LG G2.

We do love a good New York device announcement and LG haven’t disappointed today. They revealed the brand new LG G2 in spectacular style mere minutes ago. An amazing new smartphone that we’re very pleased to say will available on Three from launch.

LG are really hoping to bring some innovation to this space with the G2, and I think they might just do it.

With a really sophisticated slim-line design featuring a full HD IPS 5.2” display, that reaches very nearly to the edge of the phone (meaning it still feels compact despite the generous screen size) and stunning 13MP OIS camera which captures gorgeous images even in low light conditions; it’s certainly an impressive start.

But there’s more; a unique rear button allows for intuitive control of your phone like never before.  No more fiddling to locate the volume button on the side of the phone whilst you’re on a call, it’s right there on the back! The rear button also doubles as a lock screen button.

There’s a 2.3GHz quad core processor, which means you’re in for a treat in terms of multi-tasking on the G2. Couple that with an amazing 3000 mAh battery and you can see why this is a powerful smartphone to be reckoned with.

A couple of really nice additional features such as audio zoom, which allows you to capture only the sounds that you want, and a guest security mode, are just the icing on the cake.

With all that power in such a beautifully designed phone you won’t want to be worrying about how much data you’re using.  And you won’t have to if you get it with all-you-can-eat data on Three.

Find out more in our sneak peek.

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  1. Moderator: Madeline

    @Karan Hi Karan, is there anything we can help you with?

  2. Karan

    Well I know that its working well in all the sense then what is the issue here.

  3. twiter

    lg g2 has some real drawbacks with androids & logins. I can’t http://www.Twitter.com Login with this phone.

  4. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – we have no information on this at the moment. Sorry.

  5. Peter

    When will android 5 be available for the LG G2?

  6. ugc net

    This phone is awesome in feature and sounds good.

  7. Moderator: Claire

    @Larry – Hi, we are now stocking the updated model LG G3. You can check this here. Thanks.

  8. larry

    How come the LG g2 is not showing on the offers on monthly payments

  9. Jennifer

    LG G2 16 GB is over priced…try something different

  10. Jennifer

    LG g2 16gb is overpriced, esp on contract!!!

  11. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris – Hi, we don’t have any news on this. We do stock the LG G3 and have it here.

  12. Chris

    When will there be more stocks for LG G2

  13. Moderator: Claire

    @Anushree – Hi, we don’t have any news on this as we stock the 16GB at present. Thanks.

  14. Anushree


    I am a Three customer and I am interested in the 32 GB version. There are some international versions avl but not sure if they can be trusted. Expected date of launch of 32 gb version with Three?

  15. Fer

    I have LG G2 and Soon I will replace it with G3 once I have enough money. I was happy that I purchased G2, it is a powerful phone but only UI is a bit odd. G3 seems amazing to me

  16. Richard Mackney

    Ok thank for your help. T mobile it is then

  17. Moderator: Pamela

    @Richard Mackney It really depends on LG releasing stock, I’m afraid it’s not something we have dates for. Sorry about that. Thanks, Pamela

  18. Richard Mackney

    Hi its an upgrade. I have been in to store(bluewater) rang upgrade line and keep checking online. All saying the same thing “out of stock don’t know if or when they are getting more”.

  19. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard Mackney – Hi, where is it you’re looking Richard? Looking at Three.co.uk it’s out of stock but it may still be available in other channels. Is it a new account or an upgrade you’re looking for? You’ll find our channels (web sales, web upgrades, 333 upgrades, telesales, retail) will all have different stock allocations so while it’s out of stock in 1 channel it may be available in another.

  20. Richard Mackney

    Are three getting more stock of the g2. I find it odd that the price has dropped and the g3 is now available, all of a sudden theyre out of stock. Something not right here?

  21. Moderator: Pamela

    @Kamal The LG G2 has been available for a while now, there’s no need to pre order this http://store.three.co.uk/Mobile_Phones/Pay_Monthly?manufacturerName=LG Thanks, Pamela

  22. Kamal

    Howdy. Whenever will certainly this particular be accessible for pre-order in order to existing clients? Many thanks. thanks for sharing.

  23. Tim

    I agree the fact no-one does the 32 GB version of this phone on a contract is ridiculous.

  24. Moderator: Madeline

    @Priti Sharma – The LG G2 is already available, you can find out more here: http://bit.ly/1mRRlv8 🙂

  25. Priti Sharma

    Video of LG G2 is looking very promising and features are looking quite good. just waiting for its release date!!

