Huawei E5756.


We’ve got a whole range of Ultrafast enabled phones on our network and even Ultrafast dongles, and now we’re excited to announce our first Ultrafast enabled Mifi.

Step in the Huawei E5756.

In case you haven’t come across our Mifi before, it’s a pocket sized device that allows you to connect your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets to the internet at once. So while you’re doing your banking and shopping on your laptop, you can download tracks and apps on your tablet. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can share your internet with your family, friends and colleagues. Just pop a SIM in and away you go!

As you’d expect, the E5756 offers all the convenience and ease of use of other Mifis but with Ultrafast speeds to boot. So you’ll be able to enjoy Ultrafast download speeds on our Mobile Broadband network whenever you’re in an Ultrafast area.

Not only that, but it can take up to 10 connected devices, which is double that of it’s predecessor the E5220, and it’s got even greater battery capacity. So you’ll be gaming, tweeting and surfing till the cows come home.

An LED screen now shows battery consumption, network strength as well as mail alerts, all of which are really helpful.

This amazing little device is now available to buy on Three.

297 Responses to Huawei E5756.
  1. Moderator: Susan

    @Vasiuddin Ahmed – Hi Vasiuddin, we’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Mobile Broadband restarting continuously. We understand how frustrating this would be if you’ve already tried resetting it and checking the battery. We’re not sure why this is happening so we’d like to run further troubleshooting to get to the root of your issue. Please either call us on 500, free from your Three phone (0333 338 1003 at standard rates from a landline or any other phone) between 08:00 – 20:00 Mon to Fri and 09:00 – 18:00 Sat to Sun, or chat to us here: http://bit.ly/1CkkfYs and we’ll be happy to help >Suzi

  2. Vasiuddin Ahmed

    Dear All, i have HUAWEI E5372s which is continuous restarting. I done the Reset also and i checked with new battery also. Kindly help me by giving suggestion to resolve my problem.

  3. Moderator: Chris

    @Hippogriff – Hi there. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have the best experience over live chat and the phone, and that this has lead you to consider cancelling your contract. Unfortunately we don’t have any ability to change an offer that was made to you or to upgrade/otherwise change your price plan here at the social media team. I can appreciate that the situation you’ve had is frustrating, but if you were looking to discuss alternative plans then the best people to speak to would be the folks on 333 (free from a Three phone) or 0333 338 1001 (standard rates apply) between 8am – 8pm during the week or 9am – 6pm all weekend. They would also be able to revisit the possible replacement MiFi device that you were initially discussing with us. It’s possible that there’s been a bit of a mix up when the call was transferred, so hopefully that can be remedied. You can also catch them on live chat at http://www.three.co.uk/contact_us.

  4. Hippogriff

    Susan – I’ve had the most disappointing customer service experience in my life with Three. After trying the new SIM I wrote about here, I then decided to try Live Chat again.

    We got nowhere with that, I’m afraid – the person I was chatting to seemed to be incompetent and tried to get me to accept that 4G services would be “coming to my area shortly” when I was very clear in advising her that I’d been getting 4G for a very long time (apparently the device and SIM were purchased from Three way back in Aug 2013) and things have been good for most of that time. She then asked me to take the back cover off and reset the device – I told her the E5756 doesn’t have a back cover and I’d, indeed, tried that already.

    She then called me (which was good) and she put me through to Technical. All that he wanted me to do was try to change the “3G only” setting to something other than “3G only” and I told him it was greyed-out and it could not be changed (despite me wanting it to be so). He wanted me to update the APN details, which I did, but that had no effect at all. He then said there was nothing he could do to remedy the situation and – because of that – he would pass me through to someone who would arrange a replacement piece of MiFi hardware. That pleased me.

    I was put through to another woman who then told me the deal I was getting for my 15GB per month was “too good” and I would either have to buy my own MiFi device – or “another router for about £80” (this device never even cost that amount of money!). I was totally staggered by this. I asked why this was the case if I’d just been told by Three that I would be sent a device as this one was considered to be defective in some way. She said she couldn’t help me in any way and then started to say that I’d not even been using my 15GB allocation in the last year (that’s correct, but I want to start using it again) so I could consider two options – either I could pay Three £7 more per month to get the same allocation as I was getting today, or I could downgrade to some other plan that wouldn’t give me the 15GB, maybe 5GB. I was amazed beyond belief and I said I didn’t want to do that. She said I could still use my 15GB on 3G, rather than 4G, and I became frustrated. I ended up cancelling my rolling contract right there.

    This cancellation is now going through. If you are interested in retaining me as a customer I am willing to talk to you, or anyone with an ounce of common sense, then please just let me know by sending me an email to the address I’ve attached to this entry.

  5. Moderator: Susan

    @Hippogriff – Hi there, thanks for commenting. We’re sorry to hear your 4G speeds have dropped and we can appreciate the amount of frustration this would cause. We want to help. It’s disappointing to hear that the replacement SIM you were sent didn’t help. Did you discuss the possibility of it being a network issue during the chat? If you did, what were you advised? Thanks >Suzi

  6. Hippogriff

    I would love to be contacted by someone from Three again – specifically about this device and the fact that it appears locked to “3G only” under “Preferred mode” in “Network Settings”. I was lucky enough to have a Live Chat with someone the other day and they sent me a new SIM through, thinking that mine was somehow damaged.

    This is not a new device to me and I’ve had 4G for many months in the past, now – no joy whatever I do. I used to get 40mbps down according to Ookla, now I’m at 2mbps.

    The new SIM, I installed it earlier, has had no effect. A very helpful Three person had that idea and it was worth trying, but it’s something else that’s the issue.

  7. Steff E

    @Matthew Larner – We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve been having some difficulty accessing 4G. We can understand this will be frustrating. How is your 3G at the moment? Are you able to browse the internet on it ok? I’m afraid that as we don’t sell this device we’re unable to fix this. However, if you give Huawei a call on 0333 3700 800 they should be able to help with this. Let us know how you get on. Thanks

  8. Matthew Larner

    Hey, I’ve got a Huawei E5776s-2 but I can only get 3G on it regardless of where I am, even if 4G is available.

    When I go into the advanced settings > network settings at, Preferred mode is fixed to ‘3G only’ and cannot be changed.

    Any suggestions?
    Cheers, Matthew.

  9. Moderator: Lauren

    @M – Good evening, thanks for getting in touch. Did you run the install pack that was downloaded? This needs to be run manually and normally found under your downloads folder. Once this has run it should take away the arrow and allow the services to work as normal. Let us know how you get on. I hope this helps! >Lauren

  10. m

    Hi, my e5756 device is displaying a message on the telling me to ‘connect to a usb device to update’. I plugged into my laptop the message disappeared and a circle with an arrow appeared then did nothing. The circle stayed on the screen when I disconnected the device and pressing the reset is not working. what does this mean and how can I fix it?

  11. Moderator: Rory

    @Kirstie – Hi Kirstie, I’m sorry that the reset didn’t resolve the issues you’ve been having with your MiFi device. I’m sure that our team will be able to help get this sorted for you when you call. Can you please let us know how you get on? >Rory

  12. Kirstie

    Rory, I have already tried to reset the device and it still doesn’t work. I will have to phone three.

  13. Moderator: Rory

    @Kirstie – Hi Kirsty, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your replacement MiFi device and for any inconvenience this has caused you. Can you please try resetting the MiFi device using the steps in the following link? – http://bit.ly/20Z1gzZ If this doesn’t resolve the issue can you please get in touch on 333 from any Three phone or 0333 300 3333 from an alternative line, so we can help get this sorted for you as quickly as possible? >Rory

  14. Kirstie

    I have just received a replacement mifi. Huawei e5372. I have inserted the sim and battery. Then I turned on device and it displays the message ‘battery error’. Please help

  15. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Dan – I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting to 4G on your MiFi, Dan 🙁 I appreciate this isn’t ideal and will do what I can to help. The E5756 is a 4G capable device. It can make use of the 1800Mhz band which is the frequency that we run our 4G data over so I’m not sure why you’re having troubles connecting to 4G with it. Have you been through our device support page? If not, have a read through it and go through some of the steps that it explains to you. Whether it be connection problems, accessing your dashboard etc it should have something that will help resolve this issue for you. If you could also share your full postcode with me, I’ll be happy to check the 4G coverage in your area. Whilst our online coverage checker is a good indicator of what you can expect to receive in any given area, I’d like to double check on it for you. Thanks.

  16. Dan

    I was also sold this device on the basis it was 4G ready. It works very well on 3G but now 4G is available in my area and I’m at the end of contract I’m keen to use a 4G device.

  17. Moderator: Richard

    That’s never ideal, @Nehal. I’m sorry you’ve been having these issues. As my colleague has advised, it’s not a device we’ve ever stocked so wouldn’t be able to send out new firmware for it unfortunately. Could you try doing a factory rest on the device to see if this helps fix your issue? You can do this by logging into the device’s web management page then clicking Settings > Systems > Restore Defaults then clicking the Restore button. If this doesn’t help, you may be best contacting the manufacturer directly on 0333 370 0800 to see if they have any further troubleshooting steps. Let me know how you get on. >Rich

  18. Nehal

    i dont know how its done but now when i power on its in download mode as far as i know its need firmware Thank you

  19. Moderator: David

    Hi @Nehal, sorry to hear your e5577 is damaged 🙁 This doesn’t appear to be a MiFi device we’ve ever stocked, did you purchase this from a third party? Software and firmware updates are carried out automatically on our MiFi devices and unfortunately we’re unable to manually send these out to you. How have you been made aware that your device requires new firmware? Thanks, David

  20. Nehal

    Hi madam sir i need firmware for e5577 i have one but its damage please there is file then please send me on almasadir.tec@gmail.com Thank you !!

  21. Steff E

    @Graham – Hi Graham, our 4G roll-out is ongoing and unfortunately at times certain areas that are due to receive 4G are delayed due to many factors. Can you send us the full postcode of the area that you’re in? I’ll check for the level of 4G coverage available. Thanks

  22. Graham

    Hi there I’ve been trawling through the comments here and amazed just how many people appear have been mis-sold this product.

