is why it would have worked the day before.

    If you’re trying to get in touch with us you can call +447782333333 when calling from abroad – 123 is our voicemail number. You will be charged for calling us when you’re abroad – I’ve included a link to our website that lets you check our international charges.,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=subcat,varset_cat=roaming,varset_subcat=4147

    I hope this helps 🙂

  145. Moderator: Lauren

    @Phil It’s best to wait until your bill is available and you can see exactly what the charge is for – customer services will then be able to help if you feel the charge isn’t correct.

  146. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jamie I’m really sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. Without the Europass, access to the internet isn’t blocked, instead you’re charged 69.6p per MB. The good news is the part of Three’s browser you use to buy the Euro Pass is zero rated so you won’t incur any extra internet charges. If at any point when roaming abroad you find some of your services are restricted, this could mean you’ve reached your credit limit – customer services can help you with this.

  147. daniel

    Exact same problem as paul and gareth. Managed to buy this yesterday and worked fine. really useful. Woke up this morning, clicked the link on the text, and all it says is ‘this is available for monthly contract users’, which i am! Without overstating it, this has totally ruined my holiday, as I’m doing a lot of trecking and walking and need the map app as well as other. Really P***ed off to be honest.

    And of course i cant phone 123 as it doesnt work so cant even sort it out. rip off.

  148. Phil

    I have just checked my usage and I have been charged £0.94 for “downloads & Euro Internet Pass”. But I haven’t downloaded anything or requested (nor received) anything to do with a Euro Internet Pass??? I picked somebody up from Gatwick airport and received a text along the lines of “Gatwick Airport wants to send you a file”. I accidentally accepted. Could it be that?

  149. jamie

    It simply doesnt work. It is a ridiculous system where you get blocked from using data at midnight and the only way to renew your euopass is to go on a WEBSITE!! which you cant do because you have been blocked from using data.

    45 minutes on the phone to customer service and the final result from speaking to 3 different people is “Im sorry but we cant help you”

    45 minutes on the phone at a cost of £1.40 per minute and i get told “there is nothing we can do to help you”

    Thats 3 for you… complete disapointment with a large selection of useless untrained staff that just want to put you through to someone else because they dont know how to do their job.

  150. Moderator: Lauren

    @John Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having with your Europass. Can you reboot your phone and try again please. Let us know how you get on, thanks.

  151. John

    I managed to use Europass for 5 days, now can’t buy it. Spoke to customer services who told me I’d gone over £50 limit, though I had no prior warning that there was any limit or that I was close to it. They took a payment of £100 from me over the phone and said that would fix it but need to wait for 4 hours. 6 hours later it still doesn’t work, can’t buy a Europass. Also can’t access my 3 account details to see if there’s any problem and customer service lines are closed. I changed to 3 from Vodafone last year but never had this mess with international roaming from them.

  152. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aaron – yes, it’s only not available on mobile broadband packages or pay as you go.

  153. Aaron Joshua Gleeson

    Can you use this on a rolling one month phone contract?


  154. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matt richards – Hi there, the Europass will remain valid even if you move networks (or even other included countries) up until midnight UK time 🙂

  155. Matt richards

    Hi just wondered if while abroad you change network ie better signal on another one does the europass stay valid? for example I got it while on orange then moved to movistar in Spain.?

  156. Paul

    Thanks Lauren customer services sorted it out for me at their end, was a glitch evidently! Back on line now 🙂

  157. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – are you connected to wifi or using any data saving apps such as Onavo? Have you tried rebooting/resetting your network settings?

  158. Paul

    I’m having exactly same problem as Gareth below, fine yesterday, but now I can’t buy it says about only for pay monthly customers. Have not reached credit limit. Help!

  159. Moderator: Johanna

    @Darren – Sorry you’re having issues buying the EIP. There’s some info here. You can also access the pass on in your phone’s browser.

  160. Darren

    Hi, I am in Spain and trying to buy a EIP online but it is not giving me the option or letting me do anything when I go through to the international age on 3. Can anyone help?

  161. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – If you plan to use data throughout a whole month in France then the EIP is the best option. If you ring 333 in advance and explain your plan I’m sure they can arrange it to be uncapped.

  162. chris

    I read this is capped at. 49 £ per month, does that mean I can still use the internet after I have used 10 daily passes ? I am in France for a month what is my best option?

  163. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark – We are quite clear that the pass is for browsing, networking, emailing… you can stream but it’s not something we promote with the pass.

  164. Moderator: Johanna

    @Kevin – You may be charged, but if you haven’t used it you should be able to get a refund by calling 333.

  165. Mark

    A speed test will indicate around 2 Mbps which I’m happy with but any kind of digital download is hugely throttled. This is not a service. I will be demanding a refund when I return home

  166. Mark

    Might be unlimited but it’s massively throttled. Listened to 2 songs then it will play 2 or 3 seconds of a song then wait for about 10 seconds. Not worth the money at all. I know it’s not designed for streaming but get real. People want data and bandwidth and there is no way that its unavailable. They just throttle it because they can

  167. Kevin

    Hi, I’ve pressed “buy now” on the europass website by accident as I’m still in UK now and I was just trying it out. In this case will three still charge me on my next bill? I haven’t receive any text messages or emails whatsoever since then.

  168. Ellie

    @Zoe lowdon – Hi Zoe, sorry to hear your husband is having issues with the Euro Pass. Unfortunately we can’t activate this from here I’m afraid. If you speak to the team on 0843 373 3333 they can look into this for you.

  169. zoe lowdon

    My husband is in Portugal and has tried to add the euro pass to no avail. It says you have to be a pay monthly customer to do this (which he is and has been for 4 years) I have called and had the zero credit limit lifted, called again to be told they will send another link, turned the phone on and off, reset the internet settings checked there are no apps such as onavo running any other ideas?? He’s using a Sony Xperia Z. Its going to be costing a fortune with having to keep switching data on to try again and texting and calling me to try and sort it 🙁

  170. Moderator: Lauren

    @Russell – we don’t cap speeds abroad, we can’t guarantee speeds are you’re not using our network.

  171. Russell

    Hi was in France a few days ago and I couldn’t get any faster than 2Mbps Download & 2Mbps Upload. I presumed there would be no cap, unless this is down to the French networks?

    (My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I was on H+ signal)

  172. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jas – Yes I’m afraid it is true, it’s for phone plans only.

  173. Jas

    I have been told by your support line that I cannot use the europass with my iPad despite the fact that I am on a monthly contract for my three sim. Is this true and if so why????

  174. Moderator: Johanna

    @Aaron G – Not just at the mo it won’t but there is a phase 2 for the pass with all feedback considered.

  175. Aaron G

    When will this be available on Pay As You Go?!

  176. Moderator: Johanna

    @AJ – Glad you liked the Euro Internet Pass. You can double check in your My3 account 🙂 Any issues, give the team on 333 a shout.

  177. Moderator: Johanna

    @Aaron – Have a chat to the team on 333 and they can check this out for you. The Euro pass, expires at midnight UK time each day but you should receive a text letting you know.

  178. AJ

    Any idea how I check I was not charged for data roaming?

    Think the best reception I got with the package believe it or not was on the ICE train between Berlin and Hannover apart from that, I wasn’t impressed with the local partner.

    I did appreciate Three helping me get connected for voice calls and txts though.

  179. Aaron

    What the hell is this garbage doing on my phone bill …so I get done for this, AND for data usage whilst i’m away? So what’s the point? To basically shaft everyone for the slightest bit of data they use. 3 in ripping their customers off shocker.

  180. Ellie

    @AJ – We’re really sorry to hear you were disappointed in the Euro Pass whilst you were in Germany. Can you check your My3 account to make sure that you were not charged for using data roaming? Whilst we are very sorry to hear that you had connection issues in Berlin, we do not have any access to the masts run by the operators in Germany, therefore you might have been impacted by a broken mast which was managed by our German roaming partner.

  181. AJ

    Went to use Euro Pass recently in Germany, for what it cost it certainly left me feeling like I was short changed 🙁

    Could hardly use it as Internet was hit and miss, mostly miss yet was in middle of Berlin so didn’t expect any problems, only got it working infrequently but more then likely was using the more expensive data roaming.

    As a result, I’m certainly not counting on using this again until Three and their partners work on providing a much better service.

    I did even try asking Three on Twitter for help but as usual got no reply, pretty poor customer service considering it was asked when they were open…

  182. Moderator: Nicki

    @MadDogg – Hi there, where is it you’re seeing this? Is it on your My3 account? When you look at your charges on My3 it groups calls/texts/data/Europass together but when your bill is produced this will be broken down in to the relevant charges, so it could well be the case that it’s charges for calls or texts and not specifically Europass.

  183. MadDogg


    Why has this come up on my contract?
    I’m not even going abroad and it’s on my monthly usage

  184. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – it shouldn’t be on your account automatically, you need to request it. It only lasts until midnight UK time if you’ve ordered it by accident.

  185. James

    Hi. I’m not going abroad for ages. Please let me know how to CANCEL this? Ill re activate it when I go abroad next time.



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    Now i’m Cliff and i have recently been looking at several of your content for some time, however by no means truly used your time to actually point out one thing respectable, till these days!
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  187. Moderator: Nicki

    @mandi – Is this My3 you’re looking at? On My3 it groups all forthcoming charges as texts/calls/data/Internet Pass but when your bill is produced it’ll break these down. The Euro Internet Pass is £5 per day so won’t be that. It’s likely to be a call charge and this will be displayed when your bill is produced.

  188. mandi

    why have i been charged 21p for this internet pass? i dont intend to be going on holiday any time soon and dont want this service >.<

  189. Ros

    @Catharina – Sorry to hear this. Yes I’m afraid the Europass is only available for phones at the moment. Is there anything you were looking for in particular on our website?

  190. catharina

    You tire me out ThreeUk… I can’t even get Europass on my Ipad and have to roam searching your website and NO go… terrible!

  191. Ellie

    @That site – Hi there, unfortunately we weren’t sure what you meant in your comment. Can you clarify?

  192. that site

    I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right here. The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again since exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike.

  193. Alan Hart

    @Lauren – sorry, have not been back here for a little while. In answer to your question, I was not doing anything unusual. Stock Android Chrome browser. Doggcatcher podcast app turned off completely except when on Wifi. Google Maps. Gmail. Whatsapp. facebook. A few games. Nothing that unusual at all.

