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  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adam – we have the LG G3 16Gb for sale, I’m afraid we’re not stocking the 32Gb.

  2. Adam

    Hi I’m due an upgrade tomorrow and want the 32gb lg g3 model as upgrade, a online rep told me three have it if I ring them up is this true?

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil – The update has recently been taken off Google by LG due to some security reasons Neil. We’re expecting it to be available shortly however we don’t have any specific dates I’m afraid.

  4. Neil

    Hi, can you confirm that the lollipop update has rolled out for the LG G3 please

  5. Moderator: Claire

    @Joe @WHM – Hi, can you fill in this form and we will look into this for you? This has been released and we can check your accounts to see why this is happening. Can you also mark it FAO Claire. Thanks.

  6. Joe

    Hi there,

    I have the same problem: got a G3 device during Christmas and can`t update to Android L. Not even manually. The device is from 3 – upgrade. Says I am using the latest software version for current OS. Software version is V10I-234-20. Currently using Android 4.4.2 (as came out of the box).

  7. Moderator: Claire

    @WHM – Hi, can you confirm the software version you are using on the phone? Thanks.

  8. WHM

    I got one of these over the christmas break from a three store however it has not received the update to lollipop, even when attempting to do an update manually in settings -> about phone -> update.

  9. Moderator: Claire

    @Matt Booth – Hi, did you buy the phone from us direct? If so we have released the update. You can check Settings > About Device > update. Thanks.

  10. Matt booth

    When is the LG 3G getting the lollipop update? UK Vodafone customers have this update already as my work colleague received it on the 13th December?

  11. Imran

    Hi, no i haven’t spoken to google about it. I’ll get in touch with them.

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @Imran – Hi, have you talked to google about this? We sent out our updates to the phones bought directly from Three. Thanks.

  13. Imran

    I bought the phone sim free from a uk website. Its a EU model and all my network bands are working fine. I’m still trying the update button and not receiving the lollipop update.

  14. Moderator: Claire

    @Imran – Hi, we have released this recently. Did you get the phone directly from us? Thanks.

  15. Imran

    Hello, has you started sending the lollipop update for the lg g3 on the network, i read that other networks have started receiving. I have been clicking the update button for a while now and i have not received it.

  16. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear you’re having this issue, @Miguel. Do you have a 4G/LTE option in your network settings? Can you let me know a full postcode of the area you’re trying to connect to 4G in? I’m afraid as the phone was bought from outside the UK I couldn’t guarantee that it would work on our 4G network however, if you can install the latest carrier update from us this should hopefully enable it to work. >Rich

  17. Miguel

    Hi Guys,
    I bought a LG G3 from hong kong, from what I understand this model I bought is the LG G3 D855 which is the model set for the UK market (all the UK mobile operators) and it should be LTE enable (at least the box and the descriptions tells all the bands and frequencies it operates including the 1800 Mhz band). However I cannot see nor confirm that the phone is connecting to a 4G, and only connects to the standard H speed.
    Your support pages suggest that I should receive a package that will enable the phone to connect to LTE (4G). So far I haven’t received such package. How I can know if I have received the package or the phone will be compatible to the three 4G network?. As I described above, this one should be compatible.
    Checking your support pages as well as the three 4G page I can see that your 4G service is provided through the 1800Mhz band, is this correct? Also in the description of the LG G3 phone in your web-site does not mention this band, this might be an error right? Can you help me to confirm if will be able to connect to the $G service with this phone please?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks

  18. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joe – it might not have a 4G enabled software version. You’d be best discussing this with LG directly as we’re unable to push this update through for phones that were purchased from other sources.

  19. Joe

    Sorry forgot to mention, I do not have the option to select –

  20. Joe

    I have bought a LG G3 BEAT D722 from Ebay, the phone came from Hong Kong.
    I am on 3 network but cannot get 4G,
    I cannot seem to find the option to allow me to change to LTE Auto
    Please help me 🙂

  21. Moderator: Allan

    @Rab – All our customers receive 4G for no extra cost. I’m afraid as the device was not purchased in the UK we can’t guaranteed 4G will work on this. All I can suggest is to ensure you’re on the latest software and carrier version. Thanks

  22. rab

    Cant get 4g on my lg g3 32gb model. Lg uk cant help since i never got it from u.k. asked about a update still no help. Any ideas on what i can do would be great as paying for 4g but cant get the service.

