Dear Vodafone,

Breaking up can be hard to do. We’ve all been there and saying the right thing can often seem an insurmountable obstacle, with emotions and adrenaline running high, it’s all too easy to keep it bottled up and remain in a loveless relationship. But it doesn’t always have to be so hard…

When Vodafone announced that it was to allow some customers to break their contracts free of charge on the back of price hikes – as long as they wrote to Vodafone by June 28th – we were incredibly concerned: what if those customers missed the deadline?

With so much to say and so little time, we’re doing the legwork for Vodafone customers across the UK by employing comedian and part-time politician Rufus Hound to pen the ultimate break-up letter.

Vodafone customers can download Rufus’ template for the perfect break-up letter and send it to their soon to be ex – making for a quick and painless separation. Upon receipt of the letter Vodafone will call to confirm cancellation. Breaking up has never been so easy!

Download your Vodafone breakup letter.

Sorry Vodafone but #HelloThree.

Dear Vodafone,

The end. Such a hard thing to start, no? Far more difficult than the beginning. Beginnings are so full of… Promise! Discovery! Excitement! But endings? Endings force us to accept that none of those things were enough. We were kidding ourselves. That the 2L bottle of ice-cold cola we brought to life’s picnic is now a half- finished flagon of flat, warm, syrup; topless and unwanted. The waste enkindling guilt. A thing for wasps.

It’s no surprise to me that we run to our record collections in these times. Sheltering from an unknown future in a familiar past. In 1979 two things were born. One was me. The other? Barbara Streisand & Donna Summer’s seminal “No More Tears”:

“I had no choice from the start, I’ve gotta listen to my heart, tearing us apart. Enough is enough is enough.”

Wise words. Wise, disco-y words. Maybe you thought that by increasing my phone bill I’d be too broke and broken to look for someone else. Someone better.

Or maybe you just weren’t thinking of me at all. God – that’s just so you.

Any chance we had to get things back on track disappeared a long time ago. I’ve been putting up with this for too long. I’m at a point now where I look back at all the things you’ve done and don’t feel angry – just sad that I lacked the self-respect to say “No more” sooner.

Well, no more.

Tear up that contract. Delete my email address. It’s over. It’s. Just. Over

Lots of love


Download your Vodafone breakup letter now!

Why Choose Three?

Once you’ve made the decision to leave Vodafone, you’ll be looking for a new relationship. Sometimes the best thing for you, is right in front of you…. We’ve committed to never raising our prices mid contract. We won’t charge you for 0800 calls, and we’ll let you use your phone abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations around the world #justsayin. The grass is sometimes greener 😉

Read more reasons to Choose Three.


Q. I am a Vodafone customer can I leave them and join Three?
A. If you are currently outside contract then call us today on 0800 358 4414 or visit your local Three Store. Otherwise, if you have received a text from Vodafone notifying that their price rises will affect you by more than 10% then send them that breakup letter today! Remember you need to have sent it to Vodafone by 28th June.

Q. What happens after I send the letter?
A. Once Vodafone receives the letter, they’ll give the customer a call to explain the options: They can either upgrade to a contract more suited to them, choose for line rental only or cancel all together. There’s no termination fee and you can keep their phone at no charge too.

Q.If you want to keep your existing phone number when you move to Three.
A. When speaking to Vodafone make sure you ask for your PAC number.  On joining Three follow the steps here to keep your existing number.

If you have more questions please leave them here or tweet @ThreeUK.

35 Responses to Dear Vodafone,
  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – we’ll pass on your feedback 🙂

  2. james vincent

    @Rich. Thanks for the reply. I’ve spotted a few new things on offer. I’ve book marked your link thanks. I know u offer international saver but was hoping you’d offer an add on for calling international mobiles and texts to. Maybe u could mention this to the ‘Powers That Be’ dept!??
    There is no debating. I’m coming back in 2015.

  3. Moderator: Richard

    Glad to hear you’re coming home to us, @James 🙂 We’ve upped our game since you’ve been gone, check out some of the goodies we now offer our customers! >Rich

  4. james vincent

    I need a break up letter for when I leave EE. Put it this way… It’ll be an early termination fee job. But I need to come home to 3.

  5. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Ken Bridgeman – If you still had time left in your contract, then they may have charged you an early termination fee – or in this case ask you to pay a fee for the handset as you intended to stay with them.

    It’s easy to get your phone unlocked though Ken, come join us over here 😉 3p a min, 2p a text and 1p a MB ->

  6. Ken Bridgeman

    When I cancelled my contact and went to sim only, Vodafone made me pay for my phone, is this right?

  7. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Donna – Sorry what text did you receive from Vodafone? If your contract is expiring and you’re thinking of leaving, we would require a 30 day notice period to be given before we could terminate your contract. If it doesn’t run out until August / September time, you would need to pay an early termination fee for the time in between.

  8. Donna

    Hi I received the txt from Vodafone but have only just found out about sending this letter. My contract expires in August/September but would like to leave earlier, would I still be able to leave as its now July and I had to send the letter by 28th June?

  9. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jam – Sorry it’s not working out for you. Have you spoken with our network team about this as yet? If not can you send us over your full postcode and we’ll take a look to see what’s happening in your local area.

  10. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee – thanks for the feedback. We strongly believe we offer great value for money in everything that we’re able to offer our customers such as 4G at no additional cost, free 0800 calls, and our Feel at Home offering. For more info check out our Reasons to Join Three page.

  11. Moderator: Nicki

    @mark robins – Sorry, are you still having issues? If so can you send over your full postcode and I’ll take a look for any coverage issues at our end. Thanks.

