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The roll-out of Ultrafast on Three.

Since our launch in 2003 we’ve been focused on building a mobile network for easy access to the internet.  We’re not afraid to say that we <3 it. Right from the start, it’s what we were built for. And we know you’ve all been chomping at the bit for an update on our network story so without further ado, let me put you in the picture.

In our last network blog post we talked about our advanced and award winning network. We’d been busy rolling out HSPA+, which has now made fast internet access available to almost 90% of the UK population.

But we haven’t stopped there; we want to be able to offer Ultrafast internet. To do this, we’re deploying DC-HSDPA technology in our network and increasing the speed of our big data pipes, that connect everything back to the internet.

In 2013, we’ll add LTE to our Ultrafast network to increase our capacity even more. Our Ultrafast network will give you guys even faster browsing, social networking and downloading. You’ll also enjoy increased speeds that will be more than enough for data-hungry services like HD video streaming.

By the end of 2012 we aim to have Ultrafast internet rolled out to over half of the UK population, with more than 80% of the population covered by April 2013. In fact, right now, 39% of the population already have access to our Ultrafast network, with coverage available in 50 of the UK’s biggest cities and towns. Which is good, because we’ve added a million customers in the past year.

All You Can Eat data is the perfect partner for our Ultrafast network, so it’s easy to see why we carry over 40% of the UK’s mobile data traffic.

We already have a number of devices that are Ultrafast compatible – iPhone 5, the new iPad, E2356 dongle, Sony Xperia T and Windows Phone 8X. So if you’re using any of these in an area where this has already been rolled out, you’re going to enjoy even better internet speeds.

To check if this Ultrafast network has been rolled out in your area, click here.

490 Responses to The roll-out of Ultrafast on Three.
  1. rajiv patel

    really good

  2. Moderator: Lauren

    @Seamus – really sorry to hear this. Is this happening all over or in the one area? If it’s the one area, please let me know the full postcode affected (I won’t publish this) and I’ll take a look at this for you.

  3. seamus kane

    My three 4g modem has stopped working – it gets as far as the home page and says there is a weak signal from HSPA. I cannot select other options.

  4. Moderator: Claire

    @Jose Silva – Hi, I’ve checked the first postcode and our technical guys are working to resolve a known issue ASAP. The second postcode doesn’t bring up anything, can you reconfirm this one? Thanks.

  5. Jose Silva

    @Claire [removed by mod]… THIS two are the worse, both in the middle of the street, and I barely have Internet

  6. Moderator: Claire

    @Jose Silva – Hi, I’ve checked your area and we are updating the local mast which will affect service until this is complete by the 3rd December. Do you have any full postcodes of the areas in London you have slow speeds? Does this happen at certain times of day? Thanks.

  7. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob – Hi, can you confirm the full postcode and we’ll check the area? We won’t publish this but can check the area further. Are you having this issue with other areas? Thanks.

  8. rob


    I seem to be having a problem with the 3g/h/h+ connections in my area. L40

    The problems don’t seem to be anywhere else

    When my galaxy note 2 switches between the network speeds (3g, h and h+) when either in an app using data, watching a video or browsing the internet, and the connection goes from h+ down to h, it freezes the incoming and outgoing data. The connection is really laggy and takes a minute or two to come back on. I’ve tried allsorts but don’t know why is doing this

    Please help

  9. Jose Silva

    @Chris [removed by mod] but here I have good coverage and fair speed, my problem is in the rest of london, in several places of work, i god full bars but i can only manage to get HSPA+ at very poor speed, and i am not the only one, my house mate has the same problem, I have a nexus 5 and he have an xperia Z1 compact so its not a phone problem

  10. Moderator: Chris

    That’s not what we like to hear, @Jose Silva 🙁 If you send over your full postcode (which I’ll edit out before posting) I’ll let you know if there are any faults in the area and what we’re doing about it.

  11. Jose Silva

    Hi, am I the only one having poor Internet speed with HSPA+ in London? With 4G it’s perfect, but when I am in places that I only got HSPA+ it’s like returning to the stone age… Are tou guys working on a solution for that?

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @Dan – Hi, the coverage is showing as strong indoors and outdoors. Have you got a phone to test the speed or a pay as you go SIM? This can give you an idea what to expect in the area. Thanks

  13. Dan

    Hi my postcode is [removed by mod] but i have allready checked the coverage and it is fine here, indoor and outdoor.

  14. Moderator: Claire

    @Dan – Hi, we can’t give an average speed in an area as it depends on lots of different factors. Can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the signal strength for you? We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  15. Dan

    Hi, I’m going to be getting the ee kestrel unlocked and i plan to use it on your network, im wondering though as 4g is not yet available in my area what speeds will i get? i have a xperia u now that is apparently capable of 14mbps download but it is only as fast as my other phone which is only capable of 7mbps downloads, i get avg 2 dl and 1.5 ul.

    will i get dc hspa+ or DC HSDPA, which is better?

  16. Moderator: Kris

    @Dan Sounds like you’ve not been in an area with strong enough signal to receive the H. You can check the strength of expected service in areas right here.

  17. Dan

    Although using a 5s I have never seen this supposed H to signify that I am receiving the 3.9g is there something that should have been done to activate this?

  18. Moderator: Allan

    @Kelvin – Yes this will work on our 4G network

  19. kelvin

    im buying a Sony xperia sp lte will ur network support it on 4g

  20. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Jakir – Sorry that you had to give the postcode again but we have to remove them from the public forum. Having a look at your area there is nothing that would suggest any issues that would cause your bad experience as you seem to be in a good coverage area. There is some upgrade due in a few months though. You might be best to call our network team on 0845 355 0304 or 333 if you have a 3 phone with us. They will run through full diagnostics with you and check the connection when it starts/stops to see if there is anything they can do to help. Thanks >Bernie

  21. Jakir

    I already gave it previously but it is ( removed by mod )

  22. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jakir – sorry to read this, if you let us know a full postcode (we won’t publish this!) I can check for any issues in your area.

  23. Jakir

    Hi, I got a new contract in August and it has always been very slow. On average it is between 0.5 and 0.6 mb/s; lucky to get 1mb/s. My upload speed is faster than download so surely there is something wrong.
    Can you please let me know what is going on?

  24. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Jakir – Hi there, I’ve had a look for you and you should be getting 3G in your area. Have you always had slow speeds or has this only been happening recently?

  25. Jakir

    Hi, Looking at the three coverage checker on the website; it says DC HDSPA is not available in my area. Can you please tell me what I am getting as the speeds are extremely slow. Postcode is [Removed by Moderator]

  26. Moderator: Daniela

    @Sofiane – Sorry, had a look at your local mast and there’s a fault at the moment I’m afraid. It’s something we’re aware of and working on. Sorry about this.

  27. Sofiane

    Hi, it seems I’m also having crazy slow speed on my iphone 5. Here is the postcode [removed by Mod].

  28. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrius – Sorry about that. What’s your full postcode and I’ll take a look to see if there’s any faults or congestion within the area.

  29. Andrius

    I have some issues with my internet speed, during the day time internet is as the same as it was in 1980s , its so slow that I have to wait for a minute to open a web page and not mentioning to donwload or watch online someting,
    Can u guys help me with this question ?

  30. Moderator: Lauren

    @Amit – hi there! I’m not entirely sure what you mean here? Could you clarify please?

  31. Amit

    Hi, Will 3G HSDPA 2100 only suporting mobile get 3G access on Three network. Thanks,

  32. Moderator: Kris

    @Lee If you can send us over a full postcode, we can check that out properly for you. Thanks.

  33. lee

    hi, Can you tell me if Neath (South Wales) has DC-HSDPA coverage please ?

  34. Moderator: Kris

    @Alex Although not originally configured to our network, you should have received the correct settings for the Three network to be able to use your SIM in it. This would mean that if you are in an area where you are capable of HSPA+ etc, the 3G should change to an H, to signify you are capable of using the faster speeds.

  35. Alex

    With the iPhone 5s (purchased direct from Apple unlocked – so not configured by Three) how do I know whether I’m connected to regular 3G / HSPA+ / DC-HSPDA? The only inconsistent I seem to be getting in Central London is the usual ‘3G’.

  36. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom Mc – sorry to read this. If you let us know a full postcode I can check for issues in your area. Coverage should improve when 4G launches 🙂

  37. Tom Mc

    Was really impressed with Three’s deals and reputation so have taken out two ‘one’ contracts with you guys on the iPhone 5.

    I have got back to my London e1 location and haven’t been able to reach speeds of even 1mb in over two weeks!!

    Can I expect this to change, at least when 4G rolls out??

    Without any chance this leaves me in an awful place with two ‘data packed’ contracts which can’t be utilized?!


  38. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – if you’re using a phone that’s DC-HSDPA compatible, you’ll be able to connect to this until 4G is launched. Yes, it’s available on pay as you go.

  39. chris

    hi i want to buy the Sony xperia sp wich is a 4g phone will i be able to recieve ultrafast until Lte is up and running. oh and will i be able to recieve these as it will be on pasyg with the all in one 15 add on ie all the data u can eat?

  40. Moderator: Allan

    @Howardbamber – Thanks for the great feedback!

  41. Howardbamber

    I don’t know why people give 3 such a hard time. I’ve been impressed with the speeds 90% of the time. I’ve got 9mbs at the moment, and consider 5 to be very slow!! Quite often I’ve got 12mbs. This is only on hsdpa+. For the price it’s a remarkable network. Look what others charge for data. It’s madness!

  42. Mark

    @ pamela i rang that number and their aware of site many complaints and was told to wait three months, no signal calls n texts fail and really slow internet speeds and you tell me to wait seems to happen alot with three its all you see on this site. Someone better sort this i’m going to see about taking this further what poor customer service !!

  43. Moderator: Pamela

    @Mark Really sorry about this. Looking at the area your in there’s a problem with the mast closest to you. If this has been going on for a while you’d be best calling out network team – their number is 0845 355 0304.

  44. Mark

    Signal is still poor if not worse in (removed by mod) your guys havesupposed to have upgraded to solve congestion but it hasnt worked the signal and speeds are the worst theyve ever been how many times do you have to esculate a situation before you actually fix things. Its all you see on this site is people all with same problem crap signal low speeds

  45. Moderator: Nicki

    @james stones – It is! There’s a fault on your local mast at the moment though that may be causing some disruption, sorry about that! Our network guys are working on it.

  46. james stones

    And at 9pm its only 50kbs! I have a signal checker app and hspa+ is best it shows which is not increasing data speed! I have an ultrafast device – xperia T and supposed to be on an ultrafast price plan in an ultrafast area! I dont like being lied to so heres to 12months of hell on my new contract! BBC WATCHDOG WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!

  47. james stones

    I have just got the one plan on offer for £15 a month! I got told that dc-hspa is available in [removed by Mod] area! All im getting is hspa+ and speed of 150kbs at 8.30pm! Im using sony xperia T which is locked to 3 network! Please help as im not getting what I was promised!

  48. Moderator: Nicki

    @darren – Hi there, sorry you’ve had difficulties with the signal for so long. We’re aware there’s a fault and the team are on the case but we don’t have timescale for a fix as yet I’m afraid. If it’s been happening for this length of time I’d suggest talking to our network team on 333 to see what can be done for you.

  49. Moderator: Nicki

    @james stones – Hi there, I can confirm that Ultrafast has been enabled on your local mast. Your postcode can receive outdoor and some indoor coverage so you’ll find that it’ll vary within your property. There’s also some congestion in the area at the moment so your data may be slower than normal. We’re planning a capacity increase for the area soon.

  50. darren

    The 2 nearest mast to me have had a fault for 28 days now. Drops signal completely for 2/3 minutes every 10 minutes…spoke to 333 and get fobbed off.. Under the sale of goods act 1979 fit for purpose surely now comes into this…
    [Removed by Mod]

  51. james stones

    Is ultrafast available at postcode [removed by Mod]? Im using xperia t and its showing H+ but only getting speeds of about 100kbs!

  52. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – there’s no reported faults in the area, there’s some work going on in July which may improve things.

  53. Mark

    Still poor service at [removed by mod] when are you actually going to fix it ? Supposed to have had ultrafast and new masts but signal and speeds are the worst they have ever been ultrafast is a joke(only available to contract users)

  54. Moderator: Nicki

    @Teri Scott – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with your coverage. Looking at your postcode there’s a fault that’s been logged on your local mast. It’s something our network guys are aware of and working on.

    The time it takes to fix a faulty mast really depends on nature of fault, if a site visit is needed, if the landlord needs a certain length of notice for visits, if other comms companies need to attend, and if new equipment is needed etc. There’s no 1 size fits all answer I’m afraid but it’s only in our best interest for it to be as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the disruption.

  55. Teri Scott

    Hey, we live in [removed by mod] and we cannot get signal anymore until we leave the village by a couple miles. What gives? This is getting old. I had been told there was a mast problem in our area, but it was better. Now it is very no bueno. And the not-so-awesome tech support refused to check the masts in our area, making me factory reset my phone instead. Please help, I need to know when our phones will work again or to move to a new network. A couple weeks of this is longer than we can take already.

  56. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scott – Hi there, we wanted to announce our contract prices first. We’re working on how best to apply the same principles to all of our other products.

  57. Scott

    Hi, will ultrafast and 4g be available on pay as you go? considering a move to 3, thanks.

  58. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark Lewis – Morning, I’ve had a look and there are no longer any new masts in planning. They could either have been introduced or the plans have changed. Apologies if you are still having signal issues. The team on 333 are the best team to speak to as they are a dedicated customer service team.

  59. Mark lewis

    Lauren you say there are two new masts planned for my area sa[removed by mod] but when i phone 333 to report poor signal, internet and call drop they say this isnt true, dont any of you guys at three actually know whats going on ? I was also told that ultrafast is only available to contract users

  60. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan I’m afraid Ultrafast Internet isn’t available in that area at the moment 🙁 Feel free to keep checking back though because we’re improving our coverage all the time. Here’s a link for our coverage checker, just in case you’d rather keep an on it yourself 🙂


  61. Dan

    Is the ultra fast network rolled out in Enfield north London (removed by mod) I’m looking to move to three as it looks cheap but would like fast Internet !! Thanks dan

  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kev – I’m unable to see any faults in the area however the signal isn’t the strongest there. There’s no new masts planned for the area for now.