    I’ve been patiently waiting to upgrade to 4G as specifically told by the salesman in the Soho Three store (93-107 Shaftsbury Avenue, London W1D 5DA) where I bought the E5756 – I bought it solely on the basis that it would be upgraded to 4G in due time, and that this would be at no cost.

    Please contact me on my email address – (removed by mod) – to help me rectify this.

  23. Moderator: Allan

    @Anthony Moss- Hi, this device will work on 2G networks in the USA. Thanks

  24. Anthony Moss

    Does your standard Huawei E5220 work in the USA? Thanks.

  25. Moderator: Madeline

    @JO That sounds like a great trip 🙂 The E5573s-320 Mobile Wi-Fi does work in the USA. You can find out support page here Have a great holiday!

  26. JO

    I am going to the USA and Canada this summer. I had a Huawei E5331Ws which I have been really pleased with on PAYG, but research suggested this wouldn’t work in either location. In Basildon yesterday I visited the 3 shop and asked for a MiFi which would work in both locations esp, USA. I’ve been sold a E5573s-320 I’d appreciate someone confirming or otherwise that this should work as I need it to. Many thanks

  27. Moderator: Claire

    @Charlie – Hi, did you run the install pack that was downloaded? This needs to be run manually and normally found under your downloads folder. Once this is run it should take away the big arrow and allow the service to work as normal. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  28. Charlie

    Hi, I have a Huawei E5756 device, like “Craig” mentioned earlier, I have the same problem. One day, a message appeared telling me to connect to a USB to get updates, after doing so, a big arrow appeared on the screen. The device can’t be switched on or off, or even reset, all we are confronted with is the arrow pointing up. What can I do to get my device working again?

  29. Steff E

    @Richard Tye – Hi Richard, unfortunately our current range of Mi-Fi’s and dongles are not compatible with the network frequencies used by our roaming partners in the US. This means you won’t be able to use your MiFi to connect to the internet whilst in the US. I’m sorry if this caused an inconvenience.

  30. Richard Tye

    I took my MiFi to Atlanta last week and switched it on expecting a connection as my Note 3 (also on 3) had already connected. It was unable to connect as it seems that it is lock to connect to 3G networks ONLY. The 2G option is grey out in the settings. Does this device operate in the US?

  31. Moderator: Chris

    @Lauren – Did you buy the device in the UK @Lauren? Are you sure that it’s unlocked to use on our network?

  32. Lauren

    can anyone help me i’ve bought a Huawei E5756s-2 but its not showing itself on any devices (phone/laptop/tablet) i’ve tried resetting it but still no luck please help.

  33. Moderator: Stephie

    @Craig – I’m sorry to see this has happened Craig. What MiFi device are you using?

  34. craig

    i have had this mifi device for around a year now on a 2 year contract with not much problems apart from the charger cable being a little temperamental. Today it displayed a message on the device telling me to ‘connect to a usb device to update’. upon connecting it to my laptop the message disappeared and a circle with an arrow appeared then did nothing. The circle stayed on the screen when i disconnected the device until the battery ran out. i couldn’tturn it off or reset it. what does this mean and what do i need to do?

  35. R Cadwallader

    I was also sold a E5676 mifi dongle on the understanding that it was 4G ready just to find out that it in fact isn’t. I am hoping that 3 will replace the item with the later updated version which does.

    I really do not want the hassle of taking court action to resolve this issue although I will if required.

    I have found the shop staff in Hempstead Valley, Gillingham, Kent to be less than helpful and uninterested in resolving this, I have two phones on a different contract which I was going to move over to three when they expire, I am having second thoughts about dealing with 3 in the future due to this issue.

  36. Steve

    I like it seems many others was sold an E5756, when I went into the Three Store in wokingham they had two modems on offer and I was told the more expensive of the two was better as it was 4G ready and would seemlesly upgrade to 4G, so i paid for the more expensive option and went home with the ‘4G ready modem’ I’m curious – just how many people has this happend to ??

  37. Moderator: Richard

    That’s not good, @Nigel. =/ So when using a Three phone in the same area you have no issues with the service? That would usually point to a device fault. Can you fill in our support form so I can see what’s already been done in terms of troubleshooting and can then look to escalate the problem for you? >Rich

  38. Nigel Corner

    Unfortunately on mobile devices 3G is considerably quicker, It struggles to download my startup page which is Facebook so I am afraid downloading or streaming anything is an absolute joke and impossible. Its the frequency and severity of the drops that cause the problem it’s every few seconds and can go from 9k MB to 100KB in 5 seconds. I am currently in NR31 but your tech support have checked and nothing, they have had remote access to my computer and found nothing (it did demonstrate to them how it can drop and raise and drop again whilst they had access) and I have tried in different postcodes and the same things happen..I have tried explaining to your phone support but unfortunately they are not helpful at all, I feel unfortunately that this is down to the language barrier in some instances and I aren’t being disrespectful when I say that. I am not even convinced this is a fault with the equipment I just think the equipment isn’t good enough and certainly doesn’t do what it says on the tin.. Look forward to your response, please don’t ask me to ring to discuss as that get’s nowhere. I am relying on you to get this resolved for me. Many Thanks

  39. Moderator: Chris

    @Nigel Corner – Hi Nigel, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your download speeds 🙁 Can you send me your full postcode, first off so that I can check for any network issues in the area? Are you able to browse/stream normally or are these services also affected? Once I have a clearer idea of what’s causing your issue I can look into further escalation. With regards to cancellation, you would need to speak to the team over the phone on 0333 300 3333 to discuss this. Thanks.

  40. Nigel Corner

    Absolutely appalled with this MIFI gadget, It simply isn’t fit for purpose, I’ve tried it in many different location’s I even bought a rival sim card to try in it and still no good, clearly it’s the device, it will work and give me 9000 MB then when I redo the speed test it drops to 100 KB and stays there, then it might jump back up again for a minute and drop back down..I have been downloading a film from SKY GO today and it has been on for 8 hours and is 25% done??? What a wonderful piece of equipment, how on earth do 3 expect me to pay for another year for a piece of kit that I cannot use, Yes I have spoken to India several times and been fobbed off everytime..Total Joke…Will be cancelling my standing order and if they want the money they can take me to court..I will do the same with regard to my statutory rights..I suggest someone get’s in touch quickly and allows me to cancel my contract with no costs incurred.

  41. Moderator: Claire

    @Jan – Hi, we aren’t sure why this isn’t connecting. Can you fill in this form and we’ll check this further? Thanks.

  42. Jan

    Chris, the printer doesn’t appear to detect the router. I’ve tried going into the router control panel WPS section and entering the PIN from the printer screen wireless settings (on the C4780 this is Wireless Menu, WPS, PIN) but after a couple of minutes displaying ‘Trying to connect’ the printer screen displays ‘WPS Error’. Although, when I print out ‘HP Configuration Page’ this does list ‘Number of 802.11 networks discovered’ which includes the router SSID. Have you any thoughts about what I could try next?

  43. Moderator: Chris

    @Jan – Hi there, can you confirm if your device is connecting to the mifi or is this also affected? It’s strange to hear this, as it should work in the same way as any other wireless network…

  44. Jan

    I’m having problems connecting my wireless printer HP C4780 with the E5756 mifi. The printer doesn’t seem to detect the router. The printer worked perfectly with the previous BT router. As more and more people use mifi this must be increasingly a problem I’m assuming – can’t find anything online about it, though. Has anyone sorted it?

  45. Moderator: Claire

    @Jason Hughes – Hi, sorry to hear you feel this way. Can you fill in this form and we’ll look into this in more detail? Thanks.

  46. Jason Hughes

    I like john was also sold this device as 4G ready and i disappointed that it isnt. I feel i was mis-sold the device and would like to cancel my contract or be sent a 4G Mi-Fi device.
    Many Thanks

  47. Moderator: Claire

    @Stuart Gray – Hi, I have sent you an email to fill in and return to us. We can look into this for you. Thanks.

  48. Stuart Gray

    I entered into a two year contract in August 2013 in good faith, assured by the Hemel Hempstead Three store that this device was ‘4G ready’ and would automatically switch to the higher speed when the service was rolled out. Now that 4G is active in my area, I find that the device is NOT suitable for 4G connection, and customer service have advised there is nothing I can do as I am tied into a contract until August 2015. I consider that I was mis-lead at the time of entering into the contract – had I known that the device would not be suitable for 4G, I would have signed with a different network that offered 4G mobile broadband sooner.

    I feel stingily that Three’s behaviour has fallen considerably short of my expectations and would appreciate correspondence by email (removed by mod) to discuss the matter further.

  49. Moderator: Claire

    @Anthony – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check this for you? Does this happen only indoors or outdoors? Thanks.

  50. anthony

    hi my device loses internet access on strong all the time i just move it and put it back and internet returns for a ser amount of actions then same again like for example i play online games and all the while i’m in a lobby its fine for hours at a time but if i want to switch game type etc it loses for around 2 min it rather nnoying

  51. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard Barr – Hi, yes this will work in the USA and you would receive 2G speeds. Thanks.

  52. Richard Barr

    I am thinking of buying Huawei E5756 as I am going to USA sometime soon – does this device work in USA as i am trying to decide whether to buy this or just get one in USA. Thanks for advice

  53. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon Williams – Hi, are you able to connect to the internet and surf other sites using the dongle? Is it just this specific site/IP that you can’t access? Thanks.

  54. Simon Williams


    I have just purchased a Huawei dongle to use in my office so I can connect to my home office.

    I can connect without problems using a different connection, but when trying to connect with the dongle, I get an error saying that it cannot connect to my IP address.

    Pings show the destination as unreachable,

    Can you help?