  26. Mike

    Ive got the interferance sound from my headphone port after the network upgrade to kitkat on my LGG2 aswell.

    Dont upgrade to kitkat when your given the option!!!!

    Feel really let down by this as i expected it would have been tested. Before being pushed on to Three customers through their network.

  27. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil – you’d need to speak to LG to get them to push through an update which includes this, all of our accounts are updated for 4G. If you put your sim in another 4G phone, it would work in a 4G area.

  28. Neil Grant

    Hi thx for the reply. I have an international g2 that has o2,tmobile,voda lte settings but no Three. I know this as i have put in sims from all the other three providers and get the option to select lte in the settings. When i put my three sim in it reverts bk to gsm/wcdma no lte. It’s something to do with the settings from three not being in the 4.4.2 from lg

  29. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Neil Grant – 4G is dependant on what handset you have and what area you are in. Are you asking if the carrier update has been sent or that your area has 4G available? >Bernie

  30. Neil Grant

    Any more news on this, such as a definate date at all? This lack of Three 4g settings is rubbish ?

    @Steven H We ave been made aware today that 4G for the LG G2 will come available towards the end of April with the next Open Market LG update for the device. Unfortunately we have no control over this, because the device will have been designed to only accept updates from its original supplier. Thanks for your patience while this is rolled out.

  31. Jose Rodrigues

    Hi, 4.4.2 update is available from today, but only via LG PC Suite (OTA not available yet)

    Happy updating….

  32. Moderator: Chris

    @Billy Godsmark – Hey there, we’re still testing our version of the update at the moment but we’ll notify you when it’s ready to go 🙂 Sorry to be keeping you waiting.

  33. Billy godsmark

    Hi there I’ve had my LG g2 since December and since than I’ve been waiting for android 4.4 kitkat to be released. I heard the software update was coming some time in March and finally on March 31st I saw on the lg uk Facebook page that the update was ready so I had hoped it was coming in the following days, but still I have not recieved any information about an update which is very frustrating! I have check for updates automatically selected and I also keep checking manually to see if an update is available, but it continues to say that I am running the latest software. Please can someone give me some information as to when I will be able to get the update, or perhaps I am doing it wrong, if so please let me know.

  34. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear that you’re still having this issue, @Scott Barnett. If there’s a lot of people having similar problems after installing the update then LG should be aware of the issue. If you give us a call on 333 we can put you in touch with LG regarding getting your phone repaired or you can call them up directly on 0844 847 5454. >Rich

  35. Scott Barnett


    Well I’ve just done a factory reset and it’s still exactly the same. I get loads of high piched hissing when I play any video or music regardless of the app I play it with. It happens with MX player, Double Twist, the LG music player, Youtube, anything. It’s made even worse when I have the power plugged in at the same time as the headphones. I’ve tried different headphones and plugged it into the input in my car which just makes any music unplayable. With my job I travel in the car constantly and the update you have sent out has just ruined the main thing I use the phone for which is music in the car. Please fix this or replace my phone! This is not an isolated incident though. This was not an issue before the update.


  36. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Scott Barnett – Hi, can you try doing a factory reset and see if that does the trick. Let us know how you get on. Thanks

  37. Scott Barnett

    How can i reinstall the update when it says im already at the latest version?

  38. Moderator: Allan

    @Scott Barnett – Best thing I could advise is to make a backup and try a factory reset or re-installing the update Scott. Hopefully, this will fix it, if not we can take it from there. Thanks

  39. Scott Barnett

    Yes. Everything was fine before the upgrade. No issues what so ever. Only straight after upgrading has this now been a problem.

  40. Moderator: Allan

    @Scott Barnett – Was everything fine before the software update Scott? Just trying to work out if this is software or hardware related.

  41. Scott Barnett

    If you search on google for this it is quite a big iasue.


  42. Moderator: Allan

    @Scott Barnett – This is the first I’ve heard of this Scott. Will feed it back to the relevant people to look into. If I hear anything back, I’ll pass this on. Thanks

  43. Scott Barnett

    Hi. Ok now I’ve updated my LG G2 to kit kat, no matter what app I use to play music or what song, when I use the headphone port i get loads of hissing and high piched noise. It doesn’t matter what headphones I use its the same on all. Surely you tested the headphone port before releasing? Apparently a lot of people have this as well. Please advise when this is being fixed as I travel about with my job and rely on my phone as main source of music for my car.


