Infographic: A day in the life of a smartphone.

Bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes… you don’t really care what they are, as long as your phone bill doesn’t have any nasty surprises. But when it comes to choosing a new contract, how do you know which one is right for you? 1GB of data a month is perfect for some, but do you know how many videos you can stream on your phone with this much data, how often you can update your Facebook or how many emails you can read?

If you’re like me and your smartphone rarely leaves your hand then you probably use more data than you realise. If you catch up on your tv programmes on your evening commute, you could use around 1GB with an hour and a half of streaming. Of course, what you can do depends on your own lifestyle and habits. Most people tend to use the internet on their phones gradually throughout the month rather than spend their full allowance in one go. Their usage averages about 34MB a day.

But is 34MB enough to see you though an average day of social media, streaming and downloading? It’s quite hard to visualise, so we’ve tried to make it a bit more tangible, and this is where our infographic comes in. In it we compare a typical day in the life of a phone on a 1GB contract to what you can do with all-you-can-eat data on your smartphone.

It really makes you think about the data you use and how much you rely on the internet on your phone.

Of course even if you feel like 1GB of data is all you’re likely to need, with Three you still don’t need to worry about bill shock as all our customers receive text alerts if they reach their data limits. So there’s no danger of any of those nasty surprises, whether you’ve got All You Can Eat data or not.

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  1. Moderator: Johanna

    @Liam – Hi Liam, If you’re referring to the Heavy User trial that only ran for a short while…

  2. Liam

    Hi 🙂

    If your basing 140 videos on at 34MB each day that’s 34MB * 140 = 4.7GB every single day, that’s 141GB. There’s no-way you would be able to watch that many cause traffic sense would get you, and throttle you.

  3. Moderator: Johanna

    @lisa harrison – Ah okay… there should be an option for forgotton password (on My3) and your number should be on your bill.

  4. Moderator: Johanna

    @lisa harrison – Sure, have you installed the Three app? If not, download it and you can view your account when on 3G (not Wifi).

  5. lisa harrison

    I have registered on 3 on my nexus7 but I have forgotten my tel number on 3 and pass word so I can check data use can you help thanks

  6. lisa harrison

    I’m on nexus 7 tablet and at the moment from 25th of December I had 3gig I carnt find out how much I’ve used and what’s left can you help me

  7. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – currently 15Gb is the maximum mobile broadband package you can purchase, there’s no plans to change this for now. If you wish to get all you can eat including tethering on Three, this is available on the One Plan.

  8. Andy

    So if you’ll happily let mobiles download 50Gb+ a month, why are you capping the mobile broadband at 15Gb?

  9. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ollie – we only traffic manage people if they are file sharing between 3pm-midnight or if they are tethering outside of their terms and conditions (eg if they don’t have an appropriate add on or not on the One Plan).

  10. Ollie

    Really guy’s…u guys are pretty lucky.atleast you can get online ..around 3pm 3 throttle me to around 10maybe 30 kbs…and before the mods say we will check your area it works fine after midnight usually get up 2 to 6 mbs and I live in a town centre and never mire then a hundred yards from a mast….now I believe you are misleading and certainly lieing to your costumer about speeds they can receive….in my case I can achieve great speeds just u decide to throttle me till after midnight and 30kbs is not acceptable or usable just damn right fustrating….so then your in breach of the contract as iam not receiving what I pay for???

  11. Ellie

    @Gavin – Sorry time machines are not featured as standard in our plans 😉

  12. Gavin

    Technically, usage is capped at just over 2TB/month… 😉

    Unless Three are also offering some sort of time machine with their plans!?

  13. Ellie

    @Josh – Sorry to hear you are experiencing slow download speeds. I have checked your postcode and there are no reported problems on any of the masts in your area, similarly I can’t see any planned upgrades to these masts at the present time. There is a new mast planned for your area within the next few months, the start date for installation of the mast was 15th December, however there is no completion date for this work at the present time. I think the issues you are experiencing are probably related to the location of your house relative to the masts in your area, it is worth giving the team a call on 333 to discuss Home Signal. This could help to boost coverage in your house, have a chat to the team so they can run some diagnostics and assess whether you are suitable for Home Signal.

  14. Josh

    Hi, are there any plans at [removed by mod] as the new mast has only improved coverage for bit. The speeds are still really bad, at 0.4 Mbps. Needs capacity upgrade, like DC-hsdpa
    . Thanks

  15. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scott – Thank goodness for All You Can Eat 🙂

  16. Moderator: Nicki

    @George Styles – Hi there, the only limit is your imagination 🙂 We’ve had people using in excess of 50Gb of data per month. We had a blogger test this out for us, and you can read how he got on here.

  17. Scott

    Just downloading GTA Vice City on the iPhone is 1021MB, there goes the one gig alllowance in one shot 😉

  18. George Styles

    Are you seriously saying that if i munch through 1650mb of data PER DAY on my 15 quid PAYG all you can eat sim it wont raise eyebrows at Three ??? if that is the case, why does ‘proper’ broadband (with tethering etc) cost £10 a month for a gig ???
    I do get thriough quite a lot of data, but nowhere near this much! im loving the value of the 15 quid PAYG package…

  19. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – nope 🙂

  20. Dave

    Wait, is this 3’s way of subtly telling us that all you can eat data is capped at 50gb per month? (1625×31)

  21. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrew Jones – Let us know how you get on 🙂

  22. Andrew Jones

    Just taken delivery of my Nexus 4 direct from Google, finally get to dump this barely working HTC One X – now I will really get to see what the Three network is capable of 😉

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