  55. Moderator: Bernadette

    @chris wright – Do you find this happens in the one location? Are you using mobile data on a phone or mobile broadband on a dongle or mifi? You may find that speeds differ depending what time of day it is. Also depending if you are browsing, downloading or streaming you sometimes notice that speeds may get slower if you are doing this over a long period of time. >Bernie

  56. chris wright

    Does anybody elses speed fluctuate massively. My signal strength on the device says full 3g bars , but my speed goes from 14mb to 30kbs all of the time. Just now it can get no signal then 4mbs. it really frustrating

  57. Angry

    Firstly i would like to say that i was mis sold the E5756 MiFi as i was told that it was a 4G ready device and that i would be switched over to your 4G service as soon as it was rolled out, i have since been told that this is NOT a 4G device so therefore i will NOT be able to get 4G speeds. Not only that, i have had the device replaced once as i have had problems using it since day one with web pages and emails not loading properly just constantly buffering, not to mention youtube videos freezing and stopping during the playback attempts. When speed tests are carried out, i get at the most 6mbps on a good day, but usually it is around 0.5mbps. I am definitely not willing to continue paying for a service that is almost non existent. I have requested for the new 4G E5372 to be sent out as a replacement as the E5756 is no longer offered by yourselves and that makes me wonder that the reason behind that is that it is a lesser problematic device.
    The most recent offering is to have a replacement sim card sent out to me to see if this is the problem, but i have informed three customer service that i have tried another sim card in the E5756 and the speeds are exactly the same (ridiculously low) but then i have an iPad air which is also on three and that has no problem whatsoever in reaching speeds of 30/40mbps. I am extremely frustrated in the fact that i am basically paying for nothing in return. This is how you go about losing customers quite simply…

  58. Moderator: Claire

    @Robbie – Hi, the mifi device you have accepts speeds up to 43.2mps on 3G. We do have a new 4G version with speeds up to 150mps depending on the network, more info here. What speeds are you getting?

  59. Robbie

    I too have been sold one of these devices as being 4G ready – and the description above of the device as being “Ultrafast” links to a page about being 4G ready. I have started to use this device in London and find the speed to be appalling – I get much better speed when connecting through my phone via Vodafone. Please contact me to discuss a replacement device or cancellation of my contract as I haven’t paid extra for this device to offer me the same speed as my old Mifi!!!!!

  60. Moderator: Pamela

    @Getachun If you’ve had it a year and a half, your dongle may need repaired. You’d be best contacting Huawei. Thanks, Pamela

  61. Moderator: Pamela

    @John Have you spoken to our technical team or Huawei about this John? Thanks, Pamela

  62. Moderator: Pamela

    @John Ohb that’s not good John 🙁 How often does that happen? Have you spoken to our technical team at all? Thanks, Pamela

  63. Getahun

    Hi Guys,
    My HUAWEI device is frequently disconnected. There was no such behavior when I use it for the past one and half years. How can I trace and fix this problem?

  64. John

    I see I wasn’t the only one who upgraded to an E5756 after being assured last year that it was 4G.
    Mine has an intermittent fault, which the local store won’t accept without proof. Luckily I have been able to film the WiFi link failing on my smartphone.

  65. John

    “Your device is currently connected to the Internet.
    If you are not redirected to the required Web page, close the current browser and open a new one.”
    Gee ,thanks E5756. There’s nothing I like more that shutting down a browser with several open tabs several times a day. Earlier devices didn’t do this. How about a firmware upgrade?
    Preferably one that displays usage until reset.

  66. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mel – Hi there, I’m afraid it’s not something we’ve tested here. Have you checked with HP to see if they have any troubleshooters available online? Are you able to pick up other wireless devices on the printer?

  67. Mel

    How do I connect a HP C4780 wireless printer to mu e5756 router
    Have tried wps but still cannot find it

  68. Moderator: Richard

    Thanks for that, @Simon. Just sent you an email there. 🙂 >Rich

  69. Simon Cassar

    Hi Richard / moderator, I’ve had the device for less than a year. I bought it when it was a fairly new model in the Three store. The stores I visited were: Chichester, Maidstone & Farnborough, all of whom gave me the same 4G ready line. My e-mail address is (email removed by mod) I look forward to hearing from you. Regards. Simon.

  70. Moderator: Richard

    That’s not so good, @Simon. What device do you have? How long have you had it for? What were the stores you visited that told you the device was 4G ready? I’d like to investigate this issue further for you, can you send us your email address? (I’ll remove it before posting the comment publicly) >Rich

  71. Simon Cassar

    Hi Madeline, at last a response. Thanks, I bought the device in three store in Chichester, but I’d checked at a few stores before buying the device that it was 4G as this is what the store guys were telling me, despite no back up documentation. I bought the device as I wanted to be future proof for 4G & this I was assured was the case as a message would be sent to me when 4G was ready in my area & an over the air upgrade would take place. If I’d have known that the device was 3G only I wouldn’t have bought it as I already got the previous 3G Mifi platform. I look forward to hearing your comments and how you plan to put this wrong, right. Thanks.

  72. Moderator: Madeline

    @Simon Cassar – Hi Simon – I can’t see any of your previous messages, sorry. The ZTE MF823 4G Dongle & Huawei e5372 MiFi are our 4G ready devices. What device do you have? When are where did you get the device? Thanks

  73. Simon Cassar

    What happened to my comments? I see they’ve been taken down. Can I at least get a courteous response acknowledging my message? Next step your CEO via Linked-in & the BBC Watchdog programme, Twitter, Facebook et al. I paid for a 4G ready MiFi & that’s not what I was sold & what I got. Thanks!

  74. Moderator: Pamela

    @John Brocklehurst We’re not aware of any advertising stating the Huawei E5756 was 4G ready John – where did you see this? Did you get the MiFi directly from Three? Thanks, Pamela

  75. John Brocklehurst

    Hi Pamela, Are there any plans to replace the mis sold as 4G Huawei 5756′ With the genuine 4G Huawei 5372 THREE are now providing , For existing MiFi contract customers, I bought mine in Nov and was ASSURED several times by several people, Besides many adverts that it was 4G compatible, Then found later it was not,

  76. Moderator: Pamela

    @John Brocklehurst Really sorry about how unhappy you are – can we help at all? Thanks, Pamela

  77. John Brocklehurst

    It would seem that THREE. Have now added a PROPER 4g compatible modem, I wonder how many existing customers will be upgraded to what they were promised for free!! Not many I will bet, Disgracefull mis sale of goods, Any normal company who values there customer base would certainly make some offer to appease those who purchased in good faith.

  78. Moderator: Pamela

    @Daryl Really sorry to hear that Daryl. How long have you had the MiFi for? What store was it? Have you spoken to them about this at all? Thanks, Pamela

  79. Daryl

    After reading more information about this device I have discovered that it is not 4g which I was told it was when I bought it. The device having 4G was the main reason for buying it. So I have been miss soled this device by a member of your staff I would like information on how to send it back and cancel my contract with 3

  80. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Darren Wray – What device is it you are using? If there is a fault with the handset the manufacturer now deals with any repairs or exchanges that need to take place. If you can let me know the make/model I can point you in the right direction to get this resolved. >Bernie

  81. Darren Wray

    My device refuses to work now, complaining of battery error as soon as I power it on (despite being fully charged). It’s around 6 months old.

    How do I get a faulty device replaced?

    Given so many people are commenting about being mis-sold this device…I was also sold this device on the basis that it was 4G. When I found out it was 3G only, I called Three to complain and was told categorically that I was wrong, and that I hadn’t been told this. I wish I’d read this forum before I’d made the call!

  82. Dave

    Please can you send me details of how to complain about miss selling. I was sold 2 x E5756 mifi’s buy the Three shop in the Metro Centre and was assured they were 4g compatible. Having discovered this thread I went back to the shop 1 week ago and they still insisted they were 4g. I’m not at all happy.

  83. Moderator: Chris

    @John Brocklehurst – Hey John, I’ve sent an email to you asking for more info. Can you get back to me that way? Thanks.

  84. John Brocklehurst

    [Removed by Mod]. Is the postcode in question, It will be very interesting to see what you come up with, So far Mast faulty seven days, Mast not faulty, just won’t work, Mast faulty Three months, Mast not faulty, but UP to three months , and more recent,all the customers are faulty TWO to THREE YEARS, YES YEARS! So will not surprise me if you come back with mast gone missing ! Little green spacemen suspected, What a total shambles, Do THREE supply all their staff with drugs,???

  85. Moderator: Chris

    @John – Hi there, a good chunk of our network is currently live on 4G and we’re working to have it across 95% of the network by the end of next year so it may take a little time to get it to you. If you’re having coverage issues can you send me over a full postcode (which I’ll edit out before posting) and I’ll check the network around you for faults? Cheers.

  86. John Brocklehurst

    PLEASE let me know if you find a 4G postcode that works, I shall go along and hold a party, It would seem THREE don’t have 3G working at the moment! And as for getting to the bottom of YOUR problem surely they would be better looking at their OWN problems,

  87. Moderator: Chris

    @Anna – Hey there, I’m sorry to read this 🙁 If you can send over an email address (which I’ll edit out of your comment before posting) we’ll be in touch with you for more info so that we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

  88. Anna

    I too was miss-sold this device as being 4g capable back in November. I am horrified to realise that it isn’t…..im NOT going to phone up india to talk about it as it was during a phone call to India that i was mis-sold this device. i specifically asked if it was 4g and he actually sold it to me as so, i checked numerous times with him and he assured me that it was. I have not been in a 4g area yet, to try it, so have only realised as i noticed it being sold as 3g, not 4g, now. I’m pretty sure the website stated it as 4g at the time also. I want an immediate refund and compensation, tell me how to do this immediately….i am disgusted in 3 now. I won’t be fobbed off with ridiculous excuses it is plainly clear from the amount of comments on here, that numerous people were mis-sold. 3 had better get there act together, apologise and pay compensation etc or they will loose many customers……..i need a form right now to file a complaint and will contact the relevant authorities regarding mis-selling…..

  89. John

    Well there you go, It would seem after everybody at THREE telling me the mast is faulty it isn’t! the fact is that it has stopped working and can’t be repaired for three months ( Maybe they are not sure ???) BUT it’s official it’s not broken, It would seem after research that THREE have serious problems with the upgrades of masts, But no one has the decency to admit it or offer an explanation, It is a disgrace. I have learned the hard way. Unfortunatly I recommended many friends on the same postcode who are all out of pocket!

  90. Moderator: Allan

    @John – Thanks for sending in the details requested John. We will respond to the email within 5 days of it being received.