  44. Moderator: Kris

    @Steven H We ave been made aware today that 4G for the LG G2 will come available towards the end of April with the next Open Market LG update for the device. Unfortunately we have no control over this, because the device will have been designed to only accept updates from its original supplier. Thanks for your patience while this is rolled out.

  45. Steven H.


    I have just brought a new LG G2 from Amazon, how do I get 4G active on this device with my previous phone i had an update from three, I have a sim only deal and would also like to get kitkat on it. I work in a 4G area and did have it on my last phone but since I have upgraded i don’t have it. I also can’t pick this on My account in model of handset will this stop me getting any updates? Please advise as i’ve contacted Three and had little to no response ** other people getting answers can you please answer I have gone onto LG site and the firmware has been updated and now I have LTE will my phone automatically get kitkat if I can a three sim ??

  46. Moderator: Madeline

    @Scott Barnett – Hi there, we don’t have any specific dates for the release at the moment, the update is currently being tested. We’ll let you know when the update is ready, sorry for the delay.

  47. Scott Barnett

    We are nearly at the end of March now and still no news on when us 3mobile LG G2 owners will get the 4.4.2 android kitkat update. Do you have any rough dates as to when we will get the update. Or do we just apply the t mobile update to our phones instead?

  48. Scott Barnett

    Sonny. Did you use the tmobile update file and did it contain all the lg g2 add ons such a the quick button bar our did it just go to standard stock android?

  49. Marvi

    LG G2, I am looking to buy this phone as there are many good features coming along with this phone


  50. Sonny

    @Dave ( 21/02/2014)

    I also purchase the 32 gig version from Overseas. I am please to tell you that I have manage to upgrade it to Android 4.4.2 which I done myself. Thanks to that I also have 4G. I wish there was a way I can tell you on here how I done it but go to the xda-developers website and you will find some information from there.

  51. Sonny

    I purchase my LG G2 – 32 gig version from Hong Kong. Here in the UK, It works well with me 3 UK sim card. I also manage to update the phone software with Android 4.4.2 which I found the file on the internet and as my phone is sim-free this allowed me to do this. It is great that this firmware has allowed me to use the 4G network. I can assure Android will be an excellent update once that is officially rolled out on Three.

  52. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Scott Barnett – We mean we don’t have any exact dates for 4.4 to be released. This is still in testing so as soon as we finish testing then it will be released. We have started our roll out for 4G in numerous areas which you can check here: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Network_and_Coverage and we will be continuing our roll out throughout 2014/2015 and the areas we are planning to switch on by the end of 2014 are shown here: http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Built_for_internetting?site=d Finally if you are in a 4G area with a 4G ready handset and have the update you will be able to use this. >Bernie

  53. Scott Barnett

    Sorry that’s not really an answer. Are you saying that there are no plans to roll out android 4.4 or that you have and can not say? 3 mobile must have some sort of idea what month or have you just ignored this update? Also i upgraded to a 4G compatible phone only to find out 3 mobile doesn’t have 4G yet. Any dates on this yet our is this another thing you are just not planned for?

  54. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Scott Barnett – We don’t have any further updates on this yet. >Bernie

  55. Scott Barnett

    Any idea when and how the LG G2 will get the new android kit kat update 4.4.2? Tmobile already have it for this phone.

  56. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, I appreciate your frustration with the memory storage however this is an agreement with the business and manufacturer what version we sell, which we don’t have access to why that decision was made. Is there any other phones you would consider with higher storage and a decent camera? We do have other Android phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32gb, Sony Xperia Z1 or Ultra with expandable memory up to 64gb or the HTC one with 32gb.

  57. Harsh

    I recently got LG G2. And also I must say it really is much better and then Galaxy S4. Modern, Effective and also properly designed. It has what a new touch screen phone must have.

  58. Dave

    Like everybody else it seems, I can’t countenance spending money on a memory-crippled phone. I love the G2, but unless you stock the only viable option, 32GB, you’ve lost yet another customer.

    I have a 2-year old phone now that came with 32GB, and most of that is used – I suppose I could do without my music, or refuse to take photos one of the main reasons for getting the G2 in the first place) but that would be stupid. I have no choice but to buy the phone elsewhere and grab the £15/month unlimited everything sim-only 1-month offer from Virgin, and it pains me to says that.
    You keep saying “business decision”… you are the representatives of Three, and as such it is your your job to explain the decisions to us, the customers. If Three won’t let you that shows utter contempt for customers – added to the stupidity of not allowing us the storage the phone necessitates, you’ve really not covered yourselves in glory on this one!