  63. Kev

    Lauren it’s [removed by mod] and [removed by mod].both affected. Thanks.

  64. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kev Could you provide me with your full postcode in South Ayrshire so I can look into this for you please? We won’t publish it so don’t worry about that.

  65. Moderator: Lauren

    @mark I have checked the service in your area and there are no problems with the masts reported. There are two new masts planned for the area however we don’t have a date for this yet.

  66. Kev

    Previous comment mistake, I tried sim in my old HTC One ‘S’ is what it should say. Thanks.

  67. Kev

    I’ve been having nothing but problems since upgrading to an HTC One on the ultrafast network. Even when I have full bars of signal, my data connection flashes and sends data for up to a minute before receiving any. It will then work for 20 seconds or so before doing the same delay again. It’s frustrating as hell as my old HTC One works perfectly with same SIM in it in the exact same area (maybe as it’s not DC-HSPDA compatible?). I’ve noticed it in a lot of areas, but then there are tiny spots where I get constant data. I’m at my wit’s end and have tried everything, even a replacement HTC One. Customer service have been useless so far which is disappointing. They keep telling me to try the obvious things, but I know what I’m doing so it’s pretty much non-info for me. Hopefully it improves and is just an Ultrafast glitch. I live in South Ayrshire by the way, but had same problem in Wetherby at the weekend.

  68. Mark lewis

    When will you be upgrading and sorting out congestion problem on mast speeds still slow five months on, postcode is [removed by mod]. Its not the phone done all resets, sim swap, and its the 4g iphone 5

  69. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard – Loving the speeds! Thanks for the feedback and have a great weekend 🙂

  70. Richard

    Ladies and Gentlemen – I don’t know what all the fuss is about – good things come to those who wait !!! I’ve been patiently waiting!

    According to the Three coverage checker I cannot get Ultrafast and the masts in my area are not Ultrafast yet.

    Luckily for me it appears over the last few weeks I now regularly get up to 28meg on my Note 2 LTE and 14-18 meg consistently at home on my e3276 4G ready Three home broadband – It looks like Three have recently been ‘tinkering’ with the masts / infrastructure in my area and have not declared it yet on the checker !

    Thank you and keep up all the good work !!! Roll on LTE !!


  71. Moderator: Nicki

    @JP Heron – Hi there, every network will have their own coverage areas and coverage can vary from network to network depending on the locations of the masts and your positioning in relation to that mast.

  72. JP Heron

    I have a Iphone 5 and live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I never get speeds anywhere in the city above 3 – 4 mps. My mother is on EE Iphone 5 and gets speeds of 18Mbs, significant difference! why?

  73. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason – I’ve checked your postcode and can see the postcode receives a limited indoor signal with some good outdoor coverage. Within your property you’ll find that your coverage will vary from room to room with certain areas within your property being better than others.

    Although there are currently no faults within the area, as I say it’s not the strongest coverage area. There’s also a million and one external factors that can affect your coverage – for details of this and steps that can be taken to improve your coverage check our guide here.

  74. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason – Speed can be affected by lots of things. Could well be the area you stay in, limitations in the area, your surroundings, environment, number of users in area, weather conditions, your distance from a mast, construction of the building, temporary structures etc … basically anything between you and the mast creates an obstacle for the signal in reaching you. This then affects the speeds you receive.

    What’s your full postcode and I’ll have a look at the area for you.

  75. Jason

    Oh and my daughter’s phones on o2 and tmobile regularly average around 5mbps download with a iphone 4s and a HTC one x+. I’m seriously thinking of switching. Postcode [removed by Mod]

  76. Jason

    In Beverley East Yorkshire, I am currently geeting 324kbps download with a Nexus 4, which is superfast compatible. Thats rubbish. In York my same device hit 18mbps.I never get more than 2mbps where I live in Beverley..I’ve got no confidence that LTE will be any better when it arrives… Why is Beverley so slow when you tell me I live in an area where DC hspa+ speeds are available ??

  77. Moderator: Nicki

    @robert leitch – Hi there, yep the Ultrafast version of the Note 2 will be LTE compatible. At the moment it’ll work on DC-HSDPA speeds and then when LTE is released later this year it’ll work on this as well.

  78. Moderator: Nicki

    @Grahame – Hi there, I think I answered this via email this morning in response to your Facebook support tab submission. Please let us know if you have any further questions 🙂

  79. robert leitch

    thinking of getting note 2 ultrafast from 3 does that mean it will b 4g compatible ?

  80. Grahame

    Hi peeps at three quick question im 1 year into a 2 year contract and i want to buy a iphone 5 can i get ultrafast and lte when its out on the one plan im on or is it extra and i have to wait till my contract is up ?
    And also is it still going to be all you can eat

  81. Manj

    Is ultrafast available on pay as you go

  82. Tam Keir

    Sometimes I can’t believe what I am reading at times in this blog. It seems everybody is blowing the same trumpet at Three these days. We have somebody who is told by three customer services that his Note 2 would be ultrafast capable when it isn’t. And whats the reply ? Ohhh you should be happy with 2 – 3 mbs of speed anyway and who gives a monkeys if you were told the wrong info about the product. How the hell is Three getting away with this time and time again. They should be getting offered a refund and a promise that better training for their staff will be of the upmost concern. You’re customer services are giving wrong information time and time again and people are expected just to accept it and get on with receiving the slow signal they were hoping to improve on. Treating customers in this manner is sure to drive them to other networks. And I really am getting fed up reading that a mast is due an upgrade ( that could be three months or three years) or that it is congested or too many people are using it. I have an idea–why not erect masts than can cope and why can’t those massive pipes you boasted do their job. Three is slowly returning to the bad old days of poor reception and customer services–it needs sorted out ultrafast–or will I just have to accept it as we keep getting told.

  83. Ellie

    Hi Winston – I’m afraid according to Samsung’s technical specification for this device, it is not Ultrafast compatible, sorry if you were told the wrong information. 2-3Mbps download speed is a good speed and should give you a good browsing experience though.

  84. winston

    Hi I was told by three customer services that my note 2 gt-n7100 was ultrafast compatible. But im certainly not receiving the speeds posted on the ultrafast info page infact im getting on average of about 2-3mb download speeds I mean im not complaining but you should post model numbers next to phones on the sales page with a drop down of full specifications. But anyways is my note 2 ultrafast ready?

  85. mike

    The table above is out of date…please put details from april 2013 onwards.

  86. shahrukh


  87. Richard

    The table above and supporting narrative is now out of date – can the table be updated for April 2013 onwards or the next planned ‘Ultrafast’ roll out – (The cities in the table presumably allready being upgraded to Ultrafast as planned.)

    Northern Ireland in particular is distinctly lacking in information.

  88. Moderator: Johanna

    @Craig – Ultrafast is the term we’re using for our newly upgraded network, this includes the DC-HSDPA roll-out and will include LTE/4G later this year!

  89. craig

    Is the ultrafast network an equivalent to 4G?

  90. Ellie

    @Shane – If you device is DC-HSDPA enabled then this will work on our Ultrafast network, but you’ll need to be in an Ultrafast area to take advantage of the faster speeds.

  91. Shane

    I’m getting a device that is DC-HSPA+ and was wondering if that will work with the LTE being rolled out at the end of 2013?

  92. Tam Keir

    Lauren- thanks for the reply xx

  93. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – I’m afraid we’re not customer care advisers here as this isn’t a customer care channel. We help as best we can but we don’t have access to your account details which is why we’d refer you to the contact centre.

  94. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tam – we no longer use TrafficSense to monitor the top 5%. Speeds are only monitored between 3pm-midnight if you’re P2P file sharing or tethering when it’s not included in your price plan. One of the masts in your area is suffering from congestion which could explain the speed issues you’re receiving, there’s an upgrade due but we don’t have a definite date for this yet.

  95. Mark lewis

    Even this page no help ive called why do you think im on about taking things further!! Was on hold for 45 minutes earlier no supprise probably a lot of people complaining about the crap service and poor customer service

  96. Tam Keir

    You say above that with increased capacity we will all benefit from increased download speeds. Big data pipes were going to avoid congestion and everybody could download hi-def video no problems. So where has it all went wrong. I have said in the past that watching BBC iplayer has more buffers than a railway station. Hi-def streaming for all -it said. People claiming download speeds of 20+ mgbs when I live within a half mile and sight of my mast getting no more than 7 sometimes 1.5 even through the night.
    So you were piloting ‘Traffic sense’ last year where the system identified the top 5 % heavy users in the system on a monthly basis then ‘managed’ their download capacity for seven days. If this system is in use then your claim of hi-def streaming for all must come into question. All you can eat data is not a term I would use when you cannot use it when you want or are being restricted. You may not use the term ‘throttling’ but if this system is in use then it amounts to the same meaning. Is this the reason Three are not going to charge extra for 4g services because they know customers are not going to be guarranteed fast speeds all the time. Or if you take advantage of the fast speeds ‘Traffic sense’ will ‘ manage’ your signal. It’s giving me a sour taste about Three these days. EE went the same way with customers finding out they were not getting the speeds they were expecting or had been told to expect. I have been with Three now for many many years but my excitement over faster speeds is slowly leaving me as my service does not match the hype. I will certainly be checking other operators speeds when they go live with their 4g services in my area [removed by mod].

  97. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – if they’ve promised credits they should have noted this on your account, if you call back and ask for these to be applied someone should do this for you.

  98. Mark lewis

    @ lauren its 333 thats doing my head in saying things and not giving them, six weeks ive had poor service been told each week it will be fixed within that week and hasnt was told i’d have my pack refunded and haven’t received that either technical team is a joke to we will ring you back but never do !! Iphone 5 with not even 1mbs of speed, calls emails and text fail internet and apps slow. Ive done sim swap, restore through itunes, system reset, network reset. Complaints department dont do a thing either so maybe obudsman and court better action

  99. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lou – you can check if your area has been upgraded here. The iPhone 5 is Ultrafast enabled 🙂

  100. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – sorry to read this, if you call 333 or 0843 373 3333 the team can look in to line rental credits.

  101. Moderator: Lauren

    @usman – there’s some congestion in the area which could be affecting speeds, an upgrade’s due but we don’t have a specific date for this.

  102. Lou

    Is there coverage for DC-HSDCPA And LTE IN [removed by mod] and is the iphone capable of it?


  103. Mark lewis

    Three customer service is a joke was told id get a full refund (only £15 mind) for non exsistent service for six weeks and everyone of those weeks was told we aware of problem it be fixed within the week bare with us its now april 1st still no refund or service maybe if i took matter to courts three would pay attention and give service and refund they promise

  104. usman

    my postcode is [removed by mod] according to the coverage checker i should have ultrafast but am only getting 2.5 mbps down and 1.7 mbps up

  105. Moderator: Lauren

    @Usman – if you send a full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for any issues in your area.

  106. Moderator: Lauren

    @Naseem – There’s some congestion in the area, there’s an upgrade due in the area but I’m afraid we don’t have a set date for this yet. As your Home Signal box works via your wifi your speeds would only be as fast as your wifi connection. If you have a Galaxy Note II Ultrafast you can connect to DC-HSDPA and LTE (when we release it) if you have a standard Galaxy Note II you can connect to HSPA+. More info about speeds and what you can expect can be found here.

  107. usman

    i have not been able to get ultrafast speed in b21 area. i have a sony xperia z and there seems to be ultrafast in my area..

  108. Tam Keir

    To Jason Lee– I live in the FK10 area as well. Speeds can vary from 1.3 mgbs to my highest acheived on an ‘ultrafast’ enabled iPhone 5 of 7 mgbs. Nothing near the claimed real world speeds punted by Three of at least 11 mgbs and certainly nothing close to the 20+ claimed by other users. Just don’t beleive everything you read regarding signal speeds. I keep getting told their are no problems with my mast and the slow speeds I get must be due to congestion. Well I can’t accept that as I work shifts and have tested speeds all through the night as well. My area is a small town so to tell me it’s due to congestion at 3 or 4 in the morning is a load of bull. Either the mast is not suitable for the job or another mast at the west side of the town is needed as well. Anybody can claim to get high speeds but I find it hard to accept I cannot get anywhere near those claimed speeds living half a mile from a mast which I can see from my window. Congestion at 4 in the morning when most people in my town are sleeping is not possible. I won’t be upgrading anytime soon to an ‘ultrafast’ phone -thats for sure. 1.5 mgbs from an upgraded mast at 4 in the morning is a step backward. Trying to watch BBC iplayer is a joke with more buffers than a railway station. And don’t call 333 to their tech team– they just tell you the mast is ok and and it must be congested lol. Download one of the many signal speed checkers from the play store on android or itunes on ios. Then you will really see what your getting. 20+ lol lol

  109. Naseem

    My postcode is [removed by mod].
    I have been having problems since 3 years ago when I started with three with inconsistent service & slower speeds than normal, as compared in some other places in my locality with reasonably good coverage. I was getting only one or two at most three bars which resulted also in poor quality calls. I was provided a signal booster (after having been told that my local mast would not be upgraded for the foreseeable future) three months ago & was then getting full bars & signal strength but this appears incompatible with HSPA+ & DC-HSPDA as I have only been getting 2-4mb. Could you tell me if there is a firmware update to make the signal booster accept faster 3G, or if you have or are planning signal booster compatable with hspa+ & ultrafast. Also could you inform me if there are any plans to upgrade the mast & does the airport being close have any significance. I live in Greater London so there shouldn’t be issues with mast.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & it appears compatible with ultrafast, as i have tried it in areas which have upgraded getting 8-12mb. Could you confirm this, as I have not been able to get a definitive answer from customer services or Samsung. I am assuming its not LTE compatable as its a non-LTE handset, as thats what you sell at least when I got it end of last year. I was told by one Samsung representative only the LTE version is compatable with DC-HSPDA.