    And no, that error has never appeared in the UK.

  194. Ellie

    @Abbé – The reason you are seeing the E instead of 3G is that your phone is switching between 3G and EDGE networks in France. You are still connected to the internet and this is covered under your Euro Pass so don’t worry you won’t be charged!

  195. Abbé


    I have just purchased the EU pass as I am in France. The icon on my phone seems to change between 3G and E when there’s a slow response loading the page. I have my data roaming switched on as that’s what I was told to do on the website. Basically my question is am I going to be charged for my phone connecting to this ‘E’ thing as well?

    Many thanks,


  196. Ros

    @Ben Wade – Sorry to hear this, have you spoken to the Billing team on 333 about this at all? Or you can check your bill breakdown via My3, which might provide a clue as to what the charges are for. They could be picture messages perhaps which aren’t included in your text allowance…

  197. Ben wade

    I’m Not abroad and didn’t buy the euro Internet pass add on or alter anything on my account. As I have all you can eat internet data package. I’ve only just gone on my three acount to discover that I have a bill of over £15. I hope I get a refund of some sort as I never agreed to the thing. I’m outraged!

  198. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gavin P. – Will email you now for your account info.

  199. Gavin P.

    Still txting + calling… Should be nowhere near credit limit. PM me if you need further info.


  200. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gavin P. – Hi there, do you have the exact error message that you were seeing?

    Do you know if you can still use the phone for calls and texts? If you can’t it could be a case that you’ve reached your credit limit on your contract.

    If you could let us know the error and we’ll check.


  201. Gavin P.

    Called +44 7782 333 333 twice (@14.7p) per minute.

    Cut off first time after several minutes.

    Same again for the second call.

    Someone tried to call me back – it looked that way but just radio silence.

    Still no data connection.

    This stuff drives me nuts. Understandably.

  202. Gavin P.

    In Florence for 3 days. Europass worked fine yesterday when I landed and expired at midnight as usual. Got txt with option to renew but renewal process failed. Switched phone on and off / tried different providers. Nothing. This leaves me with calling a premium rate or expensive number to renew from abroad? Don’t get it at all as nothing has changed. Need my phone for business and this is pretty dire.

  203. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alan – sorry to read this. Has this error message ever appeared when you’ve been in the UK? What browser were you using when you were abroad?

  204. Alan Hart

    Just tried the Euro Internet Pass for a week in Amsterdam. I was pretty disappointed because I lost the connection several times a day due to an incorrect accusation that I was tethering.

    You can see the error here. At no point during the holiday did I tether, setup a hotspot, or use any really unusual apps. To get it to work again I would have to turn on/off aeroplane mode and then go back to the “purchase Euro internet pass” page.

    This kind of problem makes the pass only marginally worth having, as you suddenly find that maps/navigation have stopped working, for example.

    I’m not convinced that it’s truly possible to distinguish tethering from not tethering, but in this case, my use of Google Maps and Chrome Browser on a Galaxy Nexus should not have rung any alarm bells.

  205. Ellie

    @Simon – Sorry you feel this way, the pass is valid from the time you buy it until midnight (UK time) – just like a Travelcard.

  206. Ellie

    @Yas – Sorry to hear this, if you give the team a call on 333 they can look into the reason why the Euro Pass has appeared on your bill if you did not sign up for it.

  207. Simon

    “nternet on your phone until midnight that day (UK time).”

    Hi. Why is europass not billed for 24 hours period since you activated it rather than till midnight? This does not seem to be fair on users! Thanks.

  208. Yas

    I have never been to Europe live in UK I have a unlimited Internet plan but I’m wondering why 3 have charge me £4.90 for euoro Internet pass. Can anyone explain why 3 have charge me this amount ?

  209. Ellie

    @Joan Brett – Sorry to hear this, is your data roaming switched off?

  210. Joan Brett

    In Germany. Unable to buy Euro pass from link. Help please

  211. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tim Green – Hi there, not sure I understand what you mean. Have you purchased a EuroPass in error?

  212. Tim Green

    Cancel euro internet pass

  213. Moderator: Nicki

    @Anya – Hi there, what error message is it you’re receiving?

  214. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason – No plans for this at the moment I’m afraid.

  215. Anya

    I have used the EU pass in Germany the last 2days but i get an error today. Is there an outage on three? Also i can not access the internet via normal roaming even tho its turned on… Do you have an update on this? thanks Anya

  216. Jason

    Any news on the tethering or ipad use n the europass?,cheers

  217. Ros

    @Russell – No throttling no, but the experience of things such as streaming, might not be quite what you’re used to. The pass is meant for light internet usage such as browsing or social media updates.

  218. Russell

    Is there a speed cap (throttle) in place when using the Euro Internet Pass, or will you get the maximum speeds allowed by the foreign network?

  219. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lucy – Hi there, I’m afraid the Euro Pass is only available on voice contracts.

  220. Lucy

    Can you buy a Euro Pass for the Ipad?

  221. Barry

    “@Barry : Euro Internet Pass isn’t compatible with mobile broadband packages”

    Why does it get mentioned by name in my “My3” (in the bit where add-on charges show).
    Seems a bit cruel to have raised my hopes & then cruelly dashed them.

  222. Ros

    @Gleed – Hi there! It’ll get added to your bill 🙂

  223. Gleed

    Heyaa 😀 was just wondering does the £5 just come out your account straight away or does it just get added to your monthly cost ?! Thanks

  224. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – you can’t use a phone sim in a dongle, it’d be blocked. Euro Internet Pass isn’t compatible with mobile broadband packages. It can be used on a mobile phone account being used inside a phone.

  225. Barry

    “@Barry – tethering is using your phone as a modem. Your dongle is a separate modem.”

    So, to confirm, can I use the Euro internet pass with my ‘3’ SIM in its ‘3’ dongle, in an applicable country, for unlimited internet access via that dongle, for £5.00 /day?.

  226. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wasi – we don’t offer Euro Pass as a recurring add on, you need to select and request it each day. Have you checked your bills to see if you’re being charged for this?

  227. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – tethering is using your phone as a modem. Your dongle is a separate modem.

  228. Moderator: Lauren

    @Marilyn – have you received your bill? You can view a fully itemised breakdown of charges via My3.

  229. wasi

    i didnt av europass u put it on my accoun i live in uk neva been out… Since ad contract… Told u to cancel it but u still been charging me 5 pound a dai…

  230. Barry

    I saw the “euro internet pass” noted on “my allowances” page, for my ‘3’ dongle.

    “No tethering” ……. what else is my dongle supposed to do, other than tether?.

  231. Marilyn

    Hi why am I charged Euro Internet Pass that I am not in Abroad. I live in UK and not been on Holiday anywhere but 3 charged me £64 what is this? I do not understand at all. I am not using Internet Euro Pass. I am in 3 All You Can Data. Can anyone explain it to me please…

  232. Ellie

    @Adele – Sorry about this. We have sent you an email so we can take further details and look into this for you.

  233. Ellie

    @Josh – That is correct, the Euro Pass does not include tethering.

  234. Adele

    Hi, have just had a message on arrival in Vienna about europass. Followed the link but naturally, being in Vienna, I’m not on the three network. I keep landing on a page saying I must be on the network to go any further.

    Er… Help?!

  235. Josh

    @johanna that’s very interesting. I don’t kno wof any other eu operator taking this unlimited approach to data roaming.

    One thing, your wording would suggest tethering is not included in the euro pass even tough it is within the UK???


  236. Moderator: Johanna

    @Josh – So long as you’re using data on your smartphone, it really is all you can eat 🙂

  237. Josh

    Thanks for your response. Not saying I will do this but f there’s no fair usage I could potentially use 100 mb watching YouTube videos and pay only £5??? Are you absolutely sure? Sounds hardly possible.


  238. Moderator: Nicki

    @Josh – Hi there,

    Data used in the EU is 69.6p per Megabyte. With regards to how much data is included there’s no fair use policy.

    After your Euro Internet Pass expires and while you remain in a day pass supported destination, all your internet services will be blocked until you decide to buy a new day pass or pay our standard EU roaming rates.

    Sorry it is not possible to pre-book in advance at the moment but we’re working on it.

  239. Josh

    So let’s double check.

    1) what is the standard eu rate for data?
    2) how much data is included in the euro pass?
    3) all data services will STOP after midnight or do I need to disconnect data roaming before going to bed as to remember to buy the euro pass the following morning?

    Needless to say, there NEEDS to be a way to “pre-book” a number of euro passes for your holidays.


  240. Ellie

    @Shane – Sorry you feel this way, we launched this product for the first time this year and are constantly reviewing it. We will take your feedback on board.

  241. Shane

    I am just about to use this service for a trip to Denmark and have to say that the 12am (UK time) cut off seems extremely unhelpful and potentially dangerous when using the phone for example to negotiate our way home after a night out etc i.e have to go through the top up procedure in the midst of such a scenario. The fact that a three or five day ‘block’ of data access can not be prepurchaed is in this day and age unbelievable.

  242. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – you’re disconnected at midnight and sent a text saying you will now be charged, you need to accept the charges before you can reconnect.

  243. Simon

    I’ve just enquired about this as I fly to Gran Canaria tomorrow, and it sound like a good idea… but…

    My biggest problem with it is that the three website sells this as “not having to worry about nasty bills when you return” BUT… if you activate your pass at 8am in the morning, any internet activity since the previous pass expired at midnight will be charged.

    Therefore you DO still have to worry about nasty bills, and ensure you disable your internet etc. before you go to bed.

    Let’s say you’re on the road as midnight (uk) approaches, using google navigation as a sat nav while in your hire-car abroad. You’ve got to pull over, wait a few minutes, activate your pass, then continue your journey. If you can’t connect because the 3 site is busy, then you’d be stranded.

    What a load of sh*te! – why on earth didn’t 3 allow back-dating of passes to midnight, so as long as you buy a pass some time that day, you don’t need to worry?? but I checked with CS, and any internet activity after midnight but before you activate the next day’s pass will be an additional charge!!!

  244. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gavin – I’m afraid it’s only available for phone packages just now.

  245. Gavin


    I have a three sim in my iPad. Can I use the Euro Internet Package on this data only sim?