  23. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael – Hi, where did you get the phone from? Do you have LTE/4G settings under network? Thanks.

  24. Michael


    I have a LG G3 F400S which I’m trying to use on a Three 4G enabled sim. My other phone shows HSPA+, but this phone just shows HSPA all the time. Has anyone asked about the same challenge in the past?

    (I appreciate I didnt buy the phone from Three so any help will be greatly appreciated.)

  25. Moderator: Claire

    @Remus – Hi, what model version do you have of the handset? Do you have 4G/LTE settings on your phone? Thanks.

  26. Remus

    Hi @claire, the handset was sim free and was not attached to any networks in Hong Kong.

  27. Remus

    @claire The handset was sim free.

  28. Moderator: Claire

    @Remus – Hi, was the phone SIM free or locked to a network in Hong Kong? Thanks.

  29. Remus

    @claire I bought the handset from a department store in Hong Kong, how would I get the 4G settings from them?

  30. Moderator: Claire

    @Remus – Hi, where did you get the handset from originally? You need to get the 4G settings from the original provider. Thanks.

  31. Remus

    Hi, I’ve got an unlocked LG G3 32gb handset, it’s the D855 version, so is fine to use in the UK. Recently upgraded just my sim for another plan with 3 but realized for the past month it’s never used the 4G network that it is enabled to use!

    Is there an update that is coming to my phone or is there something wrong with the sim or something? Just really disappointed that I can’t get 4G on a top end 4G phone!

  32. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Stewart – Hi, if you buy an LG G3 mobile you can purchase the watch at one of our stores for £99 within the first 21 days. Thanks.

  33. Chris Stewart

    Is the lg g watch still on special offer and is it still £100?

  34. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris – Hi, we don’t have any in stock online but you may find some in a local Three store. We do have the LG G3 in stock for prepay and contract, you can see this here.

  35. Chris

    I was planing to buy the LG G2, but I cant find it anywhere on this website

  36. Moderator: Claire

    @G Lee – Hi, we don’t have a date for this at present but once it is available we will push it through to your device automatically. Thanks.

  37. G Lee


    Noted that LG has brought out a software update for the G3 (v10e). When will we on Three be able to access this update?

    Love my G3, but there are a few software issues that I am hoping will be resolved in v10e. For example if I Chromcast YouTube the phone stop working until the video had ended and the headphone Jack working periodly when plugged in.

  38. Moderator: Nicki

    @G. Chana – Hi there, if you’re looking to upgrade your contract you can do this in any Three store, or via 333. If you’re new to Three you can find our price plans and devices at Three.co.uk 🙂

  39. Moderator: Nicki

    @Laura – Hi there, we’ll be stocking the black version.

  40. CleverOne

    Another thing 2.46 snapdragon 801 its exactly the same CPU which is used in HTC one (M8) and Xperia Z2…basically if u have one of their older brothers (lg g2 xperia z1 and HTC one m8) differences are rlly small..Lg g3 has upgraded display which is now 1440×2560 536ppi in comparison to 1080p 426ppi screen in Lg g2…User interface has been polished (less chaotic 🙂 ) and laser focus feature added to 13mpx camera…But if u have g2 already..Does it really worth to upgrade ???Especially for xperia z1—–>z2 apart from better/slightly bigger screen (finally decent viewing angles), some minor features like new noise cancellation option..and fresh android KitKat 4.4.2 its almost same xperia z1 which has been released last year…All of them are good but if you have one of older versions (lg g2 Sony xperia z1 and HTC one) and you count every penny I’m not sure if its worth of upgrade now unless you are techhead like me :)..Always read genuine reviews of new smarphones don’t just go to carrier stores and let store members pull wool over your eyes 🙂 I’ll promise you when u familiarize yourself with specs/features of your wanted smartphone by reading genuine websites…you gonna probably know more than they…I ashamed carrier store members few times 🙂 Peace