  110. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason Lee – We aren’t able to predict speeds in your area I’m afraid but it’s worth taking a peek here at some of the speed tests we’re being sent from across the network.

  111. jason lee

    is there a way to find out average speed of ultrafast in my area FK10-2SB, and what is minimum operational speed of ultrafast? not sure how up to date the coverage area is on three website either.

  112. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – sorry to read this, if you let us know the postcode of your Mother-in-Laws I can check for any new masts planned for the area. To be honest though, it sounds like you’re in an area of 2G fallback in which we don’t provide a data connection. I can check and let you know though 🙂

  113. John Bates

    Hi, to be honest in some ways I don’t really give a stuff about ultrafast services etc on Three! I would just like to be able to receive some internet signals. My MiL lives in deepest, darkest, rural Cornwall, you know! where they still go around in horse & carts, etc. So when we go there on holiday (2 -3 times pa) we have no signals. We can just about get a PHONE signal inside her property. Come on Three I have been nagging you every year for 5 YES! FIVE!!!!! YEARS over this & every year you keep fobbing me off with “work expected next year or coming soon or…..” We have a son who is registered blind & severely Autistic who can use his Samsung Tab at home, but not at Grannies. How do I keep telling him that “Three cant be bothered to upgrade the local phone mast, so you cant play on your tab”. I understand there will be a lot of other calls on resources, but FIVE years is a long time especially for a person with disabilities. I am really getting to the point of telling you to get stuffed and going elsewhere & as we have FIVE contracts with you it could turn out to be expensive. Though FIVE contracts to you is next-to-nothing! so why should Three give a stuff about helping some blind, autistic person.
    I have just upgraded today, but I am going to cancel the upgrade while I look around at other phone providers!!


    Jjohn Bates.

  114. Ellie

    @Mark Lewis – Hi Mark, sorry to hear you have been experiencing coverage issues. Our coverage checker on the website is a separate tool from the one customer service uses to check the specific masts in your area. I can confirm that the mast nearest your house has a fault and the engineering tram are aware of this and will work to fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we aren’t able to advise on a resolution date at this time. As you have been having problems for quite a while now it is worth giving the team a call on 333 and discussing the possibility of a bill credit.

  115. Mark lewis

    Sort your site out your coverage checker is never updated the mast in my area been down for six weeks (removed by mod) and the technical support know about it, you guys take so long to fix things no wonder your so cheap

  116. Ellie

    @Spackjarrow – Hi there, yes the roll-out is continuing as planned and is on schedule. We’ve not got any news to share about timescales for the remaining 20% but we’ll be sure to let customers know when we have more info on this 🙂

  117. Spackjarrow

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you are still on target for your 80% of UK coverage at the end of April with DC-HSDPA?

    Also are you going to be continuing to upgrade after this percentage is hit or is it just going to be it. Would hate for my area to be outside the original 80% and just get shafted…

  118. Ros

    @Chris – Hi there, we don’t have specific dates for sites to be upgraded to Ultrafast, however, you can keep checking if your area has it here: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Coverage?intid=net001.

  119. Chris

    Hi, can you let me know if the masts at Gringley on the hill are going to be part of the current upgrade to ultrafast.

  120. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mas – We can’t give exact timings but we can assure you Ultrafast will be rolled out to cover 80% of the population by the end of this month.

  121. Mas

    Hi when is ultrafast rolling to kt3? I’m using a nexus 4 and currently getting 20kb down

  122. Moderator: Lauren

    @T. – if you have an Ultrafast enabled device you’d connect automatically, yes.

  123. T.

    I’m an existing three customer would I be automatically upgraded to Ultrafast if I live in the coverage area?

  124. Moderator: Nicki

    @Phil – Hi there, Ulrtafast will cover both DC-HSDPA and LTE. DC-HSDPA is already being rolled out throughout the UK and LTE will be later this year. With LTE this will be included as standard within all price plans at no extra cost 🙂

  125. Phil

    Hi, I was wondering, I have an Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE, Is UltraFast available on Pay as you Go or only on contract sim?


  126. Ellie

    @Andrew – Hi Andrew, I’m afraid we don’t have access to that information, our aim is to have 80% Ultrafast coverage by the end of March and we’ll continue to roll-out Ultrafast across the county as well as launching 4G later this year, hopefully you should see faster internet in your area soon. We own some spectrum which is supported by iPhone 5 so yes your phone should work on that part of the network when it launches.

  127. Andrew

    Hi, I have checked 2 postcodes for ultra fast Internet and it is not in those areas at the moment. Could you have a look at them and let me know an expected date for these areas? There are areas close by which do have it, does this mean it will be coming soon? Anyway the postcodes are [removed by mod]. Also I have the iPhone 5, will this automatically pick it up once I am in an area with ultra fast Internet? Many thanks.

  128. Moderator: Nicki

    @Reece – Ultrafast will be included within all our price plans and you won’t need to do anything to receive it. You’d just need to have an Ultrafast enabled device. You can check if it’s available as yet in your postcode via our coverage checker.

  129. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scott – Hi there, we’re currently selling both the LTE version of the Galaxy SIII and the Note II on our website. Both of these are LTE ready and will work with LTE when it’s released later this year.

  130. Moderator: Nicki

    @Simon P – Hi there, had a look at your postcode and can confirm it’s been upgraded to Ultrafast. Looking at the postcode you’re also in an area of good outdoor but only some indoor coverage so you’ll find your signal inside will vary with certain rooms being better than others. What device are you using? You’d also find that your phone will limit the speed available to you as well as only some phones are capable of DC-HSDPA and LTE (when it arrives).

  131. Moderator: Nicki

    @Aaron – Hi there, it’s going to be located on Park Lane, just before you turn in to City Road.

  132. Reece

    I have seen that ultrafast Internet is available in Bradford, I don’t live in Bradford but on a town near it do come under the Bradford postcode, does this mean i can get it? when ultrafast/ 4G becomes available will it automatically start on my phone as I am a 3 customer or do I have to contact 3 to upgrade me.

  133. scott

    hi can you tell me are the ultrafast enabled galaxy s3 and the galaxy note 2 also lte 4G ready when you roll out 4G later this year ? thanks.

  134. Simon P

    Hi, just tried [removed by mod] and coverage checker now says ultra fast available. However, I find no difference to before. I’ve had real DC hspa and its genuinely great. But was Sunbury a marketing upgrade or a real one?!

  135. Aaron

    Great :), thanks. It’s [removed by Mod]

  136. Moderator: Lauren

    @BagpussBoy – we don’t have any announced but keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for all new products.

  137. BagpussBoy

    When will 3 be releasing an Ultrafast WiFi dongle/MiFi?

  138. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aaron – if you provide your postcode again (we delete them once we’ve checked them) I can try and see a rough location for it.

  139. Aaron Joshua Gleeson

    Hi is there any information as to where it will be placed? Or is this secret information or something? Three never seem to be open about mast location and other information.

  140. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aaron – there’s a new mast due to go live in May which should improve things.

  141. Aaron Joshua Gleeson

    Hi, been experiencing speed an signal issues in and around my home and school. [removed by mod], struggling to get signal above one bar which is causing lost connections. Any news? Thanks

  142. Ros

    @chris – Hi there. I’m very sorry to hear this. We’ve only been selling the Ultrafast version of the S3 for a few weeks so the one you have, assuming it was bought from us, won’t be Ultrafast enabled. So I’m sorry if you were given misinformation. However, you should still expect decent speeds with that device, depending upon coverage in your area. If you can provide a postcode (we won’t publish it), we can check the masts in your area.

  143. Tam Keir

    Whoa there whoa there Three-C’mon your beginning to sound like your call centres when giving out advice lol. In the “Spectrum Allocation for Three” section Nicki advises Dean saying “hopefully with the launch of ultrafast you should see an increase to your indoor coverage”. But in another section Johanna tells James it’s unlikely to make a huge deal of difference to indoor coverage !!!! Okay I’m poking a bit of fun at Three here but potential customers who are yet undecided as what network to go to to regarding their next contract with high speed LTE do not expect conflicting advice from the same provider. If Three are gonna blow their well deserved trumpet then make sure everybody blows into the same one lol.
    It’s also been announced that Orange and T-Mobile customers on fixed price contracts are going to be subject to a price increase shortly. While I understand that investment in new technology and upgrades does not come cheap. I understand that my monthly contract price cannot last forever. As Three have announced there will be no premium charge to customers when their 4G network comes on stream– it would be even better if Three announced no increase to existing customers until a contract is renewed or a new customer signs up. I live in the real world and know technology does not come cheap and am willing to pay for what I regard as a very good service from three. So as well as giving us dancing horses lol blow your trumpet big and loud about no increase to existing customers–brownie points big time ?? You bet

  144. chris

    I was called by a three customer service advisor and was assured that my s3 which is 6 months old was enabled for ultrafast and would not need a new device. It seems your staff need to be trained in giving out the right information. My internet speeds are appalling compared to other operators.

  145. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zabih – Hi there, I can confirm that we do not ‘cap’ speeds on any mast. The only aspect we currently manage is P2P file sharing. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues. It could be that there’s been an increase of users within the area. If this happens it’s often the case that you’ve gone from only having a few users accessing the services to several users accessing it.

  146. Moderator: Johanna

    @James – We can’t share when Ultrafast will be coming to your area I’m afraid, but it will cover 80% of the network by the end of next month 🙂 It’s unlikely to make a huge deal of difference to indoor coverage but it’s worth calling the team on 333 to see if you’re eligible for Home Signal.

  147. Zabih

    I have been having alot of issues with three internet recently. In December 2012, Three was working to improve speeds in my area instead they capped it i guess. i was getting upto 6mps download, now i i get less than 1mb each time i check.

    i dont know when they will ever upgrade Kingston Upon Thames Area.

    in my view, they capped the speed and after a year, they will release it and advertise what i was getting a year before as ultra fast internet.

  148. James

    Hi, I’m just wondering if you can when i’m due for an upgrade to ‘ultrafast’ – Postcode is GL7 [removed by Mod].

    At the moment my indoor coverage is a joke, but outside I get about 4mb… Is ultrafast likely to improve indoor coverage?


  149. Ellie

    @Sarah – Hi Sarah, unfortunately the iPhone 5 doesn’t display a different symbol instead of the 3G symbol when you are connected to Ultrafast. The best indication of whether you are getting Ultrafast speeds is to run a speed test 🙂

  150. Ellie

    @Shane – Hi Shane, sorry if you are disappointed with your Three speeds, these are actually decent speeds which should allow you to do most things on your smartphone. Speeds vary based on a number of factors such as the device you are using, the proximity from the mast, the number of masts in your area and the number of people using the masts. I’ve checked the postcode in your area and there are no reported problems.

  151. Ellie

    @Paul – Hi Paul, you can check whether Ultrafast is available in your area using this coverage checker 🙂

  152. Sarah

    I’m an iPhone 5 (contract) user and supposedly my area is covered with ultrafast. What symbol am I suppose to see? I still see 3G symbol which I assume is not ultrafast.

  153. Shane

    I recently moved from o2 due to restrictive data allowance, but so far haven’t achieved more than 3.5mbs on either the phone (iPhone 4S) or tethering, and consistently achieving only approx 1mbs.

    I waited a little while in case it was related to being new to the network! I checked the post-code service checker thing-a-mijig, and I should expect much higher – any ideas??? Postcode is WD17 2RT.

    Appreciate any help……….

  154. Paul

    When will ultrafast come to warrington

  155. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – we’ll also be offering Ultrafast on 1800MHz 🙂

  156. Mark lewis

    I’ve read that three was planning doing it’s lte over 1800 mhz which is compatible with iphone 5, but on reading the ofcom site three is doing lte over 800 mhz which is not iphone 5 compatible wouldn’t this upset a lot of customers who signed up with an iphone 5 for the sole purpose of having faster services.

  157. Moderator: Lauren

    @CyBett – speed can vary greatly on a number of factors such as number of users on the mast, signal strength, external factors such as weather ect.

  158. CyBett

    The speed I’m getting has been very inconsistent.over the past 2 months I’m getting a download speed between 1.4 to 10.8 Most of the time it’s about 4.5 this is the speed while sitting in my lounge and time of day does not appear to make any difference. I have a desire HD any idea what is going on

  159. Ellie

    @Mark Lewis – Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your signal. I have checked your postcode and I can confirm there are no reported problems on any of the masts in your area. Unfortunately you aren’t currently in an Ultrafast area at the present time, we’re unable to give an approximate date as to when this service will be available. If you’d like to discuss your signal issues in more detail we’d recommend calling the technical team on 333 so they can advise you further.

  160. Mark lewis

    When is three going to sort masts out in [removed by mod] or even bring ultrafast to area as signal been really bad lately calls are failing and internet and apps on my iphone 5 taking ages to load.

  161. Ellie

    @Sam C – I’m afraid we can’t give a date on this. As Nicki mentioned the team are aware of the fault and will work to get it fixed as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  162. Sam C

    Yes Nicki it has recently started, do you know when they will have it fixed?

  163. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam C – Hey there, is this a recent issue? Just had a look at your mast and can see there’s a fault been raised this week. The guys are working on it and hope to have it back up and running soon.

  164. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tim – What kind of speeds are you getting? The realistic speeds for Ultrafast would be 11-12Mbps for DC-HSDPA. What’s your full postcodes and I’ll check for any issues in your area. Definitely not a marketing ploy … we’re seeing customers getting in touch with some absolutely amazing speeds.

  165. Sam C

    I usually have full signal bars and h+ when travelling and when indoors but the Internet still takes a million years to load! The postcode for when I’m home is [removed by Mod], could you check to see if there are any problems with the signal round there, and thank you

  166. Tim

    On your website you claim my postcode has ultrafast Internet but I have seen no sign of it since I upgraded to iPhone 5. I think this is a clever marketing plan and the speeds you are promising are truly unachieveable!! Unhappy!