  91. John

    All details were sent yesterday, Mast still not working this morning, Now seven days and no contact.
    Regards John

  92. Moderator: Kris

    @John Brocklehurst For us to check the status of an existing query you have made with our Care team, it’s a legal requirement for us to get that DPA information from you. Also, the main bit of info we need to be able to access your account for this is the mobile number attached to it. We can check basic information on the masts using just the postcode, but by getting in to your account, we can use your number and usage to gauge things like how far you are from the mast, how many attempts you’ve made to connect to the network while it’s been an issue, and more. We wouldn’t ask for it if we didn’t think it would be beneficial to do so.

  93. John

    Hi Kris thanks so much for your reply, It is because of the DPA that I no longer give out irrelevant information, It surely can’t be hard to look at the service records for the mast covering that postcode and see what if any repairs are being carried out. I was advised it could be as long as seven days by POOJA ??? This was confirmed by tech who she passed me to eventually after destroying several items on one of my laptops! So strictly speaking I can’t complain till Wednesday, But it does seem a long time to carry out a mast repair,
    Regards John,
    PS it would seem you have my correct name,

  94. Moderator: Kris

    @John Brocklehurst Thanks for emailing back, but again we need you to confirm the requested details. It’s a DPA requirement at our end in order to access your account, to see the interactions you have had with our care team and network team so far, and to allow us to escalate this higher if we need to. Your co-operation in this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  95. Moderator: Kris

    @John Brocklehurst I can see that your email back to us is in the queue to be replied to today. However, for us to raise this properly for you, we’d need you to send over the details that were requested in the email we sent to you, so that we can log it in your account and have someone get in touch with you in the correct manner about the issue you are having. Thanks.

  96. John

    I have reply below re fault on mast for {edited by mod} and up to seven days to fix BUT no reply from tech or any further news, Surely something must be happening, After 2.25 hrs on phone I finally got admission mast was faulty!

  97. Moderator: Stephie

    @Guy – Hi Guy, we don’t have a specific date just yet but all updates will be posted on our website 🙂

  98. Guy

    Slightly off topic, but when will you supply the Huawei 5776 4G?

  99. Moderator: Stephie

    @Holly – Really sorry you feel this way Holly. Unfortunately it’s the manufacturer decision when it comes down to repairs/replacements.

  100. Holly

    Spoke to Huawei, they can’t do anything which I find shocking from a customer service point of view. This has put me off getting anything Huawei or 3 related in the future. Paying £15 a month for 24 month for something I cannot use properly. Very disappointed.

  101. Moderator: Madeline

    @John Taylor – Okay John, let us know how you get on. Hopefully this issue is resolved ASAP.

  102. Moderator: Madeline

    @Holly – I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. Although you’ve already had a replacement dongle, the best option might be to contact Huawei directly, and ask them for a new replacement, or an alternative device. You can contact Huawei here

  103. John Taylor

    @Moderator: Madeline. Yes I did today they are sending me a jiffy bag to send it back to three and have cancelled the service from today three need to sort this I am not the only one like this just hope others are just as lucky

  104. Holly

    I’ve had my coverage checked numerous times when I phoned up to complain and my coverage is fine. I have this problem no matter where I am with the device.

    When it drops to 3G, I still have full signal strength. I’ve been on the phone to your Customer Services who have taken remote control over my laptop to view the device settings and they experienced it first hand that I owe internet connection when going to a 3G connection.

  105. Moderator: Madeline

    @Holly – Sorry to hear that Holly 🙁 there could be a problem with coverage in your area. If you send us your full postcode we can check for you?

  106. Holly

    How much more reliable is this than the E586?

    I’ve had the E586 for almost 2 years now and every time the signal goes from H to 3G, it disconnects. I’ve had a replacement device and replacement SIM but I’m still wasting £16 a month on this.

  107. Moderator: Madeline

    @John Taylor – Sorry to hear that John. The Huawei E5756 uses Advanced 3G (DC-HSDPA) technology, not 4G. Have you heard back from one of our team yet?

  108. John Taylor

    Hi this device was sold to me as 4g ready in dec I am waiting for a call back as to weather I can cancel my service as it was misold as 4g and its not and never will be what are my chance of three cancelling it

  109. Moderator: Madeline

    @John Brocklehurst Hello, I can see the coverage where you are has changed but will need to get our technical team to look into this. We’ve sent you an email.

  110. John Brocklehurst

    After three years and no problems using THREE mobile broadband I saw the Huawei 5756 and 15 gig per month plan, Even changed my iphone to three, Now neither work at a usable speed, I have tried the SIM in my old 586 with same results, it is as if signal has been reduced at mast,!. Postcode YO 62 5JG I have had HSDPA+ For years ( PAYG) at this address

  111. Moderator: Claire

    @Harry – Hi, we take all complaints seriously. If you would like us to raise a case for you, please confirm your email address and we will send you an email. We won’t publish your email address. Thanks.

  112. Harry

    Moderators, seeing as so many people are mentioning this device as being mis-sold as 4g ready (I’m one of them), is any of this info being fed back to three HQ??? Or is this blog just a place to vent your anger and have it swept under the carpet? Just a thought.

  113. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Roger Horne – no worries Rodger 🙂 have a good weekend. >Bernie

  114. Roger Horne

    marvellous, I will give that a try and pick up contact next week

  115. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Roger Horne – Yes its just some trouble shooting questions im going through as there is showing you should have strong coverage indoors and outdoors. >Bernie

  116. Roger Horne

    No I haven’t, is this to eliminate if there might be problem with the gadget? I can try this next week.

  117. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Roger Horne – I know you said this is a very new device but have you had a chance to use this in any other area like your home address? >Bernie

  118. Roger Horne

    Hi Bernadette answers under you questions, thanks
    What is the error message you are getting on the computer when trying to browse, stream or download?.
    There isn’t one, hovering over the wireless icon in the tray just says no internet access when the little bars on the mifi go to nothing.

    Does this work better when it is only connected to the one laptop/pc?
    No, I don’t think it is a PC to mifi issue, I think it is the variable quality/strength of the data signal, which I accept will never be perfect, but surely should be better in London

    Do you know anyone else in the office block who has issues with signal?
    We have only just moved in, don’t think so , will double check. ROger

  119. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Roger Horne – What is the error message you are getting on the computer when trying to browse, stream or download?. Does this work better when it is only connected to the one laptop/pc? Do you know anyone else in the office block who has issues with signal? >Bernie

  120. Roger Horne

    Hi Bernadette, yes we have put it on the windowsill, the postcode is (removed by mod) , its a massive old office block adjacent to the station in waterloo. yesterday particular the signal bars kept going to nothing. I look out of my window at the station.

  121. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Roger Horne – Have you tried positioning the mifi unit in a different part of the office. Signal can sometimes get stronger in certain areas. Also I have searched waterloo station and there doesn’t seem to be any faults. If you can send me over a full postcode ( this wont be published ) I can check the area in more depth. >Bernie

  122. Roger Horne

    Hello, I bought a 5756 last Thursday as a temporary solution to access the internet for my small office while we wait for BT. there are up to 6 laptops connecting and at first it was fine, today the three 3G signal kept disappearing completely making it pretty useless. Was not expecting magic but expected better than the old dial up modem I had years ago. I bought it in Oxford street and did ask if it was 4G compatible and the young lady said yes although this was not the reason I got it. We are in (removed by mod) just by Waterloo station, any suggestions?

  123. Moderator: Claire

    @Kathrin – Hi, we don’t use any widgets with our twitter feed. There is a setting for widgets on the twitter account under Settings which might help.

  124. Moderator: Claire

    @Gary, Hi, sorry you feel this way. The Huawei device isn’t 4G ready but is capable of speeds up to 43.2mbps. How are you finding the speeds at present? We are looking to launch 4G ready devices in the future. Thanks.

  125. Kathrin

    Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of
    any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.
    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe
    you would have some experience with something
    like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy
    reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

  126. Gary

    I have just spoken to the 3 technical support team as I also have been advised the Huawei E5756 Mifi Device was not 4G ready… I upgraded a while ago and was told when 4G is launched in my area I will get 4G on my device. After reading these comments and looking at the specs it appears that I have been mis sold this as it is not 4G ready. Having been with 3 for a number of years I feel cheated and very disappointed.

  127. Moderator: Claire

    @Rich – Sorry you feel this way about your service. As stated previously we don’t sell any 4G mifi devices at present and can’t help you with this. If you do want to go to Ofcom the recording of the call does cost through customer service.

  128. Rich

    I don’t really know why I’m bothering with this, I doubt it will get me anywhere but hey, you never know.

    Moderators, please read my previous posts before replying.

    So the result of the investigation into my phone call was that I had not been miss sold. I was told I would be sent a super fast mifi. Despite the fact that I spent the first part of my 35 minute call explaining that I wanted a a 4g mifi, and despite discussing the availability of 4g in London, apparently sending me a non 4g device is not miss selling. It may have a fast theoretical speed BUT IT IS NOT 4G!

    Further, when I asked for a recording of my call so that I can go to Ofcom I was informed that I would be charged!

    Tomorrow I will return the mis sold device. I will go out of my way to the Post Office. I have wasted 1 1/2 hours on the phone, and I suspect I will lose an hour at the post office. Needless to say I will NEVER use Three again, a shame after three years.

    By the way, did I mention I’m the IT Director at my firn? The two other devices I ordered last week are also being returned, and the numerous others that we need will be from ee who DO have a 4g ready device.

    Shocking Three.

  129. Harry

    I bought this from the Wimbledon store, which I’m on my way to pay a visit.

  130. Moderator: Claire

    @Harry – Hi, I’m sorry you feel this way about being mis-sold. What store did you buy the device? The device can give you speeds up to 43.2mbps per second depending on the network signal strength which is the maximum speed you can get on the network with advanced 3G which is still very fast. The 4G service is an added extra we are supplying on top of the 3G signal.

  131. Harry

    Hi Claire, I now know it’s not 4g compatible. I was told this was 4g ready for when 4g rolls out on the Three network, basically I’ve been mid-sold this device by the Three shop staff. So where do I stand with this matter?

  132. Moderator: Claire

    @Harry – Hi, I’ve checked the specifications of the Huawei device and its not 4G compatible. It is capable of 43.2mbps on 3G. We are looking to release 4G mifi devices shortly. Hope this helps.