  59. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ed – sorry you’re unhappy with this, there’s no plans to stock the 32Gb at present.

  60. ed

    Moderator Kris
    It meets your requirement does not necessarily mean that should be fine for others. Out of 16 Gb a paltry 10Gb is user available memory. Thats not even enough to load. 6 good quality games let alone storing music and movies. And whats the point of having 60 fps 1080p video recording capability when there is no space to store it. You may have cloud available everywhere on tbe go but majority do not. Three signal cant eveb cope up with streaming demands indoor. So dont try to justify a poor business decision with crap argument. End of the day its you who will lose customers and hope shareholders will be happy unlike us customers.

  61. Moderator: Allan

    @Gareth – Thanks for the feedback. We pass requests such as the one you’ve made back into the business. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us here which model we stock.

  62. Gareth

    Does NOBODY from THREE care what their customers are asking for!! Their customers are crying out for this phone to be stocked at the 32gb version.
    I have just decided NOW after hearing the comments on here to buy the 32gb version elsewhere SIM free then swap to a very cheap monthly package, probably not with Three as it clearly doesn’t fill me with confidence that someone has made this call without a VALID reason for it. Whoever it was should be sacked for clearly not understanding the market or what their customers want!

  63. Moderator: Kris

    @Julian Sorry you’ve had this issue with the G2 and the staff members you’ve spoken to in regards to it. 16GB is still a fair amount of memory to have on a device, plus with cloud storage readily available, there are ways you can augment it fairly easily without the need for additional memory on the phone itself. As per your 4G comment, we have been fairly clear in regards to how and when 4G will be rolled out to our customers, dating back to August of last year. If you feel let down by this, we can only apologise, but we have been making efforts to be as transparent as possible about the launch of 4G for quite some time.

  64. Julian

    “Tiny storage matter” (Love the double meaning) LOL Only stocking the memory crippled version of one the nicest phones around and expecting it to serve customers well for TWO years is laughable. My contract is up and I won’t be getting another phone on contract with 3 with the current ‘deals’ on offer combined with zero real tangible recent info of when/if 4g is going to be properly available to me and I do live in London. So why bother. ! have also spoken to many staff now who seem poorly educated about the G2. Indeed 99% did not really know that it doesn’t have additional sd card storage or even that it is a good phone at all! They would always just try to steer me towards Samsung devices. Come on 3. I was an ambassador for your brand and I am feeling let down.

  65. Joe

    As everyone else has said it is ridiculous selling only the 16 GB version. Waste of time having that little space on a flagship smartphone. This is especially true when you can get the Nexus 5 32 GB for much less.

  66. Mandy

    I found LG G2 a great replacement for my Galaxy S3. First I was looking to upgrade to Galaxy S4 but glad to see that G2 worth my wait..

  67. Colin Hague

    I also think that the lg g2 16gb is definitely overpriced, esp on contract!!! 🙁

  68. Colin Hague

    This phone Really ought to be a market leader, and it would be if it had expandable storage, or you could get 32gb on contract!

  69. Colin Hague

    I was seriously thinking of buying this phone on 24month contract, but after reading about very limited storage issues now changed my mind, I would have if was 32gb or could take micro sd card, very disappointing for such a high end smart phone!!!

  70. Moderator: Nicki

    @logic – Thanks for your feedback.

  71. logic

    Why would you not stock the 32gb? It makes no sense.

  72. Remy

    How ridiculous that you are not stocking the 32gb variant, no way am I buying it in 16gb.
    Bring it out in 32GB and I will buy it straight away

  73. Lees

    read great things about this phone, went instore to get it for my upgrade and found out its only the 16gb version! which only 10gb is useable. so any person that would wants this phone for its amazing HD video playback, gaming and 24bit audio, dont even think about it as your phone will be full up in a month and youll throw it at a wall!
    Perhaps its a ploy to get the 32gb HTC one out the door! Which im going for by the way

  74. Sean

    Makes no sense to just stock 16gb LG G2 unless there is a commercial reason we are not told about. If I am going to commit to a 2 year contract then i would like the phone to be as future proof as possible with adequate storage. Please get the 32gb one in!

  75. Moderator: Nicki

    @AD – Hi there, thanks for your feedback.

  76. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – No plans for this at the moment but always worth keeping your eye on our Coming Soon page.

  77. Mark

    Bring the 32gb model and i’ll bite. What a waste of a top quality smartphone with just 10GB available storage. Feels like a supercar with just a 10 litre tank.