  41. CleverOne

    Don’t have too much hope people…As far as I know three.UK they will stock only a 16gb version of LG G3 same situation was with LG G2 SONY XPERIA Z1 and few others…However http://www.stuff.tv/g3/lg-g3-benchmarks-show-little-difference-between-2gb-and-3gb-editions/news .Check this 16gb/32gb benchmarks comparison video and you will witness that 32gb variant scores only 2-4% better than 16gb..and even if 16gb is not enough for some you can still expand it via micro SD.:):)

  42. G. Chana

    I,m looking for next month New Contarct my Mobile No:- [removed] Which I need to keep same Number possible same amount Monthly . Please contact me with kind thanks. Email: [removed]

  43. Laura

    Do we know yet if Three will have all 5 colours or just the usual black and white? Surely if you are able to pre-order, you can specify colour? Really want the purple one!!

  44. wendy

    Hope the gold edition will be out before August 🙂

  45. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Hi, it is a beautiful screen 🙂 the 2.5ghz processer is one of the largest on the market at present, have you used 2.5ghz before and was this slow for your use?

  46. Chris

    Having an awesome screen and only 2gb of memory will slow the phone cdown

  47. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Hi, what do you use the phone for to use up the 16gb memory? It’s worth thinking about the use and how much internal memory you will need.

  48. Chris

    Im more worried about the memory space than the hd space

  49. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Hi, we only stock that model at present but you can insert up to 128GB card for extra memory. Would this help with what you use the phone for?

  50. Chris

    Really thinking about changing network, lg g3 only 16gb? Not good enough

  51. Moderator: Claire

    @Wendy – Hi, we don’t have a Gold edition yet but this may change in the near future. 🙂

  52. wendy

    Will 3 Launch the Gold edition ????? have been a 3 customer for nearly over 4 yrs now and i am not looking to cancel my contract 3 is the best network i have ever used good benefit..great Cheap Deal for Great Smart Phone 😀

  53. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daryl – sorry it’s only available on 16Gb at the moment.

  54. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi Nick, it’s available for pre-order now. You can get this here. 😀

  55. Daryl

    Up for pre-order now & guess what?
    16gb only, I’m off elsewhere to a network that listens to their customers….

  56. Mo

    The LG G3 is on pre order at the three store now everyone. It’s available on the 26th

  57. Lee Williams

    Just got it pre ordered on a better/cheaper tariff than my last phone :). Had to ring though, website hadn’t updated yet.

  58. Nick

    Less than 2 weeks before its release and still no news. Im not currently with three but would like to move over but need to know whether to cancel my current contact with the current provider.

  59. Moderator: Ahmed

    Hi @harry, shouldn’t be too long before it’s released and in your hands 🙂 If you pop along here it’ll give you updates about the device 🙂 Have you reported your phone lost to our team on 333 so we can block it from it any misuse? Know your pain of losing a phone 🙁

  60. Moderator: Ahmed

    Hi @Carrie Wylie, the LG G3 is due to arrive on our network very very soon 😀 If you pop along here, it’ll give you updates on the LG G3 roll out.

  61. Moderator: Ahmed

    @colin – Hi, if you keep an eye on our Coming Soon page it’ll keep you updated on when you can get your hands on them 🙂

  62. @celebritain

    Any idea a) how much this phone will be on contract and b) whether it will mean the lg g2 contract prices are reduced?

  63. colin

    Any news on when you will be stocking this phone as I really want it
    Carphone warehouse already have pre orders going!!!

  64. harry

    Is there still no news on when this will be available? Other sites have started selling it already with prices and a delivery date: http://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/

    I’ve lost my phone and I’m keen to replace it. So I might have to get this deal I might be waiting a long time to get it from three.

