Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Coming Soon.

Sony have just announced the latest device in their Xperia range, and we’re very pleased to confirm that you’ll be able to get it on our Ultrafast network soon.

The Xperia Z Ultra is everything you’ve come to expect from the popular Xperia Z, and then some.

Mostly, more screen! At a huge 6.4 inches, this smartphone is taking entertainment on your phone to another level. It’s not just that it’s bigger either; the display is now also full HD Triluminos™ which makes for a really rich experience. Not to mention the fact that you can write or draw on the screen using any stylus or pencil.

Of course some say the best feature of the Xperia Z was the fact it was waterproof and dustproof and the Z Ultra doesn’t disappoint on this front. It too can be dropped down the toilet and not suffer any ill effects. Phew!

It’s super thin and light, despite the large screen, so you can get creative or just be entertained, whenever and wherever. If you get it with one of our All-you-can-eat data plans then there’ll be no limits to your internetting on this device.

The Xperia Z Ultra is also Ultrafast enabled, so if you’re in an Ultrafast area, your experience on this phone is going to be even better.

Sitting somewhere between a phone and a tablet, this device could be all you need.

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  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Jason Mopal – Hi, you can find instructions on how to do this at Sony’s website here. We don’t recommend this if you’d bought the phone directly from us as this would invalidate the warranty. Thanks.

  2. Jason Mopal

    Hi.. I bought this Sony Xperia Z c6603 second hand (not from official store) found out it is from Three UK. With locked bootloader (bootloader unlock allowed: NO through service info)
    Is there anyway to unlock the bootloader? Thank you..

  3. Moderator: Nicki

    @christopher – We’ll be sure to make some noise as soon as this goes on sale 🙂

  4. christopher

    Would u keep me posted when the z3 come into store please

  5. Moderator: Lauren

    @Corey – you’ll need to keep an eye on our website.

  6. Corey

    Hi, I see there is no official date for orders yet released. Would any moderator be able to speculate at least on the date I could purchase this on the One Plan.
    Even in broad terms; before Boxing day, end of this month.
    Any information would be helpful because other networks have it but its 3 I’m after but the timing is starting to force my hand.
    Thank you.

  7. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steph – no word yet on dates I’m afraid.

  8. Steph


    Any news on when this will be available for order. I hear it is due in the shops on the 12th so was hoping to be able to order it a few days early to get it delivered.


  9. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ashley – no word yet on pre-orders I’m afraid. Keep checking back 🙂

  10. ashley

    Will Three be taking pre orders so we can have it on launch day without spending an age in a store sorting it out or waiting extra days to have it delivered?

  11. Moderator: Lauren

    @Calvin – no word yet, keep an eye on

  12. Calvin

    Any news on this?
    Rumour has it that your getting it on the 9th?

  13. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hollakeef – any accessories will be available on

  14. hollakeef

    Gr8 device from Sony once again. My question is will 3’s store’s be stocking the handsfree accessories & docking station that accompany Z Utra?

  15. Bounteous

    Like many others, I really like Sony products. They are generally of a very high standard. Never tried one of their phones as yet but I would be amazed if they do not turn up trumps

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kev – no word yet, keep an eye on!

  17. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – you can upgrade at any time but there’ll be a fee if you upgrade before the last 30 days of your contract.

  18. kev

    hi is the sony xperia ultra available for pre order with three? my current three contract comes to an end on the 3rd of september but im eligable for an upgrade on the 3rd of august. id rather pre order this phone and wait for its release than jump in and get one now so do you know if this is possible?

  19. David Jocelyn

    I’m on a contract with three using the galaxy fame. Obviously i want this xperia z ultra. It looks amazing.
    My question is could I uograde to get it or must I wait for the contact to end?
    Would love to hear your
    Views. Your sihcerely.
    David Jocelyn. UK.

  20. steve milner

    SONY,one of the most amazing technological companys for all ur electronics companys don’t use them because there rubbish.they may cost a largish amount but its the best and always a pleasure to use no matter wot sony gadget u use. #1

  21. John Turner

    Looks pretty Smart. I’ve always preferred the Sony Products, as I’ve found them to have a Better Sound Quality when Listening to Music.

    Although, I think I’m the only Person in the World who doesn’t like touch screens, as no one makes things with Buttons any longer.

  22. girish

    what comment without using the ultra. However it appears to be the answer to those who are seeking a phablet which could be put in pocket and yet should be big enough to give good reading experience

  23. Imran

    Hello, are you going to be stocking the sony xperia z ultra in both the black and white versions and can it support 4k video input and output?

  24. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – no date yet, keep an eye on our Coming Soon page. 🙂

  25. JOhn

    Great! My next phone on the best network! When will it be available?

  26. Nick Cooke

    Comes with a locked bootloader which can’t be unlocked like the Xperia Z? Three why don’t you follow in the footsteps of Movistar in Spain and allow Sony to enable bootloader unlocking if you have purchased a SIM unlock code? Your customer service didn’t even know what bootloader was and tried to send me to Sony.

  27. Chaz

    My upgrade is due the end of august. This phone couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time.

    Excellent news Three!

  28. Moderator: Nicki

    @carl – Hi there, you’d be able to upgrade if you’re within the last 30 days of your contract.

    If you’re not at that point you’d still be able to upgrade however this would incur an early upgrade fee. This is calculated at your monthly line rental x the number of months/days you have left on your minimum term.

    Our upgrades team on 333 will be able to advise the exact cost. If you’re then looking to upgrade this can be done via 333 or in any Three store.


  29. carl

    Would there be the possibility of early upgrade for current xperia z customers? The lure of extra screen space and the faster processor would definitely tempt me to upgrade.

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