  78. AD

    “tiny storage matter” indeed.

    Marketing a top smartphone that records and plays 60fps HD video, plays graphics intensive games (of 2GB size each) without hiccups and includes high quality music playback with a meager 10GB user available storage space for expensive 24 month contract ….you got to be commended for your visionary business decision. Pity that the uninformed average customers fails to understand your progressive business logic and goes elsewhere……may be you can educate us all to see the bigger picture beyond the “tiny storage matter” that bothers us.

  79. Jenny

    I am in love with my LG G2. After getting a leaked Android 4.4 Kitkat Update it’s more than a smartphone.

  80. Moderator: Kris

    @Mark Sorry you feel that way, but we currently only have an agreement to stock the 16GB. This may change in time, but for now, it’s only this version we are carrying.

  81. Moderator: Kris

    @Mazz Not on the cards at the moment, but don’t leave us because of a tiny storage matter =(

  82. Mark

    How can the 16GB be the only one companies are stocking! No wonder there is a monolopy on iphone and Samsung S4 if the Nexus and G2 are not stocked in 32GB versions!!! Some games take up 1-2GB alone!

    Totally stupid and I’ll definitely be buying my phone in 32GB variant either from Ebay or Expansys…what a loss by these companies like Three and Carphonewarehouse etc.

  83. Amme

    I got LG G2. It’s nice and well from my any other phone a perfect smart phone.

  84. Mazz

    I would buy this phone now, if it was 32gb. Come on 3 don’t make me leave you because of this. Get the 32gb version.

  85. Moderator: Lauren

    @Drew – thanks for your feedback Drew, we’ll certainly pass it on.

  86. Drew

    Like myself, huge numbers of people will be attracted to the G2 because, amongst other great features, it offers high-quality 60fps 1080p video recording. Obviously very memory-hungry. For us, with no SD slot, the 16GB is a complete non-runner. Actually, I’ve been waiting to go with Three for months. This “business decision” shows a contempt for customers. It’s even put me off going SIM-only with Three. LG deserve to rule in the smartphone market with this device. This is the time for them to make hay. People want this phone, but they will procrastinate over the 32 gig issue, and in another few months LG will have lost ground to a new release from another company. Money is being lost here by both LG and Three, Dumb!

  87. James

    Agree with others – I want this phone, but cannot possibly buy with non-expandable 16GB. It cripples the device.

  88. Kishore

    I think I’m going to go Note 3 on Bell, I like my gnex but my gf has the note 2 and I hate using my phone after having all that screen real estate on hers, bigger is better

  89. Phil

    When 32gb is released in the uk it’s exclusive to the o2 network so I hear 🙁

  90. Kris


    if this is a business decision, it is one of the worst with regards to this phone and LG…

  91. Kris

    Hi Three,

    Why are you not stocking the 32gb version? It doesn’t make any sense. I would get this, but not with 16gb of memory. Are LG not releasing this at all in the UK with 32gb?

  92. Moderator: Pamela

    @Hari Lehal – This would have been a business decision – sorry about that. >Pamela

  93. Hari Lehal

    You have to stock the 32gb version. How can you not offer this model on a phone that is being reviewed as the best android handset?

  94. Tam Keir

    It may only have 16 gb memory but at £399 its over £100 cheaper than the S4 and is more powerfull with better specs

  95. Phil

    It’s a shame Three isn’t going to stock the 32gb LG

  96. Moderator: Lauren

    @Julian – we’ve got no plans to stock the 32Gb version for now I’m afraid.

  97. Jatt

    I just got LG G2. And I must say it is far better then Galaxy S4. Sleek, Powerful and well designed. It has everything that a smartphone should have.

  98. Josh C

    I believe that LG would sell a lot more phones is they marketed as heavy as Samsung did. They make awesome products and already dominate other areas like washers and dryers.

  99. Julian

    Hi, can you respond to the queries regarding news on the 32gb version? I see you already now stock the 16gb version so that answers that.

    If I could have got the 32gb version today I most likely would have paid out the last couple of months of my contract and came home with one on a fresh two year contract . Now I will wait to see the nexus 5 and most likely will buy that and save money on my phone bill and just go sim only on a rolling one month contract.

    You guys are missing a trick as this is the best phone out there but is useless with only 16gb.