  12. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, if you’re not 100% sure if this affects you I’d give them a shout for confirmation 🙂

  13. Moderator: Nicki

    @jose – Thanks for your feedback. If you’re having coverage issues yourself please feel free to send us your full postcode and we’ll take a look at it.

  14. mark robins

    Dear 3! Plz tell me why cannot phone from you!

  15. Jam

    Voda might have actual usable data speeds available to their users in the evenings.

    Three’s data speeds (all you can eat) in the evenings are almost unusable. I Can’t use Google music to stream and I can’t even browse and navigate the play store without being constantly timed out. YouTube times out with connection issues and if I actually manage to get a video going it will stop and buffer constantly. I struggle to complete a simple speed test without constant network communication issues. When I do finally locate a server I get anywhere 0.01/0.97 Mbps at best and the speed is crazy erratic during testing. My data connection is almost unusable in the evenings and my web browser being the only real usable app is painfully slow with pages just hanging in a load state. I noticed my nearest detected server location always changes to London when my data speed drops? The most data I’ve used in a month is 3GB and I mostly clock in under that and I’d struggle to use more because of my evening speeds. So if anyone is thinking of giving voda the chop and doesn’t mind having unusable data speeds in the evenings then maybe 3 is for you.

  16. Lee

    I love the fact that 3 are getting off on this but lets look at the differences here
    Vodafone vs 3
    3 – 13gb data allowance – unlimited but fair usage only 1GB
    subscription for free to either sky sports or spotify premium with no monthly cost on a 4G price plan – oops no offer with yours
    5* care package with 4G – again no offer

    That is just to mention a few of the differences between the two but there is alot more

  17. Paul

    I received the text but although my last 3 bills are over my normal charges they don’t average 10%. Do I still have right to cancel? I wrote to vodaphone on time anyway but I feel that if they don’t count me they are discriminating against me. Please advise.

  18. Eve Morgan

    When I came across this I was so shocked I had to comment!
    I have been on many providers over the years but have been with vodafone for almost 2 years. I have never felt more comfortable with my provider. I do pay a little more but I get so much more for it!! The signal and network is the strongest I have been on never having an issue and always being able to make my calls. The selection of phones were great and the staff really knowledgable. But by far the best thing is the customer service I receive from my local stores it is friendly I’m never rushed never told to go away and call a number ( 3 can’t say the same #just saying ) and the technical advisors really know there stuff.
    So if a choice between pay a little more for a designer handbag (vodafone) that will last and buying a primark special (3)I know what I will be doing….

  19. jose

    What a load of rubbish. The only way you can get customers is by bashing another network how sad. I’ve been a Vodafone customer for years. I considered leaving for three and the customer service was so appealing in the shop I left mid conversation. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Vodafones book and act more professional instead of joking about ‘gremlins’ in your systems and consider that people want real service not cheap crap.

  20. paul alexander

    You won’t regret moving to Three and if all you lucky people can get out of Vodafone contracts with a fairly new smart phone, remember you might have to get the phone unlocked. Don’t know if Voodoofone will give you the unlock code for free!! Then get your sim only chip and happy days!!!

  21. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jake – you’ll need to double check with Vodafone if it’s affecting you.

  22. Stephen

    I moved from Vodafone to Three last December, the only thing I am not happy with is, I should have done it years ago, I would have saved 1000s, and got much better support, and more data allowance. “We live and learn”

  23. Jake

    Are Vodafone putting prices up for all customers because i don’t seem to have a text from them stating so.

  24. Moderator: Lauren

    @Charlotte – yep, you need to send it before June 28th. A copy of the letter and the address can be found here.

  25. Moderator: Lauren

    @MIKA – Sorry you had a poor experience with us. If you’re happy with your current network then you have no need to cancel. 🙂

  26. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tammy – you need to post it here:

    Vodafone House,
    The Connection, Newbury,
    RG14 2FN

  27. Charlotte Banks

    Three UK how do I send this to Vodafone? Do you really get to just end your contract and keep the phone? I’ve received the text about price increases.

  28. MIKA

    THREE ARE [removed by mod]

    youse can make a joke alright but your [removed by mod] quality of service is outrageous i moved to vodafone. was thinking of leaving them this year went through to there disconnections line, and they could give me up to 50% on all four of my families accounts, they had an upgrades line but going to the disconnections got me a better deal.

    i dont care about a price hike ive got an iphone 5s with unlimted calls texts and 13GB on 4g at £28.50

    [removed by mod]

  29. Tammy

    Does any one know what email address you have to send the letter to?

  30. Mark

    I am speaking with a customer service employee of Vodafone right now.

    “You will receive a letter in response to yours then you will need to take this in to a Vodafone store to cancel the line.”

    Likely that if you send a letter today, you won’t receive a letter back from Vodafone in time and hence not able to cancel your contract

  31. Jared

    Thank you so much for this. I have been waiting for an opportunity to leave Vodafone from the second my contract started. I have just found that text telling me that the prices are increasing so I’ll be sending over this letter tonight. Woo, free phone! (kinda).

    Goodbye Vodafone. Hello Three.

  32. Moderator: Claire

    @Neil – Hi, if you’re affected by this and received a text from Vodafone regarding this price hike I’d download this letter and get in touch with them as you should be free to move over to us and start enjoying all that we offer 🙂

  33. Ian

    Least Voda let there customers leave, When three yes you did it to me you told me to get lost in so many words. And that was harsh as my family had 5 contracts with you at the time.

  34. R Evans

    It didn’t take a price hike for me to ditch Vodafone, the poor 3G coverage was enough. Switched to Three 3 years ago, best move I made.

  35. Neil

    My son has a Vodafone contract that expires in October.
    He wants to move to 3, but doesn’t fancy shelling out £125 or so to leave early. He did receive one of these texts from Vodafone, so can he leave VF for 3 without any charges for leaving early?