  65. Matthew Knighton

    Another one to add to the 3GB/32GB list please, if so I will sign up straight away!

  66. Carrie Wylie

    I called your boston store last Monday the 9th of June to enquire about the LG G2 and was informed the LG G3 was coming out this week so I refrained from purchase but I just wanted to check if the information I had recieved was correct thanx

  67. Alan Quinn

    Why on earth do LG have a 32gb 3gb ram version f they’re not making it available. Silly decision. Whats the point.

    Think I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

  68. Mattie

    All those people wanting the 3G Ram/32G need to open there eyes and realise that its been confirmed through LG that we wont be getting the this version and will ONLY get the 2G Ram/16G version in the UK.


  69. chris

    yes please 32/3gb version plssssssss
    samsung and htc falling behind..

  70. Adam

    I have been a customer of 3 since the First A920 Symbian phone! Please please please stock the 3GB/32GB version – you will gain SO MUCH LOYALTY by doing this and STEAL customers form other networks!

  71. scott

    i have been waiting for this phone forever,have been stuck with a 3g galaxy note 2 on the all you can eat tariff.-i have no problem renewing my contract but if they only offer the 2gb ram/16gb model then i will reconsider,-sign me up for the 3gb/32gb full fat version please!!!!

  72. adrian

    I would like to add my voice to the list of people where the 3/32Gb version is a dealbreaker.

    I am extremely puzzled why LG even bothered to make a 2/16Gb version.Within 6 months, the 4gb models will be appearing.

    Realisticaally, ALL manufacturers should be offering 64Gb and 128Gb versions of their flagship products

  73. Adam

    Please bring the 32 gb / 3 gb version and I will buy it.

  74. G Lee

    The only version of this model to consider is the 3/32 configuration. You need to consider that most apps/games, etc are not optomised for the quad pix. density.

    Therefore, in the near future these screens will require more and more resources/RAM.

    Three listen to your customer base and offer the 3/32 configuration. Even if we have to suppliment it (a little).

  75. Alex

    Please, please stock the 32gb/3GB RAM version! I will be looking elsewhere if this doesn’t happen 🙁

  76. Glenn

    The general UK release date is 01 July 2014 so I would expect Three to get it on or around that date, unless of course there is another reason why they can’t.

    I would expect (and I am eagerly awaiting) more concrete information on release date and pricing from them towards the end of July.

  77. Jack

    Carphone Warehouse is first off the mark, with tariffs and pricing, however, it’s only the 2/16 model, no option to change

  78. Moderator: Chris

    @Lee Williams – Afraid not for the moment Lee “/ You can register for updates here – http://bit.ly/1aVnYyr and we’ll give you a shout when we have more info.

  79. Lee Williams

    Still no news on preorder dates/prices/which model(s) will be available? 2 weeks on from the announcement article and we’re all still asking for the info.

    Would really rather stay with three than defect but whoever pulls the strings there isn’t making it easy folks…

  80. Moderator: Chris

    @Jonathan – “Soon” is the best we can do for the moment Jonathan. You can always register for more updates over here – http://bit.ly/1aVnYyr Cheers.

  81. Moderator: Chris

    @Matt Grey – Fingers crossed Matt 🙂 You can register for updates over here in the mean time – http://bit.ly/1aVnYyr

  82. Moderator: Chris

    @Razvan – There’s no confirmed date I’m afraid but you can register for updates over here – http://bit.ly/1aVnYyr

  83. Jonathan

    Release date?

  84. JD

    3GB/32GB version please! WANT WANT WANT!

  85. Tom

    3/32 model please

  86. DTB

    T MOBILE WILL stock it. See uswitch.

  87. Matt Grey

    I’m with EE at the moment, but my contract ends next month. If you get the 32/3 version, you’ll be top of my list 🙂

  88. Razvan

    When is the approximate date when you will have it?

  89. Chris

    Please stock the 3/32 model. I am at the end of my contract and will be moving to GiffGaff and purchasing from another vendor if 3 decide to only go with the 2/16 model.