  246. Moderator: Johanna

    @David M – Thanks for your feedback… this page isn’t as clear as it could be, so we’re seeing if it can be updated. You can buy in advance but it will only stay active till midnight UK time. If you still want to go ahead you can buy it here At the bottom of the article.

  247. David M

    According to the three website, you can get the pass before you leave UK:

    “If you need to use the internet as soon as you arrive in another EU country – just buy a pass in the UK beforehand on the day you travel. That way you’ll avoid being charged standard roaming rates when you arrive.”

    How do I do this?

  248. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard Hart – You can’t buy in advance I’m afraid… but this is something that’s being looked into for phase 2. Can you stop the apps running in the background before you leave the country, so data use is minimal before you purchase the pass?

  249. Richard Hart

    I was just wondering – when will we be able to purchase the pass in advance? To be honest I probably just won’t use it if I can’t and wait until I have wifi – I have a lot of apps that try and use background data so in the time it takes me to connect to the Europass I might have already downloaded a fair bit. Seems really odd that we can’t purchase in advance.

  250. John

    Hi. Just thought I’d try again this morning to buy a pass and at last it has worked. Thanks

  251. John

    Hi. One more time you raise my hopes only to dash them. Yes – there was a profile named Onavo. I deleted this,did a hard reboot for good measure and it made not the slightest difference. I then took the plunge and reset the settings on my phone. This time at long last I got the opportunity to buy the pass! I’m on the home run now I thought but oh no – “we couldn’t complete your transaction – sorry you weren’t able to buy a Euro Internet Pass. If you’re having trouble buying the Euro Internet Pass you can call us on +44 7782 333333” . No thanks, I’ve been there last Friday 3 times at goodness knows how much cost to myself and the help I got was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. This is just pants. You obviously know of issues like Onavo but choose not to publish them. I never had problems like this with t-mobile. My last option is to do a full factory reset that will delete the entire contents of my phone. I’m just not prepared to do this. How ridiculous would this be. How I rue the day I left to join Three!!!

  252. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, when you go in to your settings and click profiles do you have anything listed under profiles? If so, it’s this that’s stopping you from accessing the services.

  253. John

    Hi Lauren. Onavo has been removed and I hard booted my phone but it makes no difference. I’ve also manually changed to a different carrier but that too doesn’t work. Thanks

  254. John

    Hi Lauren. Your reply filled me with hope because I did have Onavo running. I have now deleted the app and done a hard reboot of my phone but all that ever happens when clicking on the link to the euro pass page is that i am taken to this page . Surely I can’t be the only person with this problem?

  255. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – are you using any data saving app’s such as Onavo? You can check this by going to your settings and seeing if such an app is running.

  256. John

    I am in Portugal. I have a 12 sim only contract. I got a text with a link to the euro pass but when I click it I only ever a page telling me I can’t connect to planet 3 over wifi. I’m not connected to wifi. I have data roaming on. I’ve tried entering the link directly into my browser – same page comes up. I’ve phoned 7782 333333 3 times this morning and got no joy. Why can’t I even buy the pass over the phone? Very very unhappy!

  257. Ros

    @Claire – Hi. I’m afraid you you won’t be able to tether on the Euro Internet pass, sorry.

  258. Claire

    I have used Europass before and it has worked fine. My question is, if I use it when I’m in France, can I connect my wifi only iPad to my phone via hotspot to use the internet? I have all you can eat data on my contract.


  259. Ros

    @Tim – I’m afraid it’s only available on contract at the moment, I’m sorry customer services said otherwise, they were mistaken in this instance.

  260. Tim

    Can you confirm if this is still only available on contract?

    Just been to a three shop that said it was, but phoned customer services and they say it’s available on PAYG. Not sure who to beleive now?!?!

  261. Moderator: Lauren

    @Brent – as long as you are in countries covered by the Euro Internet Pass you’ll be able to browse if it’s active 🙂

  262. Brent

    Hi I’m driving to Germany next week from the uk,when i arrive in France and then activate my euro pass will it work even when I’ve driven through Belgium and then into Germany or will something go wrong which I’m guessing it will because i bet you having thought of this scenario!?.

  263. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jim Paul – Have a chat to the team on 333 and explain your issue. They should be able to check this out. Come back to us if you need to.

  264. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul Higgins – As you sign up for the pass each day, you have the choice whether you want to or not. So some days, you can just pay standard roaming charges if you wish. Agreed it may costs a few pence when signing up for the pass if you have apps running in the background. It is work in progress and all feedback is passed on to the team.

  265. Jim Paul

    Bought this on holiday on 19/09/12 and could not get online except for whats app messenger! Browser told me that i may be using my phone as a tether and to restart my phone.Checked the tethering was off, which it was, switched the phone off and on until my battery died, still didnt get online! Waste of money.will i get a refund? Hmm….

  266. Paul Higgins

    I have now used the Euro pass several times.
    The problem I have is that when I just want to use roaming as I will not need £5 worth of download I am blocked.
    The only option I have is Euro pass, how to I get back to having a choice of the pass or EU roaming?
    Also is it really £5 as you are also charged for EU roaming when you are activating the pass.

  267. Moderator: Johanna

    @David Watson – Really sorry to hear the pass isn’t working for you. Just checking you’re not on Wifi trying to connect?

  268. David Watson

    Tried to connect this morning but it said I had failed.Page will not refresh to allow another attempt.
    Have spent FOUR hours on phone to 3 today trying to sort problem with no success so no internet today with loss of business and therefor money .
    Am changing to a network that looksaafter it’s customers when I get home .

  269. Moderator: Nicki

    @naomi – Hmm that’s strange. Can you try typing directly in to your browser on the phone and see if that brings it up?

  270. naomi

    i am now in italy n the link i was sent only took me to a page abt it but nowhere to BUY it. can u help pls ?

  271. Ed

    This is all very well, but there is no easy way to globally switch off push notifications on the iphone, and I am therefore reluctant to risk incurring an extra data charge between switching on data roaming and activating this service by clicking the link.

    I was wondering – perhaps this is a deliberate ploy by three to make a little extra money, otherwise why do it this way?? Surely there could be a MUCH easier way to enable to service, e.g. by visiting the link via wifi or replying to a text message….?

  272. Moderator: Johanna

    @Naz – I’m afraid you can’t buy the pass in advance, you’ll need to wait till you arrive at the destination. You should receive an sms with a link to buy the pass on arrival. If not then the link is within the above post. Definitely don’t buy in advance though, or it will be invalid when you land in your new destination.

  273. Naz

    Where to buy the day pass? I want to buy it in the UK before departure. Is it possible? How? Cant find a link

  274. Stuart

    @Lauren Yes but O2’s Web Daily service allows you to use the service in those countries for £1.99 a day. It’s stupid and designed to catch users out!

  275. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom -After your Euro Internet Pass expires and while you remain in a day pass supported destination, all your internet services will be blocked until you decide to buy a new day pass or pay our standard EU roaming rates. I’m afraid you can’t buy more than one day at a time for now.

  276. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stuart – they’re not in the EU.

  277. Tom

    Do I need to switch off push notifications etc. at midnight (UK time) each day, wait for a link to be texted to me for my next day’s pass, and then start again? Isn’t there a way to buy the pass for a given number of days in advance?

  278. Stuart

    Seems very odd that you can’t use this service on the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands? What gives? They’re barely even abroad!

  279. Moderator: Lauren

    @Katie – it would yes 🙂 connection levels may vary as it’s not our network you’ll be using.

  280. Katie

    Thanks, so would FaceTime or Skype come under the data?

  281. Moderator: Lauren

    @Katie – Euro Internet Pass is for data only, calls are chargeable at standard roaming rates.

  282. katie

    Hi, I’m going to greece on friday, does the pass just count for internet or are calls included inthe £5? my boyfriend went away to spain and he paid £3 a day for everything he already has on his contract with vodaphone including texts, calls and internet.
    Also does iMessages on the iphone come uner the data allowance?

  283. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark Richardson – Thanks for your positive feedback 🙂 We’ve shared your comments with the EuroPass team and there is a phase 2 planned….

  284. Mark Richardson

    The Europass is fabulous. I’m using it now in Bordeaux and have been on Orange Espana for the last 3 days in Barcelona. The only problem is that we should be able to prepay for the pass before midnight UK time for thenext day. Alternatively let is block book several days of the pass. Great stuff all the same Three.

  285. Ros

    @lis – I’m afraid the Euro Internet Pass is currently only available for contract customers.

  286. lis


    I have Three PAYG Sim card. Can I switch on Euro Internet Pass? Can I use internet on any unlocked phone in Europe?

    thank you

  287. Ros

    @CCW – I’m afraid it’s only available for Pay Monthly customers at the moment, sorry about that.

  288. CCW

    Can i purchase the Euro Pass with Pay As You Go account? and how do I purchase it in the UK the day I travel to the EU ?

  289. Moderator: Nicki

    @dave – Hi there, is it that you’re trying to check the EuroPasses you’ve purchased, or is it your My3 account you’re trying to access?

  290. dave

    I am currently using the pass in italy. howevet, there seems to be no way to check my account? any link I click on just leads me back to the welcome to international roaming screen. please help!

  291. Moderator: Nicki

    @George McV – Hi there, it isn’t possible to book these in advance at the moment however we’re working on this.

  292. George McV.

    Can one purchase a week in advance rather than waiting up to 2:00 am Local time to buy another day pass?
    Seem sensible, rather than repeating the hassle every day at 2:00 am to avoid inadvertent roaming charges
    ADVISE Thks

  293. rammblings101

    @Mark: Your comments are very valid but – like the Customer Support people at Three – completely misses my point. In order to either purchase a Euro Internet Pass or activate the link that you’ve been sent by text, you need to switch on data roaming. Therefore, for a brief period of time, you will not have the Pass activated but will be data roaming and being charged according to the standard data roaming charges. There are two isses here. Firstly, although the data roaming charges have come down, they are still the equivalent of £690 per Gb of data. Secondly, while I admit I will be on the standard data roaming rate for a brief period of time, many mobile phones (especially Androids) do lots of data transfer in the background, even if I’ve specifically closed all apps. Three Customer Support have explicitly confirmed to me by phone that data transfer WILL happen on an iPhone 4 even if I’ve closed down all of my apps. So, for example, if somebody has sent me 10 x 500kb photos on Facebook, while I’m activating my Euro Pass, I may be charged for those photos to be downloaded in the background. At 5Mb total download, I’ve now been charged £3.50. Not a lot of money you may say BUT £3.50 which I could have saved if Three had set up the system to allow Euro Passes to be activated over wifi. Or purchased to auto-activated at a pre-defined day/time. When I purchase a SwissCom internet day pass abroad, I can do this over wifi without incurreing charges; so why doesn’t Three allow the same functionality?