  167. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, I’m afraid there’s a fault with one of the masts in the area. We’re aware there’s a fault and the team are on the case but we don’t have timescale for a fix as yet I’m afraid.

  168. Moderator: Nicki

    @Abbas Haider – Hi there, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to change your device. Within the 14 days you wouldn’t have been able to exchange the device if it had been used in any way.

    Having not heard the conversation it’s hard to determine whether or not Ultrafast would have been necessary to be introduced in to the conversation as it obviously depends on how basis questions are answered as to the direction the conversation goes and what phones would be recommended to a customer.

  169. Abbas Haider

    hello to 3G Reps.
    i am writing this with both regret and anticipation that Three will sort out my issue and would be able to retain me as a loyal customer. I have recently bought a 24-month contract with Three and opted to buy Samsung S3 on ONE PLAN. And, now this ULTRAFAST thing has come out and NO DISRESPECT the adviser who sold me the deal should have introduced the ULTRAFAST thing so that I could buy a different handset and on top of this three is selling Samsung S3 version with DC HSPDA – A really shame, i have spoken to Three customer service and no one has come back to to explain what they are going to do this issue. Bear in mind, it was the 16th day of my contract when i saw this ultrafast thing on Three website and as per customer service I lost all the rights to cancel the contract. kindly sort this out for me, i can be contacted on [removed by Mod]. rgds

  170. John

    Hi, i have notices that i can’t get more than ~3mbps on my iphone5 before i was getting ~12mbps without problem can you check why is so my post code is [removed by Mod]

  171. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark – I’ve checked your postcode and there are no faults raised in your area. If you give our customer service team on 333 a call they can take a look at this for you.

  172. Mark

    Hi for the past two days my signal has been really poor and internet connection also the same, coverage checker says good coverage but this is not the case.
    Did have a great signal before this. Can you check it out or sort problem … Area is neath postcode sa1[removed by mod]

  173. Ros

    @paulb – Hi there. I’ve checked the masts in your area and can see that there is an upgrade due on one of the masts nearest you. Work is due to begin 25/02/2013, but I’ve no end date at the moment. Hopefully once this is complete it will mean an improvement to your indoor coverage.

  174. paulb

    I live in GL2 2DJ coverage checker says variable indoor coverage but the reality is its not even possible to make a call.
    Any chance the area could be considered for an additional mast? Its a rather large housing estate that has no indoor building coverage in most areas.

  175. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jason – your phone connects to whatever signal strength is the strongest e.g. 3G, HSPA+ ect. It may be that it’s available in your area but HSPA+ is stronger.

  176. Jason

    Yes i’m in an ultrafast area. [removed by mod]. Can’t get more than 2mbp dowload. Nothing like the speeds you advertise. I have a Nexus 4. Which will work. Why does it only connect at hspa (14.4 mbit/s) or hspa+ (21.6mbit/s) ?? Why won’t it connect to DC hspa+ (42 mbit/s) Please help me resolve this!?

  177. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jason – are you in an area that’s been upgraded to Ultrafast? You can check your postcode here. More info on speeds you can expect on Ultrafast can be found here.

  178. Jason

    I have a Nexus 4. Which will work. Why does it only connect at hspa (14.4 mbit/s) or hspa+ (21.6mbit/s) ?? Why won’t it connect to DC hspa+ (42 mbit/s) Please help me resolve this!?

  179. Ellie

    @Jason – If you have a device that can connect to DC-HSDPA then you should be able to connect. Your phone might not indicate that you are connected with a symbol. The best indication of whether you are connected is to check your download speeds.

  180. Jason

    I’ve never connected to DC Hspa+. It’s as if it’s not available in my area yet your website says I can. I’ve tried it in various places in my location. The best I can get is hspa+. I truly don’t believe it exists or is available where I live in [removed by mod]!

  181. Ellie

    @Jason – Sorry if you feel you are getting slower download speeds than you should. Speeds on Ultrafast do vary and 2Mbps is a decent speed. I’ve checked your postcode and there are no reported problems on any of the masts in your area. If you’d like the technical team to look into this for you please give them a call on 333.

  182. Ellie

    @Amit – Sorry but can’t give specific dates for this at the moment I’m afraid. With regard to your previous comment I’m afraid we don’t have access to any further information on the work in your area. If you give the technical team a call on 333 they can advise you further.

  183. Ellie

    @Sam – You’ll need an Ultrafast enabled device to get Ultrafast speeds. If you don’t have one of these devices you’ll be able to get one when you next come to upgrade or you can purchase an Ultrafast enabled device via Three.co.uk.

  184. Sam

    So that would mean for me to have ultrafast I’d have to buy a whole new handset? Or is there a way to upgrade to it?

  185. Ros

    @Sam – The Samsung Galaxy SIIIs that we’re selling now are not Ultrafast compatible, but we will shortly be ranging the new Ultrfast compatible version.

  186. Amit

    Also any idea when East Ham will get ultrafast internet???

  187. Amit

    Hi there, can you please check postcode [removed by mod]. I reported congestion in the area in december. I was told it will be fixed by mid January but still download speed it around 100 KB/s. Can you please help???

  188. Jason

    Hi. I live in [removed by mod]. Your postcode checker indicates I am in a DC Hspa+ area. I never get more than 2mbps on my Nexus 4. In fact the speeds are identical to my older S2. Why is this ? Any problems in my area ? Thanks

  189. Sam

    I’ve recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, and now I’ve seen that this ultrafast thing has popped out of no where! Can you tell me if Samsung Galaxy S3’s are compatible with ultrafast or will be one day?

  190. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tim – HSPA+ is available across 90% of our network, if your area hasn’t been upgraded yet. It could still happen. You can check for Ultrafast speeds here.

  191. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sardar – one of the masts in the area is suffering from congestion which could be affecting speeds.

  192. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alex – keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for all new releases. We’ve currently got no plans to change our data allowances.

  193. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lee – that’s not an official Three website. Keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for info on latest releases.

  194. Tim

    Please could u tell me If we have not got hspa+ in [removed by mod] is it unlikely we will get hspa+dc? and will we get 4g when it’s rolled out?

  195. Moderator: Lauren

    @Oli – you can check if you’ve been upgraded to Ultrafast here.

  196. alex


    My mobile broadband contract with three is coming to an end soon. Its been very reliable but now I need wifi at home. Will Three be releasing a MIFI device for the latest DC-HSDPA or even LTE network? Will contracts on the new networks have larger than 15gb limits?

  197. Sardar

    Hi there I am living in Southside of Glasgow my postcode is [removed] , i just recently moved in , I am owner of Samsung S3 which was working great in G1 area but on my postcode i get full signal but incredible slow speed 0.30 Mpbs which is hardly 30 kbps. I dont know what the problem is ? I called three technical support and they said we have escalated your problem and give u call withing 48 hours let see what happens?

  198. Lee

    Interesting looks like you are releasing note 2 and galaxy s3 LTE versions.As according to the following phone supplier website is saying they are coming soon and they are being advertised as galaxy note 2 ultra fast rather then LTE but it makes sense same thing anyway .Lovely Jubbly rodney


  199. Lee

    Three any update on if your going to start selling the Galaxy 3 and note 2 LTE versions as your DC-HSDPA is picking up pace now and its available in my area.Or our we going to have to wait for the galaxy 4 and note 3 ?.

  200. oli

    I’ve noticed that one of the masts in my area no longer goes to H+ (only H) but if I go to the other side my phones connects to the other mast and H+ works, both times I checked I made sure to use the internet and I used a network info app to get the mast ID to check they were different.

    Could this be a precursor to a HSPA+ 42 upgrade?

    (Town near me recently got it).

  201. Moderator: Nicki

    @Simon – I’m afraid we can’t release any info at the mo on specific postcodes getting Ultrafast but the rollout will cover most places in the next few months.

  202. Simon

    Hi, will ultra fast ever come to Sunbury on Thames? [removed by Mod]?

  203. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adam H – Hi there, I’m afraid there’s no plans on us doing this as yet but I’ll certainly pass the suggestion on 🙂

  204. Adam H

    Okay cheers. And i saw a good question on another blog. It was something along the lines of:
    ‘If you’ll happily let mobiles download 50GB+ a month on all-you-can-eat, how come mobile broadband is limited to 15GB?’
    Do any of you know if so called ‘Unlimited’ MiFi or MBB will be available in the near future?

  205. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, I can confirm there was a fault on your masts yesterday and an engineer was in attendance to fix this.

    The coverage checker would only show planned works where we have a certain length of notice, it doesn’t include any current faults I’m afraid.

    No specific dates as yet for DC-HSDPA as this is still an ongoing roll out.

  206. Dave

    Hi I live near a 3 mast at [removed by Mod].

    I say a guy working on the mast today and BT Openreach we also there a couple of days ago. On checking the coverage checker this advises that there is no scheduled work to be done on the mast.

    Over the last couple of days the speed of the connection has shown a modest improvement and ping times have dramatically improved, now down to approx 79 m/s from about 250 and my mobile connection is around the same as my home connection- very good and well done thank you.

    I am getting speeds of around 10mbps which is great but I have noticed that my mast is not showing that it has been enabled for DCHSPA yet.

    I figure that the BT work must have done something to improve back haul or big pipes as you call them, can you please confirm.

  207. Moderator: Johanna

    @Denis – Not the existing version we range it isn’t I’m afraid.

  208. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam H – I’ve had a look and can see you should have good outdoor and some indoor coverage. You should definitely be able to hold connection if the 3G symbol is an accurate reflection. There are no network issues in your area and no planned upgrades. It may be worth chatting to the network team on 333 to see if they have any info to share.

  209. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave – I’m afraid we can’t release any info at the mo on specific postcodes getting Ultrafast but it’ll cover the majority of our network in the coming months.

  210. Denis

    Hi I thought the Samsung Galaxy Note II would have been enabled for ultrafast as well ? Please confirm if it will be able to use Ultrafast or not. Thanks 🙂

  211. Adam H

    PE[removed by Mod]

  212. Dave

    Any idea if Goole (Yorkshire) is scheduled to be included in the roll out of ultrafast?

  213. Ellie

    @Jimmy – Hi Jimmy, we are currently rolling out our Ultrafast network across the country. Croydon was not listed as one of the locations where Ultrafast was initially planned to be rolled out but this likely to be on future roll out plans. Unfortunately we are unable to give specific times and dates at the present time.

  214. Ellie

    @Bobl. Hi there, yes the devices you mentioned will work on our Ultrafast network but we don’t currently range them.

  215. Jimmy

    When will you be getting Superfast internet in Croydon??????

  216. BobL


    You listed the devices that are already working with the Ultrafast network… but wondered why you didn’t mention the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE, does this mean they would not work with the ultrafast network? Or is it because you cannot supply them yet?

    Its just i’m about to buy a new phone and I want to make sure it will work properly.



  217. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tam Kier – It’s definitely a nice idea but not so easy to put into practice. Coverage checker is being updated on a weekly basis with mast upgrades, so it’s a pretty accurate reflection of our network.

  218. Tam Keir

    Why oh why in this age of ultrafast communication can’t you publish the latest areas to be upgraded to your ultrafast network on a day to day basis. Surely it can’t be that hard to create a section in this blog to show this information. The coverage checker which we keep getting diverted to can be rather vague. Is it too much too ask an engineer to make a phone call to a central point to tell them a certain mast is up and running with ultrafast ? Or is that supposed to happen anyway but the engineer can’t get a signal lol. Only kidding !!!

  219. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Apple iPhone 5, Sony Xperia T, Windows Phone 8X, Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920*, Sony Xperia Z*
    * Coming soon. See here for more details.

  220. Paul

    Can you tell me which 3 handsets support DC-HSDPA?

  221. Moderator: Lauren

    @paulb – sorry if we missed your post! There was an issue with one of the masts in the area which should now be resolved. Have you noticed an improvement?

  222. paulb

    Please can someone reply to my message that i sent on the 18th January as other people who replied after have had a response.

    My postcode is postcode is [removed by mod] and im getting really slow speed on my galaxy s3 with full signal right next to the mast.

    It seems to have really slow backhaul could someone take a look ?

  223. Ellie

    @Utkarsh Pendnekar – Sorry to hear you have been experiencing slow download speeds. I have checked your postcode and it looks as though the issue is related to the distance between your house and the two masts that cover your area. The first mast is showing no reported problems, however the second mast is experiencing Voice and 3G data issues, the engineers are aware of this problem and expect to fix it within the next few days. There are 3 new masts planned for your area which should improve coverage for you. Work has begun on these mass but unfortunately there is no completion date listed in the system at the present time. We’d recommend calling the network team on 333 to discuss your options.

  224. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Hi Guys. The network mast at my Post Code (removed by mod) is conjusted since almost a year now and nothing has been done about it. I get a speed of 100kbps which is extremely embarrasing as per 3G Standards. There has been no DC-HSDPA roll out in this area even though its centrally located in london. I was promised that the Network Mast was due for an upgrade since May last year and every month I get an excuse that the work has been postponed. I guess its time to move to some other operator. Its no value for money. Please resolve this issue.

  225. Ros

    @Adam H – Sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind letting us know a full postcode (which we’ll removed before posting) we can look in to the network in your area.

  226. Adam H

    Hi, Anyone have any ideas as to why i lose my internet connection completely when my signal drops from H to 3G on the modem. Just wondering if that’s meant to happen? I always thought 3G could at least hold a weak connection at most. Or is there a problem with the 3G reception in my area or something?

  227. Moderator: Nicki

    @paulb – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll check your local mast for any issues or signs of congestion. Thanks.

  228. paulb

    I am only getting maximum speeds at around 11pm of 3mb.

    Between the hours of around 7pm-10pm i get around 1mb. This is in a galaxy s3 mobile number is [removed by Mod]

    Please can someone look at my mast as i believe it is congested?

  229. Moderator: Nicki

    @paulb – Hi there, I’m afraid we can’t give any more details on specific dates for areas but it will be far more widespread than the towns currently listed.