  90. Ronnie

    32/3 version please, registered for updates.

  91. Andy

    I have not been a 3 customer for about 9years, for the past many years I have been with t-mobile. Unfortunately they wont be stocking this phone so will be looking elsewhere. All carriers that will stock this have good tarrifs to choose from so for me it will be the first carrier to introduce the 32gig /3gig varient that will win my custom. Let the game begin!

  92. Michael

    Three, listen to what people want. Stock the 3GB RAM version. I’ll certainly be coming back to Three if they stock it. If not, T-Mobile offer some amazing deals, search uswitch.

  93. Tammers

    I am a 3 customer and wanted to back up what has been said already. I am only interested in the 32gb – 3gb ram LG G3, though this is not at any expense of course. The extra internal memory I’m not bothered about as the phone takes a card, the extra ram is what I like.

    I hope 3 listens to its customers on this, I shall happily pre order for the right deal – thanks.

  94. Moderator: Richard

    Still no news on this front as of yet, Matt. You can register here for updates on this 🙂 >Rich

  95. Matt

    3/32gb please. When will you be taking pre-orders?

  96. John

    Agree with the other posts, 3/32gb version please

  97. Guillaume

    I add my coice to everyone here that wants the 3/32GB version. I’m not currently with 3, but I’ll switch to you guys as soon as you announce you support that device.

  98. zed

    Can we have the 32gb version please

  99. Shak707

    Really WAS looking forward to this phone. I want the 32GB with the 3GB RAM or going elsewhere or getting another phone!!!

  100. Moderator: Richard

    Afraid we’ve still no news on this, @Daryl. If you register here for updates you’ll be the first to know 🙂 >Rich

  101. Daryl

    I’ll second the opinions on here. My contract is up & I’ll be going elsewhere unless I can renew with the 32/3gb model.
    Any word on pre-orders yet?

  102. Moderator: Richard

    We’ll pass this feedback on for you, Otiss. >Rich

  103. Chris

    I hope that three listens to public demand too. If they only bring out the 2g version then I might change providers

  104. Stuart

    Excited about this phone but as others have said only really want 3/32 version.Hope three can use its buying power and supply it.

  105. shadders

    Hi, I hope you can see that there is a customer demand for the 3gb ram/ 32gb version, and I hope three can bring that version to the UK. I’m not interested in getting a 2gb version when I know that a 3gb version exists. thanks

  106. Moderator: Kris

    @Adrian We’ve not been given a pre-order date just yet, but keep an eye on http://www.three.co.uk for updates. Thanks.

  107. Adrian

    Looking forward to this phone. Am also interested in the 32gb version if available. When will the preorder offers be on the three site?

  108. Moderator: Kris

    @Laura We’ve yet to be given that information. All of the info we have is what is included in the above blog and video for the time being.

  109. Moderator: Kris

    @Saff We’re still waiting to find out which models we’ll be carrying ourselves, but keep an eye on http://www.three.co.uk , @ThreeUK and @ThreeUKSupport on Twitter and our Facebook page in the coming weeks to find out =)

  110. Laura

    Do you happen to know if it’s just the black, white and gold handsets coming to Three or will you also have the burgandy red and moon violet available too??

  111. Saff

    Hi I am curious as to whether the 32GB/3GRAM version will be available eventually in the UK with Three?

  112. Moderator: Kris

    @Chris Savage I’m sure Brendan will be pleased to hear your feedback! We’ve none to give away gratis off the bat, but if you keep an eye on our Social Media feeds, there might be the opportunity to win one around the time of launch.

  113. Moderator: Kris

    @Ann We’ve not had the release date confirmed just yet, but keep an eye on http://www.three.co.uk in the coming weeks.

  114. Chris savage

    Thank you for your time and effort to try and convince me the 3 is better. I will have lots to think about between now and August .
    Ps the LG g3 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to have one.. Free sample!? I could do a better video that this guy. Haha 🙂

  115. Ann

    Any news on when it will be available on three? I’m up for upgrade soon and was going to get new Sony z2 but now I think I may have changed my mind depending on the release date.