  294. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – you shouldn’t be able to tether but you won’t be charged while covered under the pass.

  295. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – that’s for your feedback, it’s something that’s being looked into but we don’t have anything confirmed yet.

  296. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adrian – if you go to Settings>Notifications and then select the top one and change it to Off. This will switch them all off 🙂

  297. Mark

    Sorry if this has already been clarified elsewhere on this page. With regard to tethering, I found I could connect my iPad to my iPhone via the personal hotspot option and it worked. Does this mean that any data I rack up on the iPad is charged at normal rates and not covered under euro pass ?

  298. Mark Richardson

    @rammblings101 – Nobody is forcing you to use the Euro Internet Pass and the Euro pass does work out cheaper than buying a local sim card (for a short holiday – even using minimal data) – believe me, I’ve researched Spanish and French PAYG sim cards and prices. You could always go to a free wifi place and start your phone on wifi only to download any large incoming files couldn’t you?

    The pass seems to be a very good deal to me and I’ll be trying it out when I go to Spain and France on 31st August.

    Sure enough, it’s a little ‘faffy’ renewing the pass each day but it’s miles better than paying 69p per Mb. I’m not so sure my parents would be able to connect to this deal since you need to be quite tech savy to be able to access this deal but it’s a start on giving customers cheaper access to unlimited data. You probably won’t use much data anyway since you’re not able to stream or tether. I reckon my data use would be in the region of 10 – 15mb per day when in Europe so this would be in the region of £7 – £10.50 per day without the pass.

    What would be excellent is if there was no need to renew the pass on a daily basis. There’s nothing worse than being slightly tipsy in a bar at midnight (UK time) attempting to renew the pass so it would be great if Three could offer connection for a few days for a specified price.

  299. adrian

    Hiya thanks this looks good, am off to Europe next week and will buy a pass for the couple of days we are in Paris. Can I just check how do I turn off push notifications on an iPhone 4? Can see how I turn on data roaming, in the Network settings, but can’t see how to turn off notifications….am probably being thick. Thanks!

  300. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gareth – you may have reached your credit limit on your account. Can you still make calls/send texts?

  301. Gareth Walker

    Ive bought mine happily for 3 days now but day 4 says there’s a problem unale to buy as its only for pay monthly customers I am so this isn’t good

  302. Moderator: Kaz

    @Peter Lewis – I’m afraid we don’t have access to account details, it’s best to give our colleagues in customer support a call on 333.

  303. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – I’m afraid tethering is not allowed on the Euro Internet Pass.

  304. Mark

    Can users on the Euro Internet Pass still use the VPN feature on their iPhone without incurring additional roaming charges?

  305. Peter Lewis

    I have just looked at my extra charges and it includes Euro Internet Pass which I didn’t ask for or will ever need, why is this being charged for.

  306. George McV.

    Setting up the ability to pre purchase say 1week in advance ought to be looked at by 3 ??

  307. rammblings101

    Minimal charges? So if my Facebook friends have uploaded an album of photos and these are refreshed to my iPhone in the background while I’m activating my Internet Pass – lets say 10 photos at 500kb each – that leaves me with a bill for just under £4.50. You don’t quote UK data charges in pence per Mb so why do so when sata roaming. 89p per Mb = £890 per Gb. Compared to typically £2 -£5 per Gb for a PAYG data bundle in the UK. How can those costs be justified?

  308. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rambblings101 – there is currently no option to purchase over Wifi. The charges received when activating it are minimal, charges in the EU are 69.9p per Mb.

  309. Moderator: Lauren

    @Maurice – it’s something we’re looking into but we’ve not got any timescales for this.

  310. rammblings101

    This process is even worse than I thought! I have just been on the telephone to Three Technical Support and they confirm that even if I have closed down all of my iPhone applications, as soon as I switch on Data Roaming and get an internet connection there are services running in the background that will transfer data. In the time it takes me to go to the Three Euro Internet Pass activation web page and purchase my pass, my phone could have transferred other data in the background without my knowledge. With data roaming charges typically in Europe of £890 per gigabyte, I for one am not prepared to take the risk. This service MUST be available to purchase and activate over a wifi connection.

  311. Maurice

    I understand that pass is still not available for the business customers. Do you have any update on this? Any intentions of making it available for the customers who will likely benefit the most?

  312. rammblings101

    I think this is a step in the right direction. However, uless the pass is purchased in advance, it is a step backwards having to make sure all your apps are closed and all notifications switched off before going online to purchase/activate the pass. Surely it would not be rocket science to find a way of activating the pass over a wifi connection? After having previously and inadvertently racked up £80 of charges abroad without actually ‘using’ my phone (i.e. just background activity that goe son all the time with an Android phone), I am somewhat reluctant to turn on data roaming! And as for the expiry at midnight UK time, why not go for a simple 24-hour duration pass, just like the type sold by T-Mobile, Orange, SwissCom etc. If I arrive in Germany at 9pm I only have a maximum of 4 hours usage before my pass expires, even though I’ve just paid £5 for it. Again, surely not rocket science to set the expiry for 24 hours post-activation?

  313. Ros

    @Paul CLK – No worries! I think everything you need to know is in the link I just sent you, but yes, you’ll need to turn on your roaming.

  314. Ros

    @Paul CLK – Yes you can do this before you leave or once you’ve arrived, all the info you need here:

  315. Paul CLK

    Sorry I forgot to ask Do I need to swith my data roaming on my iphone before I use it. Sorry for all the questions but I am not a techi (you may have noticed lol)

    Thank You

  316. Paul CLK

    I am very confused about how to get the pass. I go to Italy tomorrow for 7 days and would like to purchase one. Can I purchase before I go. If so how do I do it, I have a link on my phone from a text message, do I just follow that even though I am still in the uk
    I hope you can help me
    Thank you

  317. Moderator: Johanna

    @Simon – Can you just confirm you are a Three UK customer? You set up your phone for roaming before you left?

  318. Simon

    I’m a three customer, have 2 contract phones, in Sweden, have followed all the guidelines and cannot connect to the three europass server, have contacted their CS 4 times in 24 hours to be told to keep trying. I will be cancelling my contracts on return to the UK, this service is no good if it can’t be accessed !!

  319. Scott Gardner

    If it helps others, here’s a bit of clarification as to what actually happens when you’re abroad. When you’re daily Euro Internet Pass expires at midnight (1am CET), in the morning when you go to use the internet again you get a message that your data roaming is blocked and you have to choose whether you want to buy another Euro Internet Pass or just stick to standard data roaming rates. You can’t do anything until you make that choice, so it seems there is no chance of running up inadvertant data usage.

    The “switch off notifications” thing seems a bit of a red herring, as you won’t (and I didn’t) get any notifications until I made the choice every morning of buying a new pass or opting for standard data roaming. Once you make the choice, it takes up to 5 mins to become active. Some mornings it was immediate, some it took the full 5 mins.

    I was nervous about extra data costs from notifications etc by the way it has been explained, but in practise it works very very well. A weekly pass would be ideal though, as it would just save this flaffing about every morning.

  320. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andris – Glad you’ll taking advantage of the Euro data pass and I will of course pass your comments on. By the way, you don’t have to buy the pass at Midnight, you will be promoted when the previous pass expires and you can purchase the next pass at any point during that day.

  321. Andris

    This is a good start and I will be using it. But it is unhelpful to have to wake up at midnight in order to buy the pass for the next day. And every day having to go through the rigmarole of disabling notifications and background data while buying the pass, then turning everything back on. So please hurry with the weekly and monthly pass options. And ideal for your customers would be a bolt-on or opt-in that would automatically provide euro data and cap it at £5. Lack of Skype and shaping of streaming no problem for me.

  322. Moderator: Nicki

    @julian – Hi there, the EuroPass is only available for phones. If you’ve purchased it for a MiFi device customer services (08433733333) will be able to refund the charge for you as it won’t have been used.

  323. julian

    is the Euro Internet Pass option available using my 3 MiFi broadband ? If not what options do i have for that ? I have added credit to my account on the basis I can. If not, can i get a refund??

  324. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi there, sorry that you don’t like the cost of our EuroPass however we feel our offering is highly competitive within the market.

  325. Dan

    “For just £5 a day”

    Are you serious….

    If I wanted to use my 3 phone as normal for a 2 week holiday itll cost a extra £70 for the privilidge.

    Is it REALLY that expensive to provide bandwidth in the EU?

  326. Moderator: Johanna

    @Joe – The pass is only available for contract phones I’m afraid, not tablets or other MBB devices.

  327. Joe


    I have a pay monthly data only 3 micro SIM for my iPad. as far as I know my iPad cannot receive text messages so I can’t sign up for for the Euro Internet pass. Is there a way I can do this on the iPad without being dependant on text messaging?

    I suppose I could put my 3 Data SIM temporarily into an old unlocked phone to receive the text message and once signed up move the SIM back to my iPad – but that seems a clunky way of doing it. Is there a better way?



  328. Moderator: Kaz

    @PiRat – I can confirm that the Euro Internet Pass and AYCE data are unlimited without a usage limit.

  329. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nic – We have just released our Euro Internet Pass which give you unlimited data for £5 per day. Click here for more info.

  330. Moderator: Kaz

    @Bob Eccles – Sorry to read that you’ve been having issues activating the Euro Internet Pass in the UK…. You’ll need to bookmark the mobile Euro Internet Pass site on your phone so you’ll be able to purchase the pass before you leave. It will be valid from the time you buy it until midnight (UK time). Just to confirm, the link to bookmark is

  331. PiRat

    What I don’t understand is that the Euro Internet Pass has no usage limit but the All You Can Eat data does (T&C – 1000GB).

