Three offers Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

For Three customers who regularly use the London Underground it’s time to celebrate; no more staring into space whilst waiting for a train, no more being unable to tweet your other half to let them know that you’ll be late home because the tubes are delayed again.

We’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks we will be joining the ‘Wi-Fi on the underground’ party. Woop!

We’re the latest network to join forces with Virgin Media to provide Wi-Fi on the London Underground. Wi-Fi is currently available in 137 stations and not only on platforms, but in all ticket halls and escalators as well. And this is set to increase to 144 stations by the end of July, including Edgware Road and Ealing Broadway.

Through Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi portal, passengers will be able to keep up to date with TFL travel info, London entertainment and news for free.

It may have taken a little longer, but we’re pleased to say that soon Three customers will be able YouTube on the Tube… (see what we did there…)

Whatever next…. 😉

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  1. Moderator: Danielle

    @Daran – I’m afraid without access to My3, you’d be unable to sign up to this. Really sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll certainly feed this back for you. >Danielle

  2. daran

    Hi, I have a three business A/c so cannot use the three app to register for london underground.

    How do I resolve this?

  3. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Cristiano – Hi there, what underground are you wanting to use your phone in? >Bernie

  4. Cristiano

    I what connect to wifi on underground

  5. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Chris – Sorry you’re having issues registering your account to use on the underground, Chris. If you can fill in the support form I’ll update this for you. >Bernie http://bit.ly/1BPssZi

  6. Chris

    Please advise. I’m trying to register my mobile to use the wifi on the underground. But it refuses to load the my 3 account app. Please help.

  7. Moderator: Allan

    @Tomek – Yes this works with PAYG. More info on this is available on our website here Thanks

  8. Tomek

    many unanswered questions – or is it me?

    How fi you connect to the WiFi underground snd does it also work with pay as you


  9. Esrela M Declaro

    Exelent services

  10. Moderator: Claire

    @Ali – Hi, yes this will work once you activate this through your account on my3. Thanks.

  11. Ali

    Does this include pay as you go customers?

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @Fergie – Hi, disappointed to read this 🙁 Can you fill in this form and we’ll look into this for you? http://bit.ly/1q51t23 Thanks.

  13. Fergie

    I have been trying to use the service for over two weeks now and after 16 calls and over 3 hours talking to the support team I am still unable to use the service.

  14. Moderator: Nicki

    @meloney – Hi there, is there anything specifically you’re looking for find out? We have also have a support page available here.

  15. meloney

    I cannot find the info needed to register for underground wifi

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Francesca – Hi, you just use the wifi available and not your own allowance 🙂

  17. Francesca


    if i use the wifi connection at London Underground, do i use my 3GB data usage?

  18. Moderator: Claire

    @Todd – Hi, you can access this through your my3 account. There is more info here.

  19. Todd

    Hi there. Where are the instructions on how to do this?

  20. Moderator: Claire

    @Rosie – Hi, did you get this working?

  21. 3 user


  22. Sangeeta Sharma

    Just received email about this how do I register for this … It’s mid August so it must be up and running now

  23. Rosie

    How do I connect! Struggling…

  24. huge

    virgin trains next please 🙂

  25. Moderator: Claire

    @Ying – Hi, you can use the internet, social media, travel updates while at the platforms and escalators etc. This is for quick internet connections with more information here.

  26. Ying

    So is it just wifi to look at TFL travel info, London entertainment and news for free and nothing else? and is it just on the platforms and escalators etc, not actually on the tube?

  27. Moderator: Claire

    @Antwan – Hi, we don’t have an agreement for this yet but you can use your phone in France when you arrive 🙂

  28. Antwan

    What about 3G in the north Chunnel ? :)?

  29. Moderator: Claire

    @James – Hi, you will be able to register in the next few days 🙂

  30. James

    Where is the link to sign up and get the password.

  31. Moderator: Claire

    @Chaka Gordon – Hi, yes this will be complimentary as you can connect to the wifi and check for service updates. 🙂

  32. Moderator: Claire

    @iain – Hi, you will connect into wifi. We will have more information on this shortly. Thanks.

  33. Chaka Gordon

    Is the TFL service going to be complimentary for pay monthly customers like it is for other providers?

  34. iain

    How will 3 customers connect? Will it be via an app?

  35. oli

    Nice one!

  36. Moderator: Nicki

    @rob – Hi, this will be in place by the end of July.

  37. Michael

    This is excellent, a majority of our customers want to use internet in the tube! Including myself soon!

  38. Paul

    Really looking forward to surfing the net on the tube

  39. Paul

    Thanks Three – this is going to be a really useful service

  40. rob


    Thanks for the great news. Can you give me a specific date please?


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