  133. Harry

    Hi Claire, its this mifi device Huawei E5756, not a phone. I specifically asked will it be 4g ready and was told yes.

  134. Moderator: Claire

    @Harry – Hi, we haven’t deleted your comment it has just been replied to. Thanks.

  135. Moderator: Claire

    @Harry – Hi, sorry to hear this experience. Which phone did you buy? We have already activated 4G in the most congested areas of London and you will be able to access this once you have the 4G carrier update. We started sending out the 4G carrier update from December and this will finish by the end of March. You can check the areas of London that have 4G here. Thanks.

  136. Harry

    Morning, why has my post been deleted?!

  137. Harry

    I’m actually gobsmacked reading about the mis-selling of this device as being ‘4g ready’. I too was told exactly the same thing. I bought mine at the Wimbledon store in June on my way to covering the tennis championships (I am a press photographer and obviously need to send images back to the picture desk fast) and was told this is the device to have as it is ‘supafast’ but will be 4g ready when 4g is introduced to the Three network. I’ve only just found out that its not 4g ready and never will be after calling customer services asking when 4g will be active in London. This is a complete joke for such a huge company as they are trying to launch their 4g service, proper mis-selling tactics. I will be cancelling my contract and forwarding this to the business section of the national newspaper I work for.

  138. Moderator: John

    @Matthew – Morning Matthew, we’ve sent you an email for your completion. With this I’ll be able to access your account, and we can continue to keep in touch that way too. Thanks

  139. Matthew

    Moderator: John
    permission granted to send a Support Tab form .
    I was wondering how to see new posts without haveing to write a comment ? Thank you

  140. Moderator: John

    @Matthew – It doesn’t sound like you’ve had the best experience at all, so apologies for that Matthew. With your permission could we send you a Support Tab form via email for you to complete? It will take a few minutes of your time, and will allow us to investigate your current issues. Thanks

  141. Matthew

    I can go on and on about this pore excuse of a company > I have needed to spend lots of money phoning , time wasted listening to your constant excuses for the apaling ( i wont say service ) network . When i fineally get to somone with athority , the device works at 3mbps for 5 DAYS . Then speeds went worse . I shows full bars but at 0.3 mbps . PLEASE DON’T SIGHN UP . Save your money, get a pen & paper . It is quicker

  142. Steff E

    @ Bob – Hi Bob, disappointed to read you’ve not had a good experience with us. Is there anything I can do to help?

  143. bob

    After around 3 months and numerous complaints i find nothing has been done about the congestion in my area, the device is now used as a paperweight and i will be cancelling this contract. 3 fail to provide the advertised service, avoid at all costs.

  144. Steff E

    @Rich – Hi Rich, apologies for the confusion. I’m sorry you feel like you were misled, but the truth is that this mi-fi device is not 4G ready but can have speeds of up to 42mbps which is already incredibly fast, faster than some people’s home broadband. I’m sorry you’ve not had a good experience with us and really hope you’re able to come to a resolution. If after 5 working days you haven’t been contacted please don’t hesitate to get back in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help in anyway.

  145. Rich

    John, did you read my post? I said I upgraded to this device I.e. The Huawei E5756 which this chain is about. This is not, contrary to what the salesperson at Three told me, 4g ready. It will not work on 4g ever. I called this morning to arrange a return and was told I have to go to the Post Office! So I’ve wasted an hour on the phone, been miss sold a device and now I have to go out of my way to send it back!! I asked if I could put in an invoice for my time, you know the answer to that I’m sure.
    He is going to review the phone call before he can offer a solution. Not sure why this is going to take 5 working days, I assume because there are so many complaints!

  146. Moderator: John

    @Rich – We’re really sorry you feel this way, but please have faith Rich. If you’ve a 4G ready phone and you’re in a 4G area you should be up and running by the end of the month 🙂 We’d hate for you to go to leave; especially when free 4G with unlimited data is just around the corner.

  147. Rich

    I am frankly applauded to be reading this having upgraded to this device last week specifically to get 4g. I discussed 4g at length with the salesperson and he assured me that as I live in London this would be 4g out of the box. Having read this blog and few others this morning this is clearly not true.

    After 3years with Three I will today move to ee and send this device back. Awful service,terrible knowledge and miss selling which has clearly gone on for months.

  148. Moderator: Chris

    @Hazel – Hey there, if you’re having this kind problem with multiple devices at the same location, it’s more than likely a coverage problem. Can you share your postcode with me and I’ll check for faults around you and let you know what’s going on? Don’t worry, we won’t share your postcode on the page. Cheers.

  149. Hazel

    feeling exceptionally let down again by 3. This is the 3rd wifi device we have had and by far the worst. Originally when we upgraded we were told the old contact would just roll over only we then had 2 contracts which we never received any recompence. We now have the E5756s-2 model, continual DNS server unresponsive and cannot connect to any devices in the house, from Mobile, to ipad to laptop / desktop. Signal at full strength?

  150. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Brian McNeill – There’s a fault on a nearby mast to you that’s having an affect on the coverage in the area. Our team are working to resolve it asap, fingers crossed it’s up and running soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  151. Brian McNeill

    Hi My data speed keeps slowing down to almost nothing if I turn it on and of in the same place it makes no difference. but move it a 100 yards to the west log on again and then move back the speed is back to normal. I can only see one mast on the location map can you shed any light on this problem.My post code is [Removed by Mod]

  152. Moderator: Daniela

    @ wayne – I’ve removed your postcode from the last comment. There aren’t any reported faults in your area so it may be congestion that is the causing the problem. I would recommend speaking to our network team about this as they can investigate further and may be able to help since it’s only in the one area that you’re experiencing this issue. Their direct number is 0845 355 0304. Let us know how you get on.

  153. wayne

    @Stephie just in the one area, and i know you are going to say it’s down to congestion which i think is unacceptable. Ifthe networkis unable to handle the traffic the devices should not be sold.
    Could you also please remove my postcode fom previous post please. thankyou.

  154. Moderator: Stephie

    @Wayne – Hi Wayne, are you having service issues in one particular area or is this everywhere you go?

  155. wayne

    @ richard I am 100m from the mast at most, [removed by mod]. I am not paying £5 for 1gb of data, o2 payg is cheaper than that.I was sold the mifi under the impression it would be nearly 10x faster than it is, and your throttling just makes it worse. Since i wrote my last post it has also started going even slower (hmmm). I am not the only person to fall victim to this sham.

  156. Moderator: Richard

    @Scantyandy – Hi, You shouldn’t need to enable the 5 second fast boot mode, should just work. Not sure why the Quick Start guide is telling you otherwise =/

  157. Moderator: Richard

    @Wayne – Sorry you’ve not had the best experience with us. Our One plan allows tethering for free and you can always get a £5 tethering add on if you’re on other plans. More info here: As for your speeds, is this from a particular area or everywhere? Thanks.

  158. scantyandy

    Hi can someone please help me with the fast boot option that is available in the instruction manual of the E5756 MIFI as I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the devices online dashboard.

  159. wayne

    I would avoid this network altogether, I have 2 contracts with them, big mistake, one mifi and one phone, both are really slow, not allowed to tether the phone, and the mifi device rarely goes faster than 3g speeds.

  160. Moderator: Kris

    @Andy There are no aprticular settings that will improve or hinder your ability to game while connected to your device, it should just work, really =) .

  161. Moderator: Kris

    @Mark Our 4G launch isn’t far away for all of our customers, some already have it, but the full rollout will begin very soon.

  162. Moderator: Kris

    @Ryan How long have you had your device for and how long has this been happening? What type of OS are you running on the laptop or PC that your connecting to? Has this been updated recently?

  163. Andrew Jones

    Hi I bought a e5756 mobile broadband off you. Could you tell me the best settings for playing xbox one online. It goes online just want to make sure the broadband settings are at there best for online gaming. Any help would be appreciated. Couls you please e mail me the answer as I dont get to go on the support much. Thanks

  164. Mark

    I recently entered into a contract for a Huawei E5756 – the salesman told me that this was ready for 4G as and when Three provide 4G services. Was this correct? If so, when does Three plan to introduce 4G services (I am based in London). Thank you very much.

  165. Ryan

    My 3 huawei is only showing the 3 logo on turn on, it then does nothing else and just freezes on the 3 logo. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

  166. Moderator: Allan

    @David A – I’ve checked the postcode provided David and coverage is strong here. This should equate to decent speeds. It’s potentially a device fault by the sounds of it. If you call our network team either via 333 from a Three phone or 0843 373 3333 from a landline they can run you through some troubleshooting. If this doesn’t fix it we can arrange for a temporary replacement to be sent out while we send your current dongle to be assessed and repaired if necessary. Thanks

  167. David A

    I’ve recently bought the Huawei E5756 as my house broadband is terrible due to no fiber. This unit is actually sometimes slower than the poor broadband I was trying to replace. The fastest speed I have seen is 2.5 mb/s and usually is more like 1.2 mb/s (right now it’s 0.9 mb/s). I am about 0.5 miles from the mast and apparently have excellent coverage and am in a 3G+ area hence why I went with 3 in the first place. My iphone on another network gets faster regular 3G! Can you check my mast situation [removed by mod] before I return the unit and complain?

  168. Moderator: Nicki

    @David Cruz – Hi there, that’s not so good. How long have you had the device for? Do you charge it regularly? When it turns off is it showing that it still has a full charge?

  169. David Cruz

    I’m with a problem in my e5756. It is always switching off. I already dos reset but the problem persist! Can anyone help me?

  170. Moderator: Allan

    @Will Taylor – I’m afraid none of our current mobile broadband dongles are 4G compatible. I’m sure we’ll have some soon enough though. As soon as we know any info this will be on our website. Thanks

  171. Moderator: Allan

    @Wayne – The mast closest to you is suffering from congestion. This is likely causing problems for you during peak times. There is a planned capacity increase due to take place next month which should fix this. Thanks

  172. wayne

    @ Ahmed my postcode is [removed by mod] its also faster in the morning than the evening.

  173. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ivab – Sorry to hear that. How are things now with it? Still having issues?