  332. Nic

    I have a Three data-only SIM on a monthly contract. It is used for data only.

    What arrangements do Three have for European roaming for data-only monthly contract holders – other than the ruinosly expensive “standard roaming charges”?

  333. Bob Eccles

    I’m going abroad tomorrow for 2 weeks, and whilst I think the euro Internet Pass is a great idea I think some of your customer services people perhaps need to be informed of it. Yesterday I was told there was no such thing. Today I’ve read and re-read your website and it clearly states that ‘if you need to use the internet as soon as you arrive in another EU country-just but a pass in the UK beforehand’ HOW I’ve just been told again by yet another customer services adviser what I already know, that I’ll receive a text with a link when I arrive in the EU. How does this activate the pass before I leave?
    I’m getting a bit frustrated now and very disillusioned with your telephone advisers.

  334. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stuart – I’m afraid it’s not currently available for mobile broadband. It’s something we’re looking into though. It would be standard roaming prices for mobile broadband abroad.

  335. Stuart

    is the Euro Internet Pass option available using my 3 MiFi broadband ? If not what options do i have for that ?

  336. Moderator: Lauren

    @Huw – are you using any data saving app’s such as Onavo? If so, turn it off then try and connect again.

  337. Huw


    I’m in Italy and I tried to buy your Euro Internet Pass yesterday.
    – I turned off my wi-fi connection
    – I switched on data roaming
    – then, when I ttried to access the site I was told I need to be on the Three network to access this page…

    Is there a number I can call or text instead?

  338. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jonathan – Hi there, this can be extended by calling us on +44 7782 333 330. If you’re calling while abroad you’ll be charged standard international call charges.

  339. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scott Gardner – Hi there, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to pull any strings, we work with the same policies as our customer service team.

  340. Jonathan

    If you hit the EU data cap, can it be extended? For example, if you take a 2 week holiday to France, and you want to use data everyday, then what can you do at day 10? I know on O2, you can text a special number to ask the cap to be reset. Does the same apply on Three?

  341. Scott Gardner

    @Joanna – yes, its a pay monthly SIM only. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this roaming ban lifted, but no-one at Three seems willing to do anything. It does seem as though I’ve made a mistake transferring to Three as I’m now going to be completely out of contact when I go on holiday on Friday. Unless you can pull any strings (pretty please?) 🙂

  342. Moderator: Johanna

    @Robert Croydon – The data cap relates to the cost of the data used. There are two alerts sent: a text alert when you reach 80% and then 95% of £49 telling you that you’ve nearly reached a data limit. It’s a monthly limit and applied across all customer tariffs.

  343. Moderator: Johanna

    @David – You can use the Euro Internet Pass so long as you have roaming activated on your plan 🙂

  344. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott Gardner – Can I just check what plan you’ve moved to? Is this a SIM-only contract?

  345. David

    What is the minimum tariff to use euro pass ie is it the rolling one month rolling contract?

  346. Scott Gardner

    I liked the sound of this Euro Internet Pass, so I transferred my pay monthly contract from Vodafone to Three last week so I could take advantage of it. I’ve now been told that all international roaming is blocked for the first two months of a contract, so when I go away on holiday next Friday, I’m going to have no access to any phone service at all when I’m away. I even offered to go through an additional credit check or pay some sort of security deposit, but the chap at your call centre had no idea what that meant. Help! Is there anything at all I can do, or have I made a terrible mistake transferring to Three?

  347. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danielle – You can check the breakdown of your bills via My3.

  348. danielle jade

    i got a htc for my birthday last year and was on the 15 pound a month rolling contract, and i never got any extra charges, i got a blackberry for my birthday this year, and my dad had to pay extra for bbm (which he knew about), but he went to pay my contract yesterday and there was £10 charges on internet and euro, i dont get why though, because i havnt been abroad or anything at all since i got it… what is going on??

  349. Moderator: Johanna

    @Robert Croydon – Good questions, just checking this out for you…

  350. Robert Croydon

    Thanks for the reply but it’s not clear if the £49 cap is a cap on the cost or the amount of data?

    ie after 70MBs at 69p it stops.


    after £49 you can keep using data without any extra charge?

    1) it’s not clear if the £49 is per calendar month?
    2) Would i be better off on a pay monthly deal given I am abroad most months?

  351. Moderator: Johanna

    @Robert Croydon – Right… If you’re on Pay As You Go your device will already be set up to use abroad, but you’ll need to top-up your account before you go away, some info on how to do this here. You can check the charges here – it is 69.9p per MB as stated in this blog post, we’ve just reduced our EU roaming charges in line with EU regs. The cap is £49. I hope this is helpful.

  352. Robert Croydon

    I have tried your call centre and they do not understand my question.

    I have a 3 mobile broadband sim (Pay as you go) and 3 Mi-Fi.

    I am going to Sweden for 10 days and will probably need 2-4GB of data in that time.

    I intended to connect my laptop, ipad and iPhone to the internet through it.

    What are my charges going to be?

    Is there a maximum cap?

  353. Moderator: Kaz

    @Graham – I’m afriad not, this pass is only available for contract phone customers.

  354. Graham jenkinson

    Is it availed for iPad yet traveling this Friday and will need to use whilst away in Greece

  355. Moderator: Kaz

    @andrew – I’m afraid not, a phone SIM can only be used for a device it was intended for. It will not work in a MiFi.

  356. Andrew

    Is this available on the mifi modem ?

  357. andrew

    I am going to spain soon,and am taken my mifi device with me for my tablet pc.,after i buy my euro internet pass,can i just not just take out my sim card and put it into my mifi defice?

  358. Moderator: Lauren

    @Geoff – I’m afraid this is currently not available on tablets. We’re looking into this at the moment and we’ll let you know when an offer becomes available.

  359. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hugh – 1. There should be a setting on your phone to turn off background data.

    2. After your Euro Internet Pass expires and while you remain in a day pass supported destination, all your internet services will be blocked until you decide to buy a new day pass or pay our standard EU roaming rates.

    3. We’re looking into this at the moment and we’ll let you know when an offer becomes available.

  360. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason langridge – Hi there, just available on phones at the moment I’m afraid.

  361. Moderator: Nicki

    @Charlie – Switzerland’s not in the EU I’m afraid.

  362. Charlie

    Oh my god!! Is this a joke?? Not available in Switzerland???

  363. Geoff Walton

    I have an I pad account. You can’t send e mails to me via the micro sim so how will this work for me?

  364. Hugh

    1. Regarding turning off Push notifications: I’m vaguely aware that there are settings on my Android phone to turn Sync off and on for GMail, etc. Is that what you mean? Do I have to do this for all apps that connect with the internet in the background? Is that possible for all apps? Per the phone’s Data Usage statistics many apps seem to connect to the internet for no obvious reason and outside my control.

    2. Surely you need a process whereby one can sign up for a day’s access without any risk of any data charges on top of the £5 daily charge. Otherwise the risk of unexpected and uncontrolled charges is too off-putting.

    3. Why isn’t this available for PAYG customers. Surely a good source of revenue for you. The local 3 Store said it was because you didn’t have a way of collecting the fee; but how does it differ from buying an add-on in the UK?

  365. Jason langridge

    Is this available for iPad ?

  366. Archie Simmons

    This EU internet sounds smashing. I am letting my relatives in the US who are due for a visit in a few months know about this. I know they are going to be ecstatic. Cheers!

  367. Moderator: Nicki

    @bcl666 – Hi there, the EuroPass does not include tethering.

  368. Moderator: Nicki

    @carl – Hi there, no work being carried out in the area, or any faults logged. The area is good outdoor with some indoor coverage so you’ll find your signal indoors will vary with certain areas being better than others.

  369. bcl666

    I’ll be driving down to Spain in August.
    If I buy this Euro pass will my kids be able to tether to my phone?

  370. carl

    is any work on masts going on in my area if not why not the speeds suck cant even watch a video properly [removed by Mod]

  371. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sebastian Gorgon – Hi there, we are looking at packages for weekly roaming, but nothing confirmed at the moment.

  372. Moderator: Nicki

    @Fix it – Sorry to hear you’re having issues. By service I’m assuming you mean coverage. If it is can you please send your full postcode and we’ll check the are for any work being carried out, or faults. Don’t worry we won’t publish it.

  373. Sebastian Gorgon

    This doesn’t seem bad if you’re in Europe for a day but if you’re in Europe for a month then £5×28 = £140,
    then it’s really rather bad… I’d be better off buying a sim card with 1GB data per week or so as they’re around £4,

  374. Fix it

    REALLY disappointed that I joined three. Service is just pure crap. My phone has not worked on three for over 2 weeks now, some idiot in a shop tried to “copy my sim” so I can try a new sim in the phone, he couldn’t even do that right, it hasn’t worked since he gave it to me.

    3 are crap so far and are being as slow as possible trying to fix the issue. It should just be a straight up swap, no questions asked but your quality is rubbish that I scrape of the bottom of my shoe.

  375. Moderator: Johanna

    @Kellea – We only advise to turn push notifications off whilst you don’t have the pass to save you incurring charges. The pass does run out at midnight so it may be worth leaving them switched off for your time away.

  376. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tom – Thanks for sharing your feedback, we’re taking it all on board and sharing with the team. Perhaps turning off the push notifications for the duration of your holiday would be a simpler way of managing this?

  377. Moderator: Johanna

    @William Springer – I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had. It sounds like our technical team tried to resolve the issue before putting you through to the cancellations dep but I’m afraid it is one month’s cancellation, so we’d advise you pay in full to terminate the contract.

  378. Kellea

    Hi, I have purchased the europass but I am still in the uk, will thus work when I get to Barcelona ? Also do I still need to turn off push notifications ? Should push notifications stay off while using the europass ?

  379. Tom

    “Then all you need to do is check the settings on your phone and switch data roaming to ‘on’, turn off your push notifications” – Is this some sort of joke?

    OK, I am not commenting on the price (ripoff), but how do you think we should do what you are suggesting above?

    Do you even know how to ‘switch push notifications off’? I have push notifications enabled in about 50 apps and you are telling me that every day, just before midnight I should go to the phone’s settings and go through every app, switch notifications off, then wait for you stupid TEXT, reactivate Euro pass, go to the settings and re-enable notifications for all those apps again? Can you please come up with something even more complicated next time?