  100. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Arbaz – Hi there – Agreed, it does look like an awesome phone. As it stands, the colours we have available are black or white. We’ve got no knowledge at present about any future changes to the colour scheme. Get yourself down to your nearest store http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Store_Locator & have a play around with it 🙂 Thanks

  101. Arbaz Khan

    LG G2 looks a lot powerful Android phone. But is it coming in different color variants or just in white?
    I would love to get my hands on it and feel how LG actually works like.

  102. Moderator: Allan

    @Michael. It will be available in stores on PAYG, however, usually with most new phones it’s only available on PAYG online at time of launch. You can either wait and check with your local store or order this online if you’re not wanting to wait.

  103. Michael

    Tried to buy this phone today on PAYG at one of your stores who informed me I could only buy on contract in-store but could buy online if I wanted, is this company policy or just the store trying to get more commission for contract sales?.

  104. Akram

    Its out with Three today. I’m surprised that you haven’t been informed on mentioned it to us customers yet.

    I signed up to the notification, but haven’t received one yet. Not sure what the point of it was!

    Cheers anyway.

  105. Moderator: Lauren

    @Antonio – no word yet I’m afraid.

  106. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – no date yet I’m afraid. Keep an eye on our Coming Soon page.

  107. Antonio

    Do you know if Three will be stocking the 16gb or 32gb variant of the LG G2?

  108. Mark

    What’s the latest on the date this phone will be available?

  109. Darren

    This is gonna be a solid phone. I have a friend who works for LG and he says this unit is going to sell a ton.

  110. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adrian – it’s 3000 mAh, more info here.

  111. Adrian bordoy

    I read in your description That the G2 as a 3000 mAh battery, but the non US version as a 2600 mAh battery,
    So which one ate you stocking?

  112. Samantha Vermillion

    OK, thanks for the response anyway. Please update when prices are available.

  113. Moderator: Lauren

    @Samantha – no word no prices yet.

  114. Samantha Vermillion

    Is it going to be overpriced like other LG optimus phones.

  115. Seb

    LG G2 is packed with everything to make it the device of the year but LG is known for slow updates and ugly UI…however, the hardware on this phone are so great it outweighs all else…besides there is nothing you can’t tweak on an Android device so I can’t wait for this phone to be released…I’ll upgrade early!!!

  116. Adrian bordoy

    LG G2 is out in 8 weeks,

  117. Vishal Verma

    samsung rules android market…not sure about lg… hope it adds some value to smartphone market.

  118. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sharon – we’ve had no word yet.

  119. Sharon

    Is there going to be a Pink edition of this phone?

  120. Tam Keir

    LG are are making top notch phones with specs that out-perform even the most recent high end phones from the top manufacturers. But time and time again you only hear about them because they don’t seem to have a good distribution set up. They take so long to get their phones in the shops that they tend to be forgotten about or other phones come on stream having caught up with LG’s specs. The same seems to be happening again as they can’t give a delivery date for the UK or other countries. They need to get this side of their business sorted out fast. Their phones would produce more sales if people could get their hands on one.

  121. raj

    android apps are so popular and android phones are becoming more and more powerful with every day. lg g2 is a great example of this. it has great processor and its a powerful phone. but i am waiting for HTC One max and Galaxy Note 3

  122. Moderator: Megan

    @Hal – I’m afraid there’s no information on a release date just yet and we won’t know until the announcement if it will be available to preorder. If you want to register for updates on the LG G2, you can do this here.

  123. Moderator: Megan

    @Mo – You most certainly can be notified :). If you visit our ‘coming soon’ section on our website, found here, you can register for updates on new releases. Unfortunately we don’t have a date at the moment.

  124. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daz – sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it’s Jellybean 4.2.2 🙂

  125. Moderator: Nicki

    @Akram – No confirmed date to share as yet but you can register for updates here.

  126. Hal

    Any idea of an actual release date yet? And will it be available for preorder?

  127. Mo

    Can I be notified as soon as it becomes available?
    Does 3 have a date yet?

  128. Akram

    Hi. When will this be available for pre-order to current customers? Thanks.

  129. Daz

    what version of android is it?

  130. Imran

    That’s great news!! Thanks for that and just in time for my October upgrade.

  131. Moderator: Daniela

    @Imran – Hi there, yep, the white colour will be exclusively available on Three from launch 🙂

  132. Manan

    Well, I am waiting for LG G2 from when and I am also keenly interested in this really a real Smartphone from LG after a so long time. I hope this time LG will make it and will also compete brands like Samsung, Nokia and so.

  133. Imran

    Is it coming in white color on three?

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