  174. Moderator: Ahmed

    @wayne – That’s not good to hear. If you send through a full postcode we’ll take a closer look into this for you. Thanks

  175. Will Taylor

    I visited a Three store (Burnley) on Saturday 7th December to ask about whether a 4G ready Mifi device was available, or at least coming soon to Three. After some head scratching and consulting the price lists the salesman told me that this E5756 WAS 4G ready. All the research I’ve done so far days the opposite, and there is no mention of it on either Three’s website or Huawei’s. Please could you tell me if it will support Three’s 4G network or not? This is why so many people are complaining of being mis-sold!

  176. Ivab

    Help, only had it 2 weeks and keep getting ‘insert SIM’, have to keep turning of & on again to get it to work??????

  177. wayne

    just got this and am very disappointed. the speeds are very slow. i have an xperia t which also seems to have slowed down also. was getting 5mb/s now less than 1.

  178. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – What’s your full postcode and I’ll take a look at your coverage area to see if there’s any limitations within the area or congestion.

  179. Moderator: Nicki

    @Russell – Hi there, your phone sim cannot be used in a broadband device. It’s only designed to be used in a phone. It’ll be the same with a broadband sim – you’ll only be able to use it in a broadband device.

  180. Russell


    Can I take the sim out of my phone and put it into this device to use my all-you-can-eat-data?

  181. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tracey – Hi, we’ve got a step by step guide on the support page for the device that shows you how to do this. You’d just need to connect to your MiFi dashboard by going to http://3.home/ on your browser.

  182. David

    Really looked forward to this divide on a 2 year 15 Gig contract
    The download speeds are appalling took nearly 2 weeks to download a 2 gig dlc for xbox. It takes me nearly 2 hours to watch a 45min episode of star trek on Netflix and Xbox live keeps on kicking me out for rubbish speeds.
    The signal map places me in a strong area. Whilst I do expect speed fluctuations due to traffic this divice has not come nowhere near its advertised speed and I am certainly considering a call to trading standards as I believe the 3 network is deliberately keeping speeds down because selling is outstripping bandwidth.
    If my working life depended on this device I would consider unemployment a happy alternative.

  183. Tracey

    I have recently got this device but where on earth does one read the message alerts? apparantly i have 5 but have no idea where i can access them?

  184. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew – Not something we’ve seen before here. Sorry you didn’t get any where with our tech team. Only thing I could suggest would be checking in with the manufacturer or seeing if there’s any forum posts online discussing the issue.

  185. Matthew

    No, it’s a brand new router, we’ve had it for less than a month. We are unable to connect more than three laptops at any one time – it dropped connection to a laptop tonight when connecting to our printer. However, we are still able to connect our mobiles at the same time. I have contacted the technical team today who were unable to resolve the issue. Any ideas?


  186. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Matthew – Hi, are you still having issues with this and has it always been limited by connection? Have you spoken to our network team through 333 about this?

  187. Matthew

    My Huawei E5756 MiFi router won’t let me connect more than 3 laptops to it at any one time. Although on the box it does state ‘connect up to 10 devices.’ Is there any reason for this?

  188. Moderator: Kris

    @Gary Hi gary, sorry you’re having this experience. If you’d like us to check for any mast issues nearby that are causing such slow speeds, fire over a full postcode (which we’ll be discreet with) and we’ll take a look for you. Thanks.

  189. Moderator: Kris

    @Paul Hi there, have you found a solution as yet? What operating system are you running on your laptop/PC? RE the E5756, it’s Ultrafast on Three, which means it’s capable of up to 42mbps on our 3G Network, but isn’t an LTE product.

  190. Gary

    It seems that after reading all the posts that the majority of people are having the same issues with both miss-selling the product as a 4G compatible device and also getting very slow speeds. My advice is to get a Alcatel Y800 on the 4G EE Network (providing your in a 4G area of course). My speeds with 3 on the Huawei E5756 are not even reaching 1 Mbps and I am in an Ultra Fast area! My EE Mobile Wifi consistently reaches speeds over 20Mbps (15 Mbps during peak times too). It’s expensive but we’ll worth the money in my opinion. I have been with 3 for almost 3 years and feel very let down by them. Let’s hope they listen to everyone’s comments and take action to resolve all these issues.

  191. Paul H

    Hi, has there been any progress on reported VPN issues. I have been using an E585 with my company VPN for over a year but it sufferred a hardware failure so I bought an E5756 as a replacement. By the way I was also told in store that this unit was “4G ready” which is why I bought it over the cheaper alternative. I have no problems with a plain internet connection but if I try to use it for VPN it disconnects after about a minute or so with an 829 which I understand to be a hardware layer fault. I have not problem connecting wirelessly using my Virgin router. I had no problems at the same locations using the E585. Currently this has cost me a day of additional work as I have not been able to work when required.

  192. Paul

    @Lauren: I’m on the Broadband 15gb contract (have been on this for more than 2 years.) My iPhone is on Essential Internet SIM 600 1 month tariff. I’ve had the mifi device for around 1 month now. I followed the troubleshooter (just says to reset) and now the mifi speed matches that of the iPhone in my current location at home. I will try this again from the previous location next week.

  193. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Hmm, that’s odd. Are you using your Three mobile sim card in your Mifi device? If so, your connection may be traffic managed or blocked. If you’re using a mobile broadband sim in your Mifi and you’re still experiencing poor speeds then your Mifi may have developed a fault. Have you tried our online troubleshooter?

  194. Paul

    I live and work in an indoor / outdoor “Ultrafast” area, however the speeds I get using Mifi are terrible! I have a 3 phone also (iPhone) to check speeds for comparison.
    iPhone on 3G: 7.96 dl / 1.53 ul / 48ms ping
    iPhone in 3 Mifi: 1.98 dl / 0.78 ul / 256ms ping

    The devices are right next to each other. Why is it so slow? My old mifi device was as fast as the iPhone on 3G.

  195. Tony


    I have been assured by Three both in store and via call centre that it is 4G compatible and once introduced it will work on 4G. I remain sceptical but have been told they will not refund my order. I am having to wait now until December to find out the truth. This board continues to maintain it is not 4G. I wish now I had waited until the new service was active, I would advise others to do that.

  196. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – is it just VPN connections you’re having issues with? Have you tried contacting tech support?

  197. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jim – sorry to read this. There’s some congestion in the area which may be affecting speeds. There’s an upgrade booked but no date for this yet I’m afraid.

  198. Colin

    Daniel M-H interesting to hear you were told in a three store that it is 4g ready. I was thinking about upgrading my e586 and was told the same in the Westfield Shepherd’s bush 3 store, but decided to do some more research. As it turns out of course it’s actually not 4g ready. It’s either poor product knowledge or certainly I hope not deliberate misleading. Either way erodes trust in 3 as a company.

  199. Chris Smith

    Just an observation, im havng exactly the same issues as @David with VPNs disconnecting after 30 seconds too. Its not only in 1 area either, it seems to do it where ever I am and its become a pain.

    I know its not down to me and I have also tested this with my Alcatel mifi on ee, which is rock solid and rarely has any issues at all.

    I assume this is down to the three network somewhere as I have tried with a 3g modem and that also disconnects on three, but with an o2 or vodafone sim its fine.

    Come on three, sort it out!

  200. Jim


    I just bought one of these devices and I am currently connecting at an extremely slow speed, despite the device being connected to the 3G network and showing 5 bars.

    Postcode is [removed by mod] We are indoors – why wouldn’t we be – because that’s where our office is.

    I have placed the device on a high window ledge. We’re in the 3rd floor of the building with a clear view of the sky.

    At this rate I’ll be going back to the shop for a refund. It’s useless. The website saying “the connection speed may vary if you’re indoors” doesn’t really help, either.

    Can any of you here help is achieve a better connection speed?

    Thanks 🙂

  201. Moderator: Ahmed

    @kevin – Hi, had a look at the area and there’s a fault on a nearby mast that’s having an affect at the moment and being worked on. Hopefully should be resolved soon. However, there are also new masts in the area that are due to go live soon which will improve coverage. Thanks

  202. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David – Hi, your best bet here would be to give our tech team a call on 333 and they can go through some troubleshooting with you and step by step help to try and get to the bottom of this. Although if it’s a coverage issue then on a train it is bound to vary due to various factors that can have an affect. But if you’re having issues at home as well can you send through a full postcode and we’ll take a closer look for you. We’ll edit your postcode out so it doesn’t appear publicly. Thanks.

  203. kevin

    Im a mifi customer of 18 months and slowly ive found my speed gettung worse and worse, I have the e5756 model and I use it for gaming on the ps3 ,these days its very unstable and it seems to drop out loads more than the older e586 model I had and I find the speed is on average worse too. I’m at [Removed by Mod] so any ideas to help improve things would be good.

  204. David

    Hi – or can i return the unit to a 3 store as faulty and obtain a replacement ?

  205. David

    Thank you for your response. It is reassuring that you do not limit VPNs so that cannot be the problem. The VPN dropping after 30 secs is not limited to one part of the train journey either, so it is not a one site problem. It now even drops the VPN connection after 30 secs at my home address. I never had this problem before. I am tempted to press the Factory Reset button in an attempt to get back to my Day 1 state. If I press Factory Reset, is all I need to enter, is the Mifi Name (SSID) & Wi-Fi key ? Guidance appreciated.

  206. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @David – Hi there – Seeing as you say it’s not apparent issue when on EE it does sound like a coverage issue. Obviously with you being on a train there can be hand over issue when jumping from mast to mast. As you’re moving from mast to mast we can only assume some of the areas you are passing through may have mast faults. Is there a particular locale where it happens more often than others? A postcode we can check? Ps we don’t limit VPN’s so it’s definitely not that. Thanks

  207. David

    Hi. I have been using the E5756 on the Reading to Waterloo train for about 6 weeks now. I am using a VPN link to work into my company. Everything stsrted fine, good speeds and connection. Now for the last two weeks nearly everyday the VPN connection drops after 30 seconds. Repeated attempts gives the same result. When I try my phone on EE, no problem. VPN stays up, so definately a network issue. I bought the unit for £80 with a monthly SIM. Without VPN, the unit is useless. Does 3 shut down VPN, when sites have high usage ? Could this be a reason ?