  380. William springer

    I feel that Three have been in the process of conning me out of fifteen pounds for services I have not had and they don’t seem to be able to provide
    It started with being sold a fifteen pounds a month rolling contract for my iPad 3 which when I tried to use it would spend more time streaming than playing and after the first week I phoned three to cancell but they decided to put me through to “technical” who then had me running around trying to solve their problems after days of calls during which they put me through to technical who kept trying to sort out the problem i asked to cancell again but three
    Insisted that they could sort it all out and that I should try other locations then when I finally got them to cancell the contract they told me that I would need to give them a months notice and as IDE tried to use their useless services as per their suggestion I now owe them fifteen pounds which I contest as from day one three have provided a third rate service if you could call it that . They took all the fun out of using my new iPad 3

  381. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gordon Hamilton – Hi there, it would be available in all three of those countries. With regards to the actual cruise, you’d need to check with the company to see where their registered to. Cruise ships use the Maritime network, therefore you may be positioned in a certain country but you’d be billed for where ever the network/ship is registered to … this doesn’t necessarily mean Europe sometimes.

  382. Gordon Hamilton

    Hi there

    I am very interested in the Euro Internet Pass as I am going on a cruise in early July.

    I have an all-you-can-eat data plan and was wondering if this would also be available to me whilst at sea and in our ports of call.

    We are doing a Western Med cruise calling at Italy, France and Spain.


  383. Moderator: Nicki

    @Esther Taiwo – Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your phone.

    Unfortunately as a network we don’t repair or replace a faulty phone. You’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a minimum of 12 months and during this time we’d send your phone off to their nominated repair centre where they’d assess your phone and repair/replace in line with the standards set down by the manufacturer. The manufacturer stipulates a list of signs of damage whereby your phone would be deemed as beyond economical repair and would not be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately we have no control over what they consider to be beyond repair. Water damage can also be caused by any amount of moisture, not just lots of water. Each phone has water damage triggers which turn a different colour if exposed to water. If they’ve changed colour then the manufacturer would deem that as water damage I’m afraid.

    Do you have insurance that you could claim through? Another idea would be to purchase a cheap pay as you go phone to use your contract sim card in.

  384. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jamie k – Hi there, when your bill is produced, you’ll be able to view this in your My3 account online. You can then download a PDF format of the bill showing all charges 🙂

  385. Jamie k

    How can I find out exactly where I’m incurring extra charges on my monthly bill from?

  386. Esther Taiwo

    Ever since i have been with 3, i have never had good service. with thm. There is always a problem. they messed up my monthly bill for a while even though i had been with them before and just upgraded to a 18month sim only contract. I still decided to saty with them after 20 months and upgraded my contract. I had to fight with them and write in to the complaints department before i could upgrade my contract. they gave me a 24 months contract for £36 a month. after 2 months of having the contract, my phione stopped working. They claied its water damage even though up to now i am still shocked how water entered the phone. They could not give me an option. They advised that they cannot fix the phone and cannot give me any new phone. Now i have no phone for the next 21 months. I had to borrow a friend’s phone (which is embarrasing) and she now needs her phone back. They would not even offer me an early upgrade so i can have a phone to use. so i am jsut wasting money for a service that i will not use. I am so guted as my phone helps me alot with my work and my day to day living. I will not recommend anyone to 3. Its best to go with orange or o2. they have good deals, better network coverage and they will look after you. i wish i had gone with one of them now. The only reason i went with 3 was becuase i have clients and friends on the network (pay as yoou go). At least they are smart enough to stick with pay as you go and not go for any contract with 3. Their service is rubbish and not helpful at all. Never agian!!!! DO NOT GO WITH 3 PEOPLE!!!

  387. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jamie W – You will need to have roaming enabled to buy the pass. You can call the team on +44 7782 333 333 to do this. Or tweet the team @ThreeUKSupport and they can look into this for you.

  388. Jamie W


    Can you help? I’m currently in Berlin and connected to the network. I tried to buy a euro pass for the first time today, but it seems like I don’t have a data connection at all because I can’t even reach the page to buy one!

    All the settings relation to roaming are enabled (Samsung Galaxy S2 – “use packet data” data roaming set to “all networks”) but I have a constant notification in my notification drawer that says “you have lost data connectivity because you left your home network with data roaming switched off.”

    Data roaming was indeed switched off when I left the UK (and so the last time my phone was connected to 3). Does this mean that despite me changing the setting it won’t let me roam because I clearly had no intention of doing so when I left the UK? I’ve changed my mind! help!

  389. Moderator: Lauren

    @KTF – we don’t comment on what other networks are doing. There’s currently no plans to change our pricing for now.

  390. Moderator: Lauren

    @Channelle – If you call 333 or 0843 373 3333 our customer care team can remove it for you.

  391. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jason – Sorry it is not possible at the moment but we’re working on it.

  392. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ant – thanks for your feedback. Sorry it is not possible to buy more than one pass at a time at the moment but we’re working on it.

  393. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patrick – we’re not traffic managing customers when they are using the Euro Internet Pass however you won’t be connected to our network when you are using it so we can’t guarantee what the service will be like.

  394. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jonathan – There’s no fair use policy. While your Euro Internet Pass is active and you’re roaming in a supported destination (e.g. EU excluding some French Islands) and using the pass in accordance with our terms, you won’t pay data roaming
    rates. The Euro Internet Pass was designed for browsing, so streaming video and audio content may not be as good as it is on our UK network and tethering isn’t included. We manage and optimise streaming through a mixture of techniques.

    The pass is valid from the time you buy it until midnight (UK time) that day. We’ll send you a text a few hours before midnight to let you know that your pass is going to expire. The pass is valid from the time you buy it until midnight (UK time) that day. We’ll send you a text a few hours before midnight to let you know that your pass is going to expire.

    Thanks for your feedback, it has been passed onto the relevant department.

  395. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patrick – We’re looking into this at the moment and we’ll let you know when an offer becomes available.

  396. KTF

    £5 a day with restrictions is too much. Why cant it be more like the Vodafone EuroTraveller where, for £3 a day, you can use your UK price plan in Europe.


  397. channelle

    What, I didn’t even agree to purchasing this. I think its pointless for me because I’m not going abroad! Money back please!!

  398. Jason

    Is there anyway to “book” the data roaming in advance? So buy it in a block before you travel? Or buy 5 days at a time etc?

  399. Ant Stephenson


    I got this message myself, I’m very pleased a more open pricing structure has been published. I was always worried about using my phone abroad, I mean £5 for a day is pretty incredible. I see you’re accepting suggestions so please listen to what I think (pretty please). For me, and possibly many others I think £5 a day is pretty good, a nice flat rate, though it could become pretty expensive if you were to use the internet occasionally for more than a day. What would be nice, is to see some sort of a weekly pass, there’s no point in putting a fortnightly / monthly pass, you could probably just pay flat rate per week. I like to use the web, but on holiday I certainly won’t be sitting around on my phone all day, but I would still consider purchasing a flat rate weekly pass, at a reasonable rate, £20 would be reasonable to me.

    Though I’m in no position to argue about fair pricing as I’m totally unaware of the data charges incurred by yourselves for providing us the service while using another carriers network. I guess in some ways you’ve probably priced it appropriately for a high usage situation.

    As always, this is the reason I stay with Three, I enjoy my unlimited data plan in the UK (One plan). I don’t use it excessively, but I do like to enjoy the freedom and not having to worry about usage limits. I’m also glad one mobile network is willing to admit that a 500/1GB cap on data isn’t appropriate anymore with the growing smartphone business.

  400. Patrick

    Previous comments about it not being suitable for streaming seem to imply that we should not expect to get a particularly fast connection even when we get a good signal. Is there any throttling of download speed in use when accessing the internet from a handset using this unlimited option?

  401. Patrick

    Will there be any similar options for PAYG customers?

  402. Jonathan

    I don’t seem to be alone in thinking this is confusing and would like to get a few things cleared up before running the risk of experimenting with my charges…

    1) “All you can eat data” abroad seems to apply only on certain parts of this alleged buffet – no tethering, no spotify and throttled video, no?

    2) Then there’s the zero-rated URL: which is great, except that the package appears to run until midnight. So if you leave roaming on overnight with the intention of buying again the next morning or don’t flick it off at the stroke of midnight, you’re going to get walloped with charges on the emails coming in and app data from midnight until whenever you wake up, no? Or can you buy at any point in the day and the previously run up charges will be bundled in?

    I really have to ask, why three’s marketing team in their infinite wisdom, didn’t just set a cap of £5 on data usage without tethering within the occidental parts of the EU zone that they are covering without requiring customers to jump through hoops to access the service and wade through reams of smallprint to know whether or not they can check their emails.

  403. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke Stevens – Yep you can still buy the EuroPass when data roaming is turned off as we’ve zero rated the URL you need to click on to purchase it.

  404. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matt – Hi there, the Europass is only available for phone use at the moment. We’re looking into mobile broadband at the moment and we’ll let you know when an offer becomes available.

  405. Moderator: Nicki

    @wideboy – Hi there, where is it you’re seeing this? Is it on My3? My3 has been adjusted to show Europass allowances, although if you’ve not bought it there won’t be any allowances, or charges showing.

  406. Luke Stevens

    So even when data roaming is off we can still buy the data booster and the data booster will work?

  407. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi there, I’m afraid what’s included in your plan is UK data and there’s no way of using this allowance outside the UK. We’re constantly reviewing our offerings and I’ll certainly pass your suggestions on.

  408. Moderator: Nicki

    @Keith – In order to stop data charges through roaming you’d just need to turn your data roaming settings to UK only. Check out our guide here

  409. Matt

    I have a 3 mobile mifi dongle and pay monthly data contract. Can the euro pass be used with it?

  410. wideboy

    Just back from Ibiza and checking current usage I see I have Euro Internet Pass listed. Interesting since data whilst roaming was disabled…in fact all mobile data was disabled before getting on plane in UK. Only internet access was via wifi.
    why am I being charged?

  411. Dan

    So basically just £155 per month on top of what I’m already paying you, I’m disapionted. I just want to get the amount of data I’m already paying you for! Why can’t you offer some kind of bolt on to let me use my 1GB of data in europe!

