Samsung Galaxy S5 – coming soon.

It’s back and it means business. Or at least, health, anyway.

The 4G ready Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest Samsung flagship device that builds on the amazing success of the S4.

There’s a faster processor (2.5 Ghz), a bigger screen (5.1 inch), a better camera (16MP), not to mention Android 4.4.2 (the delectable Kit Kat)

Samsung have really raised the bar with the S5 in many ways; not only is the camera now 16MP, but it’s got a super speedy auto-focus (0.3 seconds) with advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) which in layman’s terms basically means the camera is able to reproduce natural light and colour with vivid intensity, even when the subject may be poorly lit. There’s also the pretty nifty Selective Focus feature, which lets you focus on a specific area whilst simultaneously blurring out the background, so you can create really professional looking photos. Voice command to actually take photos just makes the whole experience even quicker and easier.

Samsung are also billing this smartphone as the ‘life innovator’ and all the amazing health-based features, are really testament to this.  S health includes a pedometer (learning how many steps you’ve taken each day is surprisingly addictive!), comprehensive diet and exercise records and a heart rate monitor. A personal fitness tracker, to help you monitor and manage your behaviour, is also included. You’ll be fighting fit before you know it!

You’ll experience impressive connectivity speeds not only with 4G, which you’ll get as standard on Three, but also something called Download Booster, which is a Wi-Fi technology that boosts data speed by bonding Wi-Fi and 4G simultaneously.

The iconic Samsung design is modified slightly to include a modern perforated pattern on the back cover, which has been ergonomically designed so it’s less likely to slip from your hand. And they’ve brought more variety to the table this time, as the S5 comes in a variety of colours.

From a more practical point of view the S5 is now completely dust resistant, and is water resistant if submerged up to 1 metre. If you’re out and about and know you won’t have access to a power source for some time, there’s no need to worry. The really handy Ultra Power Saving Mode changes your screen to black and white and shuts down any unnecessary features meaning the battery can last up to 24hrs with just 10% battery left; we think this is something of a godsend!

The S5 is really packed full of features that can make your life easier and better. If you imagine all of this with 4G at no extra cost, International Roaming that comes out of your existing bundle* and All You Can Eat data, the combination of Three and the S5 is a pretty formidable one.

Register for updates here. And to see it in the flesh, check out our sneak peek above.


*In Feel At Home countries

21 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 – coming soon.
  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian – Hi, we don’t have a timescale for this yet but you can check our coverage checker here which will show dates soon. Thanks.

  2. Adrian

    Hi. I’ve noticed that on your website, Kirkby In Ashfield in the NG17 9 area will be getting 4G by the end of 2014. Any idea what month it is planned please?

  3. Moderator: Madeline

    @Trevor welfare – Hi Trevor, you can pre-order your Samsung S5 here 🙂

  4. Trevor welfare

    I want to pre order a Samsung Galaxy S5. I got an email yesterday telling me that I can pre order today. I cannot find where to do this request on your website. I want to pre order a S5 in Blue. Thank you.

  5. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matt Farley – We don’t have a pre order date at the moment, the official release of the device is 11th April. You can register for updates here

  6. Moderator: Madeline

    @Kyle – The 4.4 update for the Galaxy S4 is still under testing, therefore we don’t have any specific dates for the release at the moment.

  7. Matt Farley

    Any news when we can pre order the S5 yet? I can upgrade from next week and I hope I dont have to wait too long.

  8. kyle

    When will kitkat 4.4 be ready for download on the Galaxy S4? Other people seem to be getting but I haven’t heard anything about it on 3 🙁 I hope I can get it soon.

  9. Moderator: Pamela

    @Gary Thank you so much for letting us know, this should be fixed now. >Pamela

  10. Moderator: Pamela

    @Clive No info on the Z2 yet but, you can register interest here Thanks, Pamela

  11. Andrew

    I wonder how much this will cost on contract, hopefully not more than £35 a month I.e for all you can eat data plus minimum 600 minutes a month. I have been on sim only contract with 3 since last year but will consider the galaxy S5 if contract and its terms remain within reason.

  12. Tony

    Thanks for the 4.3 upgrade for the S3. Excellent. Feels like I have a new and better phone.

  13. Gary

    The ‘Register for updates here’ link at the bottom of the article is broken.

  14. Clive

    What about the Xperia Z2!!

  15. Moderator: Pamela

    @Mark We’re not sure of the release date yet. Thanks, Pamela

  16. mark

    whens it released ???

  17. Matt

    Well said jim , will go else where if they don’t play ball

  18. Moderator: Pamela

    @Jim Brown That’s correct Jim – upgrades are normally for customers who have completed most of their minimum term and are ready for a new phone. If anyone wants to upgrade earlier, the line rental for the remainder of the contract will have to be paid first. Sorry you’re not happy though. Thanks, Pamela

  19. Matt Farley

    My upgrade is due at end of march so will order this as soon as I possibly can.

  20. jim brown


  21. jim brown

    Why bother people with advertising upgrades to this new S5 phone….when you charge the bloody earth to get out of existing contracts…….ie if I had a year left on my contract at £30 a month would want £360 just for me to upgrade.. now that makes sense …NOT

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