  208. Moderator: Allan

    @Callum – Are you still having a problem with this? The SIM card may have taken a little while to activate

  209. callum fairweather

    Just bought my pay monthly device. Put the sim in and its saying no signal. I know three has strong signal in my area but device not working…. agrevated as need it too work asap! Be obliged if someone could help asap.

  210. Moderator: Lauren

    @JP – there’s some congestion in the area which may affect speeds in the area. There’s an upgrade booked but no date yet.

  211. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel M-H – that doesn’t sound too good 🙁 you may be best to contact Huawei to arrange a fault assessment on the device.

  212. JP

    Hi – I’m having very strange connectivity issues with my E5756. Its OK overnight (>2Mb) & in the early hours of the morning but then becomes unuseable from around 10am to 10pm (< 0.5Mb). My postcode is [removed by mod]. The online coverage checker always shows 'excellent service'. Is it an issue with my local mast and/or the weight of traffic?

  213. Daniel M-H


    I recently bought this new mifi device as an upgrade to my older model E585 which I’ve been using for about 2 1/2 maybe 3 years… and I’ll be entirely honest I feel like (besides the battery life) I’m suffering reduced quality of service… As well as this in store it appears I was lied to as I was told that this was 4G ready and would be able to take advantage of that once the network has been updated.

    I have yet to see that H symbol whatsoever which was regular with my old device… I get frequent disconnects and freezes when browsing where I have to wait till the mifi (despite showing a full bar 3G signal) decides to continue working… I’m actually paying for 10gb a month… and this is making the experience incredibly frustrating where my old mifi, while it was starting to get a little bit tempermental, was like a dream. Do I just have a bad model? I dont know but it’s cost me a considerable amount to buy the new device and I’m actually very sad at what I’m getting with this stuttering mifi… I’ve actually been tempted to replace my sim in my old device… but I’m having considerable difficulty working out how to remove the sim in this device… so I’m kind of stuck as is… I want to say I’m angry but I’m actually quite sad a very expensive mistake as it is right now.

  214. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tonjo – it’s compatible with our Advanced 3G Network but it’s not 4G Ready I’m afraid.

  215. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – the first postcode is showing as quite poor indoor service, so speeds may vary. The second postcode is suffering from congestion I’m afraid. There’s an upgrade booked but no date yet.

  216. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – sorry to read this. Have you tried our online troubleshooter? Or considered having the device assessed for faults?

  217. Tonyjo

    Is this device compatible with 4G and when the 4G network launches will I get the new speed with this device automatically?

  218. Dave

    Hi, all of the locations have been provided before in this blog, all are ‘ok’ when you checked, but I have not got any where close to the advertised speed. My old ‘none ultrafast device’ is providing the same speed. Main reason I purchased was to get an increase in speed. Current postcodes I have tried are [removed by mod].

  219. Gary

    Oh and one last point to make in addition to my last comment… I have already checked myself that I am in an Ultra Fast area and I have full signal showing all the time on my device, also I have even invested in a antena to help boost the signal strength, thats before you ask to check my postcode area! :/

  220. Gary

    I have had nothing but problems with the Huawei E5756 device. To be honest my E585 was just as good. I always get such slow speeds and have issues with both Netflix and iPlayer. I had to pay an early upgrade fee to get this bew device as I was told it was the latest and fastest device 3 offer. It says you can run up to 10 devices on it, mine struggles with 1. The funny thing is when I use my 3 phone to tether it works fine normally. I really feel let down by 3 as the only reason I upgraded was because I was told I was in an ultra fast area and could get faster download speeds. I have failed to get this yet. As a loyal and good customer I really feel cheated. My advice is not to upgrade to the E5756 aa it’s a waste of money and fails to live up to it’s advertised expectations. 🙁

  221. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, can you send over your full postcode and we’ll take a look at your local mast for you. Thanks.

  222. Dave

    The best I have received is 7mb down 2mb up, I have tired multiple locations. This is the same as my old E585. Using this old device I get roughly the same speed. Using the E585 in the same location in the same place, It is showing I am connected to Cell ID 8873548, full signal (H). Do I have a faulty device?

  223. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – it’ll just show 3G.

  224. Gary

    Can somebody tell me what I expect to see on the network display…is there either 3G or H+? Is there no longer an H displayed like other 3 Mifi devices?

  225. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – what speeds have you been receiving Dave?

  226. Dave

    Has anyone actually seen anything close to the advertised speeds with this new device? I have tried multiple locations none come close.

  227. Mark

    It also seems really silly that three dont allow this seeing as I could just tether through my iPhone. Surely they would make more money by offering an unlimited data mobile broadband.

  228. Mark

    Oh ok 🙁 that’s a shame would love to have an unlimited data mobile broadband. Please make them do this 🙂

  229. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – the One Plan is a package for phones only, if you used this sim card in a mobile broadband device it’d be blocked.

  230. Mark

    Hi, so if I wanted I could purchase this device for £79.99 on the one month 1gb deal and then get a one plan sim only deal with all you can eat data?

  231. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – if you’re in an area of H+ it should show this instead of 3G, it’ll connect to whatever signal level is the strongest though.

  232. Gary

    Hi, I have checked and according to the link you posted I am in an advanced 3G area with excellent service, however I am not really seeing any improvement from my old Huawei 585 device. I only decided to upgrade because I was led to believe I would be able download data quicker. When I am trying to watch Netflix I get constant buffering even more so than when I used my old device. Should the E5756 be displaying the H or H+ connection type or not? I am only getting 3G! Kind regards.

  233. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – you can check if your area has Advanced 3G technology here.

  234. Dave

    I will try a few more locations, but disappointed with the speed. The main reason for getting this was to improve download speed. If I knew I was going to get the same as my old E585, I would not have purchased.

  235. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – sorry to read this. The first postcode you provided has no issues but the second had a fault with may be affecting speeds. Have you been able to try it anywhere else?

  236. Gary

    Hi, I have recently upgraded to the Huawei E5756 device and I never seem to get the H or H+ on my display, the only signal type I get is 3G which I thought was the slowest connection type? I was told that I was in an ultrafast area and would be able to the fastest connection type! Can you advise please 🙂

  237. Dave

    I was able to try out the E5756 in a few locations this weekend. All of the locations were supposedly in Ultrafast locations (removed by mod) but I got very disappointing speeds, no where the 12mb advertised, seems to only connect at HSPA+ only. Do I have a hardware issue?

  238. Sam

    @Nicki – Hi. I haven’t tried it in another location, but using my old ZTE I did a comparison today. The ZTE was getting 3Mbps download (roughly what I get from my phone (provided by another company)), and the Huawei was geting between 0.5 and 1Mbps again. I went in to the local 3 Store, and they just told me to go away and try it again and then come back tomorrow – not very helpful at all, despite the fact I explained the whole situation to them. The best they could offer is that it is probably a busy mast, saying that around 100 people might be using it. That doesn’t seem an awful lot of people to class it as ‘busy’ to me. But the fact remains that with my old device on the same mast at the same time I’m getting better speeds. Thank you for your hep so far, I’ll return to the store tomorrow and try and get some better answers.

  239. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – Hi there, if they’re unable to find any issues with the network in your area it could well be your sim or device. I’d start by trying a sim replacement – this can either be done in store or our call centre can send you one out in the post. Failing that we can then look towards getting your device sent away for a fault assessment. Have you tried the device in a different location to rule out an issue with the sim/device?

  240. Sam

    Hi. I recently upgraded my contract and device to a 24month 15GB plan with a Huawei E5756. I was told in the shop this now allows ‘up to 42Mbps’ speeds. I know realistically this will never happen, but I’m only getting 0.5Mbps speed, which is quite frankly appalling, not good enough to stream a Youtube video on lowest settings. I’ve been on the phone to the technical team and they can’t find anything that would cause such low speeds (they checked area coverage, mast maintenance etc. and it all checked out fine). I’m in an ‘ultrafast area’, and I even got better speeds on my old ZTE MF112. My suggestion was do I need a new Sim card? They didn’t know though and suggested I go in to a 3 Store to try and get more answers. If you could help in any way other than ‘please turn it off and on again’ it would be greatly appreciated!

  241. Dave

    I have found that you can view the network type (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA etc) from the API via the resulting XML (or fifth digit) is the current network type, in my case 9, looking at the, this translates to HSPA_PLUS – useful if people what to see what connection you have. Still doesn’t help the speed I am getting, but useful!

  242. Dave

    Not really, slight drop in speed for download (around 3mb) and slight increase in upload (around 1.5mb) , but way off expectations.

  243. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – there was an issue with one of the masts in the area, it should all be resolved now. Have you noticed an improvement at all?

  244. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – so sorry we missed your post! 🙁 If you’re talking about “Airplay”, as long as both devices are connected to it, it should work. 🙂

  245. Moderator: Lauren

    @DpM – I’m afraid you’re unable to do this on My3, you’d need to call 333 to arrange. Sorry for any confusion caused!

  246. Moderator: Lauren

    @Allen – it’s the same device 🙂

  247. Dave

    @Nicki – Hi, full postcode is [removed by mod], but your coverage map incorrectly locates this in Moreton in Marsh. I am on a new build opposite the the business park [removed by mod.

  248. Simon

    As a deaf person, you are not going to reply to my question below?

  249. DpM

    In the Three store, the sales person told me that I could set data caps via the interface (maybe not the device, but My3) so I did not go over my data allowance and incur any surprise charges. It isn’t clear to me where this facility is. Would it be OK for someone to point out to me how I can cap my data usage at my limit so I am “cut off” instead of charged?

  250. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason – Thanks for the feedback, I’ll certainly pass it on, however there’s no plans for this as yet.

  251. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, we’d need your full postcode in order to locate your nearest mast. Thanks.

  252. Jason

    @Nicki – All you can eat data needs to be ported to Mifi & Dongle devices. I agree with many of the grieving comments about this, particularly John who said the following:-

    15GB isn’t anywhere near enough to realistically use this as a replacement ( at least for me / my family ). With the increased uptake of streaming services like AppleTV / Netflix / lovefilm, 15GB would last 2-3 days. Are there plans to compete with fixed line broadband? I would be *very* interested if there were….