  412. Keith

    Well, having read all the above posts I am now totally confused and thinking I will leave my phone at home for my week in the Algarve next month.
    I sure as hell do not want to give three an extra £35 – £40 because I didn’t stop all notifications that use data.

    I am not a young techno savvy user of my latest phone and feel this is something that 3 are taking advantage of, we should an understandable way to opt in or out of this option to ensure we do not have the pleasure of handing over more of our hard earned cash to 3.

    Just how do I simply stop any and all applications that may be accessing a data link to ensure I do not get stung by this wonderful new feature?

  413. Moderator: Nicki

    @Will – Thanks for spotting that. Tethering is not included.

    @Craig – Sorry for the confusion over the iPhone tethering. The info I previously gave was UK based. It would work like that in UK, but not outside UK using the EuroPass.

  414. Will

    Erm… So reading your last two posts we conclude that tethering’s definitely not allowed but you can use the iPhone hotspot if you have tethering enabled??? Not sure you’re eradicating the confusion at all Nicki??? 😉

  415. Moderator: Nicki

    @Shane – sorry you think it’s confusing. Tethering is not permitted.

    Re Spotify – The Euro Internet Pass was designed for browsing, so streaming video and audio content may not be as good as it is on our UK network and tethering isn’t included. We manage and optimise streaming through a mixture of techniques.

    Any other apps you’re querying?

    Thanks for your feedback on price, we believe the product offers excellent value for money for as much internet allowance as you want, but I’ll pass your comments on.

  416. Shane

    I’m afraid Three that, yet again, this hasn’t been thought through particularly well has it?!

    So much confusion about tethering and then mention of limits on Spotify and other apps….And let’s not even mention again the price!!!

    As has been posted earlier, you are competing at times with an arm of your own company (Three France) who offer a cheaper alternative by using a local SIM.

    Back to the drawing board…

  417. Moderator: Nicki

    @Craig – Hi there, I’m afraid tethering is not included in the EuroPass – sorry for the confusion.

  418. Craig

    BE CAREFUL – I just accidentally bought a Euro Pass in the UK! The website you gave has has a button saying ‘Buy Euro Pass’ if you click it there is not opportunity to confirm or anything, it’s bought – even if you’re in the UK at the time!

    I think 3 needs to add the normal ‘confirm purchase’ screen or something – or at least a warning that pressing this button will cost you.

  419. Moderator: Nicki

    @Robin – Hi there, glad you like the look of the pass. We’re constantly reviewing our offerings and I’ll pass your comments on. We are working on a way to offer it on a weekly basis but no timescales for this at the moment.

  420. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ashley – Hi there, I’m afraid you’d need international roaming activated on your account before you’d be able to use the EuroPass.

  421. Craig

    Just wanting to double check whether using the Personal Hotspot feature on my iPhone is going to work? (e.g. so that I can browse the internet on my WiFI-only iPad)

  422. Moderator: Nicki

    @Terry – Hi there, yep it’s as much as you want 🙂

  423. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – We highly recommend that customers turn their My3 settings to UK only. This way, even if you have roaming enabled at a network level and data roaming is switched on in your phone’s settings, you won’t incur roaming charges from any applications that use data on your phone while you’re buying the Euro Internet Pass.

    The URL to buy the pass is then zero rated so you can access this even with your settings turned to UK only.

    I’m afraid it is not possible to buy this for the entire week at the moment but we’re working on it.

  424. Moderator: Nicki

    @Daz – Hi there, the URL for buying the pass has been zero rated so you can access this even with roaming turned off. There will be no charges for accessing this URL. To avoid charges while buying the pass (ie from data that apps running in the background may use) we recommend you turn your My3 settings to UK only.

    With regards to your comments on the cost, I’ll pass these on.

  425. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke Stevens – Hi there, the URL is zero rated so there will be no charge to access that site. We do recommend you change your My3 settings to UK only. This way, even if you have roaming enabled at a network level and data roaming is switched on in your phone’s settings, you won’t incur roaming charges from any applications that use data on your phone while you’re buying the Euro Internet Pass.

  426. Luke Stevens

    Looking at one of the mods previous comments, are you saying that if we disable data roaming in the My3 settings, it will still let us buy the pass and use it? Does the pass basically not count as data roaming?

  427. Terry


    Is there a limit to the amount of data? Or is this a use as much as you want model?


  428. Robin

    Will there be any alternatives available to the £5 per day? All you can eat data for a fiver is definitely brilliant, but surely not required for most holiday makers. For example, a cheaper capped weekly allowance that can be topped up if they run out of data. Would be much easier to manage especially as most people use their smart phones abroad for uploading photo’s and checking Facebook and/or Twitter, or if you’re like me get lost easy and need a map to find your way back to your hotel!

    Although the prices are greatly reduced people may be equally surprised when their usual £25 bill comes in at £75, just because they had two weeks in Europe. A weekly cap would allow them to keep tighter tabs on their internet usage and their bill as a whole.


  429. daz

    I have to say I don’t see this as value for money as no one would want to have only one or two days of data. If you were away for 2 weeks it would cost £70 for the data and then all the call costs on top. This deal is going to cost you a lot more than that cheap flight you took to get there.

    “free-to-access mobile site at To avoid any charges, you can change your My3 settings to UK only.”

    I admit I don’t understand this,how will that work? If I am out of the UK and set my phone to only work in the UK how can any web site be visited if roaming has been turned off?

    ” This way, even if you have roaming enabled at a network level and data roaming is switched on in your phone’s settings, you won’t incur roaming charges from any applications that use data on your phone while you’re buying the Euro Internet Pass.”

    Again is it set to non-roaming or set to roaming? This is very confusing, most people just won’t get it and not do the above.

    I personally think if we all do some research before going away it should be possible to buy a local SIM with lots of DATA and call allowances for £30 – £40 for the full month, which is much cheaper. Come on we all spend time plan for the Holiday and getting a good deal, a little planning for you phone is going to save you money too.

    This is a good first try from Three but may be not really good enough. There is going to be a lot of people complaining about charges incurred every time the £5 top-up is added because they have not set it up correctly to stop the data after the current top-up has ran out. If this happens Three will eventually just pull this deal as they previously did with the 3 Like Home roaming deal.


  430. Dan

    Is there a way to activate this without visiting the site. Use case: On the iphone there are so many background services that eat data (email, notifications, etc) that the mere act of turning on roaming data in order to get to the web page to buy the add-on is likely to chew through a ton of data as everything else wakes up and starts using data. To go through everything and turn off background checking will be a right pain.

    Secondly is there a way I can opt-in to this add-in for the entire week I am away so that I don’t have to buy it every day?

  431. Ashley

    I’ve just gone and signed up for a sim only 30 day, however after singing up was informed can’t use roaming for 60 days. Spoke to phone support they said there was nothing they could do. Do you know if there is a way I can still use the £5 day as go away tomorrow and hw above reason was the last reason why decided to change from o2 to three!


  432. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ashley – yes Ibiza is covered under Spain 🙂

  433. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – Sorry it is not possible at the moment but we’re working on it.

  434. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hip59 – Sorry if I’ve confused you. Kaz is correct that the call charges ect will remain the same. However they will be the same as what they are to be priced at that time. Right now the EU regulations haven’t come into place yet you can get the Euro Internet Pass. When the prices lower then they will stay the same and will not be affected when you get the Euro Internet Pass as it is for data only. Sorry for any confusion.

  435. Moderator: Lauren

    @Pete – it’s currently only available for pay monthly phones. We’re looking into other options and will announce these when these are available.

  436. hip59

    @Lauren sorry to post yet again. You are stating that call charges will fall in line with EU rates. However KAZ in his post clearly stated thay call charges,sms etc were remaining the same as atated to another user:

    ” @Rich – Thanks for your comments and I will pass them on. This pass is only to access the internet, call and sms charges will remain the same”

    Its no wonder we are geting and are confused when the mods of this fourm cant agree what is what is not changing . Can the mods get a crip and agree content for the blog. Further more its a shame the date roaming and callcharges were not relesed at same tim in the first place to advoid confustion.

  437. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – Skype On 3, (3’s voice Skype service, launched in 2006) is blocked for all international roaming.

    However, customers can use Skype via data roaming if they download the Skype peer-peer client onto their handset directly from Skype or from an app store and this will work via the Euro Internet pass

  438. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hip59 – Sorry you feel that way. We will be lowering our prices alongside any EU regulations.

  439. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – Sorry it is not possible at the moment but we’re working on it. The pass is valid from the time you buy it until midnight (UK time) that day. We’ll send you a text a few hours before midnight to let you know that your pass is going to expire.

  440. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jason – thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass your comments onto the Euro Pass team for review.

  441. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – The pass can only be purchased from our free-to-access mobile site at To avoid any charges, you can change your My3 settings to UK only. This way, even if you have roaming enabled at a network level and data roaming is switched on in your phone’s settings, you won’t incur roaming charges from any applications that use data on your phone while you’re buying the Euro Internet Pass. Unfortunately it is not possible to future date the pass at the moment but we’re working on it.

  442. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tony – thanks for your feedback. We will pass your comments on.

  443. Pete

    Can I use this in my iPad 3G. If not, when does a smart phone become a tablet?

  444. Chris Lambert

    Is it possible to buy a pass in advance of going abroad to avoid having to do it each day?

  445. Ashley

    Website says Spain is covered does that cover Ibiza or not?

  446. James H

    I think it’s really important that you clarify what and what is not tolerated here, as part of the agreement, as tethering clearly is not but other waters have already been muddied.

    So – Skype is not permitted. But will we be charged extra for using it? What about SIP applications instead of Skype? And what about streaming radio – will that be billed?

    If you continue to charge premium rates abroad, customers will want to maximise value. So you need to be clear.

  447. hip59

    @ Kaz

    I not your commnet to another blog user as follows: ” Thanks for your comments and I will pass them on. This pass is only to access the internet, call and sms charges will remain the same”

    I do not feel three are falling in line with the EU who have set new rates of:

    The new prices caps, which will enter into force on 1 July 2012, are:
    29 cents per minute to make a call, plus VAT
    8 cents per minute to receive a call, plus VAT
    9 cents to send a text message, plus VAT

    I for one will be using a local sim card, three have let us the users down No changes to call costs againinst EU ruling in respect of call charges and while you have cut prices for data to £5 a day this will mean it will cost me £70 to use data over 14 days in August.