    Depending on the coverage available within your area you’re likely to experience 1 – 3Mbps for 3G, 4 – 6Mbps for HSPA+, and 10 – 12Mbps for DC-HSDPA.

  230. paulb

    Signal is fine I have full bars in and outside the house yet never go above 2mb even right next to the mast whatever the time of day!

    Also any idea about when this mast will get dc-hsdpa?

    What sort of speeds should I bet getting – want to use iplayer etc and this isnt quite fast enough.

  231. Moderator: Johanna

    @paulb – there are no reported issues in your area and it doesn’t look like congestion. We can see the signal isn’t great though… has this changed since you got your device?

  232. paulb


    Been trying to get decent broadband at ox1[removed by mod].
    Signal is 5 bars yet the fastest speeds I can get is around 1-2mb on a mifi with the speeds getting worse at weekends .

    Can you tell me if this mast is congested ?

  233. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – How are you checking for Ultrafast?

  234. Moderator: Johanna

    @Cedric – I’m afraid we can’t check, but our Ultrafast network will cover 80% of the UK by April.

  235. chris


    Even though Bolton is on the list for ultra fast before the end of 2012, I still don’t have it either at home or at work (or in between)

    I’ve checked my phone status menu and the most I ever get is hspap (HSPA+)

    BL[removed by Mod]

    Any information guys?

  236. Cedric

    @Lauren Good to know Lauren, can you check this postcode for me : EC2[removed by Mod] don’t want to move to Three if I can’t get a better speed then my actual provider.

  237. Moderator: Lauren

    @Cedric – we’re still updating our Postcode Checker so you might find you’re experiencing DC-HSDPA speeds but the checker hasn’t updated yet.

  238. Cedric

    looking to move to three because of the DC-HSDPA, but the tracker doesn’t show any DC-HSDPA coverage in london where I work EC2 or live SW8 which is odd being in central London

  239. Zen

    Thanks. I have a Nokia Lumia 820 which will display H+. Whether or not it is in the early stages or not, if an area has been listed publicly by Three to be completed by the end of 2012, that should have been the case, not to try and make themselves look good on paper yet not deliver.

  240. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rich – Hello! I’m afraid we can’t give any more details on areas but it will be far more widespread than the towns currently listed.

  241. Moderator: Johanna

    @Zen – Well it’s still in the early stages of roll out. So long as you have a compatible device you should start noticing a difference soon. Just so you’re aware the iPhone 5 will still display 3G even in a compatible area.

  242. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scotty – I’m afraid we can’t give details of when and where it’s coming but keep checking back on this page

  243. Rich

    Hi mods!

    Please can you tell me if DC-HSDPA will be rolling out to places more in the countryside also? I am in LA23 postcode area and just get regular HSPA+ which is a shame when I have a DC-HSDPA enabled phone (Nexus 4)! I hope it isn’t just people in the cities who get to benefit!?

  244. Zen

    Thanks for your reply. nope as i said in previous post i checked with my phone by going to those areas as i travel and visiting friends homes and in my home but do not get DC-HSDPA signal.

  245. Scotty

    was just wondering when it will be in my city by or date or post code SO16

  246. Ros

    @Zen – Hi, do you mean you’ve checked using our coverage checker? If so, then I’m afraid it’s not updated in real time, so actually there will be places that have received DC-HSDPA that are not yet updated on the tracker. I believe it’s going to be updated with a new batch of postcodes soon, so it might be worth checking again in a week or so.

  247. Zen

    I’ve checked all those places with my phone as i travel through them or visit friends and families houses. None of those places are enabled for DC-HSDPA.

  248. Moderator: Lauren

    @Zen – sorry you feel let down by us. Did you check by using your phone in area’s or did you check via our postcode checker? We’re constantly updating the checker so that it’s in line with the upgrades.

  249. Zen

    of course customers are going to be disappointed. if an area, London was promised to be compatible by end of 2012, and we’re in 2013 now and it isn’t actually available then how are we supposed to believe anything Three says? I was looking forward for this to be available in my area, yet it isn’t available in many areas in London that i’ve checked. What i’d like to know is why have Three lied to their customers and not delivered what they promised?

  250. Ellie

    @Aaron – I have checked your postcode and I can’t see any planned maintenance work listed which means these have been completed. I can also see that there is a new masts which will be installed in the next few months.

  251. Aaron

    I was told there would be mast upgrades, near [removed by mod]. Have they been completed yet?

  252. Ellie

    @Zen – Sorry if you are disappointed, we have been upgrading our network in London and throughout the UK and will continue to do so in 2013. We have made London a priority for the upgrade but masts in other area of the country are also being updated. We are hoping to have around 80% nationwide coverage by April 2013 so your DC-HSDPA service should improve in London over the next few months.

  253. Ellie

    @Jon – We certainly apologise that you were told conflicting information and for any inconvenience this has caused.

  254. Ellie

    @Damien – Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting a signal inside your house. I have checked your postcode and can’t see any problems on any of the masts in your area. Unfortunately the location of your house relative to the masts means that outdoor coverage is good but indoor coverage is limited. I’d recommend giving the team a call on 333 to discuss Home Signal. The team will perform some diagnostics and advise you on whether you are suitable for this service.

  255. Ellie

    @Adam H – No worries, always happy to help!

  256. Zen

    Its not the first time my commens have been ignored on this page, and now my fairht in customer services is going way down hill. We were promised DC-HSDPA coverage in London by the end of the year, we’re now in a near year and I can provide several postcode locations where I go where I do not get DC-HSDPA coverage, including where I work and where I live, my friends house and I can also provide a postcode area which is listed as enabled but infact it isn’t when is London going to get full DC-HSDPA coverage like it was promised on the above image?

  257. Jon

    @nicki I know that there are 2 different variants, but your customer service advisors/managers and technical staff do not.
    There is no issue for me as I will just get the N7105 free when it comes out on 3 as I have been mislead / mis-sold from the start.

    I just find it strange that the information on here differs so much to the customer service advisors, it’s pretty poor!

  258. Damien

    The signal in [removed by mod] is not that good inside the house. Do you have any plans for a new mast for this postcode? Thanks.

  259. Adam H

    Cheers Ellie, hopefully its fixed by tomorrow, the modem is always next to a window where it gets full signal, so signal shouldn’t be an issue.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

  260. Ellie

    @Adam H – I have checked the masts in your area and there has been a problem with one of the masts which is causing some voice and data degradation, our engineers are aware of the problem and work should be complete tomorrow so you may see some improvement then. Unfortunately your house is located quite far away from the main masts that provide coverage to your house, as such you may find that indoor coverage is limited. If you give the team a call on 333 and ask about Home Signal they can run some diagnostics and see if you fit the criteria for this service.

  261. Adam H

    Postcode is [removed by mod], Cheers for the reply.

  262. Ellie

    @Carl – Sorry if you were told the wrong information when you upgraded to the Note 2. The Note 2 on Three does not currently support LTE as we do not currently offer this on our network. We are planning to launch LTE some time in 2013 so the Note 2 LTE will be available when we do launch this service. With regard to future proofing your phone, when we do launch LTE we will make sure that existing contract customers will have a way of upgrading to that part of the network when it becomes available.

  263. Carl

    Hi, just to let you guys @3 know, I have been advised many of times(like Jon) that the note 2 three sell is 4g lte and have corrected the advisors every time(except the 1st time when i took the advice and upgraded) and have had to return my note 2 after finding out that it was not 4g ready. Do you have any ideas when you will start releasing some lte handsets on three as I’m getting bored of my old desire HD and do not want to be stuck in a 2 year contract with a non 4g ready handset?

  264. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adam H – Hi there, sorry to see you’re having issues with your coverage.

    What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues or an update on any works due to take place.


  265. Moderator: Nicki

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – I’m afraid we don’t have access to exact dates however Ultrafast is being rolled out across the country as we speak so hopefully it will be soon

  266. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jon – Hi there, not sure I’m reading this correctly – the last response from customer services was that it was DC-HSDPA and LTE enabled?

    The model we sell is only HSPA+ enabled (21Mbps). There are definitely 2 devices, although the Samsung website only lists it as one device but with 2 variants (3G/HSPA+ and 4G/LTE) I imagine if they’ve advised you that there’s only 1 version then they’ve been looking at the Samsung page.

    I’ll feed this back in to our customer service team, but it’s definitely only the HSPA+ 21 version that we sell.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  267. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Any rough estimate when this will be rolled out in [removed by Mod]? as of now i get 100kbps of download speed.

  268. Adam H

    Hi, Spoke to Ros previously. Still having the same problems of the modem dropping to 3G signal and making me lose connection. I must admit it’s not as frequent as before, which is promising, but it’s still interrupting my internet which is annoying.
    Deadline date for the problem to be fixed was Dec the 17th, I haven’t really seen much difference since then. Hope you can help.

  269. Jon


    I commented previously on the 11th Dec about my Note 2, I had been told by 3 Customer services that my Note 2 (N7100) model was LTE+DC-HSDPA enabled.

    I recently got another manager to chase this up as you guys are saying it’s not LTE enabled that the N7105 is not N7100.

    My final response from the manager stated that Samsung only have 1 model of the Note 2 and that my handset is LTE and DC-HSPDA enabled. I got the manager to note pad my account as when you bring out LTE I shall be getting my device exchanged for free; as 3 customers services will get inundated with calls from Note 2 owners after being mis-sold a phone!

    Why don’t you guys communicate with your customer services?? Shocking to be honest!!!

  270. Moderator: Lauren

    @Diane – you can check here

  271. V Goss

    Thanks Nicki. Sorry to say I get no service outside either. Need to walk half mile away for that!

  272. diane

    Could you check whether DC-HSPA+ is enabled for my nearest mast without any red flags? [removed by mod]

  273. Moderator: Johanna

    @Emmanuel – There are 2 faults raised on nearby masts that may be impacting your signal. The team are aware of the issue and will sort this asap. I’m afraid we’re unable to check on Ultrafast in individual areas.

  274. Emmanuel

    Hi, please can you check the masts in my area HA8 [removed by Mod]. It seems that the speeds have reduced dramatically over the last couple of days. Am I in an ultrafast area or not?


  275. Moderator: Nicki

    @Yoshi – Hi there,

    I’m afraid we don’t have access to exact dates however Ultrafast is being rolled out across the country as we speak so hopefully it will be soon 🙂

  276. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zen – Hi there, we share the physical location of T-Mobile sites with our own network transmitters. There’s no plans for us to share Orange’s physical locations.

    We do however still use Orange’s 2G fallback in a limited area.

  277. Moderator: Nicki

    @V Goss – Hi there, had a search for your name but can’t see any previous posts to us using that name.

    Looking at your postcode we only provide a limited outdoor signal within the area. Indoors you’ll find it hard to maintain a 3G signal I’m afraid. Can also see there’s some congestion within that area but there’s a capacity upgrade planned for January to maintain this congestion.

  278. Yoshi

    This is great! I really like Three! When does Aylesbury area get upgrade? How about Amersham?

  279. Zen

    Regarding MBNL now that Orange is part of T-Mobile and you share cell sites with EE when will 3 customers be able to take advantage of Orange cell sites?

  280. V Goss

    Still waiting for response on no service at [removed by Mod]!

  281. Ellie

    Hi Adam – The postcode you listed in your previous comment isn’t a valid postcode. Could you resend please? Thanks

  282. Ellie

    @Minirock – Hi there, I’m afraid we don’t have access to that information. Ultrafast is being rolled out across the country as we speak so hopefully it will be soon.

  283. Ellie

    @Dave – I’ve checked the masts nearest your house and they are both showing no reported problems. However there has been an issue with one of the other masts in your local area which is causing voice and 3G issues. The engineers are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

    There are also 2 new masts planned for your area in 2013. Work is due to commence in the new year but there is currently no completion date listed in our system. There is some upgrade work due on the masts near your house in the next few days but I’m afraid the system does not tell me what this is for. It may be an Ultrafast upgrade or it might be routine upgrade work.

  284. Ellie

    @Zen – I’m sorry to hear you are still having signal issues. I’ve check your postcode and there are no reported problems on any of the masts nearby. I can see that there is a new mast planned for your area, work will begin on this in the next few days. Unfortunately here is no completion date but it should be live in the next couple of months. Hopefully you will see an improvement when it does go live.

  285. Dave


    I am having an issue with respect to MBB speed.

    I live at [removed by mod], some 100 metres from my nearest mast. For the last year or so speed has been fantastic with downloads being in the region of 10 MBPS. I done few speed tests tonight and the download speed is less than 1mbps, ping time is dreadful at over 200ms. Strangely upload speed seems to be unaffected at nearly 3mbps.

    Can you please investigate and let me know what the issue is and when we are likely to see DCHSPA at this location.

  286. minirock

    When is Gloucester due to be rolled out?

  287. Chris

    Hi Lauren,

    I checked the service menu on my phone *#*#4636#*#*

    It only states hspa and hspap (HSPA+)

    So, I guess I don’t have DC-HSDPA yet.

    Glad to know its due this week though in Bolton.

  288. Adam M


    I would like to know why my H network is dropping signal to 3G? Postcode is [removed by mod]

  289. Zen

    Hello. i was told one of the masts in [postcode removed by mod] was facing 3g/voice degradation, i called up technical support they said there is no issue at all, but i am still facing this problem. Is this issue live is there any reference for it, and is there a date it will be fixed? thanks for your time!

  290. Moderator: Lauren

    @Christ – it could be upgraded, Bolton is one of our area’s due to be upgraded at the end of the week. We’re adding postcodes daily to our coverage checker so you may find you’ve been upgraded by our coverage checker isn’t reflecting this yet.

  291. Chris

    Oh, I’m in Bolton BTW which is on the list

    [removed by mod]

  292. Chris


    Whilst at home, I get 16mb speed – yet the checker says I don’t have ultrafast internet in my area….

    Does this mean it will get faster when DC-HSDPA gets introduced? (Or has it been introduced and the checker is wrong?)