  253. Allen

    what’s the difference between this E5756 with original HUAWEI E5756? Is it just logo difference?

  254. Moderator: Megan

    @Edwina – Unfortunately we have no way of checking what frequency you are receiving. However, I’ve checked your postcode and can see you are in an area that can receive ‘ultrafast’ speeds outdoors with limited coverage indoors. The model of MIFI you have is compatible with ultrafast. Hope this helps 🙂

  255. Moderator: Megan

    @DpM – It has a 5 second fast boot mode that you don’t need to enable. Not sure why the Quick Start guide is telling you otherwise.

  256. Dave

    Hi, just received my new E5756, getting full 5 bars (in am testing outside in [removed by Mod]), but connection speed is only 7mb down 1mb up. Was expecting a lot faster, is it the location or congestion?

  257. Edwina

    Hi, I have a Huawei MIFI device model 5756E52 and I’m wondering what frequency is this using at my post code: [removed by mod] Thanks.

  258. Moderator: Ahmed

    @conrad bate Hi there, had a look at your postcode and there is a new mast planned for the area which should improve coverage. However I’m afraid we don’t have an exact time-scale for it going live.

  259. DpM

    The Quick Start Guide for the E5756 that I purchased from Three today says, on page 12, “You can log in to the web management page and turn the fast boot function on or off.”

    I would like to turn this on, but I cannot find it in any of the sub-menus. Is it possible to assist me in finding this setting?

  260. Moderator: Daniela

    @Tony – The MiFi device is an Ultrafast device that works on Dc-HSDPA (+42). This is still a 3G technology so won’t necessarily display H. The speeds you’re receiving will be a good indication if your area is receiving Ultrafast however you can also check if it’s available here.

    General tips on how to improve your coverage can be found here.

  261. Moderator: Daniela

    @John – Hi, the device is an Ultrafast device that works on Dc-HSDPA (+42). This is still a 3G technology so won’t necessarily display H. The speeds you’re receiving will be a good indication if your area is receiving Ultrafast however you can also check if it’s available here.

    With regards to your data counter resetting, was this on My3 or your broadband dashboard? If it’s on your My3 account this will be your allowances refreshing. These refresh on the date your bill is generated. You can confirm this date on your My3 account by going to your bills and seeing what date they’re produced.

  262. Simon

    Hi I will be running a class to teach iPad and discovered there is no internet in the club wow! Before buying this device E5756, I would like to know if it will work with Apple TV via a projector using an HMDI cable.

    Please kindly reply.

  263. conrad bate

    hi can you tell us if you know of any plans to upgrade your network in [Removed by Mod]
    has was up there last week and lost my signal a lot your tech team sent it was down to two many users in the area


  264. Tony

    Not sure if this is the way to ask question but here goes. I’ve just bought an E5756 mifi, and according to the coverage checker I should get ultra fast Internet coverage both indoors and outdoors. However, the 3G symbol never changes to H (which I thought showed an HSDPA signal) and I’m only getting 1 or 2 Mbits. Any ideas how to improve this please? Do 3 sell an external antenna?

  265. John

    I upgraded to a E5756 yesterday. It’s fine but I have two questions. Unlike the old MiFi, it never shows H, just Is it meant to?
    The data counter reset early this morning (about 3.00am). Was that because my new monthly data allowance started today?

  266. Moderator: Lauren

    @MarkinSW10 – really sorry to read this, I’ve checked your postcode and can see it’s suffering from congestion. There’s an upgrade booked for this but I’m afraid we don’t have a date for this yet. There’s also a new mast in your area due which should help things however we again don’t have a date for this. 🙁

  267. MarkinSW10

    I have been a 3 customer since February after many happy years with O2. My first two weeks of being on 3, were wonderful 5 bar signal on my iphone 5 and amazing data speeds. Since those first wonderful 2 weeks my signal is now struggling to get 1 bar and I have no data at home. I have made numerous calls to the India call centre with regard to my issues, had the usual idiot responses like power off and on etc. I am half way thru this hell contract and counting the days til I can cancel thank god I am only on sim only. 3 mobile are the worst mobile network I have ever been with. Their customer service is hell and the “ultra fast” slogan is a scam. If a mod would like to check my signal for [removed by mod] please do. Can’t wait to go back to O2 in the new year and leave this hell scam company behind.

  268. Gaz

    @Deniz, noticed your comment and took you up on the acend p2 over the mifi i got a few days ago. Must say its deffo not like what you said. The data is correct yes but the speeds are much slower than the mifi in the same place. The worst thing is though using the wifi hotspot out and about, the battery falls faster than a grand piano in freefall. This is the same over wifi and bluetooth sharing 🙁

  269. Moderator: Allan

    @Tim – Sorry Tim the problem still appears to be ongoing in your area. Our engineers are working to have the mast fixed asap. Appologies about the inconvenience

  270. Tim

    I asked a question here on Thursday now it’s disappeard do u know why

  271. Tim

    Can you help explain please. We have a fault on our local cell site in [removed by mod] your 2nd network team said they will contact me in 30 days with a update they mentioned engineers were at phase 2 do you know what that means please

  272. Corky

    Hi Mat

    Why not buy the cheapest 1G ‘pay as you go’ Ultrfast Mi-Fi @ £79.99 and simply use your current Contract SIM with the unit instead of the PAYG SIM that comes with the package.

    Worth the upgrade? I think so. The E5756 is excellent in my experience, with download speeds of anything between 10 and 23 Mbps.


  273. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matt – Hi there, this will depend on how long you’ve got left on your current account. Our upgrades team on 0843 373 0500 or in any Three store will be able to look at your account and advise.

  274. Moderator: Nicki

    @Steve – Nothing planned as yet with regards to a higher data allowance I’m afraid.

  275. Matt


    I have the old MIFI do you have an upgrade cost for existing customers who want the faster speed?



  276. Steve

    Just to echo what Julian said earlier. I’m also in a poor ADSL area with much better speeds in my 3 phone (20meg vs 3meg). I would love to see a proper broadband replacement product with a good data allowance – 15GB just isn’t enough when you take into account streaming etc – my family is usually well over 50GB. Something with an external aerial for the best signal would be ideal.

  277. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny – tethering is only permitted on the One Plan or with an add on 🙂

  278. Danny

    Best thing to do is get All You Can Eat with your mobile package and plug it in to your pc. 🙂

  279. Roger Thorne

    Does this mean this is rated at 42 mbs.

  280. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tim – Hi there, sorry Tim, there’s a fault logged on your local mast at the moment. It’s something our network guys are working on.

  281. Tim

    The speeds have gone up in our postcode [removed by Mod] but indoor coverage has suffered after checking out hspda technology it seems that indoor coverage does suffer so ultrafast is very good but not for us anymore because we can’t get Internet indoors and calls and text are failing so lets hope 4g is not to far away from coming to our area.

  282. oli


    Check out WiBe, specially made for low signal areas.

  283. oli

    Shame there is a lack of competition in the 3G market, otherwise 3 might then have an incentive to do dongle/3G router deals with bigger usage allowances to cater for PC users. Network congestion from my experience isn’t an issue at the moment.


    You’ll run out of things to download before you hit 1000GB, when I first got a high speed connection, first few months I was doing ~500GB p/m, then dropped to about 100GB p/m.

  284. Jonathan Bowman

    Thanks Lauren for Info. for a minute thought Three had changed the terms and conditions for the one plan. Happy days. 🙂

  285. Deniz

    @Johnathan – 1000GB limit is extremely generous. Other networks give you 1GB fair usage limit on their “unlimited” plans. So 3 UK is a thousand times better value.

  286. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jonathan – I’d be impressed if you managed to reach 1000Gb! If you do manage to reach 1000Gb, it would be reset so you could continue 😉

  287. Jonathan Bowman

    @Denzi did not know that you can only tether 1000gb a month on the one plan. So much for all you can eat. :-(.

  288. Deniz

    @John – Huawei Ascend P2 is currently £26/month on The One Plan. This phone is capable of acting as a wifi router (e.g Huawei E5756). But it is much better than this. The battery life of P2 is 20 hours on tethering instead of 10. Tethering is included on The One Plan up to 1000GB a month. So all your wireless devices would work. On top of all this, you will get DC-HSDPA up to 42Mbit/s and future LTE up to 150Mbit/s. You should consider using this phone as a mifi unit instead of a broadband subscription.

  289. John

    @Nicki That’s fab, thank you….

  290. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – I’m afraid there’s no plans at the moment for a higher package but I can certainly feedback your comments that there’s a desire for a package with a higher data allowance.

  291. John

    @Nicki 15GB isn’t anywhere near enough to realistically use this as a replacement ( at least for me / my family ). With the increased uptake of streaming services like AppleTV / Netflix / lovefilm, 15GB would last 2-3 days. Are there plans to compete with fixed line broadband? I would be *very* interested if there were….

  292. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, we already have lots of customers who use this in their home instead of fixed line broadband. We offer 1GB, 5GB, 15GB and Pay as You Go plans to suit various needs 🙂

  293. John

    Are there any plans to offer tariffs for people that want to use such devices as this as their primary broadband?

  294. Moderator: Nicki

    @Julian – Hi there, I’m afraid it’s not something we’ve tested so we’d be unable to guarantee that this would work or be able to recommend a 3rd party for you.

    If you’d like us to check your postcode for the type of coverage you’d receive over our network please feel free to send over your full postcode. Don’t worry, we won’t publish your postcode 🙂

  295. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stew – Hi there, our All You Can Eat data is a phone only product. The Huawei E5756 will come with an allowance of 1GB, 5GB, 15GB, or on a Pay as You Go basis. Our price plans can be found at Three.co.uk 🙂

  296. stew

    Is this available with All You Can Eat or is it limited to a set monthly allowance?

  297. Julian

    Hi. I am moving to an area with poor ADSL broadband speeds. I plan on getting a 3/4G connection set up and then using this instead. I want to use 3 as the speeds and prices are good. However, I will need an external antenna and to create a wired network. Can you recommend what 3rd party device I can buy that will work with the current and future 3 frequencies and that you can put an external antenna on? Many thanks

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