  448. Simon Brock-Gunn

    This is a great price, but it sounds a bit complicate to activate with out incurring extra charges. Firstly, “turn off your push notifications” – I can’t see a single setting for this on my iPhone; looks like I have to go through the settings for every single application, one at a time (and then afterwards I will have to turn them all back on again). Secondly, “Internet on your phone until midnight that day” – does that mean you have to go through this process every single day, and if you don’t turn off roaming before midnight, then you will start being charged full cost again?

    I echo what others have said: just give us an easy way to set this up in advance so it automatically applies every day.

  449. Jason

    Surely £5 per 24hrs is fairer ? Or the option of block buying 7 days so you don’t have to mess around after midnight each night ?

  450. Simon

    Hi, I think this is a move in the right direction, however as pointed out, some of the other networks offers are probably more attractive. I would also follow up on a point raised by another comment – I think smartphone users, particularly iPhone users may find the set up ends up costing them. The minute data roaming is turned on, the iPhone will be downloading data, and if you have a lot of apps, it’s difficult to go and turn alerts off for all of them. Surely a system where the option can be activated prior to departure would reduce the risk of excessive data charges? I fear Three’s call centre may receive some unhappy calls this summer.

  451. Tony

    I think this is a major improvement and was desperately needed given that all the other networks offer roaming add ons now. However I agree that £5/day is a bit steep and an option for £2.5 for 20MB or something like that would be nice. Or a fixed data amount to be used over 30 days.

    I think however that having to go to a link to sign up every day is a terrible idea and many people will forget and get caught out. Why not make it automatic? For example charge normal per MB rates up to a maximum of £5/day so if you use less you pay less and if you use more you will never pay more than £5/day.

  452. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rich – Thanks for your comments and I will pass them on. This pass is only to access the internet, call and sms charges will remain the same.

  453. Rich

    Oh, and also, I forgot to ask…. how does call & sms charges fit in with all of this? Are they on top of these data charges?

  454. Rich

    Firstly I want to say it’s good that Three are offering some kind Roaming offer, because when I went away for a month recently I couldn’t even make calls…. my phone was basically a brick – unlike my friends phone on o2 which worked as it should!

    As others have stated, whilst £5 for unlimited data is nice, it would be good to have other options for other less data hungry users! For example couldn’t you also add an option like say £2 for 50MB also? Unlimited data is nice but not many people would want to pay £5 every day for a 2 week holiday! Another option would be to offer say a total of 200MB for £15 which you can consume in whatever time you want? Day Data Roaming allowances seem backward to me…

    More options please Three!

  455. Roger Killick

    Major improvement ny 3; but a pity it is not automatic. I want this facility for my daughter who regularly visits family in Germany. On my own Orange account, once enabled, it just knows when I am in other EU countries and using data, and charges me £ 3/day for 30 MB for those days (obviously signicantly more expensive per MB than the new 3 deal) but just works from the second I get off the plane.

  456. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – The EU data limit of £43 only applies to standard EU data roaming. When customers buy this pass they access data roaming as per the terms of the pass do not apply. We cant automatically offer the pass as its a product and we can only offer to customers to buy it at a cost of £5.

  457. Moderator: Kaz

    @hip59 – Yes this pass does include BlackBerry’s. This Pass is designed to use the internet only, you can find out our costs while abroad here

  458. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – I’m afraid Skype is not included in this pass. You can check out the cost of calls while abroad here

  459. Moderator: Kaz

    @Bob – Yes it is.

  460. Mike

    Good start but totally useless for me because it excludes Switzerland!

  461. Moderator: Kaz

    @Benjamin Howarth – The pass can only be purchased from our free-to-access mobile site at

    To avoid any charges, you can change your My3 settings to UK only. This way, even if you have roaming enabled at a network level and data roaming is switched on in your phone’s settings, you won’t incur roaming charges from any applications that use data on your phone while you’re buying the Euro Internet Pass.

  462. Bob

    Is this available to SIM only monthly contracts??


  463. Benjamin Howarth

    I’m in Copenhagen right now and customer services didn’t even have a clue about this bolt-on until I pointed them to the part of the Three website about it.

    How do I get this if I’m in a foreign country right now? I arrived here one day before the Euro Internet Pass became available, and so I haven’t received the “automatic text message” with the URLs to sign up. Furthermore, I can’t seem to access my net from my phone here right now (and I have data roaming enabled both on my handset and on my account).

  464. Eamonn O Cathain

    Brilliant facility, especially since 3 UK withdrew from the 3 Like Home scheme, a bizarre move in my opinion.

    I for one welcome unlimited data -these other offerings of 25mb and 50mb (which you can easily go over) I would use up in a couple of coughs on HeyTell.

    Don’t understand the bit about data though -with Three the mantra has always been “data is data” -why has that changed?

    However, i do concur with others’ observations that five quid is a lot. I couldn’t do this every day when I can get a local SIM in say, France for 9,99 for four days. It would be nice if you kept this 5GBP a day offer coupled with 15GBP a week or at least something that would be cheaper than 35. If not, I will continue to buy 3 French data SIMs for a two week holiday for 30€ (includes hotspot) as opposed to 70GBP (which doesn’t). I may use it on day of arrival and departure though, until set up locally.

  465. Luke Stevens

    Hi there. I’m assuming this overrides the £50 a month abroad data limit? If so your legal team forgot to tell you that you need to add that to end of everywhere that advertises the new Euro pack.

    Also maybe you’d be better off letting people automatically opt-in so every time they use the internet abroad it’s just £5 for the day. Having to turn off push notifications, push email is a bit of an ordeal for less tech savvy customers.\

  466. Moderator: Kaz

    @Elaine – I’m afraid tethering is not included in this pass.

  467. Elaine

    Does it include personal hot spot enabled data ?

  468. Moderator: Kaz

    @CBers – The Euro Internet Pass lets you use the internet in the EU for unlimited emails, web browsing, social updating, maps, photo uploading as often as you like without worrying about going over your data allowance and incurring data roaming costs.

  469. Moderator: Kaz

    @Steven – This pass is only available to contract phone customers.

  470. Moderator: Kaz

    @Robin – I’m afraid this pass does not include tethering, sorry.

  471. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – The Euro Internet Pass lets you use the internet in the EU for unlimited emails, web browsing, social updating, maps, photo uploading as often as you like without worrying about going over your data allowance and incurring data roaming costs. You can access applications like Spotify and YouTube for streaming but it’s restricted.

  472. Holiday user

    Sounds good for the business traveller – but what about the holiday go-er. 5 pounds is a lot for everyday of your holiday when you probably don’t want unlimited data, just enough to check a few emails, check out Google maps of where you are and maybe catch up on the footie scores.

    This doesn’t compete very well with the T-Mobile alternative – £2 per day allowing 25Meg of data. A much better value option that I would have expected 3 to try and top.

    Don’t get me wrong £5 is a good deal for unlimited data abroad compaerd to the existing price per Mg but I think 3 have missed an opportunity to get well ahead of the competition

  473. Will

    That price is rather expensive, £5/day is £35/week or £70/fortnight. Whilst initiatives like this are welcomed, I think the price point is set too high.

    I’d probably still opt to pick up a local SIM with data than pay that large amount. I’d jump on this if it was a lower price (£2 or £3 per day)

  474. Hazel

    This is a huge improvement but it is still pricey . I’d prefer 500mb /1gb for £2.50 -£3 or something. After all we are on holiday and 500mb/1gb would be plenty.

    £5 a day for a 10 day euro break would be £50 – over the £40 Euro roaming cap.

  475. CBers

    £5 per day is a bit steep.

    Perhaps £20 per 7 days would be better.

    Does the pass allow unlimited data usage each day ??

    Is there a rebate against the unlimited plan already in place on monthly tariffs ??

  476. liz mayer

    At £1.28/mb normally this is a good deal. Shame its arrived to late My trip just ended and I have a large bill!

  477. PilgrimChris

    A good start from Three. Would like to see the price reduced for longer periods abroad though. Say a month pass?

  478. aldo

    Brilliant stuff guys. I’m with 3 because of the superb data allowances and performance in the UK. The one thing lacking was the inability to use it abroad which now is finally being adressed. Just to check, does this also work on payg? Hopefully this will be improved in the future to perhaps allow multiple days to be bought for less. For example, a 2 week trip at £5 a day could get pretty pricy but offer a bundle for £20 a week or something and you’ll get many takers for those that need it. Just think it will be possible to use google maps when on holiday or a language translation app without worrying about the data charges. yay!

  479. Steven

    Excellent news. Will this also apply to my iPad if I activate roaming on it?

  480. Robin

    This is a really good start: I look forward to the same charges in Europe as at home: does this allowance cover tethering?

  481. Dave

    Sounds good that you can offer unlimited data (does that also allow Skype to be used) but what about the cost of incoming calls and making phonecalls in EU countries?
    Will you offer what Vodafone is doing where it comes out of your monthly minutes?

  482. hip59

    Well done three, but I do have a few questions as follows:

    1. Does this includ blackberrys?
    2. Thers no information about costs of calls or if indeed they are included in this £5 a day deal like Vodafone/O2 have done in theirs.

    Im sure these are the questions others will ask

  483. James

    Waiting for this forever, but then… a fiver a day?!
    Do you have to go to that link after UK midnight every day to buy again?

    The cost and benefit of this is so hidden in the lengthy post and not very clear on the main site.
    Is it unlimited data?

    That’s £70 for a 2 week holiday… not sure if anyone did any research, but the competition charge £1.50 – £2.50 a day. Albeit for a smaller allowance, but some cheaper options would’ve been nice.

    Going to have to stick to local SIM cards for another summer…

  484. Mark (ISPreview)

    What are the limits? Surely you can’t have people downloading GigaByte’s over their mobile broadband for just £5 per day?

  485. Richard Sobey

    /Just/ a fiver a day? That’s £35 for your average 7 day holiday! It’s good thinking, and I’m sure cheaper than using data abroad otherwise, but I think I’ll be passing on this.

  486. Joao Carreiro

    So for a week’s net abroad you’d pay £35?

    How doing some light passes like T-Mobile, ie, for £5 you get 20MB and can use it for a week?

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