  116. Moderator: Kris

    @Chris Savage Ah, you are correct, I’ve misread the website there…regardless, competition is what makes the mobile industry tick and thrive. In this instance we’re pricier for that device, but other plans and products we have will be more cost effective on Three than GiffGaff, just like any other networks. =)

  117. Chris savage

    I think you’re reading that wrong. Giffgaff for a £15.00 a month goody bag with 500 minutes, unlimited texts and data. Plus the phone over 24 months is £13.05
    15+13.05= £28.05 x 24 months = £673.20 plus £50 upfront for the phone = £723.20
    Which is £145.80 dearer over the term.
    I’m not worried about tethering! I also have mobile broadband with 3.
    You don’t have to reply to this, I’m just venting.

  118. Moderator: Kris

    @Chris Savage Thanks for your feedback.

    I’ve looked at the deal you’re mentioning for the G2 on GiffGaff, found here: http://giffgaff.com/lg/lg-g2/phone-plans . This plan is £26.18 a month over 2 years (£628.32 in total), with an up front cost of £220 for the phone itself. The complete cost on GiffGaff would therefore be £848.32. On GiffGaff’s Unlimited Data plans, tethering is prohibited, where it isn’t on the Three network.

    Our equivalent plan, at £35 per month over 24 months,(either 600 mins and AYCE data or AYCE mins and 2GB of data, both of which include Personal Hotspot at no extra cost) equates to £840 and only has a £29 up front cost, meaning the total cost on Three is £869, a difference of roughly £20 over the piece.

    On the whole, we are marginally more expensive than GiffGaff for the LG G2, but at less than £1 extra per month, the free 0800 calls, the ability to tether and our Feel At Home promotion for all customers, still makes us pretty good value.

  119. Chris savage

    So you’re saying that you will charge almost £10 a month extra (over a 24 month contract is £240) for some more minutes and free 0800 numbers. No thanks.
    I would like to set my own tariff. Minutes, texts and data that I need. I’m sure in 2014 we should be able to have our own tariff, personalised to your own needs.
    Just an idea.

  120. Moderator: Kris

    @Chris Savage We can’t speak for other networks and their pricing, but our prices are competitive within the mobile market. The plan Three has for the G2 may have more features, such as a higher number of minutes or texts, and allow for Personal Hotspotting, which the other networks may not. If all the networks had the same deals and prices for the same phones, there would be no point in having different networks.

    Not all customers have access to landlines when they need to call these numbers, if at all. By offering the 0800 numbers free as part of our new tariffs, we are allowing for customers to ring these numbers whenever they need to, wherever they are. The Fun numbers are there for folks to ring if they wish, it’s just more of the “silly stuff” that our brand likes to promote =)

  121. CaptainKirt

    I fancy this as a replacement for my Nexus 4 in December. Battery life if a massive issue these days and this looks like it’ll last the day out. I would be interested in the 3/32 if the price is right.

  122. Chris savage

    Hello. I would like the LG g3 to be my next phone with 3. I have been with 3 for almost 4 years and never had a problem, until you put Al the prices up!

    Why is that I can get the LG g2 on giffgaff for £26 a month with unlimited data and you are charging £35 a month for the same thing. I’m afraid my love for 3has been lost and come August I will be changing to giffgaff.

    One more thing, why are you pushing the free 0800 as something fantastic! I really don’t understand why. I would think that 99% of people have access to a landline and don’t need this on their mobile phone contract. Like ringing the singing dictionary is lots of fun for 10 year olds but what about the adults!?

    Rant over. Thanks.

  123. Moderator: Kris

    @Kyle No prices have been finalised just yet, but keep an eye on the Three website for when we do =)

  124. Moderator: Kris

    @Dave At this stage we’ve only announced that we will be carrying the device. We are still waiting to find out which models will be available. Thanks.

  125. Kyle

    No price??

  126. Dave

    Looks like my next smartphone.
    Will we get a choice between the 2/16 and the 3/32 models.

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