    (At work though I only get 2mb which is 8miles from home)

  293. Moderator: Lauren

    @Emmanuel – if your area is listed above it should be updated by the end of the year, our team are working to keep our coverage checker up to date. With speeds like that it looks as if you are!

  294. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jon – sorry to read that, I’ll feed this back!

  295. Emmanuel

    Hi just wanted to ask if my area is dc-hspa enabled or if it will be anytime soon. I have the samsung galaxy note 2 lte which is dc-hspa enabled and for some reason I have clocked speeds of even up to 28mb even though the coverage checker says that dc-hspa is not available in my area. My postcode is [removed by mod]. Thanks.

  296. Jon

    @Ellie – I understand what you are saying I can see above the list, so why don’t your customer service colleagues have this info? I spoke the technical team tonight who kept telling me there is only 1 model of the Note 2 so my handset supports LTE and DC-HSPA+…

  297. Adam

    Thanks very much Ros, hopefully it’ll be completed by then. I was starting to suspect if it could be a problem with the mast or not. Cheers for the help.

  298. Ellie

    @Phil – Sorry to hear you have been experiencing signal issues. I have checked the masts in your area and it seems there are 3 new sites which will be going live within the next few months. 2 of them are located very near to your house. Work is due to begin next week but I’m afraid there is no completion date at the present time. You should see an improvement in signal once these are live.

  299. Ellie

    @Jon – Sorry about this, I can confirm that the Note 2 does not support DC-HSDPA or LTE. Apologies if you were told the wrong information. All of the devices that we range which support DC-HSDPA are listed in the blog post above.

  300. Phil

    I hope you are not going to remove my post and answer it today as yesterday’s has been removed!
    I asked if you are going to upgrade the signal or install a new mast for [removed by mod] as my signal is poor or non existent.

  301. Jon

    Hello, I brought a Note 2 (7100) 6 weeks ago after talking to various 3 customer service advisors in sales and stores, all of them said that my model I wanted supported DC-HSDPA and LTE.
    I then brought the phone off your website and transferred from Orange, I then read here and somewhere else that my model (7100) will not support DC-HSDPA or LTE…..so to my shock I rang up customer services and explained, which I was then told by a guy (I have his details and he has made notes on my account) that my phone supports LTE and DC-HSDPA!!

    So as it stands your staff do not know what they are talking about and I will certainly be taking this further to trading standards as I have been mislead many times!! Not good at all!!

  302. Ellie

    @Josh – Hi Josh – Sorry we do not have access to that information, if the new mast is to upgrade your area to Ultrafast then you should notice an improvement in terms of your 3G speeds.

  303. Ellie

    @Graham – Sorry if you are getting poor indoor signal. If you send a full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check the masts in your area. We do have a coverage checker on our website which will allow you to see if your postcode is in an Ultrafast area:

  304. Graham

    Was just wondering what the Coatbridge area (ML5) network is covered by in terms of high speed? What upgrade section is it on? I seem to get terrible indoor signal and hoping upgrades will help this! Would be great to know when. Using iPhone 5.

  305. Ros

    @Adam – Hi there. Sorry to hear this. I’ve checked the network out in your area and can see there is an issue with one of the masts. Looks like work should be completed by Dec 17th, so I think you should see some improvement after that, but do let us know if not.

  306. Josh

    Hi, I was told ages ago that there is a new mast going up in my area in mid December. Just wanted to know when it would be going up and where the mast would be to see if I would get better signal. Also, is this mast hspa+ as I am currently getting 0.35 Mbps 🙁

    Postcode is [removed by mod]

  307. Jamie

    Sounds cool, live about an hour away from Plymouth so hope it goes further down the SW soon.

    Although I may have to switch soon as I keep getting signal issues at work.

  308. Adam

    Hi, I’ve been having persistent problems recently with my MiFi E586 modem. I generally use it for Xbox Live and emails and stuff on the laptop. For the past 2-ish months the modem has been playing up, the signal on the actual modem is nearly always five bars, if not four, but i keep getting constant disconnections from game sessions on Xbox live, but not from Xbox live itself, same sort of problem on the laptop as well. The connection seems to drop for about a minute and then comes back. When this happens, the modem still says its connected with the small globe icon showing it has internet access. But the laptop show ‘No internet access’ on the tray icon. Sometimes the disconnections from Xbox live games happen when the modem changes from ‘H’ signal to ‘3G’, i don’t know whether this means it physically doesn’t have the bandwith to play on? But up until that moment i can play almost seamlessy, with no visible lag problems, which leads me to think that something just cuts the signal off temporarily or something. Most of the error messages I’ve seen have been relating to DNS servers not responding or just pages taking too long to load. I’ve reset the modem, turned it on and off about 50 times this week, etc. etc. Postcode is PE60PH, would very much appreciate any help you can offer. Cheers.

  309. Ellie

    @John – Sorry to hear you are having signal problems John. If you send us a full postcode we can check the masts in your area.

  310. john

    No idea why your pushing 4g when 3g is so diabolically bad. Have to be out of bed between 2-6am just to get a quarter decent signal. Could talk to astronauts on the moon in 63 yet these days can’t even get a signal two mins from transmitters.

  311. Moderator: Lauren

    @Zen – I’m afraid the one at Edgeware Station is the only one I can see that’s planned for now. Sorry for any confusion caused!

  312. Zen

    One last thing i wish to clarify. Ellie said there are 2 new masts planned for my area. One near my work [removed by mod] which is near edgware station as you said, and she said there was another one planned near my house which is [removed by mod]. Edgware station is quite a distance from my house and there is no way my phone will connect to that mast. what about the mast she said that would be put near my house at [removed by mod]?

  313. Moderator: Lauren

    @Zen – It’s near Edgeware Station. It doesn’t support DC-HSDPA as when you’re in your house we’d recommend you use your home wifi connection as the Home Signal box runs off of that.

  314. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scotty – HSDPA is slower than DC-HSDPA

  315. Zen

    This was my post that i posted on the 29th and was not answered, please answer it.

    Thank you very much Ellie you really answered my questions well, appreciate that. Just one thing is it possible to know how close the new mast to my home will be [removed by mod] as i have a home signal box and without it i have 0 signal, and the home signal box does not look good on my nice wooden table, and the fact that the home signal box does not support DC-HSDPA it would be an added benefit if it was close enough. Once again thanks for any help you can provide and i wish you guys worked in customer services

  316. Zen

    For the 2nd or 3rd time my post are being ignored aod somehow do not find this acceptable. I will try to find my previous post and post it again

  317. Scotty

    hello i was just wondering i dont have DC-HSDPA on my phone its a iphone 4 but i have HSDPA on it will i see better speeds or will it be the same ?

  318. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pat – Hi there, we don’t have access to that information as yet. The rollout will be an ongoing investment so keep an eye on the coverage checker on our website which will let you know if Ultrafast is enabled in your area

  319. Moderator: Nicki

    @kay – Hi there, as signal can vary from one street to another we’d need your full postcode to identify your attaching mast. Don’t worry we won’t publish it 🙂

  320. Moderator: Nicki

    @Thomas Keir – Hi there, Ultrafast Internet is our catch all trem for the latest mobile network technology. This includes both DC-HSDPA and LTE (also known as 4G).

    Speeds up to 21Mbps are deemed as HSPA+ As the Galaxy SIII is only capable of speeds up to 21Mbps it would be deemed as an HSPA+ device, and not a Ultrafast device (DC-HSDPA and LTE).

    We’d say that the realistic speeds for DC-HSDPA would be 12Mbps and LTE (4G) would be 14Mbps.

    None of the devices we have available today support 4G (LTE) because our network doesn’t currently support it. When we do launch 4G we will ensure we have a range of supported devices and that existing customers will have a way of upgrading to that part of our network once it is available. We’re already selling phones that are capable of receiving DC-HSDPA, however the Galaxy SIII is only capable of receiving HSPA+.

  321. Pat

    When will ultrafast broadband be available in Ballycastle (removed by Mod)?

  322. kay

    Please can you explian why the network signal in warrington area is poor .i have been with three for 6 yrs n never had a problem until now .the signal breaks up constatly its terrible any annoying

  323. Thomas Keir

    Hi guys–having sampled your ultrafast signal in Glasgow with an iphone5 — I was really impressed at the download speeds on offer. I was thinking of getting a Galaxy S3 for myself and saw the realistic download speeeds expected from the ultrafast network on your site. It shows a realistic speed of around 12 mbps to be achieved in real world everyday use. As the S3 is capable of receiving speeds up to 21 mbps why is it not listed in your compatable handset list. Does ultrafast require yet another handset change to receive it ? Are you using the term “ultrafast” just now until you start your 4g service ? I was looking forward to getting an ultrafast signal in my area but if it means changing handsets to get it then I may stick with what I have. Is ultrafast and 4g (when it arrives) going to be receivable on the same handset ? It seems tough for anybody who has taken out a 24 month contract with an S3 to not be able to receive ultrafast– or am I wrong ?

  324. Moderator: Nicki

    @Big Don – Hi there, check out our new Premium Dongle This is DC-HSDPA enabled for UltraFast Internet.

  325. Moderator: Nicki

    @James Berry – Hi there, we plan to have 505 of the population covered before the end of the year and we’ll continue to focus on this next year too. While we don’t have any details on specific postcodes, you can continue to check what’s available on our coverage checker.

    The E367 is a HSPA+ device so the maximum speed would be 21Mbps.

  326. Big Don

    Is there going to be a super fast mifi device any time soon?

  327. James Berry

    Will the LE8 5 area of Leicestershire be upgraded to the new service?

    Will the E367 dongle handle the new data speeds?

  328. Jasper

    Good news story – I’m getting download speeds of almost 20Mbps in Crouch End and also at work in central London on my iPhone 5. Who needs LTE? Interestingly, according to the postcode checker there’s no Ultrafast Coverage yet at the work postcode (WC1N 3BG) but with those speeds there must be!

  329. Zen

    @Sunjay you said Croydon and the map states “London” as an area which will be completed by Christmas. Croydon is in London so should be activated by Christmas.

    @Liam EE only have exclusive rights to the Nokia Lumia 920 and this should be the case only until after Christmas. The Nokia Lumia 820 is also LTE compatible and available on various networks, i have it and use my Three sim card in it!

  330. Ellie

    @Sunjay – Sorry we don’t have access to that information, keep an eye on the coverage checker on our website which will let you know if Ultrafast is enabled in your area.

  331. Ellie

    @Sunjay – Yes it is 🙂

  332. Sunjay Bhogal

    can you confirm the iphone5 is DC-HSPA compatable ?

  333. Sunjay Bhogal

    Are there plans to bring in ultrafast speed to Croydon, notice that not on the list, however Croydon is in Greater London area.

  334. Ellie

    Hi Clive, sorry to hear this. I have checked the masts near your postcode and there is full service with no reported problems. Your house is currently showing good outdoor coverage but indoor signal may be a bit patchy. I’d recommend giving the team a ring to discuss the Home Signal booster.

  335. Ellie

    Hi Oli, no worries, happy to help. Glad everything is working fine for you now 🙂

  336. Ellie

    Hi Zen, Sorry about this. I have checked the masts near your house, one of them is showing partial 3G/Voice degradation so this probably explains why you are having issues, this should hopefully be resolved soon though I can’t see a resolution date in the system. The new mast near your house is showing a start work date of 15th December but no finish date as of yet. I also checked your work postcode and have some good news for you, a new mast is planned right next to where you work. Work will start on 15th December (no planned finish date yet) and you should see a significant improvement when this goes live.

  337. Ellie

    Hi Liam, we do have a number of phones that support DC-HSDPA including iPhone 5, Windows 8X and Sony Xperia J, when we launch the Nexus 4 that will also support DC-HSDPA. With regard to ‘future-proofing’ yourself, we understand that this is a concern that some of our customers have but, when we do launch 4G we will ensure we have a range of supported devices and that existing customers on contracts will have a way of upgrading to that part of our network once it is available.

  338. Clive

    The full postcode is [removed by mod], the whole area in the center of the town is poor for a 3 signal.

  339. Oli

    I have now received my 1-month One Plan SIM via the post yesterday and can confirm that everything works fine on the phone now during peak times (and obviously tethering as well) so it must be a anti-tether flagging issue.

    Also, thanks for the reply.

  340. Zen

    I posted some questions a few days ago but they did not get published. I was told here that in my area [removed by mod] would be getting new mast in December, firstly are there any dates as 3G signal is very poor, almost none existent. I also dont even get H signal even though my phone supports DC-HSDPA and LTE. Also could you please check my work place [removed by mod] for any new masts or updates as there is very poor signal there too, 1 bar and its a main town centre! thank you! it seems the whole of my area suffers from very poor signal unless you’re close to one of the masts.

  341. liam

    I understand you don’t have an LTE network that’s not the issue. The issue is why you are promoting DC-HSDPA when its not supported by a majority of your phones. The LTE phones are not solely for LTE use only, this is why they support DC-HSDPA. All I want to do is future proof myself as all you offer is 2yr contracts. Is this an issue because of EE having exclusive rights to the LTE models?

  342. Moderator: Lauren

    @Liam – we don’t currently stock LTE phones as we don’t have an LTE network yet. We don’t have any release dates for them I’m afraid.

  343. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tim – we don’t have this information yet I’m afraid.

  344. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tim – I’m afraid I can’t comment as to why one area has it and the other hasn’t. We’re hoping to upgrade half our masts by the end of the year.

  345. Moderator: Lauren

    @Clive – if you provide the full postcode (we won’t publish it!) we can check for you.

  346. Moderator: Lauren

    @DanielM – if you send a full postcode (we won’t publish it!) we can check for any capacity upgrades in your area.

  347. liam

    When are three going to offer LTE versions of phones? please don’t just give the answer we are launching LTE in 2013 as most 3G phones don’t use the DC-HSDPA you are currently offering. I’m due an upgrade after xmas and want the note 2 LTE as this is compatible with the DC-HSDPA and LTE when are you stocking this phone?

