It ain’t over til it’s over….

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup final this weekend, we got in touch with our friend Cai Griffiths, a prop for the Ospreys (@Ospreys) rugby team in Wales. He gave us some top tips on how to make the most of the last weekend of what’s been an incredible and unforgettable six weeks of international rugby.

So it’s here, the Rugby World Cup final! Hope you’re as ready as me and the rest of the world… I’ve been waiting a long time for this great event. Being a Welsh man I’m obviously disappointed that we didn’t make the final, but I think this is the final that World Rugby supporters ultimately wanted; New Zealand v Australia!

These two teams have been on top of their game throughout the competition – from the All Blacks destroying France 62 –13 in the quarter finals to Australia showing their class in their pool A game against the host nation England, and then again versus Argentina in the semi-finals. This is truly going to be a MASSIVE match between two giants of the game.

As a player and a fan I thought I’d give you my (and Three’s) three essential tips for Rugby World Cup final enjoyment;

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New spectrum will boost speed and reliability.

We recently told you about the roll out of 4G Super-Voice on our network, when we became the first UK Operator to use 4G for voice calls. We also rolled out our low frequency 800MHz spectrum, meaning you guys are able to make calls, send texts and get online in more places than ever before.

As part of our programme to further improve reliability on our data network, we’re really pleased to announce that speeds on our network will now increase by up to 50% with the roll out of additional spectrum, namely 5MHz, within the 1800MHz spectrum.

This extra spectrum will help to increase the performance, speed and capacity of our 4G network, and will also help to further improve reliability by adding some much needed capacity in congested areas.

We use the 1800MHz to carry 4G on our network, and the extra 5MHz within this is already live across Northern England, the West Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The rest of the UK, including London, will receive access to this additional spectrum when the roll out is complete.

This will definitely come in handy as we’ve recently learned that we carried 42% of UK mobile data traffic in the year-ending March 2015. With average data use per customer reaching 4.65GB per month in June 2015. Wowsers.

To get a better idea of the amazing ways people are using our network every day, just take a look at the other impressive stats, below. For example; 215 million Whats App messages are sent by our customers, every day. That’s 215 MILLION.

We process a huge amount of data on our network for customers every day and that’s why they’ve rated us as the UK’s most reliable for each of the past five quarters, according to YouGov research.

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4G Super-Voice is here.

Back in April we told you about our network plans this autumn. We’re really pleased to be able to tell you that the roll-out of our latest network enhancement is well underway; named 4G Super-Voice. This is a roll-out of low frequency 800MHz spectrum that allows mobile signal to travel much further into buildings and rural areas, removing many current coverage ‘blackspots’ across the country.

It’ll allow customers to make calls, send texts and go online in places they may have previously had poor or no signal.

This addition of the low frequency spectrum to our network, will enable our 4G network to carry voice calls, using VoLTE technology, as well as texts and data. We’re proud to be the first UK operator to launch VoLTE technology 🙂

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VoLTE comes to Three.

It’s been a little while since we last had some network news to share. 2014 saw us roll out our 4G network and we’re still beavering away on this behind the scenes.

But this autumn will see something new coming to our network. It’s going to be getting a bit of a boost. This boost will come in the form of some low frequency spectrum (800MHz, to be precise) that we’ll be adding to the network.

Low frequency spectrum such as this will significantly enhance our coverage footprint, particularly indoors, which is excellent news when it comes to current coverage blackspots.

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The Selfie Tour Bus.

When it comes to selfies you might have thought you’d seen it all – from belfies to selfie sticks, and even selfie suitcases – but today the phenomenon went one step further, as the first ever Selfie Tour Bus hit the streets of Barcelona.

Today is the day that Spain (and New Zealand) are added to our Feel at Home arsenal. Meaning you can now use your phones there at no extra cost. And no, this isn’t an April fool. Rock up in Spain and use your phone there exactly as you do at home. No worries about roaming charges, just #holidayspam to your heart’s content.

And what do holiday spammers love to share most of all? Selfies of course!

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Awards and stuff.

We’ve got some fantastic stats to share with you. Who doesn’t like a good stat?!

We know you all love the internet like we do, so it comes as no surprise that Three customers are using more data than customers on any other network.

Being free to tweet and take selfies to your heart’s content is what a great mobile experience is all about, which is why we’re ahead of the game when it comes to data usage. The average Three customer uses a whopping 2.6GB of data, up from 2.2GB at the same point last year. This is great news as it shows that Three customers are getting the most out of their smartphones with our 3G and 4G network.

Of course, more data usage means more data traffic and recently we revealed that we’re leading the way when it comes to mobile data traffic too. Enders, an industry analyst, has found that we have the largest share of mobile data traffic (45%) in the UK. That’s a lot of tweets and status updates.

We’ve also been winning our fair share of awards recently. Which is nice 🙂 From Broadband Genie’s top accolade , to least complained about network according to Ofcom. Most recently, and something we’re especially proud of, we won MacWorld’s number 1 network for iPhone award, winning every single category – best 3G network, best 4G network, best network coverage, fastest network and the most reliable overall.

In addition, Root Metrics have today released their latest network reliability index, we’re pleased to say we shared top rankings in 12 out of the 16 major cities including London and Manchester. And we came first outright in Scotland and Northern Ireland. High five!

In the grand tradition of music makers, we’re not in this for the awards, but it’s great to know our hard work is paying off and that you guys have other tangible ways of seeing why we might be the network for you.

Step in to the light and say ‘hello three’.


Three offers Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

For Three customers who regularly use the London Underground it’s time to celebrate; no more staring into space whilst waiting for a train, no more being unable to tweet your other half to let them know that you’ll be late home because the tubes are delayed again.

We’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks we will be joining the ‘Wi-Fi on the underground’ party. Woop!

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