  348. Tim

    Could you please tell me if dc-hspa is coming to [removed by mod] thanks

  349. Tim

    Please could you explain to me why the village Kerry [removed by mod] with a population of 800 has got dc-hspa and newtown [removed by mod] 3 miles away has not got dc-hspa

  350. Clive

    Hi, could you please tell me if there are any upgrades to masts in the BA16 postcode planned as we suffer from poor coverage, normal 3g would be great 🙂

  351. DanielM

    aye the coverage is great, 5 bars with H+ Signal it’s just the data speed that’s the problem. its that bad you carnt listen to online radio without constant buffering or watch a youtube vid.

  352. Moderator: Johanna

    @DanielM – You should have good 3G coverage in your area, but there is a network alarm on a nearby mast, which may be impacting you. The team are aware of the issue and will fix as soon as they can.

  353. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sam – Yep there is indeed a new mast planned for your area, it looks like it will be up and running on the 15th December.

  354. Michael

    @Ros @theflyingdodo Southampton does have ultrafast, but not everywhere. I can get it in Bitterne, city centre (mainly West Quay area) and the coverage checker even shows my home in Midanbury as being in an ultrafast area! Seems Portswood area hasn’t got it yet though. I think the coverage checker may already be out of date – I’ve been getting speeds as high as 24 Mbps since I got iPhone 5 on launch day 🙂

  355. DanielM


    It’s L15 [removed by Mod]

    Cecil Street, Wavertree

  356. Sam


    Do you know if any new masts are planned for my area LS [removed by Mod]?

    I live 3-4 miles south of Leeds city centre and I know a few people within this area who are on three and have poor signal in their house. I can’t even get 3G downstairs and have 1-2 bars when upstairs with 1mb download speeds.

  357. Moderator: Johanna

    @Raster – I’m afraid we can’t provide any more detail on the mast upgrade in your area. If you have a compatible device you’ll be able to run a speed test to check how fast your device will run, or you can check our coverage checker, available here – once the upgrade has taken place. As Lauren said, we have no other reports of issues viewing our Facebook page, so it’s tricky to tell what the issue is. If you want technical support our customer service teams are available on these numbers.

  358. Ros

    @Nish – Sorry for delay on this. We don’t have a list of towns as such, but you can check postcodes here: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Signal_and_Coverage.

    The frequency is 2100Mhz. And I’m afraid we don’t have a date for the 1800Mhz just yet.

  359. Ros

    @Mark – I’ve just checked your postcode and can see that there is a fault on the mast nearest you. Work is due to be completed on 3rd December.

  360. Ros

    @theflyingdodo – Hi there. We’re still rolling it out at the moment, the list is those that should be completed by the end of the year, so it hasn’t been rolled out in Southampton just yet. Do keep checking back with the coverage checker.

  361. Ros

    @Nish – Not at all, sorry, I think we might have missed it. I’m just checking back now..

  362. Ros

    @Sam – Hi there. No date as to when your area will be getting DC-HSPA just yet, but do keep checking the coverage checker: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Signal_and_Coverage

  363. Ros

    @Aaron – Hi there. No the iphone 4S is not DC-HSDPA compatible I’m afraid. I’ve just checked your postcode and can see a new mast is planned in your area, but I’ve got no more detail than that at the moment.

  364. Mark

    What is going on in Stanmore [Removed]. I have barely had a signal since Thursday. It used to be a good signal there.

  365. theflyingdodo

    This DC-HSPA ‘Ultrafast Internet’ rollout shows Southampton as being covered however postcode seraches around the city, including the city centre [removed] show it is not available. The same goes for random London locations. Is the coverage checker not updated yet?

  366. Nish


    Is there a reason why my questions where specifically left out / not posted?


  367. Sam

    Hi, I am just wondering if you could tell me if this postcode area (removed) is going to be getting DC-HSPA any time soon and also whether the area will be getting any new masts? Signal is v.poor is this area, only 3-4miles south of Leeds city centre.

    I know a few people within this area who are on three and have poor signal in their house. I can’t even get 3G downstairs and have 1-2 bars when upstairs with 1mb download speeds.

    Any update would be nice :-).

  368. Aaron

    Is the iPhone 4S DC-HSDPA compatible and are there any planned mast upgrades for the postcode [Removed]?

    Thank You!

  369. Raster

    “@Raster – that’s unusual, I just tested it and it works okay here. Have you tried different browsers? When you click on the comments box to see them all, does it still not allow you to post?
    That area might not get the best 3G coverage however there’s a new mast planned for next month which could improve things.”

    Yes I have used other browsers, other phones, PCs laptops and so on its not my end its your end. As for the mast….

    Do give me more info on this plz since for the amount of upgrades im told my mast is having each month over the last 4 years this mast must be better than the ones china have runing full 100mbit LTE. So what exactly is going on next month with this so called new mast? Since I was told the one im on is having a upgrade on the 26th of this month. Best of it is the 2 months befor I was told the same about how its being upgraded. The new mast you say thats going up what is that going to be runing on? LTE? DC-HSDPA+? is it going to be runing 2100mhz or is it going to be on 1800mhz bandwith you got from T-mobile? Thanks.

  370. Ros

    @Peter – Hi there. Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes I think things have changed quite a bit since 2004, we’re pleased you’ve noticed 😉 Glad you’re receiving good coverage in rural areas as well.

  371. Ros

    @Oli – Hi there. Thanks for your feedback on this. Yes people often think that if they have All You Can Eat this will always include tethering, but as it’s a different type of service it is covered separately in our Ts&Cs and is only allowed on the price plans we specify, namely The One Plan and One Plan SIM Only. Interesting what you say about non-HTTP traffic on your phone being flagged as tethering, it’s not something I’ve heard before, but I will feed this back.

  372. Ros

    @richard may – Hi there. I’d give the team a call on 0843 373 3333 (or 333 if you’re on a 3 phone), they should be able to help with the bill query. If you’re having signal issues, let us know a full postcode (don’t worry, we won’t publish it) and we’ll check out the network in your area.

  373. Peter

    Ive been a Three user on and off since 2004. I can say that you have very much got your act together in the vast majority of places regardibg coverage. And it continues to go forward. In fact I csn be in some very rural spots in Notts amd Leicestetshire and Three are going strong whilst a certain other networkwho bosts sbout its “Deep Crust” coverage struggles in terms of coverage and capacity. Please keep it up as your previous weakness is now your biggest asset. Kind regards-Peter.

  374. john

    That’s an improvement. I was told mid December before

  375. Nish


    Can you confirm where the ultra fast internet is actually active yet please? Running major town postcodes through and it is saying it’s not available there (Liverpool, London etc). Just curious as to where is it?

    Also – what frequency is it operating on.

    And finally – Do you have a date when you can use the blocks of 1800Mhz that have been allocated to you from the other network.


  376. Oli

    From research I have done it appears that the traffic that is non-HTTP on my phone is flagged as tethering, this affects me as I am on the PAYG AYCE plan (which doesn’t include tethering).

    Apparently moving to the One Plan solves this, which I plan to do next month (and also allows tethering 😀 ).

    There seems to be a lot of confusion on the net, people think that just because they have a contract + AYCE they automatically have the tethering allowance which is untrue as the cheapest contracts are generally Ultimate Internet plans.

  377. richard may

    i can not get in 2 my friends photo and the bill 42 pounds hope you can helpas my contract runs out in jan this is not the first time i have had problem with 3 internet

  378. richard may

    i can not open my friends photo 2 comment on them i need you help and the bill 4 42 pounds

  379. Ellie

    Hi John – I have checked the masts in your area and there are no reported problems. However there will be some upgrade work taking place on one of the masts near your house on 30th November so you should see an improvement then.

  380. john

    Bad weather affecting transmitter at [postcode removed by mod]

  381. Ellie

    Hi Paul, Sorry to hear you are having signal problems. I have checked the masts in your area and I can’t see any problems. Please do give the team a call again on 333 so they can run some diagnostics.

  382. paul


    Could someone please look into why the speeds are a maximum of 1mb in postcode [removed by mod].

    I have full signal but this is the most I can ever get even in the early hours of the morning!

    Have tried contacting customer services but they dont (cant) seem to get this improved.

    Is it a capacity issue?

  383. Moderator: Lauren

    @Raster – that’s unusual, I just tested it and it works okay here. Have you tried different browsers? When you click on the comments box to see them all, does it still not allow you to post?

    That area might not get the best 3G coverage however there’s a new mast planned for next month which could improve things.

  384. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – we don’t have dates for specific areas yet.

  385. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jonny MK – No dates yet I’m afraid.

  386. Raster

    “Moderator: Lauren 20/11/2012
    @Raster – We’ve had no other reports of issues with our Facebook page. Have you tried another browser? What error message do you receive? Can you send a screenshot?
    If you send the full postcode I can check (we won’t publish it!).”

    Post code is [removed by mod]

    Allso here is a screen shot of facebook.

  387. Jonny MK

    When will this be available in Milton Keynes?


  388. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bartek – 2 new masts are planned in the area for mid-Dec.

  389. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alexis – it’s not active in every area yet.

  390. Moderator: Lauren

    @JASC – we don’t have a date for this but it looks like you don’t really need it 😉 It could end up even faster once upgrades take place!

  391. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joseph – increasing capacity is usually when a mast in congested. When a mast is congested you may experience more dropped calls/slow data/disconnections. If you have zero indoors signal this could be due to things such as thickness of walls, position of building in relation to the mast. Please note, our service checker is merely a guide and is not 100% accurate I’m afraid.

  392. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lee – I’m afraid we don’t have any dates yet.

  393. Moderator: Lauren

    @Frank – there’s work going on until tomorrow which could improve things.

  394. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel – same masts, being upgraded. Yes it willl. Your normal sim will work. It still just shows H+. 🙂

  395. Bartek

    Hey, any future upgrades for [removed by mod]?

  396. Alexis Phanor

    I have an iPhone 5 and I live in London but I am still unable to get ultrafast 3G. I have checked about 15 post codes (London) and none of them have ultrafast 3G. Is it not available in London?

  397. JASC

    When will Swansea have DC-HSDPA? I’m already getting between 12-20mb even during peak times at home, does this mean I already have it or is it going to be faster still? [removed by mod]

  398. Joseph

    If only I had indoors signal 🙁
    Your three maps show that there’s full signal both or voice and data both in & outdoors in my area. Reality is, however, that there’s no signal whatsoever inside my house.

    Before I bought my iphone 5 I asked on twitter and was advised that there would be improved signal in my area in December. I asked again for more details yesterday and was devastated when I was told that they were goign to increase capacity but not signal strength meaning that if I have no signal now, I won’t probably have anything better after the upgrade.

  399. Lee

    Do you have any idea when coventry might be upgraded to DC-HSDPA? We don’t even have hspa+ yet. Postcode is [removed by mod].

    Any idea would be great

  400. Frank

    Hi Lauren, a year ago I have reported your 3G in my post code [removed by mod] is almost unusable(less than 1m) and now it remains same. Any update in the future?

  401. Dave

    @Johanna – thanks very much for replying 🙂

  402. Daniel Cunningham

    Couple of questions really;

    1) With rolling out DC-HSDPA network across the aforementioned cities will the coverage area be any different or is the network running from existing mast sites?

    2) Presumably the new Nexus 4 will work with DC-HSDPA? I want to pick one up when they’re back in stock!

    3) If so will I need a new sim for the DC-HSDPA connection to work?

    4) How will I know I’m connected to the DC-HSDPA? Will it still how a “H” on my phone?

    Many thanks for your help!!! =D

  403. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adam – the Note 2 doesn’t. If you wanted to switch to a nano sim you can pick one up in store, this should be free of charge.

  404. Moderator: Lauren

    @Oli – VPN shouldn’t receive less, no.

  405. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – we don’t have a date

  406. Moderator: Lauren

    @Raster – We’ve had no other reports of issues with our Facebook page. Have you tried another browser? What error message do you receive? Can you send a screenshot?

    If you send the full postcode I can check (we won’t publish it!).

  407. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matt – you can check your postcode here.

  408. paul


    Do you know when DC HSDPA will be availible at [removed by mod]. Also data speeds never seem to exceed 1mb is this to be expected?


  409. Adam M


    Will the samsung galaxy note 2 support the Ultrafsat Internet or should i get Iphone 5?

    If i get iphone 5 can i replace my simcard to nano card( Im on contact The One Plan). How much will it cost Thanks.

  410. Luke

    When will the ultrafast be coming to Leicester? Le7?

  411. Oli

    Yes, but I understand they receive less bandwidth during peak times.

    What of the VPN though, are they meant to receive less?

  412. Raster

    “Moderator: Nicki 20/11/2012
    @Raster – Where are you trying to comment? You can comment under one of our photos or status updates. We don’t permit any posts on our public wall I’m afraid.
    Working on a mast doesn’t always mean a man climbing a pylon … a lot of work is done remotely.”

    I know most of your work is done remotely but I was told they was at the mast. Any how as to the posts on your facebook wall. I cant comment on any pics or any of your posts. I can take a screenshot if you like and post link here.

    Allso, There is NO three coverage again in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. NG14
    Phone finds 3(2G) & 3(3G) But will do nothing! This is on Contract phone (less than 2 weeks in to contract) and 2 Pay and go phones. So reboot the mast or what ever you do plz,

  413. Matt

    Will Solihull be getting an upgrade soon? I see Birmingham already has it.

  414. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rob – the One X isn’t DC-HSDPA compatible I’m afraid

  415. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – there’s no planned upgrades for this just now.

  416. Moderator: Lauren

    @Zen – there’s a new mast planned in your area for mid December. Your Home Signal is not H+ compatible. As it runs off of your home broadband connection, we would recommend you use Wifi within your home for the best connection.

  417. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – there’s a new mast and a mast upgrade planned for mid Dec which should hopefully improve things 🙂

  418. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tim – sorry to read that, are you contract or pay as you go? Our adult filter restricts access to both adult and mature content.

  419. Moderator: Nicki

    @Raster – Where are you trying to comment? You can comment under one of our photos or status updates. We don’t permit any posts on our public wall I’m afraid.

    Working on a mast doesn’t always mean a man climbing a pylon … a lot of work is done remotely.

  420. Rob L

    I also live in the HA2 area and noted a degradation of service so good to know that there is an issue. Been really bad last couple of days. Will the HTC One X be able to connect to the DC-HSDPA, seen mixed reviews. Thanks

  421. David Spooner


    I live very close to my local mast (approx 100yds) and get great download/upload speeds already but wondered when it will be upgraded. Post code is [removed by mod] think the mast’s postcode will be very slightly different though.

  422. Zen

    Hi, I do have a DC-HSDPA compatible device, its a Nokia Lumia 820.
    Could you please check my postcode [removed by mod] for any information about new masts or upgrading masts. I’d also like to know whether or not my home signal box will be able to support H+ as it isn’t at the moment. Also testing yesterday with my home signal box off, it showed H+ for about 5 seconds, then now always shows just 3G and not H as it does when the home signal box is on. Should it not display HC-HSDPA speeds (H+) when the home signal box is on? I’d be grateful for all the information requested as customer services have been able to answer none of my questions. Thanks!

  423. paul


    please can you tell me if there are plans to improve coverage in [removed by mod]


  424. Tim

    Is there a fault with the adult filtering? Rang up last week to get the filtering turned off, and also checked the setting today. Its definately turned off and yet I am getting blocked from all my regular sites, including ones I wouldn’t consider porn. Very annoying!

  425. Raster

    “Moderator: Johanna 19/11/2012
    @Raster – We’re the same team that look after our Facebook page and we haven’t blocked you… We allow negative feedback, but please be careful to make sure your language isn’t offensive.”

    Ok then do tell me why I cant post on there? Why I cant comment on there. My Language was not offensive. It was just not liked when I pointed out that me and others in my town was being lied to. Being told the mast had ppl working on it when I could see for my own eyes out side my window that no one was on the mast.

  426. Moderator: Johanna

    @Oli – Are you using file-sharing websites?

  427. Moderator: Johanna

    @Raster – We’re the same team that look after our Facebook page and we haven’t blocked you… We allow negative feedback, but please be careful to make sure your language isn’t offensive.

  428. Moderator: Johanna

    @KL – In the first postcode, there’s a huge amount of upgrading happening next month 🙂 Multiple masts are getting upgraded. Within the second postcode there should be no issues…. Why don’t you test a PAYG SIM in your iPhone 5? You can pick up a Nano-SIM from a 3store. Let us know how you get on!

  429. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nitin – I’ve checked out the postcodes you shared and can see a few issues. In the first postcode, there are faults on 2 nearby masts, due for fix on 23rd and 25th of November. In the second postcode it looks like there is congestion across the network, there are 2 new masts planned for December. It’s worth also calling 333, they will be able to run further diagnostics.

  430. Moderator: Johanna

    @Pepper – We don’t I’m afraid but keep an eye on our coverage checker.

  431. Moderator: Johanna

    @Zen – that’s an interesting one… do you have a DC-HSDPA compatible device?

  432. Moderator: Johanna

    @liam – Sorry if we’re confusing you… We do have a number of DC-HSDPA devices (inc iPhone 5, Xperia T, HTC 8X). We’ll be ranging LTE ready devices… but we’re not rolling out LTE till 2013.

  433. Raster

    I would Like to know why because I was asking on the 3 facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ThreeUK about why my network sucked and because I pulled who ever it was at the time saying they was working on the mast near me at the time and there was no one at it the ass blocked me so I can not post on the site wall now. This is grate… Complain about service and get band from commenting. This how three treats us!

  434. Moderator: Johanna

    @gybers – I’m afraid we haven’t seen all the detail yet, just announced some of the larger towns and cities.

  435. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sam – We’ve made no announcements about this phone…

  436. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mick Bennett – Right… I’ve just checked your postcode and two nearby masts are having a bit of work done at the mo – fix dates 23/25th November.

  437. craig

    The Gifted HeArts Christ smiled genius.

  438. KL

    @Nicki — thanks for the reply.

    My postcodes are E14 [removed by mod] and SW1 [removed by mod] for work and home.

    At home (on iPad 2 of course) I get 1-3 bars of 3G but not much bandwidth. I get less than 1Mb down on this and pings of over 150 are common. Similarly at the office. Coverage map says no ultrafast internet in either location but should be good coverage otherwise: I was hoping that my iPhone 5 might at least magically fare better (both in terms of signal and bandwidth) because of its support for DC-HSDPA. Say it is so, please….

    If it does, you’ve got yourself a new customer! Desperate to leave Vodafone who have rubbish rubbish peak (ie all office hours) congestion in key London areas.

  439. Nitin

    Hi I have a HTC ONE X – Android 4.0.4 and I am based in harrow HA2 [remove by Mod] and work in Central London SE1 [remove by Mod], I am experiencing issue with poor network connectivity for the last 2-3 weeks and extremely poor internet speed of 0.1 Mbps whereas I used to always get about 3-5Mbps easily at the same location.
    Also the network signal strength is also showing as half the usual. and a lot of times I end up picking messages in voice mail instead as the phone has no coverage..this is an issue in most areas including when I am on the streets.
    PS: I am sure this is not just me as others are seeing the same issue and I have already done a factory reset on my phone but to no avail.


  440. Pepper

    Do you know when Telford will be upgraded to the faster speed?

  441. Moderator: Johanna

    @Graeme – There is an issue on your nearest mast, a fix will be in place by December 2nd – sorry it’s causing you issues at the moment.

  442. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave – Of course, we’re always upgrading our network 🙂 I’ve had a look at your postcode and there are a couple of nearby mast upgrades planned for 23/24 November. There’s also a new mast planned for within 3 months.

  443. zen

    When will home signal boxes take advantage of this as when i switch my box off i get 1 bar but it says H+ but when the box is on it just says H

  444. liam

    Three seems a bit confused about what they are offering with their phones. DC-HSDPA is not classed as 4G even though it is offered as such in the US, it is a 3G final evolution or 3G+. But most 3G devices do not come DC-HSDPA ready it is included with the LTE models. So why are Three not stocking these phones to make use of this? Eg Note 2 LTE, Galaxy 3 LTE,Nokia lumia 920 LTE is it because EE wont let you? and no I do not want the Iphone 5!

  445. gbyers

    Will the towns surrounding belfast be getting ultra fast 😛

  446. Sam

    Hi, when will you be selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE which is DC-HSDPA compatible.

  447. Mick Bennett

    Last Sunday my laptop was tethered to my HTC I x and I was getting a download speed of 56 MB/s in Sheffield 9 from a transmitter not too far from home. It has however dropped off during the week for some reason and I have been getting my signal from a Rotherham transmitter instead which is still reasonable. My postcode is S9 [removed by Mod] is my local transmitter out of action for a while?

  448. Oli

    Then why is that between the 3pm-midnight that anything other than browsing is throttled to 0.1Mbps?

    This affects not only P2P but VPN as well.

  449. Graeme

    HI my postcode is G15 [removed by Mod] no issues show but they do for me signal halfed and slow internet

  450. Dave

    Hi. Along with the introduction of ultrafast network speed will upgrades be made to the existing masts?
    I have a very good signal most places … apart from where I need it the most! The postcode I have problems with is WR [removed by Mod]…. lose signal altogether.. I’ve checked the local mast and it only seems to be transmitting at half the power of others in the area? Can you advise? My contract is due for renewal shortly and this issue is a deciding factor .. I really dont want to leave three but may have no choice

  451. Moderator: Nicki

    @Aaron – Hi there, the lists is our roll out programme. This is currently being phased in. The list shows what will be available by the end of the year.

  452. Moderator: Nicki

    @Oli – Hi there, the only thing we have in operation at the moment is our traffic management policy. We manage P2P file sharing and this has always been the case. There’s no plans on this changing this at the moment. Please note that we no longer use the ‘heavy user’ element of our traffic management policy.

  453. Moderator: Nicki

    @KL – The iPad 2 isn’t capable of receiving DC-HSDPA however the iPhone 5 is. So hopefully you’d notice a difference as it’s physically capable of handling a higher speed.

    All of this would depend on the coverage within your area. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues or works being carried out in your area. Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode 🙂

  454. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee – Hi there, it would really depend on your area, how close you are to the masts, what’s physically between you and the mast etc.

    With most phones the 3G indicator would still stay the same but you should notice an increase in the speeds although the signal indicator may not change.

  455. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee – No map planned as yet but I’ll pass the suggestion on 🙂

  456. Aaron

    Hi, you say that Reading is covered with Ultra fast internet now. After checking my postcode [removed by Mod] on your postcode checker it says it is unavailable.

  457. Oli

    Once capacity gets better will you ease off the throttling or make it more dynamic?

  458. KL


    I have been testing 3’s network near my work and home as I am keen to move from Voda, which has zero bandwidth. On my iPad 2 sim, 3’s coverage and bandwidth seem no better at all (despite coverage maps saying excellent).

    Will my iPhone 5 fare any better in terms of reception/speed given the DC-HSDPA support?

  459. Moderator: Nicki

    @Patsy – Hi there, I’m afraid we don’t have a 2G network. You may be able to get 2G fallback in a very small limited area throughout the UK but we’ve turned off the ability to roam on to our 2G roaming partner network in the majority of areas where we have 3G coverage.

    What’s your full postcode and I’ll check if 2G fallback is available, or if there’s any issues with our 3G coverage in your area.


  460. Moderator: Nicki

    @Graeme – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll have a look to see if there’s any issues. Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode.

  461. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zee – Hi there, glad to see you’re pleased 🙂

    No specific dates as yet but as you can see we’ll have 50% of population covered by the end of the year. We have a postcode checker for customers to check to see if it’s been upgraded as yet.

  462. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stephen – Hi there, no specific dates as yet, but as per above we’ll have 50% of the population covered by Christmas in the areas above. You can check your postcode here to see if it’s been upgraded.

    Looking at your postcode there’s another mast in planning stage at the moment which will hopefully help your current experience.

  463. Moderator: Nicki

    @Drew Eden – Hi there, the phones available at the moment are the iPhone 5, HTC 8X and Sony Xperia T.

  464. Moderator: Nicki

    @alan ingleby – Hi there, sorry if you weren’t eligible for the ‘Recommend a Friend‘ credit. The terms are available here.

  465. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jeff – None of the devices we have available today support 4G (LTE) because our network doesn’t currently support it. When we do launch 4G we will ensure we have a range of supported devices and that existing customers will have a way of upgrading to that part of our network once it is available.

  466. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kurtainz – Hi there, the version we sell is HSPA+, not DC-HSDPA.

  467. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kyle – Hi there, sorry if it’s confusing. LTE will be launched in 2013 but by end of year we’ll have UltraFast Internet in your area. This is DC-HSDPA technology.

    DC-HSDPA is up to five times as fast as older technology. In fact it’s so fast it’s called 4G in a lot of countries like the USA.

  468. Moderator: Nicki

    @Seonaid Stewart – Hi there, no location specific dates as yet but we’re constantly working on our rollout plans.

  469. Moderator: Nicki

    @DanielM – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll check it out for you. Don’t worry we won’t publish it 🙂

  470. Moderator: Nicki

    @chris – Hi there, are you having issues with your coverage? If so, what’s your full postcode and I’ll have a look for you.

  471. Moderator: Nicki

    @philip ocallaghan – Hi there, had a look and can see what you mean. Unfortunately there’s no 3G coverage available at the moment, just 2G fallback. There are another few masts in the planning stage but no confirmed go live dates as yet.

  472. Moderator: Nicki

    @stephen dunnill – Hi there, no plans for these phones as yet. Keep your eye on our coming soon page as any device launches are announced there too 🙂

  473. Liam Cubley

    I like the fact that all the towns/cities listed are heard of by pretty much everyone in the UK, and then you have Oldham! lol

    At least I know i’m getting it! 🙂

  474. Kurtainz

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 not compatible with DC-HSDPA?

  475. Patsy

    Dream on. I still can’t even get a 2g signal to make calls in RH20-4 !!!!

  476. Lee

    Be nice is there was a coverage map for the ultra fast network as postcode guessing a long winded task.

  477. Lee

    Will this rollout only affect the speed of the network, or would we see any difference in signal strength after the area is upgraded?

  478. Rik

    Great news, I’m trying to get a Nexus4 to get me on the quicker Internet this will provide.

  479. Drew Eden

    which phones can make use of DC-HSDPA technology right now ?

  480. alan ingleby

    Hi 3 I introduced a friend to the network in April this year and told that we would both get £30 . However we never got it . After a phone call to you guys told me we where not going to get it due to terms and conditions . What terms we where not told about it when we phoned . I have 2 contract phone with 3 and will never recommend 3 again thanx Alan

  481. Graeme

    Well I think you upgraded the mast that serves my area and made it WORSE yet technical support say there is no issues

    Thanks a bunch 3

  482. Zee

    I live in London and don’t have access to it yet, are you able to find out when it’ll be available in [removed by Mod] Very pleased about this.

  483. Stephen

    Evening, mods can you please let me know when DC- HSDPA is coming to my mast [removed by Mod] thanks, Also I get 596 kbps down and 1322 kbps making everything go at snails pace HELP

  484. Kyle

    This is great, but a bit confusing… By the end of this year, Aberdeen will have LTE?

  485. Seonaid Stewart

    When will you extend the ultrafast service to Inverness and surrounding area?

  486. DanielM

    my area is too congested. i can only get around 200-300Kbps during evening

    [removed by mod] Liverpool

  487. chris

    it’s not working

  488. philip ocallaghan

    i live at [remvoed by Mod], it would be nice if i even had standard 3g coverage,feck sake :((((((

  489. stephen dunnill

    Will ThreeUK be getting the Nokia Lumia 920 or 820 anytime soon. Currently with Three on a one month rolling contract as have been waiting for their launch only to be disappointed that you don’t have them.

  490. Jeff

    Will LTE work on Samsung Galaxy Note GTN-7000?

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